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Diamantino is a movie starring Carloto Cotta, Cleo Tavares, and Anabela Moreira. Diamantino, the world's premiere soccer star loses his special touch and ends his career in disgrace. Searching for a new purpose, the international...

Other Titles
Tristes Monroes, Diamantino - Il calciatore più forte del mondo, ディアマンティーノ 未知との遭遇
Running Time
1 hours 36 minutes
480p, 720p, 1080p, 2K, 4K
Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Drama, Comedy
Gabriel Abrantes, Daniel Schmidt
Gabriel Abrantes, Daniel Schmidt
Anabela Moreira, Carloto Cotta, Cleo Tavares, Margarida Moreira
Portugal, Brazil, France
Audio Languages
English, Deutsch, Français, Italiano, Español, Svenska, Gaeilge, Nederlands
日本語, Čeština, Tiếng Việt, Português, 한국어, Australia, Filipino, हिन्दी

Diamantino, the world's premiere soccer star loses his special touch and ends his career in disgrace. Searching for a new purpose, the international icon sets on a delirious odyssey where he confronts neo-fascism, the refugee crisis, genetic modification, and the hunt for the source of genius.

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Sandra photo

Virtually a remake of the late great series Star Trek, of the future I have to say I can't see how anyone could not like this movie. All in all a brilliant adaptation of the old series with elements of the new ones. It is a very witty, original movie with an excellent cast. Almost every character from the old series was included, most notably Beverly Crusher (Tricia Jan Adams) and Dr. Crusher (Deanna Troi). There was also great support from a young and talented cast. William Shatner is perfect as Captain James T. Kirk and is more than worthy of an Oscar nomination for this. The best line in the movie was when Kirk was running the science fair and he said "What did you expect?" It was very funny. Harrison Ford was also excellent. I found him to be very good in the new Star Wars movies. I have already seen the whole series and was very pleased with the quality of the new films. I am looking forward to the new Star Trek movies. All I have to say is, give the new Star Trek movies a chance. They will be much better than Star Trek IV.

Peter H. photo
Peter H.

I just wanted to say that this movie was just perfect. I loved it. The cast was just perfect. It was made for teens and I would give this movie a 10. But I love it for adults too. It had everything I could ask for in a film and if I wasn't a teen I would definitely see it in the cinema. It was funny. The cast was perfect. I love all the actors and I would have given this film a 9 if I could. It had so much more depth to it than it should have. The characters were so different and made me laugh and cheer throughout the whole film. The plot was amazing. It wasn't like the other teen movies I've seen that have the same plot, but it was just perfect. The plot was made for teens and the plot was perfect. The effects were amazing. I loved how they all looked so much like they were made to look real. But I would give it a 9/10 for being a teen movie. But if you're looking for a movie that you can watch again and again and again, this one is for you. I loved this movie. The whole cast was perfect. I love the plot, the characters, the actors. I really don't know what to say, but I really recommend that you see this movie.

Julia B. photo
Julia B.

I was born in 1956 and I loved this movie then. For me this is the greatest movie ever made, if not for any reason. I saw it back in the 60's when it first came out. I don't know how to describe it except that I love it. Every aspect of the film is great. The acting is all great, especially the relationship between Jean Reno and Bess Armstrong. The chemistry between these two actors is fantastic. It's very romantic, even when Jean and Bess have to hide out and they only know each other from the movie. But the script is just so great, it's so unique and mysterious. It's worth seeing, even if you don't like the genre. The whole cast is great. There are so many great lines and parts of the film that don't really have much of a context or any explanation. So when you see it, you don't really know what you are supposed to be seeing, but you know what you are. It's a wonderful movie that all ages will love. Even if you don't like the genre, this is a great movie. Don't listen to the haters, they are only upset that the film isn't like the usual Hollywood cliche.

Alan Graham photo
Alan Graham

The movie that spawned the "Mysterious Science" genre. Not sure why I watched this movie only in the last few days, but it still really rocks. I'm not a big Sci-Fi fan, but this movie has it all, magic, monsters, great action, great acting, and cool costumes. I love this movie to death and will watch it over and over. The movie really represents the genre and also the best things to do when watching movies like "Mysterious Science".

Dylan photo

I have never had a bad feeling about a movie before. I knew about Mr. Schumacher's name as one of my favorite directors, but I was at first afraid that I would have to waste my time and watch some kind of amateur remake. My good friends made me watch "Batman" again, and it was awesome! I didn't have the time to watch "Batman" then, and I've already lost the interest in the Batman franchise. But, Mr. Schumacher's "Batman" was just amazing. I've never seen such an impressive interpretation of the comic book series. I have never seen such an amazing and smart movie. It was so real and so interesting. I haven't found such an important character in my life. In the beginning, there was no concept of who Batman is, why he has to be the Batman and how he will become Batman. Now, I know him, I understand him, I know the person that he is. And this movie gave me that feeling. I have never seen such an amazing movie with so many interesting characters. I am also happy about this movie because it was very educational for my kids. I'm telling you, the Batman is so much different than before. It's about the family, and Batman is the only family member that was chosen by fate to be the one who will become the Batman. My children are 13 and 9 years old. And they just love this movie. I'm telling you, they enjoy this movie more than me! It's so great! I am giving a 10 to this movie!

