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Where's My Roy Cohn?

Where's My Roy Cohn? is a movie starring Roy M. Cohn, Ken Auletta, and Marie Brenner. Roy Cohn personified the dark arts of American politics, turning empty vessels into dangerous demagogues - from Joseph McCarthy to his final...

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Matt Tyrnauer
Roy M. Cohn, Robert Cohen, Marie Brenner, Ken Auletta
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Roy Cohn personified the dark arts of American politics, turning empty vessels into dangerous demagogues - from Joseph McCarthy to his final project, Donald J. Trump. This thriller-like exposé connects the dots, revealing how a deeply troubled master manipulator shaped our current American nightmare.

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Ethan photo

It's not every day that a documentary can be so honest about the shameful nature of the organized labor movement. This is true in all aspects, from the very first scene to the final. The film begins with the history of the AFL, the union that is most remembered for organizing workers against the new General Motors. When this movie was released, we didn't know what the AFL had done to help workers. It was a joke. We knew it was fighting to stop an old woman from being laid off and instead of getting organized, it got rid of workers. But it was not until years later, after the United Auto Workers union had been fighting for years to get a union and build a base, that we learned the truth about what the AFL did to help workers. This film is so honest, that it is hard to believe that there are still people that know about it. It's sad, because the AFL was the only labor organization that cared about the working people, that cared about their health and their families. The movie is so insightful and is a must see for anyone who loves unions. It also gives a good view of what the unions did for the workers of the 1950s and 1960s, when they weren't doing anything to help them. I was lucky enough to see it in its original version in the theatres. It is a very powerful movie and I recommend it to everyone.

Debra photo

Roy Cohn was a brilliant man and this documentary is an excellent portrayal of his life. What a waste of time to watch this movie if you have anything better to do.

Brenda P. photo
Brenda P.

This documentary takes the viewer on a wonderful journey through the story of Roy Cohn. Roy is portrayed as a great man, who was very popular and was loved by many people. The film shows Roy's life in his career, and his past. It also shows his final days, and the fallout of what he did. The film is beautifully produced and edited. It is a great film for anyone who has a passion for the stories of America's most famous political figures. The film is quite well produced, and has a great sound quality. I would recommend this film to anyone.

Brian Morgan photo
Brian Morgan

Roy Cohn was an early, outspoken, and iconic gay rights activist. Despite the fact that he was arrested for his role in the Bay of Pigs, he was the first openly gay person to be elected to the US Senate. As the film begins, Roy Cohn is a gay rights activist who was arrested for his role in the Bay of Pigs. He was later acquitted of the charges of treason, but the experience made him disillusioned with the US government and more concerned with his political activities. He was convicted of sedition and served a ten-year prison sentence. The film covers his early life, his imprisonment, and his eventual release. This is an important documentary about a controversial figure. It is a great story of a man who has many followers and many detractors. The documentary is an excellent depiction of Roy Cohn's life and political activism. The documentary has been updated to reflect the current political climate. The film was made in 2006, but the current political climate does not reflect the time and events that occurred during this time period.

Cheryl Andrews photo
Cheryl Andrews

If you're a fan of classic, or perhaps even modern, films, you may find this film interesting. This is a documentary on the life of famed comedian, Roy Cohn, and his infamous anti-Semitism trial. The film covers his career, his rise to fame, and his downfall, as well as the trial itself. The film shows clips of Cohn's earliest stage shows, as well as his early interviews and newspaper articles. The film also has a few brief excerpts from his famous speeches, interviews, and documentaries. The film has interviews with notable people, including Al Smith, Rosemary Clooney, Dan Rather, and Bill O'Reilly. The film also has a few short clips from the trial itself, as well as some of Cohn's earliest films. The film is a great look at the rise and fall of Roy Cohn. While it does get a bit dated at times, the documentary is still a great and interesting look into Roy Cohn, and his infamous trial. I would recommend this film to anyone who is interested in Roy Cohn, or comedy in general.

Daniel photo

In one of the most amazing documentaries I have ever seen, Howard Zinn shows us a harrowing, yet profound, story of the greatest American hero of all time. The documentary follows his life from the time he was a kid in Brooklyn to his infamous arrest and his eventual trial. The documentary also introduces the story behind the book that was published about him and the subsequent protest movement that was created around it. This film has so many lessons to offer and it is truly an amazing documentary.

