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Western Stars

Western Stars is a movie starring Patti Scialfa and Bruce Springsteen. Live concert performance of Bruce Springsteen singing songs from his album 'Western Stars'.

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1 hours 23 minutes
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Documentary, Music
Thom Zimny, Bruce Springsteen
Patti Scialfa, Bruce Springsteen
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Live concert performance of Bruce Springsteen singing songs from his album 'Western Stars'.

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Vincent Soto photo
Vincent Soto

I had the opportunity to watch "The Walk" at the SXSW film festival last weekend. I was not expecting much, and I'm happy to say that I was pleasantly surprised. The film is shot in a documentary style, which works well because it allows the audience to understand the movements of the actors. It also allows us to see how much they have worked on the film. I thought the film did a good job of showcasing the difficulties of making a feature length film, especially since this is a group of friends who work on a daily basis. The dialogue is also very well done, and I felt it was very realistic. I do think that some of the actors could have done a better job, and some of the things that happened in the film are just not believable, but I don't think that was the goal of the film. The movie is very well put together and tells the story of how these three friends make a documentary about their favorite sport.

Peter photo

The best thing about this documentary is that it is presented in a way that is as entertaining as it is informative. I don't know why this doc didn't make it to TV, but it's a must-see for anyone who has ever tried to understand the music of Led Zeppelin. This is a film that you will see several times, because it is so good. The documentary begins with a discussion of the differences between the two bands and how the songs were written, and then focuses on how the writing was done. It was filmed in and around Zeppelin's hometown of Islip, New York, which was a good thing. The filming was done in color, which is good because the blues are beautiful and it's a bit more interesting to see how it was done than what was done. The problem was that some of the music was filmed in black and white, which is something that I would prefer not to have done. If it wasn't for the color, the documentary wouldn't have been as good. The film was an interesting look at the making of the film "Zeppelin: The Immortals", which is the longest documentary on the subject. The film includes interviews with the two musicians, along with their managers, band members, and producers. I didn't really know what to expect from this doc, but I was pleasantly surprised by it. If you're a fan of the music of Led Zeppelin, it's a must-see.

Judy photo

When I first heard about this documentary, I thought it was going to be a movie about hockey. But it turned out to be about a man's journey of self discovery and emotional growth. It really touches on the impact that the sport of hockey has on everyone. From the moment a young boy from the streets of New York, learns the game of hockey, to his life and his family's. The young boy, and his father, the former owner of the New York Islanders, Bill "Bud" Selke, talk about how the sport has affected them. And the father, who once owned the team, still talks about how the game has affected his life, and how hockey has impacted his son. It's amazing to see how the life of the hockey player can affect so many people, including the father. It's amazing to see how the game of hockey can change the lives of children, and adults. The documentary is a really great documentary that has a lot of great information. The directors, David Driscoll and Bill Selke, really put together a documentary that will make you want to watch it.

Willie Long photo
Willie Long

The film "Star Wars" is a classic. This documentary is a short film about "Star Wars: A New Hope" by George Lucas. It is definitely not the most popular film of all time. The film is based on the original "Star Wars" novel by George Lucas. The film is a sci-fi adventure about a young boy who is a Jedi. He wants to become a Jedi. The film is about the boy Luke Skywalker, who is the main character in the film. The film tells about the story of the original "Star Wars" film. There is also a short film about the original "Star Wars" by George Lucas. The film "Star Wars: A New Hope" was directed by George Lucas. He is a big fan of the original "Star Wars". He also directed the first "Star Wars" film in 1977. In 1982, George Lucas was a struggling director and star of a new film called "The Empire Strikes Back". In 1986, George Lucas was a big star of a new film called "The Return of the Jedi". In 1990, George Lucas directed the first "Star Wars" film. In 1999, George Lucas directed the second "Star Wars" film. In 2004, George Lucas directed the third "Star Wars" film. In 2007, George Lucas directed the fourth "Star Wars" film. In 2010, George Lucas directed the fifth "Star Wars" film. In 2012, George Lucas directed the sixth "Star Wars" film. In 2014, George Lucas directed the seventh "Star Wars" film. In 2015, George Lucas directed the eighth "Star Wars" film. In 2017, George Lucas directed the ninth "Star Wars" film. In 2018, George Lucas directed the tenth "Star Wars" film.

Gregory Ramirez photo
Gregory Ramirez

The documentary focuses on the life and work of one of the best guitar players in the world, Chris Cornell. Cornell is the son of legendary rock singer Jimmy Cornell, and in the documentary we see how Cornell made his name as a guitar player, and his rise to fame and success. The documentary also shows how Cornell became involved in the music scene in the early '80s, and how his band Soundgarden became one of the biggest bands in the world. We also see how Cornell came to fame through the MTV music show "The X Factor", which was the largest TV show in the world at the time. The documentary shows that Soundgarden were the most successful band in the world, with a huge fan base, and that the band broke up due to disagreements over recording and performance methods. The documentary also shows how Cornell formed a band called Audioslave, which was a band that was influenced by grunge, and that his band played to the sound of their own music. The documentary is an interesting look into the life of Chris Cornell, and the many bands that he has been involved in. The documentary is very interesting and shows how Cornell has made a name for himself in the music scene, and how he has broken away from the rock 'n' roll lifestyle. This documentary is great, and is a must see for anyone interested in music.

