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Resident Evil: The Final Chapter

Resident Evil: The Final Chapter is a movie starring Milla Jovovich, Iain Glen, and Ali Larter. Alice returns to where the nightmare began: The Hive in Raccoon City, where the Umbrella Corporation is gathering its forces for a final...

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Running Time
1 hours 47 minutes
480p, 720p, 1080p, 2K, 4K
Thriller, Horror, Action, Sci-Fi
Paul W.S. Anderson
Paul W.S. Anderson
Milla Jovovich, Iain Glen, Shawn Roberts, Ali Larter
Australia, USA, France, Canada, UK, Germany, South Africa, Japan
Audio Languages
English, Deutsch, Français, Italiano, Español, Svenska, Gaeilge, Nederlands
日本語, Čeština, Tiếng Việt, Português, 한국어, Australia, Filipino, हिन्दी

Picking up immediately after the events in Resident Evil: Retribution, Alice (Milla Jovovich) is the only survivor of what was meant to be humanity's final stand against the undead. Now, she must return to where the nightmare began - The Hive in Raccoon City, where the Umbrella Corporation is gathering its forces for a final strike against the only remaining survivors of the apocalypse.

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Albert F. photo
Albert F.

I've been looking forward to this movie ever since I heard about it and I was very pleasantly surprised with this one. This movie was pretty good, it was a great ending and i liked the whole plot twist. It had good story and was good action scenes. It was not full of sci-fi flicks, but it was good at all times. There were some parts that were boring and the characters that were there were one-dimensional, but this movie didn't have too many, but the way that they were portrayed made you believe that they were real people. Overall, this movie was very good, it had everything that you would expect, a good plot twist, a good ending, good action scenes, good actors, good special effects and a good message. The only thing i didn't like was that the last scene was too much, it took away a little of the atmosphere of the movie and made it a little bland. So, all in all, I highly recommend this movie, go and see it, it's a good thriller and a great ending.

Ethan Phillips photo
Ethan Phillips

My rating: 10/10 WARNING: THIS REVIEW CONTAINS A SPOILER. REFLECTS ON THE DECISIVE FINALE. I remember watching the first RE in theaters, and I must admit, it was kind of scary. I was expecting a generic, cheap monster movie, and what I got was the most memorable movie experience I'd ever had in my life. When I saw the trailer for RE: The Final Chapter, I was expecting the same thing as I thought it would be. But, when I watched the movie, I was surprised. The actors were great, the action scenes were better, the story was even better. Although some scenes were a bit too violent, I can still appreciate how they were created. The movie didn't really have a beginning and an end, it was more like a continuation. But, it was very satisfying, it had a bit more of a twist. RE: The Final Chapter is a movie that I feel has left an impression on me. I definitely recommend it to fans of the series, it is definitely better than the last RE, and I think is going to have the biggest impact on the industry in the next few years. The Final Chapter is definitely the best part of the franchise. 10/10

Henry A. photo
Henry A.

I loved this movie. I was laughing so hard at the funny parts, and I was in the middle of crying at the sad parts. I am now going to watch this movie with a friend that doesn't know about it. It is not for the faint of heart, but it is definitely worth it. The best part was when they had the helmet on at the end. It was so sad. I recommend this movie to anyone, I mean anyone. I really hope there is a sequel, because this movie is my favorite. 10/10.

Brenda Mills photo
Brenda Mills

I went to see this film with high hopes but I must say it exceeded my expectations. I'm not going to spoil it but I will say this: If you've seen the previous movies you're going to be able to spot most of the key actors. The movie starts with a rehash of the first one with some of the survivors and a few new characters. The point of the story is to show the horrors of the Umbrella corporation and the loss of the survivors of the previous film. Unfortunately we are still being shown a lot of old zombies and it's not until the last ten minutes or so that the story picks up. It is not the best film I've seen but if you're into zombie films this one is a must see.

Alan Ortiz photo
Alan Ortiz

Although the first movie was a failure, the second one was an amazing success. If you are a horror fan then you should see this movie.

James C. photo
James C.

The original film was fun, scary, and believable. The Final Chapter is the same, but its better. And if you were thinking about going to the movie, rent it at your first opportunity, because you'll want to see it again.

Rose Murray photo
Rose Murray

This movie is very good. It has excellent special effects, amazing story, and amazing acting. The ending was a surprise for me. The zombies are actually really scary, and the ending is a great way to end the movie. The whole movie is a thriller, with great special effects and action. My favorite part of the movie is the final battle, it is really great, and the way it's done is so cool. I wish there was more action in the movie, but there is lots of action in it, so it's okay. Overall, Resident Evil: The Final Chapter is a very good movie, but if you want more action, go watch the first movie. But if you just want to see a good horror movie, then this is the best movie for you.

