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Jay and Silent Bob Reboot

Jay and Silent Bob Reboot is a movie starring Joey Lauren Adams, Ben Affleck, and Fred Armisen. Jay and Silent Bob return to Hollywood to stop a reboot of the 'Bluntman and Chronic' movie from getting made.

Other Titles
Jay y Bob el silencioso: el reboot, Jay i Cichy Bob powracają, Jay et Bob redémarrent, Jay & Silent Bob Reboot
Running Time
1 hours 45 minutes
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Kevin Smith
Kevin Smith
Fred Armisen, Joey Lauren Adams, Diedrich Bader, Ben Affleck
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English, Deutsch, Français, Italiano, Español, Svenska, Gaeilge, Nederlands
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Jay and Silent Bob return to Hollywood to stop a reboot of the 'Bluntman and Chronic' movie from getting made.

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Adam photo

It's great. It's a funny movie with lots of action and adventure. The movie does have some predictable plot twists but it's a great movie to watch over and over again. I love it!

Joseph Jimenez photo
Joseph Jimenez

It was just like watching the original movie. I did not want to see it since I have seen the 2 previous "B" movies. Well I finally saw it and I must say, I really liked it. I am now an official fan of the franchise. I hope to see more of the story of the brotherhood, as there are so many things that I missed in the first film. I was also really pleased with the movie, since it does not have any cliches. And I was not expecting the movie to be that funny, but I was laughing so much that I almost had to laugh at myself. I would definitely recommend this movie to anyone who is a fan of the original movie. But don't expect it to be the same movie, it's different and it's funny.

Christina photo

I love this movie! It's funny, a great story, with great acting and the story of a guy who dreams of being famous just because he's jealous of some people who like him. The only problem I had with the movie is the ending. I think the director could have done a better job in making the ending better. The movie would have been even better if he did a better job at that.

Teresa photo

I actually didn't see the original till a year ago. However, I really enjoyed this movie. I really like the idea of the two leads being as stupid as they are and that their characters are supposed to be such and such. I would recommend this movie to anyone, but especially if you are a huge fan of any of the characters in the first two. Definitely a must-see.

Michael Gilbert photo
Michael Gilbert

I have watched this movie multiple times and I still laugh at the jokes and I find myself laughing at most of the scenes. I have to say this movie is funny and extremely fun and I recommend everyone to watch this film.

Alexander Garrett photo
Alexander Garrett

I just finished watching this movie, and I loved it. The humor was great, the actors were great, and the directing was great. It was also a great movie for the whole family, because it was full of action and never seemed boring. It also had some great animation that was very impressive. I really liked the main characters, especially the boys, they were very cute and charming. The story was really good, and had great twists and turns, and was well written. The plot was easy to follow, and was really entertaining, and the plot twists were fun. Overall, this was a great movie, and I would recommend it to everyone. It was funny, exciting, and fun. I give it a 9/10.

Victoria photo

The movie "Young Guns: The Movie" is one of the best comedy movies I have seen, it was so much funnier than I expected. I thought the movie was really funny, and the acting was good. I recommend this movie to anyone who likes to laugh. I think the movies was so much better than the first movie, I didn't think they could make a better movie, and it did. So I really don't understand why they would try to make a movie of this type again. Anyway, I think it is a really good movie to watch.

Harold photo

I just saw the film, and I loved it. I didn't really know what to expect, but it was the most enjoyable film I've seen in a long time. It was very funny, and had a great message. It was very inspiring, and really had a good message about being yourself. I think that this movie is a must see. I recommend this film to anyone who likes a comedy and a good message. 10/10

Richard Mendoza photo
Richard Mendoza

The guys from the Blazing Saddles series are back! I think the movie was very funny and had a good plot and the actors were very good. I am not a fan of the show but they did a good job. I don't know if this will appeal to everyone but if you like Blazing Saddles then I think you will like this movie. The special effects were great and the acting was very good. I highly recommend this movie. You will laugh your ass off and I will buy the DVD when it comes out. Overall I gave this movie a 9/10

Edward Garcia photo
Edward Garcia

I watched this movie about a month ago, and it is the best comedy I have seen in a long time. It's based on the "The 4th wall" and is not for those who are sensitive to that kind of humor. I loved this movie and found it very entertaining and well thought out. It's a very funny movie that was produced by the same company that did the cult classic cult classic comedy "Cronenberg's" from the early 1980's. This movie is not going to be to everyone's taste, but it's certainly a good movie to rent and watch. The voice actors were very well chosen, and it was very enjoyable to listen to. I highly recommend it. I'm sure that you'll have fun.

Stephen George photo
Stephen George

I'm a fan of Kevin Smith. It's probably why I got this one. I thought that it was the funniest movie I've ever seen. It had comedy, drama, romance, and action all rolled into one. The only thing that annoyed me was how late they made the movie. You'll notice that they were in a race to get it out before they made the sequel. I was shocked at how they changed the ending to make it funny, but you know, they had to make it for the film. The actors did a fantastic job. I mean, I've always liked John C. Reilly, and he did a great job. Not to mention he did a great job in this film. The other actors did an amazing job as well. One of my favorite parts of this film was the friendship. I was glad that they were friends, and that they became friends through the film. They could have easily been enemies. The only problem was that they could not come up with something to make them friends. However, I think that they learned from this film. They have made a movie that is much better than they ever could have hoped for. They could not have done it without the people that made this movie, and that is why it's a great movie.

