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Cassandro, the Exotico!

Cassandro, the Exotico! is a movie starring Cassandro. After 26 years of spinning dives and flying uppercuts in the ring, Cassandro, the star of the gender-bending cross-dressing Mexican wrestlers known as the Exoticos, is far from...

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Cassandro, The Exotico!
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Marie Losier, Antoine Barraud
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After 26 years of spinning dives and flying uppercuts in the ring, Cassandro, the star of the gender-bending cross-dressing Mexican wrestlers known as the Exoticos, is far from retiring. But with dozens of broken bones and metal pins in his body, he must now reinvent himself.

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Bobby Carlson photo
Bobby Carlson

Exotico is an important film about the history of Italian fascism and how this fascist movement was defeated by the Italian communists in the late 1960s and early 1970s. This film was banned in Italy due to the existence of the fascist party, but the censorship was temporarily lifted after the film was re-released in 1981. After the failed coup in 1981, the film was re-released in the West and became one of the most popular films of the 1980s. The film is a real life account of the party and its fascist movements. This documentary is very interesting, a bit depressing at times and at other times very funny and sad. The documentary is of course in Italian, but it also has subtitles. This documentary is a little different from the history books in that it uses not the material and does not use references from the history books. A good documentary about one of the most important events in Italy in history.

Craig Gibson photo
Craig Gibson

I loved this film. It is a really great documentary about one man's odyssey into the underground world of drugs. Very easy to follow, and a great topic to get your mind off your life for a while. Although the men in the film (who I only knew as friends) were all men, I think there are some pretty interesting women in the world as well, so I recommend this film for anyone who wants to see how much that is in this world, and how dangerous it can be to try and be the best. A lot of people will be offended by this film because it is so violent, but it isn't. It shows that drugs are still very much a part of our lives, and that there is still violence in society, but that's all we are seeing in the film. I believe the people in the film were all very open about the drugs they used. Many of them, including Carlo, showed their friends that they are not the evil monsters that society is showing them. You could see in their faces that they were well aware that this was all they were doing. And in many cases, they were very open about how much they loved it. I recommend this film to anyone who wants to know more about the world of drugs, and how dangerous they are, and how much you really don't know.

Jessica photo

I saw this documentary several years ago and I have no regrets. The subject matter is serious, and many will find themselves questioning the ethics of the conduct of war, although it is much easier to do so in the middle of a war than in a peace time situation. The problem is that the basic conflict in the world is the kind of war the participants don't want to fight, and that is the only problem that doesn't seem to get much attention, or even discussion. The subject of the film is the operation to arrest a suspected Italian Nazi war criminal, Tareq Sharif, and his attempts to get to Ecuador, Mexico, Switzerland and the United States. This is a military-style operation, and there is only one man that has an air of authority, the commander of the operation. It is a daring operation, and Sharif is an unconventional and intelligent commander, who is also the target of the operation. The film covers the whole process, from the first contact to the command center in Ecuador, and it also explores the financial arrangements that were made with the funds. The film is the product of an extremely challenging mission, and it is not intended to be some political statement on the subject, but to examine the workings of the military and the internal politics of the military establishment. It is one of the best documentaries I have seen, and I would recommend it to anyone who is interested in the subject.

Angela photo

It's a movie with one main theme - the struggle between the great world of capitalism and the family. It's the story of an Italian family (father is a worker and the mother is a teacher), its dynamics, which comes from all aspects, from the mentality of a social system, from the family, from the Italian society. When a group of "influential" intellectuals are expelled from the family, the father and the mother decide to take their kids with them, even though they have problems with the little money they have. It's a very simple story, which is made for a small audience. It's the story of a family, in which everybody is just about doing his job. No one knows anything about anything. And they are doing it. But, in the end, everything will be alright. You can understand what I mean. I don't want to make this movie to make people happy, I don't want to give up the values that I have. I want to make people think about them. And I believe that you will enjoy it a lot.

