Watch Leaning Into the Wind: Andy Goldsworthy

Leaning Into the Wind: Andy Goldsworthy

Leaning Into the Wind: Andy Goldsworthy is a movie starring Andy Goldsworthy and Holly Goldsworthy. Leaning into the Wind follows artist Andy Goldsworthy on his exploration of the world and himself through ephemeral and permanent...

Other Titles
Penché dans le vent: Andy Goldsworthy, Leaning Into the Wind, Leaning Into The Wind, Penché dans le vent, Leaning into the Wind - Andy Goldsworthy
Running Time
1 hours 37 minutes
480p, 720p, 1080p, 2K, 4K
Thomas Riedelsheimer
Holly Goldsworthy, Andy Goldsworthy
UK, Germany
Audio Languages
English, Deutsch, Français, Italiano, Español, Svenska, Gaeilge, Nederlands
日本語, Čeština, Tiếng Việt, Português, 한국어, Australia, Filipino, हिन्दी

Sixteen years after the release of the ground-breaking film Rivers and Tides - Andy Goldsworthy Working with Time director Thomas Riedelsheimer has returned to work with the artist. Leaning into the Wind - Andy Goldsworthy follows Andy on his exploration of the layers of his world and the impact of the years on himself and his art. As Goldsworthy introduces his own body into the work it becomes at the same time even more fragile and personal and also sterner and tougher, incorporating massive machinery and crews on his bigger projects. Riedelsheimer's exquisite film illuminates Goldsworthy's mind as it reveals his art.

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Frank photo

What a great documentary, "Looking Back Into the Wind" by David Butler and Michael Symon. If you have ever loved a parent, or felt like you had a parent, you will enjoy this film. David Butler did an excellent job of keeping the camera focused on his subjects. The camera angles are great, and the pace of the film is excellent. The subjects give excellent interviews, but David Butler also gives some tips for writing stories and making documentaries, which I highly recommend. This is a film for all ages, but I would definitely recommend this for young adults. My 11 year old son loved it, as did his 10 year old brother. My 13 year old daughter said she loved it as well, and my 14 year old son liked it a lot. I thought it was excellent. The documentary was funny, informative, and told the story of what a family was like, and what you would think of as the norm, and what you would think if you had a family like this.

Jonathan photo

This is an amazing documentary on one of the greatest Canadian rock bands ever, The Stone Roses. The first half of the film is incredibly moving. It has the best interviews and behind the scenes footage I have ever seen. I feel so emotional after watching this. It is truly a MUST WATCH FILM! It is very informative and touching. I also feel that the music itself is incredible. It is the perfect soundtrack to tell the story of this incredible band. I feel that the majority of the people I have spoken to who have seen the film have also enjoyed it. So please, if you have not seen it, go and see it! It is a must see!

Bobby B. photo
Bobby B.

This film made me cry so hard. It's about a story of how some of the most intelligent, amazing people I have ever known were so easily influenced by a dangerous and irresponsible drug culture. It also explores how all of us, even if we are not known for it, we can be easily affected by others. These people are friends, family members, people who you know but don't know, people you know but never met. It is also a story about the price we pay for our creativity and the price we pay when we do not use it wisely. I highly recommend this film for anyone who has ever lived in a small town, and for anyone who has ever felt the world is a little bit too small for us. This film is about so many things, it is truly a great story. I highly recommend this film for everyone, I hope it will reach as many people as possible.

Jean W. photo
Jean W.

I watched this on the T.V. and watched it again last night. What an amazing movie. I will watch it again and again and again. It is the best documentary I have ever seen. It captures the zeitgeist of the times, as well as the many people in it, from the athletes to the street people. The directors did a great job of creating this world of a people and putting it on film. This movie should be made a documentary. I cannot stress how great it is. Great job. I just hope more people will watch it.

Scott Flores photo
Scott Flores

One of the most remarkable things about this documentary is that it doesn't shy away from exposing the difficulties and fear of living with HIV. For many, it was the first time they had heard of HIV. The simple fact that these young people were living their lives openly and giving all their details about their sexual partners was groundbreaking. They went from the current status of a HIV-positive woman to one who was fighting to be able to enjoy sexual intercourse. It was also important to tell the story of the women who were fighting to have HIV tested, to find the drug that was effective, and to have their partners know that they were HIV-positive. These were all things that had been previously kept hidden by those with HIV, but by now had become a part of the daily life of the young people in the village. This documentary goes into great detail about the challenges of the people living with HIV, and the fact that most of the people don't have access to healthcare in the country. But most of all, it is about the amazing courage and strength that these people were able to show by not just living with HIV, but by having to fight for their lives. And because of this, the documentary stands out as a brilliant and inspiring story.

Heather Hunter photo
Heather Hunter

Watch this documentary on PBS. It is one of the best I have seen. The first thing I noticed is that there is very little "American" in it. It is actually more about the rich and the poor, and their personalities. I found the main character very fascinating. He has two personalities, one quiet and intelligent, and the other that is intense, yet caring. The last thing that struck me was the overall sadness of the story, as well as the despair the character was in. The country is under the grip of a depression. It was almost a crime that he was still alive, but he was probably going to be very much dead soon. This was a very touching and heart-wrenching story. I strongly recommend it.

