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Judy is a movie starring Renée Zellweger, Jessie Buckley, and Finn Wittrock. Legendary performer Judy Garland (Renée Zellweger) arrives in London in the winter of 1968 to perform a series of sold-out concerts.

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ジュディ 虹の彼方に, 茱蒂, Τζούντι, Judy Garland: La leyenda detrás del arco iris, Judy: Muito Além do Arco-Íris, Judy - Me'ever La'Keshet, Džudi
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1 hours 58 minutes
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Biography, Drama, Romance
Rupert Goold
Tom Edge, Peter Quilter
Jessie Buckley, Rufus Sewell, Finn Wittrock, Renée Zellweger
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In 1968, with her otherwise brilliant career of soaring highs and plummeting lows taking a gradual descent since her golden era at Louis B. Mayer's (Richard Cordery's) Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios, the universally loved American actress, singer and dancer, Judy Garland (Renée Zellweger), finds herself with her back to the wall. As a result - nearly three decades after her iconic role as "Dorothy" in The Wizard of Oz (1939) - the exhausted and struggling single mum, Judy Garland, tentatively accepts the invitation of the London impresario, Bernard Delfont (Sir Michael Gambon), to perform a five-week-long series of concerts at the Talk of the Town nightclub. However, there, amidst adoring followers and cynical critics, dangerous long-standing habits push the beloved performer to her breaking point, threatening her chance for success. Will Judy be able to overcome the demons of the past? Is there a magical land somewhere over the rainbow?

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Brenda V. photo
Brenda V.

It's a really good movie. However it's not really a history movie. It's more a story of life. This is a life story, not of the war. What really surprised me was that it is a true story about a couple, not just two people. As a whole I think this movie was very good. It's very funny and all the characters were very memorable. The people who lived during the war have very strong personalities and their actions are very interesting. The acting is very good and even the very young and small children were very likable. The movie is very fast paced and the action really took my breath away. I didn't think I'd ever see an old movie made so fast paced and exciting. I was amazed and I would recommend this movie to anyone who likes war movies. 8/10

Tyler M. photo
Tyler M.

One of the best movies of the year. Not a typical story but that of the life of a man whose life is filled with love, hate and a love for a woman who doesn't know how to react to it. I was laughing a lot while watching this film, the scenes are amazing. The photography is wonderful. The acting is amazing. There is something very magical about this movie. You will not find better ones like this, this is very rare.

Jose H. photo
Jose H.

The Oscar-winning "Whiplash" is an effective drama-drama that should not be missed. It shows the inner conflict of a music teacher, who is trying to find a balance between his career and his personal life. "Whiplash" stars David Oyelowo as Jack Weston, a music teacher at the Texas State University who is trying to balance his career with his personal life. After his wife has an affair, Jack is struggling to maintain his personal life while dealing with his work life. He is a good fit for the role of a teacher whose career is constantly coming in contact with personal life. Not only is this a great performance by Oyelowo, but the supporting cast is also fantastic. J.K. Simmons, Walton Goggins, and Donald Glover all do great jobs at playing their roles and adding layers to the characters. The story itself is complex, but does not feel complicated at all. The film is not for everyone. It is very well-acted, but also extremely emotional. In fact, it is probably the most emotional film of the year. There are also some brilliant, unexpected twists that will keep you guessing about what is happening in the film. The movie also has a great soundtrack, with many songs that compliment the film. "Whiplash" is a very powerful, emotional, and beautifully-shot film that should be watched by all fans of music. This is not the kind of movie you can watch in one sitting. It requires a little thought and attention to detail. I highly recommend that you see this film.

Christian W. photo
Christian W.