Betty Hamilton photo
Betty Hamilton

I've been interested in it for years and it's finally available on DVD. It's the documentary about the pioneering Italian rock band, Exotico. It's a fascinating and fascinating look at their life. It covers the lead singer, Antonia, and his pre-bands and then the next great group that formed in the 60's. There's also a great interview with musician's who played with the group as well as interviews with Antonia and his band. It's a great look at a band that's been part of rock history for almost 30 years. The DVD has many special features like a behind the scenes look at the making of the film, interviews with the actors and musicians, and a documentary about the band itself. It's also a great documentary film that deserves to be seen by any rock fan.

Janice F. photo
Janice F.

This is a film for people who like to see the world from the point of view of an exotico, as experienced by her. The exotico takes on the responsibility for the destruction of the environment which is very common in our world. This is very challenging to the viewer, and you need to be a person who can cope with being very critical of the world. I can honestly say that I do not find it very challenging, but it is challenging enough, and I think it is the most important film I have ever seen. I will never forget it.

Raymond Simmons photo
Raymond Simmons

I can't believe it took me this long to see this movie. I only heard about it a few years ago and the only review I had seen was from an amateur reviewer. I saw the movie in a packed theatre, and no one left until the very end. The audience is mostly women, but they all loved it. This movie has some very interesting insights into the lives of both women and men, and how they interact. It will definitely keep you thinking about it for a long time after it's over. I can't recommend it enough. It's a must see for anyone interested in gender and sexuality, and for anyone who believes in social and cultural change.

Kenneth Day photo
Kenneth Day

Excellent documentary that is so far superior to any other doc. It is a movie that portrays the project by the oil industry in the countries that it deals with, with great verve. The production and direction are perfect, no doubt. But the "exotico" is the great, exceptional, decisive part of this movie. It is a very interesting story and it is a very powerful story. The special effects were not bad. The documentary is more than worth watching. The film itself is very realistic, and has more than one important message. It is important for the human beings who believe in the "right" way to behave in the world. I can recommend it to everyone. "Watch the movie".

Ralph photo

I saw this at the Vancouver International Film Festival and, unfortunately, I was unable to purchase it at the film festival. However, after seeing it, I am glad that I bought the DVD. I appreciate the film's efforts in showing the cracks that exist between Mexico and the United States and helping to expose the terrible problems with the prison system in the U.S. In my opinion, this film was very timely, given the events that have occurred in the last several years. I was greatly surprised at how many Mexican citizens are now wondering whether they would like to see their country truly represented in the United States. I would like to recommend this film to anyone who is a student or an adult who wants to learn more about the problems with the U.S. prison system. It is an enlightening documentary that does not aim to be a documentary, but a statement on the ongoing problems in the U.S. prison system. I am extremely glad that I was able to buy the DVD and would recommend it to anyone who wants to learn more about this problem.

Raymond photo

If you want to learn how one of the greatest Peruvian philosophers and writers of our time had an impact on every facet of Peruvian culture, this documentary is for you. The book of "Lula" ("Lula", the fictional leader of the Partido dos Trabalhadores, the party of the revolution of 1989), which contains all the dialog and historical content you will ever need, is not only translated into English, but also into Spanish, and most importantly into Spanish with some of the original texts. Each one of the segments has an analysis of the book in the context of the life of the philosopher and writer. A collection of great speeches that I can watch over and over again, and that will make you reflect deeply on the world we live in today. Also, the documentary talks about the role of the philosopher and writer in our contemporary society, and the obstacles he faced along the way. It is a must-see for any Peruvian citizen, and a must-see for any film buff. It is well worth the money you'll spend on the DVD.

Kyle photo

This is a compelling film which tells the story of a young man from Buenos Aires who, along with his brother and a handful of friends, had the misfortune of being kidnapped by the DEA and their cohorts, and being shipped across the country to prison. The film opens with the car crash that claimed the lives of the two boys, and reveals the more sinister side of drug trafficking in the United States. The plot follows the group as they try to come to terms with the loss of their sons and cope with the social consequences of their actions. While not as gripping as the Arriaga classic Drug Lords (1964), or much better than Of Mice and Men (1968), this film is nevertheless an excellent portrayal of the kind of reality that most of us never see. I believe that it is entirely appropriate that the lead character, known in English as Manny, should be referred to as "Manny" throughout the film because he is the voice that gives voice to the entire group of men and boys.

