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Foosballers is a movie starring Todd Loffredo, Tony Spredeman, and Ryan Moore. Through an ensemble cast, FOOSBALLERS not only uncovers a forgotten piece of sports history, it follows 6 of the best table soccer players in the world...

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Joe Heslinga
Joe Heslinga, Mike Wagstaffe
Robert Mares, Tony Spredeman, Todd Loffredo, Ryan Moore
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Most people know foosball as the game they used to play in their parent's basement, but for some die-hard fans, foosball isn't just a game... it's a way of life. Enter the underground world of professional foosball, a sport that's been around for over 40 years but no one knows exists. Through an ensemble cast, FOOSBALLERS not only uncovers a forgotten piece of sports history, it follows 6 of the best table soccer players in the world as they prepare for the sport's most prestigious event, The Tornado World Championships.

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Ronald H. photo
Ronald H.

Here's the basic outline of Foosballers, what it is: It's the story of a small-town arcade bar where a game of Foosball is the big attraction and where it's common for guys to ride around the bar in scooters and stare intently at the screen. It's the film's central premise, and it is all a bit campy and ridiculous, but you know what? It's good fun. There are some great shorts, like the one with Kevin Spacey in his early days, the old guys talk about the great things they did as kids. All of that is pretty fun, and it is fun to see Gary and Kevin in these shorts, because that's all they're famous for. I think I've never seen a true sports film about sports. It's nice to see some films about something that is less known, like the Olympics. Foosballers is based on a book by Rod Serling, who invented the science fiction genre as well. The novel is about a small, more-is-more story about an imaginary world called Foosball, where all the people are more or less the same. Foosballers uses the idea of Foosball as the model for the Foosball Universe. It's not a straight-up Foosball, but it's not a Foosball that has to be great. It's a game that everybody should know about, even if they don't know a word of the words. And that's what makes it so great. It's about a game that is not the same as the real thing, and it is about people, not just a game. It's fun, and it's great fun. I think you should take the time to see Foosballers. If you enjoy the films it's based on, you should enjoy Foosballers.

Grace Duncan photo
Grace Duncan

Foosballers is a good documentary about the sport. Unfortunately, the documentary falls prey to the same lack of quality of the sport itself. Foosball is an interesting game, and it's fun to watch. Unfortunately, Foosballers is the documentary that fails to make it fun. The story follows a foosballer, Adam, who is actually a college student. He and his friends, nicknamed the "Foosballers" work together to score points for their college team. It's a fascinating story, with the rules of the game being a little crazy and some of the relationships with each other not very realistic. Also, the film focuses too much on the personalities of the three main characters. This does not make the film better, but it does make it dull. Foosballers may have had a good documentary, but it's a mediocre film.

Jason G. photo
Jason G.

Where do I start? The Coen Brothers have a very difficult task to perform, in the eyes of many fans. They are the only directors whose work has been compared to that of Spielberg or Scorsese and they've gotten the acclaim and accolades they deserve. They're the only directors whose work is given more than a glimmer of thought. And yet despite all of this, their fans are extremely split. Do you like the Coens, or do you not like the Coens? This film isn't for everyone, and it isn't for everyone. For me, it is more of a slice of life. It shows a little bit of everything. It isn't strictly focused on comedy, the majority of jokes are more of character creation. It is about people, and how they go about their lives. I can't think of a more perfect description than that. You may think it is about your life. Or you may think it is about Coen Brothers, but it is more than that. It is about the Coen Brothers. You may think that because it is the Coen Brothers that you like it, but the truth is that it is also a perfect representation of what the Coens are all about. It is the Coens doing their job. I like the fact that they make films that are not the Coen Brothers. The look of the film may be different. Some people may not like the fact that some of the jokes are done differently. But all in all, the film is simple and it is pure. I love the way the film is shot, the way the actors and crew interact. It shows the work that the Coen Brothers put in. I love the fact that it is not made like any other film. Not your usual Coen Brothers film. It is really a unique film, and I give it a perfect score of seven stars. But what about the movie? Well the movie is really good. It is dark, it is sad, it is funny, it is an art film. It is one of the best movies that I have ever seen. And that is saying a lot, because I love films that I have never seen before, I am not sure if this is the best film ever made, but it is very close. The Coen Brothers are not one of my favorite directors. They are not my favorite film directors. But I love their work. And so does this film. It is dark, it is sad, it is funny, it is art. It is my personal favorite of the Coen Brothers' work. I love them. 7/10

Margaret S. photo
Margaret S.