Harold M. photo
Harold M.

This film is so funny. The way the director told his story, it was so much of fun. There were some scenes that I just really laughed. I also really loved the cast, I love the humor of the film. It had a great story, and great humor. I recommend this film to everyone. A+

Ruth Morales photo
Ruth Morales

I've seen a lot of movies lately and I've seen some of the most horrible movies out there, but I can't stop laughing. That's why I went to this movie. And I'm really glad I did. This is not your typical Hollywood trash movie. It has a nice sense of humor and I'm really glad I went to see it. If you are a fan of Jim Carrey, you'll love this movie. If you are not, this movie is for you. This is a fun movie for all ages. If you don't like comedies, this is not the movie for you. I think this is Jim Carrey's best movie to date. He really gives it his all, and his chemistry with Julia Roberts is really good. If you are looking for a movie to watch on a rainy day, go see it.

Catherine Cox photo
Catherine Cox

I recently watched this film with my 13 year old son, we watched the first 2 scenes, then we watched the other 2, I can say this is a must see film. As a horror fan myself I was very pleased with the horror elements, the plot was good, it kept the viewers interest. There were several scenes that were disturbing to watch, but I couldn't stop laughing. The actors were great, especially Jeremy Sisto, he is a great actor. The direction was excellent, I recommend this film to any horror fan. It was a good movie, a good film to watch, it has something for everyone.

Phillip H. photo
Phillip H.

After I saw the first installment I decided to rent the second one. I don't think it was that bad. However, I'm a big fan of the first movie and this sequel was a let down. I wasn't sure if it was a bad sequel or a bad movie. I came out of it saying that it was just not that good. The jokes were all about 'what would happen if you did X in a movie.' My first reaction was that it would be a really cool movie. After I was disappointed. I had to say that the characters were not well written. My favorite character was Tony the black guy who was like a fish out of water in the first one. The guy had no reason to be in the movie other than it's to make jokes about the characters in the first movie. I really don't understand why it was so hard to make a movie about the characters from the first movie. It was a great movie to watch. I wish it would have been a better movie but it is still worth seeing. It just seems like it was rushed.

Howard photo

So after watching the first two films i was very excited to see the third in the series, and i was not disappointed. The three leads are very funny and the film is just as funny as the first two. They have so much fun with their characters and it is just great to see them get to work again. I would recommend this to anyone and everyone. You wont be disappointed.

Marie F. photo
Marie F.

This movie is a spoof of the Green Hornet TV show, which was much more enjoyable. It has a very small cast, but they are all very funny. They all played the parts perfectly. Even in their many comedic roles they did not overplay them. And I really like how they do not shy away from using the B word. The film's humor has more lines than a large number of movies, and it is consistently funny. I like the way the Green Hornet's learn to be a better team. I also like the things that happen to them, and their reactions to them. Overall, this is one of the funniest films I have ever seen. If you liked the TV show, you will like this movie. And you will probably like it more than I did. I give it a 9 out of 10.

Martha Diaz photo
Martha Diaz

This movie was funny and it had a great cast. Although it was aimed towards teenagers, the humor was universal. I really enjoyed it. I would recommend it to anyone who likes adult humor.

Ann photo

This movie is one of my favorites. I first saw it on a late night Sci-Fi channel, and was hooked. Since then I have seen it several times a month and always find something new. And for this reason I think that the average rating of this movie is a bit high, but I don't mind. For the most part this is a family film that is enjoyed by all. Some may find this film difficult to watch because of the violence and sexual content. I would say this movie is just about a must-see. So, if you are tired of all the big budget movies and don't mind a little gore then this movie is for you. As far as I'm concerned the rating of this movie is right on target. If you haven't seen this movie I suggest that you rent it and watch it with an open mind. It's a movie that is very enjoyable, and I think that it deserves more recognition than it is receiving.

Laura photo

I am a fan of the first movie, so I was really excited to see this movie. I loved the first movie, so I was excited to see this one. I am glad I went. I think the first movie had some flaws, like it could have been longer, but I really liked the story and the action. This one didn't have any flaws. The characters were different, but I liked that. The actors were all good. I think the special effects were great. I don't think the plot was bad. I thought the film was funny and I enjoyed it. I think it was really good. I don't think it is perfect, but it is a great movie. If you liked the first one, you will like this one.

Dennis D. photo
Dennis D.

This movie was hilarious, and I would have to say that the best one yet! It had some really funny parts, and the acting was superb! Definitely worth a watch!

Amber photo

I can't believe I watched the movie in the first place.I never really liked the was just a sad movie.The only thing I like is that it has some good comedy.I have seen the movie once before,and it was horrible.The actors were terrible.The movie is not worth the time.It's just a sad movie.I think I have to see the movie twice in order to forget the movie.I really think that the movie would be a lot better if it had a lot of comedy in it.It's just not worth the time.This movie should have had a lot of humor in it.I really think that if it had a lot of humor in it,it would have been much better.