The movie opens with the family going to their funeral and Jason Momoa is in the funeral home. He's wearing the uniform of an officer and standing in front of the cemetery where the family was laid to rest. He is being questioned by a detective (Michael Rooker) about his whereabouts and about the reason for his parents death. Jason Momoa then states that he was just going to get a haircut and then leaves. He has no idea that his parents are being held in a maximum security prison. The police are shocked that they find a dead body in a dumpster behind a home. Jason Momoa (I'm not gonna give any of his name) was released from prison after serving a few years for a petty crime. The prison is run by the former general manager (Tim Roth) who is a total nut and a manipulator. He tells Jason Momoa that he was trying to turn the prison into a brothel. Jason Momoa decides to go to his parents' house to see if his parents are alive or not. It seems that his parents are being held captive. This movie is worth watching because of the amazing acting of Jason Momoa. He is always portrayed as the hero of the story. He is a huge action hero and it's refreshing to see him take a leading role in a movie. His acting in this movie is the best thing about it. The movie also has a great pace to it. It keeps you on your toes. The movie also has a great soundtrack to it and you can't go wrong with a movie that has a great soundtrack. I would recommend this movie to anyone who likes a good story and action.

Keith H. photo
Keith H.

I saw this film and I'm very happy with it. I saw this movie because I had seen the trailer for it and I liked the trailer so I decided to check it out. I'm very happy with it. The movie starts with me walking into the theater in the middle of the night and I was so excited to see it. I don't know if it was the theater's or the music, but I wasn't disappointed. The movie starts off slowly and I had a hard time keeping my eyes open. The first 10 minutes were pretty slow. The pacing is very slow and you have to get used to it. The movie is also very boring. If you have a few hours to kill and you are not too young, then it is a good movie to watch. I was impressed by this movie and it definitely has something to it. It is more of a drama than a movie, but it is a good drama. It is not a great movie, but it is worth a watch. I liked this movie. It is really an American movie and I think that the movie did a good job of portraying it. The actors did a good job in their roles. I liked how the movie showed the mistakes that people make and how they can grow from them. I liked how the movie showed the ups and downs of being single and how they can go from being a single mother to a married woman. It also showed how much people can change after you grow older and how they learn from mistakes and learn from mistakes. The movie was about a mother and her family. I think this movie showed how hard it is to make a family when you have a single mother. It showed how hard it is to get married and have a family. This movie is really good and I would recommend it.

Roy Perez photo
Roy Perez

There is a pretty good story here. The actors are great, and the music is great. The movie isn't perfect, but it's definitely a good watch. The biggest problem I had was with the story, because there were a lot of really good points to this movie, but then they just didn't connect to the story, or they just didn't work, or something. But overall, I really enjoyed this movie, and I recommend it to anyone who wants to see a great romantic movie.

Kyle Rogers photo
Kyle Rogers

One of my favorites, The Corner. One of the many amazing things about this film is the beautiful use of music, especially the piano music, the way it was set up and the "song" numbers. The music is really used to the film, but it is used in a very funny way and you can't help but laugh and just get drawn in. I think the whole film was shot with this idea of finding the good in everyone, even if it is only with people we know. The story is different, but there is this little child-like, "This is what I'm going to do" attitude. The movie shows us that a little girl can do anything and just because she's a little girl doesn't mean she has to be a "hero" and not a "normal" person. It was also nice to see Jennifer Jason Leigh (who was always a favorite of mine, but this is my first time seeing her) and she was perfect for this role. Another thing I really like about this film is that it's very upbeat and doesn't try to be serious, which is a big turn off for me. I really think this is one of the best films I've seen this year and it should be a contender for best picture. It has a great message for everyone and is very inspirational. It's also funny, which makes it perfect for a movie to go with your best friend's/teacher's kids, who are really into their life, and to have on your person. I really enjoyed this film and I hope that everyone else does too.

Ronald Carlson photo
Ronald Carlson

The big problem with the movie is that there's a lack of direction. The story is simple but good. It starts off in a normal high school in the mid-seventies, then it becomes about the hazing of an alcoholic high school boy who is trying to get a girlfriend. We're introduced to the main characters very quickly, but they aren't very well developed. Instead of having an interesting character, the characters are very stereotypical and generic. The story is a bit cliche and over-used, but the acting is good. The acting by the main actors is really good, they made me feel like I was right there with them. The movie is worth seeing, but it's not a very good movie. I liked it, but I wouldn't recommend it.