What was a fun and entertaining film was actually pretty lame. The fact that this film went to have so much success, and even has a sequel, makes me think that the film's quality was pretty low. Why would anyone want to see a movie about a video game? You can only imagine what the reaction would be if someone bought the product or the video game. I will say that it was a pretty good film. I do think the movie's message of diversity was very strong, and also the way the movie explored the differences between the two races was interesting. This is not an African-American film. If you're looking for a film that is informative, interesting, and entertaining, then I would definitely recommend seeing the film. It will give you a good idea of what all of the stereotypes about African-Americans are. The only people who would enjoy this movie are African-American or African-American men. If you're looking for a movie to see a good comedian do some good acting, then this is not the film for you.

Kathleen R. photo
Kathleen R.

I personally found this movie funny. With an incredible cast, this movie tells the story of how a group of European ethnicities tried to make it to the US in the late 50's. From America to Germany to England and beyond. This movie shows the history of what is sometimes referred to as the road to assimilation, but it's not just a movie about immigration, it's also a movie about people, their lives, their attitudes and their reasons for leaving their home countries. I wouldn't say the movie was good, but it was funny. The movie includes different situations that are serious, funny, sad and exciting. Each situation has a humorous element to it. As a whole, this movie is a great watch for a variety of reasons. If you're looking for a nice laugh, this movie is the movie for you. If you're looking for a great movie that makes you think, this movie is the movie for you.

Martha F. photo
Martha F.

I recently saw this film at the Montreal International Film Festival, and was very impressed. The main message is not what you think it is. This is a movie that would have the audience laughing and crying, and that is exactly what you want to see. This is a great example of the power of a good story and a good director. I had no idea what was going to happen next and it was extremely well written. It had me in hysterics at points and just kept my interest in it. The director also is someone that I have enjoyed in the past. He was able to capture the fun, happiness and magic of the world of gaming. This movie was awesome.

Harry Guzman photo
Harry Guzman

After seeing this movie, I wasn't sure what I was watching. Was it a documentary about a couple's bitter battle over the importance of bowling or was it a parody? There are lots of fun skits, but there's nothing terribly deep or meaningful. The men in the theater were clearly amused by the antics of the actors. But there was nothing about the film that interested me. The film seems to be trying to tell a story of a guy's struggle with his relationship with a woman, but the story itself isn't very compelling. In fact, there is little about the men that is even funny. But there are some good moments, such as when one of the men is talking about his experiences bowling, and a song is playing in the background. The most engaging parts of the film are when they are drinking in their home bar. That is when the fun comes in, as the men speak in their normal voices, with a few humorous comments. It's like hearing a comedy skit that actually takes a serious turn.

Carol Weber photo
Carol Weber

I think it's a shame that this movie is not on the iTunes "All videos are free" list, because this film is really good. It's entertaining to watch and has a very strong message. A little later on in the movie, they give a little history of the movie. But it doesn't make a lot of sense. They give a lot of history and some information on the film's history that's not really worth mentioning. It's also boring and they don't really tell you anything about the background or the characters. This is a good movie for a good time, but don't expect anything deep.

Arthur photo

Here's a movie that's very entertaining. It's very well made and a lot of fun to watch. If you haven't seen it yet, check it out. I love it.

Dennis photo

First of all, I'm American, so that's pretty relevant. The subject matter is another matter. Personally, I think it's very funny. I'm also a fan of Brian Wilson (and the fact that the music for the movie was composed by him at the time made me happy), so I was very pleasantly surprised to find that it's actually very good. I thought it would be tacky and sophomoric. This movie is not. I found the animation to be pretty polished, the songs to be good, and the jokes to be well-written. I'd recommend this movie to anyone with an interest in the subject matter. This movie could have been a big mess, but it turned out to be a fun movie that anyone can enjoy.

Vincent H. photo
Vincent H.