Ethan P. photo
Ethan P.

Even if one is a fan of the original, the film isn't a "complete" experience. One needs to view it with the knowledge that it is a spoof of a classic movie. Even though I love the original, it wasn't all that I hoped for. I like how the film doesn't take a major turn toward "true" history (as was the case in the original), and some of the scenes are a little too much in the "old" style. Still, the film is extremely entertaining. This was one of the only times I was able to laugh out loud in the theatre. I believe the people in the audience laughed at every scene that involved slavery. Some people might find this a bit strange, but I thought it was hilarious. Most of the people who saw the film didn't understand it, and when they got to the end of the film, they were amazed at the depth of it all. I liked that a lot. I'm not a big fan of historical documentaries, but I enjoyed this film. I think it was worth the ticket price. I'm still not a fan of the movie, but I think that if you're a fan of the original, it's worth seeing.

Kathleen A. photo
Kathleen A.

The second part of a three-part series on Elio Petri and his team of climbers, is the documentary 'Elio Petri: Persevero al sol', which is also available as a soundtrack on an excellent album called 'Elio Petri: Persevero al sol'. It's a great and very interesting documentary on the history of the Persevero Al Sol expedition, which went to Peru in the summer of 2003. The series consists of nine short stories about the two men in the two different roles they played. It's a pity that the first part, 'Elio Petri and the Executioner', is very, very boring and has very little to say about the expedition, or about the other members of it. But it's still better than the first part, which was basically only the story of Elio Petri, which was very, very boring and not very interesting. The second part, 'Elio Petri and the Good Soldier', is much more interesting, and has a lot of interesting stories about the other people in the expedition, including everyone who worked for the team. The film is also very, very well directed. There's a lot of great moments in the film, and I especially loved the first part, which is a very, very, very good documentary. It's an excellent documentary, with lots of good scenes. It's a pity that this part is so, very boring, and that the other stories, which are really good, are so, very, very boring. I recommend this part, even though the other parts are better. If you like documentaries, I recommend this one.

Kathy photo

A fabulous documentary, or film, I can only describe it as a deep, fascinating and disquieting examination of a small section of a very large nation. The film begins with the unfortunate death of an entire generation of Italian. It is an incredible, and horrific, loss. But one that is not talked about, or even acknowledged, by the majority of the nation. You feel this lack of concern and concern for one group, until you see a television interview with a man who is the sole voice of reason in the entire country, and a man who talks about the loss of innocence and the realist as a whole. It is a shame, and a tragedy, to have this history not known. The film follows him and shows his travels, his relationships and the tragedy that the losses of this generation will have on the future generations. You can see him talking about the joys of the past, about the beauty of the present, about the importance of love. You can see him talking about the people he met during the trip, talking about their life. The country will be devastated, and there will be many wars, and many people will lose their homes. The film is worth a watch, even if it is only for the conversation it leaves behind. It is a documentary that goes into the lives of the people, and in that time, you see a nation that is unlike any other nation in the world. It will have an impact, and will change people's perspective.

Joe Rodriguez photo
Joe Rodriguez

What a wonderful experience this film has been for me. Not only does it cover the history of our country as a nation, but it also tells us how we got to where we are today. Every American should see this film, and hopefully we all will. Thank you for bringing this story to us.

Judy photo

I'm surprised this isn't an official release. At least in the US. As far as I know, it was first shown on British TV. So you can imagine the surprise when I learned that it's available on DVD! It's a compilation of documentary clips. It's not necessarily a full documentary, but a series of interviews that do not necessarily relate to the subject of the film. The narrator does a very good job of describing the changing face of Italian politics and world opinion. He even manages to bring in some relatively recent history, if you want to see the first-hand experience of the worst political scandals of recent times. I was surprised to find out that for the most part, the Italian government was initially not concerned about the consequences of the scandal. The film is absolutely worth watching, even if you're not particularly interested in politics. I'm still a little surprised that this is the first film that I've seen from the country that was in the center of the scandal.