Anthony Hill photo
Anthony Hill

I watched this movie on the recommendation of a friend. As the other reviewers have pointed out, I would never have seen this film had it not been for him. It is hard to believe this film was made in 2008 and it still has relevance in the 21st century. I have seen it over 20 times and I keep discovering new things about it. The music is amazing, and the photography is beautiful. The entire film is an insight into how people can be willing to go to great lengths to make their dreams come true. I was also impressed with the story of the story, which is based on an actual incident in the late 19th century. What makes this movie so great is that it doesn't have a happy ending. It really doesn't have a happy ending at all. It shows you how people can go so far in life and then look back and say, "that was the worst day of my life." This is the best movie I have seen in years. I would recommend it to anyone. I would even watch it again. This movie will change your life. I wish it could stay this way.

Michelle D. photo
Michelle D.

I had heard about this film since it came out in 2014, and was finally able to see it in its entirety. This documentary was very well made, and it is not the typical documentary that takes a lot of time to show, or end. The documentary covers a lot of ground, and gives the viewer a lot to think about. It is definitely worth seeing. It has been my personal favorite documentary for a long time. I am very happy to have finally gotten to see it. I am now planning on getting the DVD. My only criticism of this documentary is that it is slightly too long, and that it does not show the main story of the film. However, I am very thankful that it does not give you too much information, and instead shows you more of the story behind the film. I highly recommend this documentary, and I recommend it to everyone who is interested in the film.

Lawrence H. photo
Lawrence H.

Amazing. I'm not sure how the plot came about, but it was brilliant. The movie was very realistic, and the actors who played the main characters were phenomenal. I found it very interesting to see what makes a person work, and how their life is completely different from the normal one. It's very inspiring to see how people do what they do. I think it's extremely important to be able to do things with your life that you don't think you can. This is exactly how I look at my life. I've had to work hard to get where I am, and I want to work hard to make sure I'm able to get where I want to be. There are no shortcuts. This movie has a lot of emotion, and I recommend it to anyone who wants to be inspired. If you don't like it, it's because you're not working hard enough. I know that from my own experience. If you don't like it, you're not working hard enough.

Joan Richardson photo
Joan Richardson

I was on the verge of leaving the theater before the end of the film when I caught myself looking at the time. It was over 20 years ago, yet it still seemed so long ago. The main subject matter is still fresh in my mind, and I was reminded of all the things that are happening to the world, as well as how they might affect me. It has been almost a quarter of a century since this film was made, and I think the memory of it still lingers on. This is a true story, a documentary, and should be viewed by everyone, and I hope that as many people as possible see this film. It is a film that everyone should see, and I think everyone should view it at least once. This film is about the work of a pioneering man who, with his wife, took on the mission of saving endangered tigers. As he prepares for the birth of their first child, he is forced to confront the dangers of the jungle and the need for a safer environment. The film was made in the early 80's, yet it holds its own, as the production values and the music are still as outstanding as they were at the time. It's a great film, and everyone should see it. It will help them see the importance of saving endangered species.

James P. photo
James P.

I'm a student and a documentary film student. I found this film to be a compelling tale of the rise and fall of Andy Goldsworthy. This man is a talented and brilliant musician who went from being a local musician to touring with the Rolling Stones. He also worked with the popular Barenaked Ladies, even appearing on the cover of their album "Psychosocial" (released in 1981). This film is a good lesson for people to learn from. We don't learn that much from these things. We learn to learn how to learn and how to handle a difficult situation. What I learned is that no matter what is going on in your life, no matter how hard you try, there is always a way to handle it and I learned that lesson.

Emily Griffin photo
Emily Griffin

This is an excellent documentary on the life of Andy Goldsworthy. The film is wonderful in its combination of insight and entertainment. The cinematography is excellent. The use of the camera in the landscape is extraordinary. The fact that he was never able to produce any music is a very powerful statement. I love the way the film was made and the way it was made. I am very much in awe of the film. A fantastic piece of film.

Gerald Ferguson photo
Gerald Ferguson

One of the greatest films about the dark side of power is The Devil's Own, a powerful and haunting documentary about the dark side of money, power, and greed. Director J.C. Chandor chronicles the rise of America's first billionaire, Fredrick C. Green. Over the course of three decades, Green has grown rich by making a string of incredibly destructive decisions and having a never-ending stream of close calls. Through interviews with his business associates and associates in government, we see how Green manipulated the government and the stock market to reap huge profits. Green's methods were unethical, but Green's personal life was filled with delusions and hatred. Green, his closest friends, and family all bear witness to his murderous ways. By the end of the documentary, we are as appalled as we were when we first learned of Green's activities. A truly disturbing film, The Devil's Own is one of the most important documentaries of our time. You should see it, if only to see what a madman does to those he loves and how it changes them. I'm glad that I did.