I thought that this documentary was much better than that of Laverne and Shirley. Foosball has a more realistic view about the game than Laverne and Shirley. The only thing that I found really annoying about the documentary was that Foosballers was not with the cast of Laverne and Shirley. I think that the idea that it was just for the fans, I guess it was, but it didn't seem like it to me. After the film ended, I thought that they should have brought out Laverne and Shirley, just to do that. But they didn't, so I guess it's ok. Another thing that bothered me, was the fact that there was a link between Laverne and Shirley. I didn't find that to be true, so maybe they weren't serious about it. But anyway, I didn't find this to be the most important documentary of the three, but I found it to be really enjoyable, and entertaining. 6/10

Anna L. photo
Anna L.

Foosballers is an enjoyable movie, if you're looking for a movie that's well shot, and well acted. I love the plot, but I can understand how the plot could be seen as a little bit flat. It's not as interesting as I expected it to be, but it's very funny, and I think the actors did a very good job. I think it would be a very good movie for some people, and also a good family movie. The kids have a great time, so do I. They loved it. I think you should go see this movie.

Elizabeth Jimenez photo
Elizabeth Jimenez

I agree with one of the reviewers who said this movie was great! I saw the movie during the Fourth of July holiday weekend in 2003. My friends and I had never heard of this movie before and thought that it was just another Sports Movie with a similar premise. However, I was pleasantly surprised and enjoyed the movie. The actors in the movie were great and made the movie that much better. The movie ended with a bang and I thought the movie ended in a great way! I would highly recommend this movie for everyone. A great family movie with a good plot. I would also like to give a little piece of advice to people who think that watching this movie was going to be a waste of their time. Don't do that! Instead, make plans to spend the Fourth of July on a boat trip, go hiking, or take a trip to Disney World. If you are going to watch this movie, try to stay away from the Americans. I am not American and the movies they are supposed to be in are sometimes a little to stupid.

Terry photo

Director Terry Gilliam's first film "Boogie Nights" opened to rave reviews. In its time it became the #1 grossing film of the year and earned an Oscar nomination. In "A Peculiar Place" (2008) he starts out with the same tone, but we soon see that his influence is enormous. The film is based on a book of the same name and the story begins with a 'young rock' (Billy Wilder) in prison who is doing a book report on the bizarre happenings in the wilds of Montana. His tale about how he found the characters, the history and a score of other details is so fascinating that it keeps the viewer interested. One of the things that makes "A Peculiar Place" so special is the genius storytelling. It is so interesting to see how the director kept the story together. This is a great film that I recommend to everyone. It is that good!

Jane Graham photo
Jane Graham

Foosballers is a short film made by documentary filmmaker David Hume Kenner and it features John Travolta, Morgan Freeman and Mary Steenburgen. The film follows the experiences of a group of college students on a trip to a "foosball" tournament. The film focuses on the players themselves and their relationships with their new team. The film opens with the two teams preparing to play a team named "The Blue Devils", who are the team we learn are from "the North". This was a humorous reference to the formation of the country. The film then transitions to a game between Travolta and Freeman in which the two star were once again teammates. At the conclusion of the film, we find that this is the last game of the tournament and all of the players leave the room. We then see that both Travolta and Freeman are gone. In the film, we hear from Travolta's wife Mary Steenburgen who says that she is leaving him, and we hear Travolta's mother of course, who explains that he is going to New York. We hear about the game from the Blue Devils who say that they are going to beat the Foosballers and then they play it. The Foosballers win the game and the film ends with the players leaving the room. We then hear that Travolta is going to New York to be with his wife. We then hear from Travolta's brother, Paul, who says that they are going to be a couple. I recommend this film for college students who are not familiar with the sport of foosball. The film features the usual self-deprecating humor as well as some great quotes. The film is worth seeing for the players who are involved.

Olivia Brewer photo
Olivia Brewer

I like the way they set up the playing fields and talked about the movie. The message was great. It was the perfect way to end a great year. I loved the film. It was funny, touching, and uplifting. It would have been perfect for everyone. Everyone should see this film. Not because it is a good film, but because it is a great movie.