Dylan photo

I love the songs on this movie. They were original and made me want to see it. The actors were great. I loved the acting in this movie. The songs were good too. If you are a fan of rock or hip hop, this movie is for you. It's not for everyone but it is good for the music lovers.

Brenda photo

I really don't know what to say about this movie. I mean, I guess the title of the movie is pretty cool and the clips are pretty good, but really? I mean, the whole idea is really cool, and I like the way they show it, but it's all pretty ridiculous. It's like the whole movie was shot like a documentary, and all the footage was either taken from some other camera, or the director had a camera, or it was all edited by the director. I mean, I guess there's some footage that was taken by the director, but most of it was edited by a guy who was also the director of the film. It's kind of like the director's cut of the film. It's all a little too stupid and it's all a little too awkward. The only thing that's really good about this movie is the music. The music is really great, and it makes it all really entertaining. So, if you're into music, go see this movie, but otherwise, you should go see some other movie.

Jacqueline Rice photo
Jacqueline Rice

I'm very much in the mood to see a lot of movies, and I have to admit that I'm a huge fan of the independent film scene, so I was really looking forward to this film. But I was really disappointed. The acting was good, but I did not find the story very interesting. The film seemed to be on a different wavelength than what I was expecting. There were a lot of moments that made me feel like the director didn't care about the story. I was also disappointed that the film did not focus on any of the great bands of the 80's, but rather on some punk bands from the 60's. Overall, I was really disappointed with this film, and I would definitely not recommend it to anyone.

Charles Moreno photo
Charles Moreno

This is a fantastic documentary, I enjoyed it so much that I bought the DVD a couple of months later. The story of the XIX Olympiad is just amazing, if you haven't seen it, you should. If you have, I think you'll enjoy it a lot. I really enjoyed the movie and would highly recommend it. The movie is funny, touching and dramatic. It was great to see our Olympic heroes in their own words, as well as their perspective. I think that it was great that the filmmakers included interviews with the athletes. It really helped to put the story into context and let the audience understand it better. In addition, the soundtrack was awesome, and was the perfect way to showcase the music of the time. I'm not sure how many people have heard the original music, but I highly recommend it. The movie was really great, and I'm so glad I found it. If you enjoy documentaries, you'll love this one. I hope everyone who has watched it enjoys it as much as I did.

Lawrence photo

The Documentary "Eddie" is not the most unique documentary about a rock group, but it is a hell of a lot of fun. The music video shown is excellent, and the interviews with the band members and their wives and girlfriends are quite entertaining. The DVD has the original "Eddie" music video and a featurette on the band and their lives. This is the first documentary about a rock group I've seen, so I'm a little biased in my review. All in all, a great documentary for the music fan. It is well worth watching.

Paul H. photo
Paul H.

I grew up in a punk rock community in the 80s and 90s. When I heard about this documentary, I was intrigued. I have not seen it and have been unable to locate it anywhere. I was curious to see what the directors had to say about this scene and what it meant to them. The documentary does not reveal any of the individuals involved, and I was not prepared for the amount of information that was provided. It is extremely interesting and well-done, but the content is very fragmented. I found the interviews difficult to follow and difficult to follow when it was explained in a non-linear fashion. The documentary also lacks information on the people involved in the scene. There are a lot of photos of people, but the director doesn't give any information about the individuals. The interviews with the individual participants are very interesting, but I didn't really care for what they had to say. I will admit, the documentary does not give you a lot of information on the scene or the people involved, but I think it would have been a great documentary had they given more information about the people involved. The documentary has a great deal of interviews with people from the scene. I have not seen any of the interviews and have been unable to find any information on any of the people involved. The interviews are all interesting, and most of them are very interesting, but I did not care for what the interviewees had to say. It is very difficult to follow the interviews because they are done in a non-linear fashion. I think the interviews should have been done in a more coherent manner, and the interviews should have been more informative. I did not really care for what the interviewees had to say. This is a great documentary, but I am not really sure that it would be as good as some of the documentaries that are currently on television. I would recommend this documentary to anyone who wants to know more about the scene.

Albert photo

It's a good film, a must see if you're a fan of the music. It is very good if you don't know much about the music or the people who were involved in making the music. In general, it's very well done and there are some very good performances. I liked the cinematography and the way the music is used to make the film. There are some other good things too, like the concept of being able to view the music in its entirety. I was really impressed by that.

Jennifer D. photo
Jennifer D.