Melissa photo

Another great movie by Roman Polanski. Just go watch it, trust me. This movie is a classic of the decade. The story is good, the acting is great, the scenery is awesome. Watch this movie and you will feel like you are living in some world you have created.

Dorothy Harrison photo
Dorothy Harrison

Maybe it's because I've seen it over 50 times, but "Spaceballs" always makes me laugh. I like it so much because it's just funny, nothing romantic, nothing serious, just fun. If you don't laugh, you don't know what you're missing. I've seen it all and every time I watch it, it's still funny. I don't know how, but it just has a special place in my heart. And the way they made "The Great American Hero" was a great way to show the difference between hero and heroines. You can't take a stand against the crew of the Enterprise. One of the greatest ways to show that is to make them out to be the villains. A great actor like Peter Boyle gave us a strong female character. The men are awesome. Here's a perfect example of a great movie.

Frank photo

If you want to watch an interesting film, then "Ashes to Ashes" will be worth your time. If you want a perfectly paced film that may seem slow at first, but you will eventually find yourself totally engrossed in the story. If you want a movie with the same "magic" that you enjoy in stories like "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows" or "The Lord of the Rings", then "Ashes to Ashes" is the perfect film for you. If you want a great story, great acting and special effects, then you will love "Ashes to Ashes".

Roger B. photo
Roger B.

The main reason this movie has become a cult classic is the fact that it is unpretentious. It is not just a witty, tongue-in-cheek comic parody of the 1930s sci-fi genre, nor is it a sexy chick flick. Instead, it's a touching story of a father and his son growing up in a dangerous world of the future. It's a movie that's perfect for a family movie night, but it's a must see for the whole family. In the end, it's a movie that's for everyone. See it.

Alice photo

I thought this movie was great. I love the way it was created and I hope more artists do the same. This movie gave me so many ideas. It was great for me. I don't know if it will be for everyone but I thought it was great. This movie is great to just be young, a little bit older and have a few ideas.

Martha Freeman photo
Martha Freeman

On a time of tragedy, where one cannot find the light of hope, the world is in danger from the darkness of death. As an adventurer, the immortal young Christian Bale has found a shining light in his life, the lonesome yet willing soldier Christian Bale. Now he can see clearly that, death is not so scary. Because, life is not as dark as death. Just as in the movie, one can die, only death can release the light in the person to become a stronger person. The world is not the same as in the movie. People now have more ability than people of the past. The people of the past had to work for a living, had to depend on their families and friends, and were more scared of the evil and what happens if the evil moves in to get them. Now, the world is full of various people, and they do not need to rely on the support of others, nor depend on their own survival. They do not have to depend on the death of others. In this film, Bale gives an amazing performance. He shows the courage and power of the hero. The only drawback of the movie, is that it is a little too long. As the movie goes, you start to get to know Bale as the hero, and he seems to be quite a sad person. But, as the movie progresses, you see him be a hero, and it seems to be a good thing. I hope to see this movie again. I really enjoyed this film.

Jennifer W. photo
Jennifer W.

I'm guessing most of you who have seen this movie have heard of it, maybe you even know who is playing Sid Vicious, but this is the one movie that has been in the background of my life since I was a kid. And if I may say, it is my most favorite film. I remember the first time I saw it, and it looked so real and it seemed so real to me. I think it was the casting of Julia Roberts, that changed my life and I am so glad I got to see it. I would recommend this movie to anyone, even if you're not a big Sid Vicious fan, and even if you don't like Julia. The acting is great, and I think it is a really nice film to watch if you want to relax, or if you just want to be happy, or maybe just want to be. I really can't say enough good things about this movie.

Roy L. photo
Roy L.

I've only watched this once, but it's the only movie I have ever truly loved. If you haven't seen it, I strongly recommend you see it before you die. This is a very difficult movie to review because it's all over the place. There are several periods of time in the movie where it feels like it's in slow motion, and the first time I saw it I found it a bit hard to follow. If you don't understand it, then don't watch it again. I don't understand why they don't make movies like this anymore, in the sci-fi/comedy genres, but I know a lot of people who do and like it. I've seen people react with horror after they first saw it, but then that made me really appreciate it and understand it more. I think the only reason people wouldn't see it is because it's rated "R" (R for sexual content). I know it's for children, but there are tons of funny parts for kids that are very much worth seeing. The script is hilarious, and if you ever have a hard time following something, you should watch this movie. That's not to say that it's all the best movie ever, there are several parts of the movie that are very similar to the ones in "I Heart Huckabees", but the humor is much more clever, and you can really appreciate the movie for what it is. If you do get a chance to see this, don't wait until it comes out on DVD, but watch it when it's on. I'm happy that I have never found a better movie.