Marilyn photo

The surrealism of this movie seemed to have gone through the roof from the previews. The original "Woodstock" was different, but had it been an actual Woodstock, the relationship between the other attendees of the Woodstock would have been lost on all but the most well-read Americans. One does not see or experience Woodstock like they did in the movie, and that is what makes it so fascinating and entertaining. I was glad to see David Letterman on screen, and funny as ever. I hope to see him in the future, as I think his work has earned him a great deal of respect. If you were to ask me to explain a movie as complete as "Woodstock", I think the only answer would be the way that they covered the entire thing, from the real-life events that were happening to the reality of the movie. It was the combination of these two worlds that made the movie a little bit more then just entertainment. "Woodstock" was a struggle, but it was a true labor of love for the filmmakers. I was really surprised that it was not a full-length movie at all, as it was actually only meant to be a short film. I think it was just for the experience, but I also think it is a good way to show the world the movie. There is a special message in the film. There are many things in the movie that make you reflect on how important the "reality" is in our lives, and if you have ever been in the situation where you felt "tricked" by a man you met, then you will understand this film. "Woodstock" is a movie that I will watch again and again, because it is such a marvelous experience. It is a shame that it didn't play well in theaters, because it is a movie that you should definitely see.

Janet photo

My Rating : 8/10 I had a great time at Foosball with friends and family and even with me. So many of my friends were brought in to Foosball and I had to listen to them tell the story. It was a great way to spend time with friends and family and an opportunity to be outside and enjoy yourself. There were so many funny parts and the movie had a nice balance of comedy and drama. I enjoyed the movie and it is my favorite movie of the year. The music is great and I had a blast at the movie! It was great to see so many people I know in this movie and I hope there will be more movies like this in the future. I hope this movie helps bring people together and to enjoy the company of friends and family and to have fun in our time together.

Bobby photo

How many scenes have you seen where the guests of the Foosballer party, where they decide to make a movie about their favorite pastime, are interviewed? And the rest of the movie is simply photos of their Foosballing. If you are a Foosball fan and you like the concept of the film, this one is for you. It is not a true documentary but you can easily understand what they want to say. Some of the conversations are actually funny but all in all this is a fun movie. There is some nice songs in this and I actually liked the background music. If you love Foosball or any other ball games, it is recommended to watch this film. As for the person who commented on the color of the film, I don't agree with him. When you see a film like this, it is normal to think that the camera man must have a bright, warm and pleasant tone to give the movie a nice look. But if it were someone who has a bad temperament, you will definitely be able to find a lot of negative things in the film. The one thing that I liked about this film is the really nice music. The colors in this movie are also nice, but not too flashy. This is a nice film but not that great. I really liked it and hope you will too, but I really didn't find it a "must see" movie.

Lori S. photo
Lori S.

A very amusing documentary, with a message of the danger of racism, and of the appeal of hockey in the old west. A couple of hockey fans, the narrator and his wife, seem to really like the sport, and are optimistic about it. The narrator is older, maybe because he is, you know, older, and the wife is younger, maybe because she is going to have kids, and the narrator says that his wife had a bit more attitude and couldn't get pregnant. All this is really funny, and the narrator, played by a very funny Paul Rudd, is the highlight of the film. I liked it, and I think it's a good movie. It's not a movie for all tastes, as it is not all that realistic, but it does have a message, and it is good, so I give it 7 out of 10.

Sarah Ellis photo
Sarah Ellis

I can't say this much in a review that doesn't contain a spoiler. The plot was interesting, the acting was good, and the music was great. The three young actors were very believable. This was a movie for people who like to laugh at themselves. It's a shame they were the only ones in it, because this film has something for everyone.

John Turner photo
John Turner

I remember seeing a screening of this at the Chicago Festival of Indies (now known as the Torino Film Festival), and a lot of people were probably too young to understand the subtleties of the art. So I think that says a lot about the youth of this film. There were moments where I wondered if this was the only movie that the festival was showing, but I still appreciated the show, and the fact that this was part of it. This is a film that people like me, who don't know a lot of about the art, and don't even like a lot of the art, can get some idea of what it is that they're watching. If you don't like what you're seeing, don't watch the movie. For those who are fans of the art, I think you will be able to recognize some of the pieces that these people were attempting to show in this movie. And that's what I like about this movie. It was part of the Torino Festival. I guess it was the Torino Festival that drew me to this movie. I am always grateful for that.