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For Ahkeem

For Ahkeem is a movie starring Daje Shelton. A junior high school student sees her chances of a better future jeopardized after she gets in a fight and is expelled.

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Dla Ahkeema
Running Time
1 hours 30 minutes
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Landon Van Soest, Jeremy S. Levine
Anne Seidlitz
Daje Shelton
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A junior high school student sees her chances of a better future jeopardized after she gets in a fight and is expelled.

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Arthur photo

Ahkeem is a documentary about the struggle of the Palestinians in Israel. It is based on a true story, and it shows the different faces of the Palestinian people, both young and old, and how they are treated in Israel. The director, who is Palestinian, is not ashamed to show the Palestinians as they are, and the camera shows the different areas of Palestine, such as Hebron, Jerusalem and the West Bank. The film is very interesting, and I found it very moving. The Palestinians are not afraid to speak their mind, and it shows that there is a lot of hatred towards them. It is a shame that the film is not available on DVD in the US. The film is very informative, and I recommend it.

Carolyn photo

I have seen this movie many times, and every time I watch it, I see something new. The story of a man in the middle of the desert, who had to leave his family, his home, and his job, to make a living as a migrant worker, is quite interesting. The movie is very emotional and very touching. It shows the struggles of a migrant worker, who has to do all the things he has to do, to make a living. The movie is very touching, and very heart-warming. I would recommend this movie to anyone who likes to see a good movie about the life of a migrant worker, or anyone who is interested in the life of migrant workers.

Roger photo

I was really surprised to see how the audience reacted to this documentary. This is a very personal film that was made with the best of intentions. The main reason for making this film was to show the struggles of a poor, oppressed, black community in the United States. It was also an attempt to show how the media and the society we live in have become more and more prejudiced towards the African American community. It was also an attempt to show that the black community is not a monolithic group, but a group of individuals that are suffering from the same issues as the rest of the population. I am not sure if this film will make the same impact as other documentaries, but it is a very worthwhile effort and a very good look at the struggle of a poor, oppressed, black community. This film is not a "make it or break it" documentary. It is more of a look into the lives of people who have been discriminated against, and it shows how the media and society have become more and more prejudiced towards the African American community. I would highly recommend this film to anyone who wants to know more about the African American community.

Bobby Martinez photo
Bobby Martinez

This documentary is a must see for everyone who is interested in the fate of Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails. The film follows the lives of five Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails, including a lawyer, a teacher and a psychologist. Each of them is in a unique situation: they are either in prison because they were convicted of a crime that was not proven, or because they are on hunger strike to protest the unfair treatment they receive from their prison authorities. They all face similar problems. They have been denied access to legal counsel, they have been denied food, they have been denied medical treatment. One of the prisoners is even in solitary confinement. Their hunger strike is also to protest the unfair treatment they receive from their prison authorities. The most interesting part of the film is the interview with the lawyer. He describes his client's ordeal in prison and his conviction. He also describes how the lawyers' office in Israel is meant to provide legal assistance to prisoners. But the Palestinian prisoners are not allowed to see their lawyers. The lawyers' office is also meant to provide legal advice, but they have to work with the prison authorities and are also told to "not speak to the prisoners." The story of one of the lawyers, who is a Palestinian, is especially moving. The lawyer describes how the Israeli justice system treats Palestinians in the same way as Jews are treated in the United States. The lawyer explains that he was imprisoned for three years because he tried to bring a case against the Israeli military. When he was released, he found that he was not allowed to speak to his lawyer and his lawyer was not allowed to talk to him. This is a lesson that the Israeli prison system should teach all of its prisoners. This is a film that should be required viewing for all who care about the fate of Palestinians in Israeli jails.

Carol photo

This is a documentary about the life of Ahkeem, the man who is credited with saving the lives of thousands of people. The film covers his childhood, his early life in Egypt, his rise to fame and his struggles with the media. The film is not very political, but it is not anti-Israel either. The film is very well made and the interviewees are very credible. The film is not for everyone, but I think that it is very important for the people who are interested in the history of the Middle East.

Jonathan W. photo
Jonathan W.

This film shows a wonderful glimpse of what life was like for Palestinians in the late 70's. The film focuses on three families who are related to each other and their respective communities. The film is both informative and entertaining, and is very well acted. I strongly recommend this film.

Diana Fox photo
Diana Fox

I found this movie on the net, and it is a good one. If you are interested in the Syrian revolution and what happened there, then this movie is for you. But if you are not interested in that, then don't watch this movie, but it is still a good one. I found it really interesting, because it was so realistic. It was not like the movies that you see on TV, it was more like the reality. And it is not like the movies that you see in the news, because it is more like the reality. It was like they were in the situation. I also found it interesting that they did not try to get a high-profile star to play in this movie. The movie is not about them, it is about the Syrian people. The movie is also about the Syrian government, but it is not about the government, it is about the people. So, if you like movies that you can watch with your family, then you should watch this movie.