James photo

From the start, this is a good film about the aftermath of the Holocaust. The film is a rather slow one, but I didn't really mind. It was a solid documentary, about a couple of Jewish kids who escaped a Nazi concentration camp in Poland. As the film goes on, we learn about the kids' parents. One of the parents is a famous painter named Shmuel, played by Michael Fassbender. He's a terrific actor, and his role is tremendous. The kid on the other hand is played by the much younger Aidan Quinn. He does a great job in the part, but not as great as Fassbender. The kids stay with Quinn's aunt, played by Anna Boden. The aunt is played by the beautiful Charlotte Rampling. She's a real joy to watch, in her long hair, and always covered in red paint. This film is not Oscar worthy, but it's a solid film that shows what happens after the Holocaust. It doesn't feel like a documentary, but it does not feel like a boring documentary. It feels like it's a very long film that has nothing else to do but tell the story of these people. It's a very good film, and it's not the type of film I would recommend to anyone, but it's a good film, and it's one that I recommend.

Arthur Brooks photo
Arthur Brooks

I didn't really like this movie until I saw it again, and really enjoyed it. It is a great movie about a girl who is left without her husband because of her problems with her mother and a young boy who is left by his father because he is suffering from cancer. The movie is good and keeps you thinking about it. I really like this movie and would recommend it to anyone who likes a good drama, or really wants to know what is going on in the lives of people in this movie. I have a feeling that it will not be the last time I watch this movie because I feel that it will not disappoint me. I highly recommend this movie.

Patrick M. photo
Patrick M.

The Pearsons, a married couple who worked in a machine shop, decide to move out of the town they grew up in to a quiet home in the country. Their friend, Audrey, who is a beautiful little flower shop owner, helps them move in. She has just been robbed and the thief is free to go. The couple are shocked, but they have to move out of town before the thief can get away. They plan to move back to the city, but Audrey and her brother have a problem with the new house that they just purchased. One day, a neighbor named Matt (Michael Douglas), who works in the town's machine shop, tells them that his boss, Jake (Patrick Swayze), is having a "green light" for them to move out. They refuse to move, but they eventually agree to move out. Matt goes to work and all goes well until his boss gets drunk. Jake is arrested and the next day, Audrey is out in the yard, when she runs into Jake. They have a quick conversation and she tells him that they are moving out of town and that they don't have a problem with the house. Audrey then calls the police and says that she knows that Jake has stolen the flowers and that he is trying to keep them. They then go to the police station and explain what they have done, and that Jake has been in jail for assault. Audrey knows that Jake has been getting help and they find out that he is actually being cared for by the local priest, Father Joseph (George Segal). At that time, Audrey is crying because she is so distraught. The priest is concerned that Jake will be punished for what he has done. The Pearsons decide to take their new house and get a housekeeper. They also have to go to the local "men's house" where they will live and work. They take the housekeeper, Frank (Colin Farrell), and bring him back to the old house. While they are in the house, the church bells ring, and the priest looks down at the clock. He sees that it is the day that they will move out. The Pearsons decide to move out of the old house and then take a car to the "Men's House". They go there and the priest looks over the clock and sees that it is the day that they will move out. He then tells the Pearsons that the priest is on their side and that they are going to stay. The Pearsons agree and the priest and Jake go to the police station. The Pearsons are arrested and Jake is released. The Pearsons go to prison and they find out that Jake has been given a chance at life. He wants to get married, but he doesn't have the money. He is offered a job in a hospital and he wants to take the job. Jake leaves the hospital and goes to work at the machine shop. He is a good man and he loves his job. The Pearsons get a job in the machine shop and Jake helps them move. The P

Theresa C. photo
Theresa C.

That I did not see a performance that moved me to tears, but I found "American Beauty" to be a particularly moving film, but it is not for everyone. For some, the film will be too raw and painful for them, and for others it will be too much for them. If you are a regular viewer of films such as this, I suggest that you go see the film, but do not expect to see an ordinary drama. You will find yourself in a world that you have never been in before, one that is so bad that you don't know where to start. This is the only film I have seen that has ever moved me in the way that it has.

