Watch Gosnell: The Trial of America's Biggest Serial Killer

Gosnell: The Trial of America's Biggest Serial Killer

Gosnell: The Trial of America's Biggest Serial Killer is a movie starring Dean Cain, Nick Searcy, and Janine Turner. A movie about the horrific crimes and trial of Kermit Gosnell, America's biggest serial killer.

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Gosnell: America's Biggest Serial Killer
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Drama, Crime
Nick Searcy
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Michael Beach, Dean Cain, Janine Turner, Nick Searcy
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A movie about the horrific crimes and trial of Kermit Gosnell, America's biggest serial killer.

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Donald Turner photo
Donald Turner

What is not to like about this movie? I don't know how much of the book is true and how much of the movie is true, but I'm sure the movie is entertaining enough. I know there are people who do not like this movie because it's not about them, but I think that the movie would be more believable if it were about some random person who is completely insane. This movie is about a man who is, at first, a decent, decent man, but then he becomes a monster and he starts killing people. He kills people, but it's not just random people, there is no rhyme or reason to it. So, to me, it's about a sick individual, and I think that's what's most interesting. I also think that if this movie was a little longer it would have been more entertaining. I think that I saw a little bit more of the truth in the movie than in the book. I think that's because I was watching the movie and didn't have to read the book to understand the movie. I didn't need to see the book to understand the movie. So, I think that the movie is better for that reason.

Michelle S. photo
Michelle S.

I've always been fascinated by these "The Killing Fields" documentaries. I thought it was a great idea to use the same real footage of the real events. I'm glad that this documentary had the guts to go the extra mile. This film is extremely powerful, even though it's based on a true story. It was a lot of hard work to put all the footage together and edit it into one seamless film. It shows how the real-life stories of these real-life people are all over the map. The only thing that I didn't like was that there was a lot of background noise and fast-forwarding. I think that it would have been a lot more effective if the footage was slower. Still, it's a must-see. I highly recommend this film. I've never been more disappointed in a documentary.

Ralph H. photo
Ralph H.

Not as good as the original, but still worth seeing. A really strong cast, great direction and a great performance from Kate Bosworth. Some scenes are hard to watch, especially when she was drinking with Gosnell. But I still really enjoyed it. Recommended.

Kevin photo

Hollywood tends to glorify serial killers and has done so for a long time. The most famous serial killer in recent history, Ted Bundy, is a modern-day phenomenon, and his name has become synonymous with violent evil. And I'm sure the writer of this movie wants to give that image some credit. But in fact, serial killers are a rare breed in this world, and there are very few in the history of the world. They're usually of poor social standing, have mental illness or addiction problems, and have either some form of gang affiliation or an underlying psychological condition. They're not typically big-city professionals who can afford to live in expensive homes and have their own security detail. But they do exist. A few are very famous, like John Wayne Gacy, but many of them are just ordinary people. If you've ever seen a murder that you can't quite place, that makes no sense, or if you have a friend or family member who has committed murder, then you've probably heard someone talk about it before. This movie is a movie about a serial killer who killed at least eight women in the early 1980s. He's now serving a life sentence. The movie has some good points and some bad points. Some of the plot points are confusing, but the movie is very well-made. Some of the characters are caricatures, but they're interesting enough. The movie is a little slow in places, but that's expected in a movie about a serial killer. The acting is good. The movie is based on a true story, but it's a fairly accurate one. Overall, I think this is a very good movie. It's not great, but it's a good movie. If you're a fan of serial killers, then you might like this movie. If you're a fan of movies about serial killers, then you might not like this movie. I think it's worth seeing, but it's not a great movie.

Peter Parker photo
Peter Parker

A compelling story. A lot of questions unanswered. The best part is that the real story is out there. I wish more people would see it. It's hard to believe it happened, but it did. The facts and the story are here, and it's up to the viewer to make sense of them. The most important thing is that you know the truth.

Kenneth photo

I found this film to be very realistic. I feel as though the actors did a great job portraying their characters. The film is very realistic in its portrayal of the type of person that would go out and hire someone like Gosnell to kill babies. The film portrays Gosnell as a very manipulative and sadistic individual. The film shows the true horror of Gosnell and it's victims. I feel that it is a very realistic depiction of the type of person that would hire a killer like Gosnell to kill babies.

Marie Soto photo
Marie Soto

It's not a good movie, but it's a good movie. It's not the best documentary ever, but it's the best. It's not great or anything, but it's a good movie.

Marilyn L. photo
Marilyn L.

Doubtless the first serial killer movie in history, the late 60's and early 70's did a great job of making a character to understand and to fear. In fact, there is not a single aspect of this movie that I would like to change. It is truly one of the best movies of all time. It is a true horror movie, the story is captivating and the movie is scary. This movie has a great cast, I have never seen so many memorable actors in one movie. The special effects are very well done and the direction is great. The plot is great, and the acting is excellent. I love this movie. If you have not seen this movie, you must.

Joan J. photo
Joan J.