Jeremy Hart photo
Jeremy Hart

I have never seen the TV show but this documentary is amazing. Andy Goldsworthy has been one of my favourite comedian of all time, and has proved he is not only an actor but also a good entertainer. This is the documentary I've always wanted to see. The documentary does a great job at telling the story of Andy Goldsworthy and he's career. This documentary is amazing and informative. It goes through the rise of Goldsworthy, his love of comedy, his experiences in the public eye, his wife and his kids. The documentary is an absolute must see.

Sandra photo

This is a very interesting documentary on a very complex subject. The images and sounds in this film are very powerful and powerful emotions are felt from the viewer. I enjoyed this film very much and would recommend it to anyone.

Russell photo

This film is a heart-warming and unforgettable look at the life and death of a young boy who was just 3 when he died of a mysterious illness. We see the complete growth of this young man, from a shy, timid little boy to a brave, young man who bravely fought off the cancer that was slowly eating away at him. The little boy's death left a hole in the family, and the pain that was left behind by his loss was never more apparent than in his final moments on this earth. I was reminded of the fact that cancer kills only one in every 100,000 children, yet can leave such a lasting impression on the lives of the many who are affected. It is this personal knowledge that keeps the movie moving and the viewer's eyes on the screen. The acting in this film is superb. The actors portray their characters with genuine and palpable emotions, and in the process, show how much this young boy's life was worth.

Lauren photo

I love this documentary because it shows the brutal human toll of child sexual abuse. One mother talks about the pain and fear of losing her daughter, another mother talks about the fear and trauma of losing a child to a child sex offender, and a mother explains how her son and sister were murdered in front of her. The victims are very graphic and graphic. I found it incredibly disturbing and depressing. This is the first documentary I have ever seen that brought back a real sense of the horror of child abuse. I'm a huge advocate for the victims of child abuse and I would urge anyone who hasn't seen this documentary to see it. I can't recommend it enough. It's a must see.

Carl H. photo
Carl H.

A superb documentary, a perfect way to spend a boring evening. Andy is a great man, and a man I respect and admire. This documentary will leave you with more questions than answers, but it is a man's story, and a man's legacy, and a man's love for his work. Thank you for bringing the story of Andy Goldsworthy to light. I have always admired Andy and was pleased to see his story brought to the screen. I urge you to see this film. You will not regret it.

Daniel photo

When Andy Goldsworthy was first nominated for an Oscar for his work in this film, it was the first time in my life that I felt so proud of a filmmaker. This is one of the most important movies I have ever seen. What this movie does is to give a brief glimpse into a wide variety of topics, all of which are important to the people of my generation. The story begins in 1969, when a number of young people in New York were falling victim to the effects of the Vietnam War. Among these people was Goldsworthy, a seventeen-year-old who had grown up in the area. He was sent to Vietnam to serve his country, and at the age of seventeen he began a full-time job as a Vietnam veteran. He then returned home to his family, and at age twenty-four he had become a father. Then in 1971 he went back to Vietnam, and in 1972 he became a Viet Cong prisoner of war. While there he was forced to make several hundred dollars a month. This was the price he had to pay to stay alive. While in Vietnam, he was tortured and beaten by his captors. After the war, he went to prison, and was held for four years. After being released he went back to Vietnam to do more time in prison, and he spent a year in a sanitarium. In 1975 he was back in Vietnam again, and in 1977 he was shot by a Viet Cong. He had been forced to shoot by a fellow soldier who was in the way. After he was shot, he was taken to the hospital, and was given antibiotics, which caused him to die. His family then tried to get a pension for the time he had spent in the sanitarium. Andy was a very important figure in my life. He was the most important person in my life, and he had the most impact on my life. He also died in Vietnam, and after his death I decided to do a documentary about him. After watching the movie I was amazed. This is the kind of film that will inspire you. I cannot recommend this film enough. This is a wonderful film.

Lauren photo

I've watched this documentary for a very long time, and it's still very entertaining. The pace is very slow, but not to the point of tedium. The viewers must pay attention, because some of the subplots may be considered silly. However, I was also very impressed with the use of old and new interviews with Andy Goldsworthy, and the many personal memories and anecdotes. I was also very impressed with the video recordings of interviews with some of the historians, who were also interviewed. I think that this documentary was very well-done. I have a copy of the documentary, and will probably buy a copy soon. I think it's worth the time to watch.

Donald photo

This documentary is not just about the industry itself, but about the people who work there. The director is a terrific documentary maker. The interviews are all done with a fair amount of drama and humor, which makes the whole thing seem a bit more real. The documentary shows a lot of interesting facts about the industry, and the production is flawless. The only thing I didn't like was the ending. It felt like the director was trying to get me to understand the movie in order to finish it, but I really didn't. The ending feels like it's all about the director and his own personal views on the movie, and it's not that I didn't care about the movie. But I would have liked to have seen more of Andy's personal perspective. Overall, this is a great documentary that everyone should see.