Beverly Brooks photo
Beverly Brooks

I have always been a fan of the film "Adventures of an Airplane" but never the story was as good as the movie. This was much better. They did a great job with a limited budget. The effects are amazing and to think that they could have done so much with such a limited budget. I loved it. The story is very interesting and enjoyable. I have never seen a film that can change your mood like this. It is a great film to watch with a group of friends. I highly recommend watching this film. I loved it and I hope that everyone will watch this movie. It will show you that there is always a better way to make a film than to just throw money at it. This is a movie that you will love because of it's originality and how it changes your perspective on things. This is one of the best films I have ever seen and I think everyone should watch it.

Amber Ryan photo
Amber Ryan

Went to see this at the cinema a few years ago and was completely lost. And the film is really clever and really well made. The acting is good, the dialogue is great, the story is original and the plot is utterly brilliant. Not to mention it has a funny and original message. If you haven't seen this film, don't! And for everyone else who hasn't seen it, see it! It's a brilliant film.

Aaron B. photo
Aaron B.

This is the greatest movie ever made. I saw this movie when I was 12 years old, in 1973 and it brought back to me the feelings of Christmas, Christmas Holidays, and I never forgot that. We all know that Santa Clause is one of the most famous characters in the world and now there is a movie about him. I was so impressed that Santa Clause was not a guy that is a criminal or anything like that. I loved the music, the colors, the way the film was made. It was great, it was special. I never expected it to be so good. I never would have ever expected it to be so great. I wish you will be with me and you will love it as much as I did. I give this movie 10 stars.

Alexander Douglas photo
Alexander Douglas

I don't know what you would call this movie, but it is definitely one of my favorites. It is definitely one of the most important movies ever made, in the history of cinema. There is a lot of violence and sex and magic and other things, but it all comes together to make a great film. But there is nothing bad about it. I just know that the director deserves to be in the 100 greatest films ever made list. The story is very original. The characters are brilliant. The music is very unique. The movie is very "religious" and it reminds me of some other movie with "religiosity" in it, such as "The Island of Dr. Moreau". I would recommend this movie to any religious person, and any who likes intelligent movies. Don't just take it for its money worth. This is a movie worth watching. I hope this website can help you with your choice. I also hope it helps you with yours.

Kelly Crawford photo
Kelly Crawford

Do not be fooled by this great low-budget movie. This film is much more than a very entertaining comic book flick, it is an exploration of what it means to be human and what it means to create something that makes us laugh and cry at the same time. One scene in particular shows this perfectly. This is one of the most intimate scenes I have ever seen on film. It is a very brief moment, and you really need to see it in your mind before the end credits roll. You will love this film. Do not let anyone convince you otherwise. It will be one of those films you can't stop talking about. And, of course, it will have plenty of room for a sequel. I have seen this film now more than ten times and I will always have the soundtrack CD at home. This is the film that every person should see at least once in his or her life.

Michael photo

The ending for this movie is one of my favourite parts of any movie. It is brilliant! I love it. The script is not perfect, but the end makes up for it. The way the story unfolds and the messages is brilliant! This is a great movie for people who like to think about things and explore life through their eyes. I loved this movie. If you like the idea of a main character who is created by people who think that they are God, who travels from planet to planet looking for their creator. If you like to explore a world that is mysterious and different and that you can believe in without being completely sure of who created it. If you want to feel good. If you like to be curious. If you want to enjoy a great story that will make you think. This is the movie for you!

Carl R. photo
Carl R.

I am just too embarrassed to admit this is my favourite film of all time. If you are a big fan of the film or have seen it at all, you should see it right away. I saw it the first time when I was around eight or nine, and I knew that I would see it again in ten years. Now I am sixteen I am going to see it again, and I plan to have it on DVD sometime in the future. The film is very funny, with very few bad jokes. It is actually funnier than I think some people think. People can be so uptight about things in life, but the characters in this film have so many qualities and they make you laugh. I think the people that are saying this film sucks or that it is too bad or that they are just put off by it are just too sensitive. There are some very witty jokes in the film, and you will find yourself laughing at them all the time. This film is really entertaining, and even if it is about a girl falling in love with an overweight guy, the end is extremely touching and thought provoking. If you like the film, you should see it again, because it will be a bit of a nostalgic trip. If you aren't a big fan of the film, then you should just see it, because it is pretty interesting.

Randy A. photo
Randy A.

I am a big fan of Douglas Trumbull, and this movie was outstanding. I always loved the music and it was great that the music was an integral part of the movie. It was also great that most of the characters that I would have thought of as weak or violent were actually quite likable. And I also thought the special effects were very realistic and believable. The special effects were awesome, and they gave me chills, and when I saw a movie that I knew I would never see again I felt the same way. Also, the effects were very well done, and I was very impressed. I will not give the plot away, but I will say that this movie was excellent and you should go see it if you like a good scary movie.