Jerry Ramos photo
Jerry Ramos

I haven't been this blown away by a video game movie since I first saw Doom. The Final Chapter was a masterful piece of filmmaking. It was able to capture the essence of Resident Evil's first-person action style with a fresh new perspective. The plot of this film takes place after the events of Resident Evil, but it is difficult to determine the exact time frame. The movie itself is incredibly interesting. I didn't know what to expect from this movie. I was sure that it would be boring and nothing really had to be done, but I was wrong. The acting in this film is superb, as usual. It is hard to find a film that holds my interest the whole way through. I could never stop watching it, and I still want to watch it. It is absolutely amazing. This film has an amazing plot. I was completely engrossed in this movie. I could not stop watching. There is no weak moment in this movie. It has a very intelligent and complex plot that I could not get enough of. The plot of this movie is very compelling and this is why I feel this movie is the greatest of all time. The story of Resident Evil: The Final Chapter is perfectly intertwined with the action of the game. It was a very intricate story, and I was surprised at how it was able to handle that as well. The movie does have some flaws. I felt like I wanted more information about the characters. I feel like there were too many characters for a first-person shooter, but I understand it was necessary for the plot to be able to fit the amount of time they had to make this film. I also felt like there were certain characters that were kind of useless. I didn't think it was necessary to have Alice in the game, and I also felt like there were too many characters in this movie. I think it was fine to have fewer characters, because this movie was really focusing on the plot and acting, and they were able to create enough characters to fill in for that. However, this movie also had certain characters that really stood out. The acting in this movie was brilliant, and I was on the edge of my seat watching the action unfold. There was so much happening in the movie, that I felt like I was there in the game, and I think this movie was really made for that. I was on the edge of my seat, and it didn't let up. The direction was flawless, and I really loved how the camera was moving and framing the camera. I think it was great. The cameraman was great, and he did a great job. Overall, this was a great movie. I would say this movie is the greatest first-person shooter film ever made, and I can't wait for the next movie. I highly recommend this movie to all gamers and movie lovers

Katherine photo

THe Final Chapter in the Resident Evil saga. This is not a bad movie at all. It's definitely an improvement on the original, and I really enjoyed it. It's also much better than the first. It's definitely an awesome movie to watch on a rainy day. I don't know how to describe it, it's definitely a good movie. There are a few problems that I noticed. It's definitely better paced than the first one, and the story in this one is way better. The story in this one has more twists and surprises that you would get in the first one. The whole twist in this one is that James will be in love with a woman that he meets in the first movie. She's infected with an evil virus that will allow her to transform into a zombie. And then we find out the other interesting twist. Which leads me to say, this movie is definitely better than the first one. The first one was a typical action movie with stupid dialogs and no story. This movie is much better. It has a better story, better characters, and a much better end. Resident Evil: The Final Chapter is definitely the best of the series. It's better than the first, and it's much better than the third one. Overall, this movie is definitely the best of the series. 10/10

Kelly C. photo
Kelly C.

One of the best movies I have seen in years. The first movie was great, but this movie is epic. I can't even remember the beginning to this one, but now I know it was great! I will be back to watch it again and again. I have seen it three times. It's hard to write reviews that can make a difference, but I did. To say more about the movie would spoil it, but I will say that I enjoyed it a lot, and will buy it when it comes out. I am definitely going to buy the "final" edition, and I hope the director of the new movie knows how to keep this movie as awesome as it was!

Judith photo

The final chapter of the Resident Evil saga continues with this thrilling conclusion. This is a stunning entry in the series with amazing effects and an all-star cast. It's the third installment in the trilogy and we discover that the Umbrella Corporation is a part of the government, albeit in a very evil manner. The ending also answers a number of questions in the previous two films, and gives the viewer an explanation as to why things seem to go so wrong in the first place. It also does a great job of showing the Nemesis creature, which comes out of nowhere to terrorize Claire and her friends. As for the effects, the movie is definitely one of the best films in the series. The movie has a great pace, has good fight scenes, and has a brilliant climax. There are a few problems with the film. The first problem is the slow start. It would have been great to have been given a quicker start, but it is still a great movie. However, there is an important part that is missing. The first half hour of the film is a complete waste. I feel that there should have been more action and not a lot of dialogue. The second problem is that the plot is also somewhat weak. The ending is just too abrupt. The movie is definitely one to watch, but I recommend waiting until it comes out on video.

Samuel P. photo
Samuel P.