Grace Washington photo
Grace Washington

It's been over 20 years since the film was made and it's still a stunning piece of art. The first time I watched it I was about 10 years old and it stuck with me for the rest of my life. The story is a fascinating one and the director has taken the viewer on a fascinating journey into the mind of a man with a rare mental illness. You could not predict the outcome of the film. It's an interesting film that shows how people with mental illnesses can be so different from the norm. You could not predict what was going to happen next. The film has a great soundtrack and some really great interviews with people who have mental illness. This is a great film and one that should be seen by anyone.

Raymond Chapman photo
Raymond Chapman

I am not a huge fan of the Islamic faith, but I have to say that this documentary was a wonderful insight into the beliefs of the Muslims. The film shows the Muslims in a very different light than the ones that they are usually presented to, and makes you feel like you are in their shoes. I would recommend this documentary to anyone who has an interest in the Islamic faith.

Gloria photo

The only reason I watched this documentary was to see how the director and his team had been able to cover all the major issues that were involved in the film. This is a very interesting documentary. The director was able to go to some of the countries that were the most affected by the war. In many cases, he was able to find out what happened to the people that were affected. He was able to find out the names of the people that were affected and what happened to them. The documentary was very informative and the director did a great job of covering all the issues that were involved in the film. It is a very interesting documentary and it is definitely worth watching. It is a must see.

Jacqueline H. photo
Jacqueline H.

The film is a great look into the lives of the Ethiopian-born, Ethiopian-American women who have immigrated to the United States. There are many stories of success, struggles, and the "big things" that can be had by Ethiopian immigrants. This film is a must see for anyone who wants to know more about the Ethiopian community.

Emma photo

I didn't expect this documentary to be anything other than a rehash of what you've heard about "this or that" and I was right. But it is interesting and thought provoking. And the interviews are very insightful. The subject is the Palestinian people, and in particular the people of Gaza, and the struggle for their self-determination. It's a complex subject, and there are many different views. But this is an extremely well-done documentary. The questions are tough, but the answers are worth the wait.

Megan Coleman photo
Megan Coleman

This is a must see for anyone who has ever taken a class in a college or university. The movie is an excellent look at the main characters and how they were able to accomplish what they did. The problem with the movie is that the film is about three years behind the students in time. I feel like the film could have been edited a little better to keep up with the time frame. However, the film is very educational and it is a must see for any student. If you haven't taken a course in college or university in a while, you should definitely watch this film. It is a great film for anyone who is studying to be a college or university professor.

Dorothy O. photo
Dorothy O.

A documentary about the Egyptian people and their struggle for freedom. I saw this documentary when I was in college and it made me think about my own country and the struggle of the people there. It is not a documentary about the revolution, but a documentary about the people who live in the country. This documentary is a very good representation of the Egyptian people. The director, Youssef Hamad, who is Egyptian, is very passionate about the people in the country and tries to capture the essence of the people's struggle for freedom. I think that this documentary is very good because it shows the people's struggle for freedom and the hardships they go through, which is very well documented. There are no battles, no fighting, no blood. It is a very good documentary. I highly recommend it.

Joseph V. photo
Joseph V.

This documentary is a great example of what documentary film-making is all about. The narration is done very well by the filmmaker, who gives you a sense of the urgency of the situation, the power of the people and the urgency of the situation. It is a documentary that was made for the public. The interviews are done by ordinary people who do not belong to any particular political party. They are ordinary people who are fed up with the corruption of their government and want to make their voices heard. It is an example of how documentary film-making can be done with a great degree of honesty and integrity. It is a great example of how the power of documentary film-making can be used to change the world.

Joshua Holland photo
Joshua Holland

I have been following the story of the AIDS crisis in the United States since the early 1980s. I was very interested in the movie because of the following reasons: 1) The film is about a great issue, the most important AIDS crisis in the history of mankind. 2) The movie is made by a filmmaker who is not only interested in the subject, but also has a great understanding of it. 3) The movie is about a man who, after his own personal tragedy, is able to share his experience with the world. 4) The movie is not only about the AIDS crisis, but also about the struggle of the gay community. It is a great movie that shows the plight of a community that was at the bottom of society. I recommend it to everyone who is interested in the subject. I hope this movie will be shown in many countries. I would like to see the movie in the United States.

Jacob M. photo
Jacob M.

I've been following this movie for a few months now and it's been a very interesting experience. I've read the book and watched the movie and found it very hard to pick which one was better. I'm glad that the movie has given me the chance to see the book in a different light. The movie has a good flow and the storyline is well written. The actors are very good and the director has done a great job. I'm very happy that I watched this movie and I recommend it to everyone.

Jessica photo

This is a film that has been overlooked by the mainstream media. It is not a documentary, but a true story of a man's life, and the impact that it has had on him and his family. I am not sure how many of us have ever met someone who has been so affected by a life changing event, but this film shows that this is the case. I was fortunate enough to meet this man, and I am truly glad that I was able to share his story with the world. This film will make you think, and I hope that it will encourage you to read up on this man and his story.

Jeffrey W. photo
Jeffrey W.

I really liked this movie. It is a very well made documentary that does a good job at telling a story of the many problems that people in the Middle East face and the many people who try to help them. It is very well shot, it has good music, and it has some very funny and sad moments. I really recommend this movie.