I didn't have much expectations going into this film, but I was pleasantly surprised. I was expecting a generic Hollywood-style cop movie, and instead I was thoroughly entertained by this film. I thought the cast was very good and the film was just plain fun to watch. I highly recommend this film. It is a great film to watch with friends on a Sunday afternoon. The best part is that it doesn't take itself too seriously and it's not pretentious at all. Overall, I was very satisfied with the film and I would definitely recommend this film to anyone who is interested in a good film.

Gary photo

I have never been a big fan of Pfeiffer's. I find her annoying in most of her movies, and her acting skills are quite poor. But her role as Pfeiffer in this movie is so incredible, that I cannot get over the fact that she is not in it. In the film she plays a nurse who goes undercover in the worst clinic in America. As the story goes on, we learn that Pfeiffer was a prostitute and has been killed before. She decides to try to find out who is behind all of her killings. She becomes involved with an Irish guy named Mike, who is a big fan of her work, and she is also inspired by her work to do something to try to stop the killings. I really liked the film and think that it is a very good movie. I think that it will do well at the Oscars. I think that this film will do very well at the Oscars, because the cast and crew is very talented. It has been a long time since I have seen such a great cast. This movie is a must see.

Anna T. photo
Anna T.

The Good: Sam Rockwell is wonderful as the prosecutor. The character he plays, when portrayed in this movie, is completely convincing. He's intelligent, but not cocky or pompous. He's completely caring and sensitive to his client's plight. His approach to the case is that of a lawyer who is just trying to do his job. He doesn't want to cause any pain or suffering to the victim or anyone else. He wants to get the facts and present them in a fair way. It is almost as if he is attempting to bring justice to the victim's family and the whole world. He has a clear conscience, which makes the whole case more credible and believable. He never puts anyone in a negative light. He knows how to be fair to all parties. The Bad: We're not used to seeing a more competent prosecutor. This movie is the first one I've seen that focuses solely on the case, rather than on the lawyers or the case itself. The plot in this movie is kind of contrived. The case is portrayed as an atrocity of a crime, but the judge has no hesitation in pronouncing a guilty verdict. The main character, Tom Gosnell, is not the bad guy, but he is the only character that's ever shown as being a real human being. The other characters are just cardboard cutouts. This movie is a good one, but the way it's presented is not exactly accurate. The movie is realistic, but not quite as accurate as it could have been.

Robert Moreno photo
Robert Moreno

Gosnell: The Trial of America's Biggest Serial Killer is a documentary that is directed by John Morris, and written by Michael M. Eckstein. The movie starts off with Gosnell, a Philadelphia-based abortion doctor, who was convicted in 1995 for the murder of five babies. His life in prison and the prosecution of his case were a story told by the prosecutor, and the director shows us the evidence that was presented at his trial. But Gosnell wasn't convicted for his crimes. He was convicted for his motive: he was trying to make money. In the movie, we are shown footage from his trial. We see how the evidence against him was presented, and how he used his lawyer to not only delay the trial, but to show his pro-abortion views. Gosnell's defense attorney, the late Thomas Luce, is shown as a deeply disturbed individual, and as a man who is extremely religious. The movie does an excellent job of showing that this is not an isolated case. The evidence was stacked against him, and the charges were filed against him with the full support of the prosecution. After his conviction, the people who were in charge of the prosecution and the prosecution team became obsessed with Gosnell, and felt that he should have received a life sentence. In fact, the defense attorneys began to believe that the evidence against Gosnell was so strong that he should have been sentenced to death. The documentary makes a point of showing that the prosecution had very strong evidence against Gosnell, but they decided to use a lawyer who was pro-abortion, to present their case against him. The prosecutors felt that Gosnell's defense attorney was not pro-abortion enough, so they tried to have him sentenced to death. So, they felt that they had a strong case against Gosnell, and that he should have received a life sentence. They were determined to bring him to trial. This documentary is a great documentary about the abortion issue, and the difficulty that it can cause a person to be. It's a great documentary that is worth watching. The film is not pro-life, and it does not have a pro-life message. It's a documentary about a man who murdered babies, and it is a documentary that will make you think about this issue.

Lauren Kelley photo
Lauren Kelley

From the first scene, I was hooked and couldn't take my eyes off the screen. This is not a movie you will watch, but you will remember and be inspired by. The cast is incredible. I had never seen anything like it before. The characters were authentic and believable. I think that the message in this movie is that no matter what you have done, there is no reason why you should do it. You have your life, and you can do anything in your life. I have watched this movie twice and will continue to do so. I can't wait to see what happens next. I feel like this movie is a must-see. I am so happy to see a movie with an honest and true message. I was shocked at how well the story was portrayed. I think the writers did a great job in portraying the trials and trials of a murderer and a guy who had just been released from prison. It is a great film. It is not for the squeamish. I highly recommend this movie to anyone. I give it an 8 out of 10.

Cheryl B. photo
Cheryl B.