I really don't know how to comment on this movie but I had to give it a try because I am a fan of the Resident Evil games and the remake that was coming out. First of all, I enjoyed the movie and I must say that the acting is amazing. They do a really good job in their roles, especially all the main characters. They are all really well casted. The direction was also excellent, especially with the big action scenes, and the location of the film is really beautiful. There are some really really cool fight scenes, and that's really something that really can't be described, or over explained. I also really enjoyed the atmosphere of the film. It was really scary in some parts and really helped build up the tension in the movie. The music in this film was also good, with the creepy music at the very beginning and the sad song at the very end of the film. It really helped to bring the atmosphere of the film. This movie had a lot of action scenes, but I think it was really nice that it didn't feel like a big action movie. It was all about the atmosphere, which is why I loved it so much. If you are a fan of the Resident Evil series, and you like action, then I think you should definitely check this out. It is definitely worth it, and I am definitely looking forward to the next part of this series.

Sean Burns photo
Sean Burns

I don't know where to start. I'm a HUGE Resident Evil fan and have watched the series religiously. This movie didn't disappoint me. The set-ups were just great, especially the scene with the warden. The special effects were great, and I liked how the movie focused on the characters and the story rather than the actions of the characters. And the ending is just awesome, if you think about it. I also thought it was very dark and scary. I'm not even going to tell you what's going to happen in the rest of the series, because you should already know. However, I loved this movie and will definitely be watching it again. I loved how the group lost focus and made mistakes, so it was not overbearing. It was what the movie needed to be. *cough*Spoilers* *cough* *cough* I also liked how the ending was handled. It was a little different, but the very last line was the perfect end for the entire series. I'm not going to tell you what happens, but you know what happens. The movie was great, but it could have been better. But it's Resident Evil, so everything was going to be pretty cool. However, it wasn't terrible. It was good, but could have been better. I give it a 9.4/10. I really liked the movie, and I'm not disappointed at all. I think everyone should see this movie, but if you don't really like the series, you might want to see it anyway.

Denise W. photo
Denise W.

I don't think I have seen such a well done movie since Resident Evil: Apocalypse! The movie was completely amazing! The acting was also quite good. I don't think there are that many people who have disliked this movie but, i think they all have to be. The final battle between the survivor of the infected and the evil virus was one of the best i've seen since the first Resident Evil movie! The zombies were also quite nice and i also enjoyed seeing a new blood in the zombies since in the first movie it was very black and white. I think people who haven't seen the first movie can still enjoy this movie but, if you have seen it you should be thinking about it because the ending was so cool! I think the ending should have been more of a question mark as the movie goes to the next one. If the ending of the movie is decided by the ending of the next movie. i think it will be the worst movie ever made! I also have to say this movie was really well made! I hope they make a Resident Evil 4 because i think that would be a great movie! The story is really interesting and i think a lot of people will enjoy this movie, because they won't think Resident Evil is over. In my opinion, the last chapter is the best!

Ralph B. photo
Ralph B.

We finally got a conclusion for Resident Evil, the film that started it all. The film runs for about 90 minutes and has a lot of action. The main characters are Alice, Cameron, Jill, and Alex. The story has you going through the house of a woman named Jill, where she lives with her son Alex. The problem is that there is a cult that has taken over the mansion, they use the zombies in the house as test subjects and you have to stop them before they are allowed to kill the people in the house. As the story goes, it goes really well. The acting is good, the special effects are good, and the music and sound effects were really good. The only thing that we didn't like was the way that the movie ended. I didn't like that they just let the movie end. But other than that, I really enjoyed the movie. I think that this is a really good movie that has a lot of action and it's not as good as the first one, but still a good movie.

Ruth S. photo
Ruth S.

I know that I'm not the target audience for this movie, but in the grand scheme of things, I loved it. I really do, that's why I'm a fan. A simple plot with some great action and some really cool characters. The way the film was made, the visual effects are at times amazing, that's why I loved the film. The film was very entertaining to watch, with an excellent plot, a great action scene, and many amazing characters. I gave this movie a 10, but I think this movie should have been rated at a 6.5.

Peter James photo
Peter James

I can't stop thinking about this film. First of all, if you have not seen it, please do. Second, it's a good horror film. I would recommend it to anyone who liked the first one or is a fan of the series. The story is good, and the zombies are very frightening. I am not a fan of the series, but I am a fan of the movies. So, this one is a nice addition to my collection. I am looking forward to seeing the last one.

Joan M. photo
Joan M.

I was very skeptical to see this movie, and I felt the same way when the movie came out in theaters. I had so many doubts about the movie, especially considering the low rating it received, but I was pleasantly surprised by it. The movie had my attention from beginning to end. The story is fantastic, as well as the cinematography. I was impressed with the CG in this movie, which is just amazing. It was incredible, but I would have liked to see more of them. It was also awesome to see characters from the first movie re-appear. The acting was superb, and it was very suspenseful. The only thing that I felt was a little over the top was the scenes with the military, but I think that was mostly due to the time constraints and the fact that we could only see a couple of characters' back-stories. Overall, I felt this movie was extremely intense and suspenseful. The only negative thing I would say about this movie is the time constraints. The only thing I felt was a little over the top was the scenes with the military, but it was not as big of a problem as I thought it would be. Overall, this movie was great and I will definitely be seeing it again, and I recommend this movie to anyone that enjoys a good horror movie, and I highly recommend this movie to anyone that enjoys a good action/adventure movie, this is definitely one I can watch a hundred times, and I will never get tired of it. If you haven't seen this movie, go out and get it, you will not regret it. You will have an adrenaline rush, and you will be in for an awesome ride.