Brandon photo

I think it's hard to get across in a review that I really mean it, but I just can't help but hate this movie. It is basically a re-imagining of The Love Letter. I think it's really a beautiful story of a man, Judy, who is always on the verge of a breakdown, but keeps trying to "be himself" and keep working hard to prove that he is "good enough" to go to college. The only problem is that he's never been good enough. He's always been a loser, and has been taught not to be himself. This movie is one of those "Can we just be realistic about this" movies. This is not a movie to tell your friends, or to watch at your next party. It's a movie to tell your friends that you "have a problem" that you "could never have a problem" with. This movie makes you think that you could have problems you have never had, that you have always had, and that you could have problems you never had. But then you remember that you have a problem that you have never had, and you really don't know what to think. This is one of those movies that's very much in the vein of a lot of other movies. I thought it was very realistic, but very Hollywood. The main character, who is supposed to be a jock, is not very much of a jock, but rather a geek. He's not smart, but he's not mean. He's just "a geek" who tries hard to fit in, and that's all he does. He doesn't even have a girlfriend, though I did like the female character, Jill, who was a model. I thought the supporting characters were a little bit uninteresting, but maybe I'm just not used to such realistic movies. All in all, I really did enjoy this movie, and I think it is a good movie for those who just want to watch a movie that is real and realistic. I think the movie is worth a rental.

Amber photo

It's not every day that you get a chance to see a love story unfold through the eyes of a couple, as well as be part of a film that is an inspirational and human story. Judy Garland's Oscar winning performance as Irene Dunne in the 1939 film "A Christmas Carol" was one of the most memorable roles that she ever took part in. Now, just as we're seeing the return of her to the silver screen in her role as Judy Garland, the film that she starred in, "Judy" (2016) is getting the Oscar and Golden Globe nominations for best actress in a musical or comedy, best director and best film. Judy and her fellow housekeeper, Sarah, have just moved into their newly built home after their father passes away. Their dream to live in the world's largest house has been a fantasy since they were children. Judy is a fit and strong woman who hasn't let her husband or son, Dick, die at an early age, which becomes the main focus of this movie. Judy has a sort of gift for music and dance which she starts to play in her new house. She's suddenly given a great opportunity to be an actress and a leading lady. This is a movie with two sides. The acting and the performances of the two leads, in particular, are fantastic. When I first saw "Judy", it was on the big screen, but I didn't think it was a movie that I would remember for a very long time. I was wrong. As it turns out, I had been completely wrong. It has a fantastic story line, good acting, and wonderful music. It is a very emotionally moving and tear-jerker. It's one of those movies that, for the most part, you can relate to it on an emotional level. It is the type of movie that, when I watch it, it reminds me of the times I spent with my grandmother. A film with an emotional element and a very moving story is something that I have always wanted to see and now, I do have it. I encourage anyone to see it. There is an excellent cast and wonderful music. It's a perfect movie to watch with your friends or a date. It's definitely one that you have to watch with your partner. A fantastic, emotional, and tear-jerker film.

Carl Gomez photo
Carl Gomez

I was invited to watch this film at the Oxford Film Festival. I have never been to the festival before, and neither had my girlfriend (who is a student in the same course as me). I don't think we were expecting much from it. We were all so happy that it was interesting to see the works of the most famous British artists being brought to life. We laughed, we cried and we left feeling that we were able to do something about what was a depressing day of the week at our university. The performances were superb, particularly by the two actors who played the two characters in the film, a writer and a painter, respectively. The whole film was beautifully filmed. The costumes were imaginative and the acting was so good that we couldn't help but wonder why it took them so long to get the film financed. I really liked the way that the director moved the camera, to make the audience feel a part of the film. The story was really very interesting and although I would have preferred to have been in the same course as the characters I am so glad I was able to get to see this film. If you are in the right frame of mind you should see it. If not, then you will enjoy it and maybe not get all the jokes. It's very good, but doesn't equal the best film I've ever seen. This film was a great example of why we should be serious about the art of film-making. I would recommend this film to anyone. I have now seen it twice, and would definitely see it again.