Phillip James photo
Phillip James

This is a great movie. It's about the (very real) fate of a young man (who happened to be a future US president) whose life is turned upside down when he finds out his parents died in a plane crash. The movie is really well-made, and it really gives you a chance to get a feel for how life can be in the White House. (You'll probably have to pay attention to the part about a toilet seat.) A lot of it is just straight out of a Hollywood movie, but it's really very accurate. There are a few real surprises along the way. I really thought that the president's wife was a real-life character. (I didn't know that until I saw the movie.) Also, it's a bit shocking that someone like Ted Kennedy would be the President of the United States. It's great to see how he was just as much a role model for his kids as he was for his own. And it's amazing that all of the people who worked on this movie were so well-versed in politics and history. You know that it's going to be a great movie because the movie is full of historical facts, but it's also really interesting to see the real stories behind them. If you're interested in politics, you should definitely see this movie. If you're interested in history, you should also see it.

Virginia photo

I just saw this documentary for the first time last night and thought it was absolutely excellent. I thought the director did a wonderful job of capturing the essence of the time. The story of Roy Cohn was truly disturbing, and very true to the times. A few moments were cut out, and a few things were left out, but overall it was a great film. I was very surprised at how this film was shot. It is hard to describe how it was done, and I would love to see a more extensive version of it. I also loved how the movie shows how the people who supported Roy Cohn and the way the movie was distributed changed the way the public would see the truth about Roy. Overall I think this is a great documentary and a must see.

Helen photo

I was recently watching the documentary Roy Cohn, the Life and Death of John L. Sullivan, a former newspaperman who was prosecuted for the murder of a man. This movie gives a clear picture of the way the prosecution and the defense dealt with the case, the many angles of the case and the work of the FBI and the police. This movie has a very strong message for anyone who has a problem with the police, or anyone who is going to watch this movie with a negative view of the police, that they are not always the best to use against the criminals. I highly recommend this movie to anyone, especially people who are like myself, and are into the whole "the police are bad, but they are always going to be" theme.

Hannah Mendoza photo
Hannah Mendoza

I saw this movie at a film festival and it was great. The movie is based on a true story of the 1960s and it tells you how they went to great lengths to get Roy Cohn to speak. The movie was also very informative about the politics and how the police and the FBI were covering up his crimes. The movie is very well made and is worth seeing.

Mark Wade photo
Mark Wade

I have read all of the comments here about the movie, and I have to say that I am surprised at the amount of vitriol this film is receiving. If you haven't seen the film yet, I would encourage you to see it, but if you have seen it, I would urge you to think about the film before you comment on it. To my mind, the most important thing you can do is to leave your opinion about the film, or lack thereof, out of your comments. It may be a momentary lapse in judgment, but it is an important lapse and one that can lead to great change in people's lives. For the record, I have been a Bernie Sanders supporter, and I do not agree with all the comments made about the film. I agree that the subject matter is important, but I think the film makers could have gone further. To me, this is a good example of a movie that was great, but that was not really a movie. I would have liked to have seen more of the Sanders campaign, or more of the general election campaign. I would also have liked to have seen more of the Sanders campaign and his supporters. It was good that the filmmakers took a chance on the Bernie campaign and the people who worked on it. I think they did a good job of keeping the focus on the Bernie campaign, but it could have been done better. Overall, I think this is a good movie and would recommend it to anyone who is interested in Bernie Sanders. It's a good movie, but not a great movie.

Gerald Weber photo
Gerald Weber

I have seen this film several times, and each time I think of it as a unique and very good film. It is a fine representation of a man's life and career, and as such I cannot imagine a better film. I am not surprised that such a great film is not widely known in this country. It is a perfect example of what can happen when an individual can make a film that is so "real" and so powerful that it goes to the heart of a society. If you are not familiar with this film, I highly recommend it to anyone interested in the film medium. It is a film I will watch again and again, and it is a film that is important for all of us to see.

Stephanie Shaw photo
Stephanie Shaw

This documentary is about Roy Cohn, a man who has been a target of attacks from both sides. One side accuses him of being a Nazi, and the other side accuses him of being a Communist. This documentary is really good at bringing out the other side's arguments and at showing the history of the McCarthy era. This is a very important documentary that should be seen by everyone who wants to know more about Roy Cohn.

Justin photo

I went to see this movie in the theater. I had to wait about 3 years to get it on DVD. This is an interesting movie and I recommend it to anyone interested in the early days of the civil rights movement. It shows a very important point that is often forgotten - the true motivations behind the civil rights movement. I had a feeling that this movie would not be the same after watching it. I was right.

Jason B. photo
Jason B.

I've watched this documentary on PBS in the fall of 1998. It's very timely, and is very timely as well. The former Vice President is still a polarizing figure. He was at the top of the political food chain and now, people are wondering what happened to the man that went to the Hill to advocate for civil rights. This is an excellent documentary that goes beyond the politics of the time to a more personal level. It shows how he was a very likable person, and it shows how his transformation to a civil rights advocate and what happened to him in the process. It's very interesting to see how he changed after the Civil Rights Act was passed in 1964. It's interesting to see how his wife changed her views on him after she learned about his activities in the 1950's. I think this film is very compelling and very timely.