The title of this film is a little misleading. There is no trial in this movie. Gosnell was tried in the Pennsylvania State Court of Common Pleas for a capital murder. He is convicted of killing a number of women in various parts of the United States. His trial is held in the same courthouse where we see the real trial of the true serial killer, Ted Bundy. In the movie Gosnell's defense lawyer, J. Douglas Gosnell, has a lot to say about the trials of Bundy and Gosnell. This movie is good for showing what really happened in this case. The movie also shows the impact of the case on the local and state governments and the media. The story of Gosnell is not a matter of criminal law, but of human rights. This is an important movie, but it is not for everyone. It is not a biography of the Gosnell trial, but of the human rights abuses that resulted from it. There is a lot of graphic and disturbing content in this movie. I would recommend that you do not see this movie with young children, as the violence is very strong. However, if you want to see an important movie about the human rights abuses of the trial of Gosnell, see "The Thin Blue Line" by the late journalist, Michael Hastings. It is much more powerful than this movie.

Ralph W. photo
Ralph W.

After the dark days of the 1960's and 1970's, and the scandals and murder investigations that followed, the so called "Rape Crisis" and the "Gosnell case" were still a big deal. So it was with the movie "Gosnell" starring Anthony Hopkins and Joaquin Phoenix, and directed by David Marconi. It was based on the real life trial of Joseph Tomoslowski, who is accused of being the "Gosnell" in the murder of two women. Gosnell is accused of a series of horrific acts including performing late-term abortions, for money, in order to provide the "good" women with medical care. But the real reason he's accused of it is because he's the leader of the "baby farm" where they store the stolen babies. The movie is an entertaining, informative and emotional story of Gosnell, the life he led, the trial and the trials and tribulations that he went through, and the impact the case had on society. It's a story of women and their lives and how they became victims of Gosnell, and how he changed their lives forever. Gosnell was the face of the "baby farm" and the face of the "baby factories", but what he did to these women is so horrible, so repulsive, so repulsive that it's almost impossible to imagine what he did to the other women, to their families, and the shock of it all, that it would be even more damaging and devastating if he was still alive. He wasn't. The movie is a beautiful, powerful, and deeply moving film about the story of Gosnell and the women who were raped and murdered, the trial and the aftermath, and the impact it had on society. It's the story of an abortionist and his customers and the whole drama that followed. This movie is very well done, the acting is great, the cinematography is excellent, and it's well made. The story is powerful and real, it's a very sad story, it's an eye-opening story, it's a great movie, and it's a very important movie. Highly recommended!

Kenneth photo

The real story of what happened in Gosnell's clinic, is presented here, but this documentary is much more about the society and the system that let it happen, rather than the actual events. While this is not an easy documentary to watch, it does not shy away from the facts and focuses on the larger social implications. The documentary is fairly short, but does not drag on, and the content is engaging and thought provoking. The documentary does not give any political or religious ideology, although some do make comments on the controversial subject matter. While the film is not for everyone, it is well worth watching. It is well worth the watch.

Aaron photo

This movie is not for everyone. It is not a documentary. It is a crime thriller and it is more than that. This movie is a drama about a serial killer. There is a great deal of suspense, but there is also a lot of violence and gore. The movie shows the events of a serial killer's trial. We see how the killer got arrested and then we see how he became a part of the investigation. The movie is very interesting and I recommend it to anyone who likes a good crime thriller.

Sandra Richards photo
Sandra Richards

I thought the movie was great. It was very well done, and kept me interested the whole way through. I'm a sucker for horror movies and this one did it for me. I would recommend this movie to anyone who enjoys a good thriller.

Judy photo

A pretty good film. It has the tone of a true story, and the characters are interesting. There is no 'spin' to the story, and there is no twist ending. The film's opening is a little slow, but it picks up with the two main characters and their relationships. The acting is good, and the script is well written and paced. The music is great, and the sound is crisp. This film is a great one to watch with your significant other. 8/10.

Michelle S. photo
Michelle S.

I saw this movie last night and thought it was excellent. The movie follows the story of the trial of David "The Animal Killer" Gosnell, a man convicted of the murders of babies and the use of an abortionist for other crimes. There are some scenes that are gruesome, but the movie is well worth the time to watch it. David Gosnell is portrayed as a kind, caring, compassionate man who is a well respected doctor in his community and in the area. It is a pity that his convictions were brought about by a poor witness. This is a great movie, and it will make you think.

Lisa H. photo
Lisa H.

I watched this movie a few weeks ago and it has just become one of my favorite movies. I don't know if it is because I am a sports fan or a writer, but I am very interested in the game and I am watching this movie all the time. It is very interesting and you really care about the people in the movie. It is a true story about an American man who committed a crime against humanity, that is really sad. It is also a very moving story about how people can react to something that is really wrong. It is a very sad movie that shows how people can really react to the things that they think are wrong, but in the end, they realize that what they have done is really wrong. I really liked the acting in this movie, especially from Richard Dreyfuss and Kevin Bacon. I also really liked the background score that they used for the scenes. It is also a very well written movie. I am a fan of drama, and this movie has all the elements of that genre. I was really impressed by the plot and it kept me in suspense for a long time. It is very well made and the acting is very good. The movie is not for everyone, but I think that if you are a fan of drama or sports, you should see this movie.