Tyler photo

I just caught this at a film festival, and although I had high expectations, I was actually rather pleased with this film. It is obviously a personal film that hits on the great depression in America, but it is also a film that explores the legacy of the gay rights movement. The character of Judy is one of the most complex characters in the film, a key role played by Anthony LaPaglia and one of the best performances I have ever seen by him. The entire film is character-driven, and every character, even the ones in the background are as important as the main characters. The film is a visually stunning film, which reflects the changing times. The film is, for me, a little bit of a love letter to the gay rights movement. The film is about the importance of the fight for gay rights, and what has led to their struggles. There is no denying the influence of the film's main character, and it is very powerful. It is also a very moving film, showing us the legacy of gay rights. The ending is sad, but still touching. It is worth watching. I give this film an 8/10. Highly recommended.

Philip photo

I have been waiting for a good romantic movie for some time now, but nothing really has come up that is worth my time. I decided to check out this movie because it was about a person who died and was brought back to life through a film. My expectations were not too high for this film, but they were not too high either. I can tell that people really like this movie because I was surprised how much I enjoyed it. I would definitely recommend this movie to anyone who is looking for something different. I would recommend this movie to anyone who would like to be moved.

Ryan photo

Just saw this movie, and it is one of the most beautifully told stories I've seen. It has a great cast. The story is excellent, and I just loved this movie. It has a great mix of drama and romance, and the music is wonderful. I recommend this movie to anyone who wants to see a movie that makes you think. I would say that this movie is very well made. It is very believable and feels like the actors are really living it. I just feel this movie is a must see. It is very emotional, and it is just beautifully done. The cinematography is just wonderful. The acting is superb. The directing is great. I think that this movie deserves more praise than it has received. I would definitely recommend this movie to everyone. I give this movie an 8/10.

Dorothy Morales photo
Dorothy Morales

There is no question that this film is hard to watch. The characters are caricatures of the modern world and their reactions are as painful to watch as they are to witness. At least as painful as the physical pain of watching. We are supposed to feel sorry for the characters, but the film doesn't feel like a movie. Rather, it is a memoir of some people's lives. A film that is trying to examine how life is lived in a modern world. A film that has so much going on, but is so brutally honest and not a movie. I was not aware of what exactly the film was about until I was about halfway through it. As it progressed, I thought I would just be watching a "cheap" romantic comedy, but instead I found myself wanting to get out of the theater. So many of the characters are just like me. It is hard to watch and very hard to feel anything for any of them. This is not a film about life. It is a film about modern life. I would have rated it higher if it was a more coherent film. It is certainly not an Oscar-winning film, but it is a good film, definitely worth watching.

Arthur photo

It is definitely worth watching. I think I would watch it again.

Cynthia photo

For years I have been a fan of Carol Emshwiller, most notably in "A Passage To India", which was the first film that made her into a major name. "Mrs. Doubtfire" is her first true cinematic breakthrough. The film follows the life of a hard-working woman from a young age. It is her first time doing this kind of movie, and it was not easy at all. The director, Norman Jewison, didn't want to overuse the camera and it shows. He does an excellent job of conveying the complexity of Emshwiller's character, but he also tends to use the camera a little too much. It seems almost like he is a young cameraman, like "the History Channel", or something, but that just wasn't his style. There are some times where I thought that he might be making a point about his own perspective of life, but I kept being let down. It was the kind of thing that he could have done with better direction. The film is a biography, and you just know that she had some bad years. She was a hard-working woman, and the film is almost like a documentary of her life. There are a few parts in which you wonder, "why was she always so proud of her accent?" but it is still a very good film. The cast is mostly made up of European actors, and the movie is really one of those low-budget films that was the stuff of dreams for all those people who worked on it. It is not the best movie ever made, but it's a good movie.

Anthony photo

The events in Judy are beautifully portrayed, and the story told through the camera is beautiful as well. The cinematography is also very good. The story is interesting and the dialog is great, especially the one with Nick at the end of the film. There are some amusing moments, and the script is very good. The main flaw with the film is the pace of the film. It moves a lot too fast, and at times there are many scenes that can be very slow. It also ends too quickly. This movie is definitely recommended for fans of Judy Garland, but not for the casual movie-goer.