Bobby F. photo
Bobby F.

If you want to know how the Democrats lost the presidency in 1984, watch this film. It is a treasure of revealing information about the real reasons for the Democrats losing the election. This is a must see.

Nathan photo

It is really a great film to watch this documentary about the life and death of John Lennon. The film takes you through the life of John Lennon and all the highs and lows of his life. He was a brilliant poet and musician and his songs are also very well written. His relationship with Yoko Ono is also very interesting. He was a real man and you can see that from the beginning of the film. The film tells about all the highs and lows of his life and the way that he dealt with his problems. It is a very moving and a very good film. The documentary was very interesting to watch and the film is really well done. It has an interesting story line and it is really worth watching.

Henry photo

I really enjoyed this movie, I just wish it could be a little longer. It really makes you think about the criminal justice system and the way that it is set up, in particular the way that the judge is appointed. It is also really funny. I was very happy to hear that the judge was nominated for an Oscar, and I hope that the Academy would honor him well. The actor who played Judge Roy Cohn, that is an extremely talented man, I am very proud of him. I have never really watched a film that was made about him, and this is a good film to do that, and I think that the Director, David Shire should be nominated for a Golden Globe for this film. The movie itself is extremely interesting, and also funny. It is a really good film, but it could be a little longer.

Ronald Perkins photo
Ronald Perkins

This documentary is a wonderful example of how the media can influence a person's opinion of a person. It's a bit hard to believe that the people in this movie are real. But it's true. If you're on the side of the truth, you'll love this film. If you're not on the side of the truth, you'll hate it.

Emily Henry photo
Emily Henry

Roy Cohn, the most famous communist-turned-anti-communist lawyer in America, died in a prison in California at age 82. But it was his presence in the United States that makes this documentary of his life so interesting. Roy Cohn was never as famous as John Birch Society or the American Nazi Party, but he was more famous for his political views. In his early career, he defended John Birch Society members who were being arrested and interrogated by the FBI. The FBI used these same tactics against the American Nazi Party. As he became more and more involved in politics, he went to work for the Communist Party, which was fighting the war in Korea. Roy Cohn became a Communist because of a job in the party. His daughter, Katherine, has written a book about Roy Cohn. She is a good writer, and her writing was featured in the documentary. She said that Roy Cohn was very active in the Communist Party, and he was a very well-respected lawyer in the city of New York. He defended many communist-led movements, including the Chicago Five, and the Communist Party of Germany. He defended the rights of the Korean people in the 1950s, and he was a major figure in the efforts to bring the Vietnam War to an end. He died in prison. He said that he wanted to be remembered as a great American lawyer. But he was very upset with the way the government treated him. He said that he wanted to be remembered as a person who fought for the rights of the people, not as a symbol of American values.

Ashley J. photo
Ashley J.

The cover of the DVD case advertised the film as a "documentary," but it's more of a story of the members of the group. The film follows the struggles of their fight for racial justice, and the reasons why some members became involved in the movement. It's a story that could have been told in a short film, but director Paul Greengrass (whose previous film was "The Dark Knight") has spent so much time telling his story, that it's a fascinating experience to sit through his interviews with the people who were there. The two primary actors in the film, one black and one white, are Chris Tucker and Jesse Williams, and they have the most interesting and nuanced roles. Tucker is a black man who grew up in a white suburb, and he has always been able to fit into the white culture, but he was extremely conflicted in his own life and he came to the conclusion that he had to do something about it. Williams is a white man who was raised by a black mother and a white father, and he's been involved in the Black Power movement since he was a child. The film looks at the questions of racism and how to overcome it, and how the black community could be a force for good, and not just a force for anger. I'm not sure that the film is as good as the book, but it's still an interesting look at a small group of people who made a real impact on the world.

Carol R. photo
Carol R.

Saw this at the premier and it was one of the best movies I have ever seen. The documentary follows the journey of the two brothers who were both tortured by the Manson Family. Through the eyes of the brothers, we are able to get a glimpse into what went on behind the walls of the old family home. We get a good idea of what the family was like and the way they were able to live their lives. We also get a look into the minds of the brothers and what they were thinking. I really liked the way the movie went from showing the family and the struggles they faced, to showing the brothers and how they were dealing with it. I think it was great how the movie goes from showing the brothers and their struggles, to showing the brothers and the problems they were facing. It is a great way to show what went on behind the walls of the old family home. I really enjoyed the way they showed the brothers and how they were dealing with it. It was a really great documentary. I would recommend this movie to anybody who likes documentaries about the Manson Family. It was really good.