Gregory photo

Director Jonathan Metzler takes us on a journey that encompasses the life and times of an Italian-American writer, Felix Salten, at the dawn of the 1960's in the Deep South. The story of Salten's life is one that requires deep thought. At the height of his power, in the fifties, Salten became a living legend, but his life was cut short by a head injury suffered in a motorcycle accident. With the benefit of hindsight, we can now see Salten's life as a series of short, low-key moments, punctuated by his later, more dramatic, career. This is made more difficult by the fact that Salten is not as "famous" as he would like us to believe. Rather, he has become a figure of infamy. This, however, does not make his life a complete waste. The most important part of his life is what we get to see on film. If you've ever wondered what it would be like to be Salten, now is the time to find out. The DVD is a very rare treat. The images and music are authentic and beautiful. The DVD is only $13.95, and if you go to your local Video Store and ask for a box set, you might be able to get it for $25. I purchased this set at my local Video Store. The box is great, featuring extras from the Salten Family, Salten's own voice-over, and the director's commentary, along with a copy of Salten's memoir. This is a movie worth watching. It's an emotional experience, one that will stick with you for a long time.

Patrick photo

This film covers the recent debate surrounding "the OSS", the elite unit of the US Military known for its intelligence gathering and disruption of enemy movements. In the past few years, the OSS has been accused of illegally spying on American citizens and cooperating with the CIA to spy on its own citizens. But this film has shown that the most serious allegations of this type of activity have been false. So what is the truth? Documentary, for those of us who can't wait for the next film, is about those who have been caught up in the middle of a controversy of this nature. As it has demonstrated, these men and women who have been "wooed" by the OSS, have faced the loss of their careers, civil and criminal investigations, and a criminal trial, all for "leaking" to the media of their political and personal activities and knowledge. The film also suggests that their accusations are just that, accusations, and that the men and women who are being accused are victims of the same institutional pressures that their accusers have faced. But, while the film does contain a few sharp and explicit political messages, the heart of the story is the personal and often personal struggles of those who were involved in espionage and who later found themselves on the wrong side of a controversial political issue.

Judy photo

I didn't like this film as much as the people who gave it high ratings. I had a problem with the editing of the music by some of the guys in the band, which seemed to me to be very amateurish and badly put together. The film is a lot like a documentary, but the music is much better, it's a natural progression from one track to the next, and at the end of the film it looks like you've watched the entire thing. I found the band's live performances to be excellent, and as a long-time fan of the band I was surprised by the warmth of the performance. I also found the timing of the songs to be very good. I also liked how the film does not feel like a documentary, but more like a musical or musical-comedy. If you're not into music, you might be turned off by the music, but if you are into music, you'll love the performances.

Olivia H. photo
Olivia H.

One of the best documentaries ever made, this documentary on the creation of the modern airplane has been beautifully photographed by Wernher von Weizsfeld. He also provides the technical details of the aircraft's construction, design, operation, and maintenance. It shows how the first flight of a truly modern airplane took place over the Pacific Ocean in just 18 hours. In this documentary, you can see how the aeronautical world was transformed by aviation innovations from a kind of magic show to a beautiful stage, and how humans and machines overcame technological limitations. This documentary also shows how the U.S. government backed the airline and even created the first commercial airline company. This documentary shows how the U.S. and U.K. governments made the airplane industry a multi-billion dollar industry. This documentary also shows how the world's leading aviation company, United Airlines, started in the 1930's and eventually made a profit of over 20 billion dollars. And it shows how after World War II, the Japanese government was starting to realize the tremendous possibilities that aviation had in the future, and became interested in establishing an airline in Japan. The documentary also tells how the U.S. government tried to sabotage the Japan Air Line and even tried to kill the president of Japan, with the help of Congressmen, the CIA, and the U.S. military. Although some of the documentary may be somewhat sensational, the movie is extremely educational. It tells the history of aviation and shows how the airplane was born. This documentary is a must see for any aviation fan.