I enjoyed this film. I don't think I would have enjoyed it as much as I did if I hadn't seen it first. The film was very well made. The performances by all the actors were very believable and I really felt like I was there at the actual concert. I think the director did a great job at capturing the real feeling of the concert and the emotions that were felt. I think it was very important to include some of the songs that were sung in the concert, like "Dance of the Hours" and "The Trip That Saved My Life". I thought that "The Trip That Saved My Life" was a great song, especially because it's about the events of the concert. It's a great song and I hope that more bands will try to include it in their concert videos.

James B. photo
James B.

The film focuses on the making of the 1976 movie, "Fiddler on the Roof", starring Gene Kelly, and features interviews with the cast, crew, and producers. The film does an excellent job of explaining the background of the film, and the history of the production. There are some nice behind-the-scenes features, including a scene in which Gene Kelly is seated next to the camera, telling the crew how to shoot the scene. This was the first film to be filmed entirely on location. The film includes clips from the film, which I would recommend viewing. I would also recommend watching the original theatrical trailer for "Fiddler". This is a very interesting feature, which is shown before the movie, and shows how the trailer is created. I would also recommend watching the commentary by director John Milius, who explains how he got involved in the production, and the casting. The final part of the film is a very informative Q&A with several actors, and producers.

Rose Hughes photo
Rose Hughes

The most important thing about this film is that it tries to tell a story. The stories that were told are never told, and most likely never will be told. The story is told in a pretty good way, although a bit less well than it should be. The film is a bit like a documentary in that it shows the few photos that make up the history of rock music, but also the few moments where the music itself takes over the picture. It's also worth mentioning that the film is just as much a documentary about music as it is about history. There are many moments in the film where the music is the main focus, and these moments are amazing. If you are a fan of music, or a music fan, or just a fan of music in general, you will most likely love this film. If you aren't, well, you'll probably like it. I myself, being a music fan, found the film very interesting. It's a great film, but it is not perfect. It's not a "great" film. It is a great film, but it is a bit too long and I think the music and the story is a bit too overrated.

Samuel photo

This movie will appeal to the young and the old. There is no age difference in this movie. Anyone can watch this movie and enjoy it. The movie will remind you of your favorite rock, pop and country singers. Some of the songs in this movie will bring back memories for those who are fans of the original artists. The movie is based on a story that is true. The movie will not be for everyone. I recommend that you go into the movie with an open mind. There are many references in the movie to other movies and TV shows. One of the actors in the movie is Dick Van Dyke in his first movie. If you have never seen a movie before and are a fan of a certain actor, you will enjoy this movie. This movie will be enjoyed by many generations to come. I give this movie an 8/10.

Maria M. photo
Maria M.

You have to take a stance about this movie, and you have to take a stance about the music. The movie is a fantastic compilation of concerts and the music is not only a part of the movie, but it's the centerpiece. The performances are as good as it gets and the story is very entertaining. And the fact that the music is so important to the movie is what made me care about it more. I would recommend it to anyone who wants to know more about music and the performances, as well as the context of the movie.

Sharon Boyd photo
Sharon Boyd

I've been watching these films since I was a kid, but I was very skeptical about "Three Musketeers" in the beginning. After seeing the film, I have to admit that I was very impressed. First, I like the fact that the film starts with the actual scenes of the real events, without using any flash-backs or narration. This is an extremely rare thing nowadays, and I can't say that I've ever seen a film with this great technique. It's also very interesting to see the events in the film in the context of the times. The thing that I liked the most about this film is that it shows a very different way of dealing with war. I really like how they don't show the soldiers as heroes or any sort of heroes. The men they show are all volunteers, and they are fighting for their country and trying to preserve the ideals of the French Revolution. This is something that I think is very important for me as a viewer. The film is very well made, and the director really did a good job. I'm not a fan of the French language, but I think that the French language is one of the most difficult languages to learn. So I think that the director did a good job in showing the French people's language.

Joseph photo

In the past year, I've seen the likes of "Saving Private Ryan" and "Casablanca", and I can honestly say that "Dangerous Minds" is among the best documentaries ever made. Director Jordan Vogt-Roberts follows the careers of several people who end up doing serious time for murder. With a name like Jordan, I had no idea what to expect. But I was quite surprised to find out that he had been in love with this subject since he was a child. From the get-go, he was able to show the painful and tragic story of the death penalty. The film also covers the controversy surrounding it. I highly recommend this film, even if you don't know much about the subject. I have no doubt that this film will be a success in the future. I know that I am going to watch it again.

Nancy Y. photo
Nancy Y.

This documentary is a great example of how the music industry was on the verge of a revolution. The film is well-made and edited, and the interviews are all interesting and informative. However, the film does suffer from a lack of motivation. After it has come to a close, it does not make much sense. It is important to remember that, in the 1980s, the music industry was on the brink of revolution. Yet, the film spends much of its time talking about the music industry, not the people involved in it. It is very difficult to understand what the filmmakers were trying to get across. Overall, a very good documentary, but not as great as I had hoped.