Olivia R. photo
Olivia R.

I went to this movie with no expectations and a low expectation of it. I am still here and I am pleased that I watched it. The first half was a little slow but it was really worth watching. There was some action and a good amount of humor. Overall I really liked it and I would recommend it to anybody who wants to see a really good movie with some scares and some laughs. It was not a movie I would pay to see but if you want to see a movie like this and it does not cost you a lot of money you might enjoy it. It is worth going to see it. I do not know if the other posters are just showing the spoilers or if they really liked it but that is what I think and I hope that is the case. It is a little predictable at times but it is worth it. They did a good job on the second half and I am really glad they did it. I hope to see it again.

Patricia Hernandez photo
Patricia Hernandez

To all the fans who have left comments on this site, thanks for your support. The film was absolutely terrific, and we will definitely see this one again. If you are thinking of going to see it, do not leave the theater because you fear someone will kill you or worse, maybe you will not survive. Everyone in the theater was taking notes of what they would do in a survival situation. The acting in this film was superb. I am glad that they did not rely too much on special effects, because we have seen many films that rely too much on CGI. We have seen films that use real fire, and real explosions, and real buildings blown up. The director did a great job. We are looking forward to this film. Thank you so much for all the help in making the film. Go see it! I can promise you, it will be a great one.

Doris C. photo
Doris C.

I am a big fan of the Resident Evil movies and of course, the game series, but to be completely honest, I do not like the two sequels of the movie. I have not been disappointed in the movie, but the franchise deserves a serious shake-up. If the story of the other movies is not enough to keep you entertained, then no matter how many times you see the movie, you will probably regret seeing it again. I hope the last movie of the Resident Evil franchise will show what kind of movie it can be. With great special effects, a good script, and lots of zombies, I have no doubt that this movie will be a success in the long run. Some may say, "Why change something good that works so well?" I don't know, but it worked for me. I am not going to say this movie is perfect, but it did make a lot of sense to me, and I do not regret watching it again. I am not disappointed in the first movie, but I am disappointed in the last one. It was like a happy-ending for a lot of the characters. So if you like the movies, go ahead and see the last movie, but I think the final movie will make the franchise great again. Also, the story of the last movie made me laugh and I do not regret seeing it again. It was like a family reunion and I am sure that the next film will be the same. I did not think it would be possible to make an excellent movie in the form of a video game, but I am sure that this movie will do the job.

Jeffrey Graham photo
Jeffrey Graham

This movie was worth watching. I could not stop watching. I went to see it as soon as it came out. The story is unique and the acting is great. The acting is better in this movie than any of the "Evil Dead" movies I have seen. I hope the second part of this movie will be just as good. I give this movie a 10/10.

Ann B. photo
Ann B.

The film was awesome and i am a fan of the game. It is the best movie of 2013 and my favorite zombie film so far. But i have to say the prequels were good too. I don't even know what to say about the scene in the farm house. It was awesome. In fact i love the scene in the church the most. If you have never seen the game the movie is really good. It is a little bit short but for the fans of the game it is a great story. This is really a fan film for the game fans. I hope they make a Resident Evil 6. This movie really says something about the end of the game. This is a must see for Resident Evil fans and I hope they make another sequel.

Gregory R. photo
Gregory R.

To those who didn't get it, here's the beginning: "At least the other films are one dimensional" *BIG SPOILERS* From the first shot of the girl pointing her gun at the girl, you can tell the movie is going to be different from the previous films. You can tell it's going to be different because of the location change (the post-apocalyptic world), because of the large cast of characters, because of the great characters, and because of the creepy atmosphere that it tries to make (we will have to wait a few more films before we find out what that is). And it succeeds wonderfully. It's the best film of the series, the best action movie of the series, and probably the best of the entire series. The reason I gave this a 10 is not because I was expecting it to be the best of the series, or even the best of the entire series. It was simply because I was simply blown away. It's that good. Yes, it's possible that a new sequel could be better, but one of the reasons it was so good was because the first one was so good. It was the best of the series in every way possible. This film will not only please die-hard fans of the series, but those who are just curious to see what happened. This film will also please newcomers to the series, who may not know of the previous films, but will be confused by the final chapter. If you liked the first film, you're going to love this film.