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Condorito: La Película

Condorito: La Película is a movie starring Omar Chaparro, Jessica Cediel, and Cristián de la Fuente. Condorito embarks in a hilarious adventure to save the planet and his loved ones from an evil alien.

Other Titles
Space Chicken, Condorito: la película, Condorito: The Movie, Chú Gà Không Gian, Kosmosekana, Condorito missione spaziale, Condorito, Kahraman Tavuk Uzayda, Condorito, la película, Condorito: La película
Running Time
1 hours 28 minutes
480p, 720p, 1080p, 2K, 4K
Adventure, Sci-Fi, Family, Animation, Comedy
Alex Orrelle, Eduardo Schuldt
Ishai Ravid, Rodrigo Moraes, Martín Piroyansky
Cristián de la Fuente, Omar Chaparro, Jessica Cediel, Jey Mammon
Audio Languages
English, Deutsch, Français, Italiano, Español, Svenska, Gaeilge, Nederlands
日本語, Čeština, Tiếng Việt, Português, 한국어, Australia, Filipino, हिन्दी

Condorito embarks in a hilarious adventure to save the planet and his loved ones from an evil alien.

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Joan photo

I have to say I'm really surprised by how good this movie turned out to be. I went to see it with my girlfriend and we both thought it was great. It's not the kind of movie you see every week, but it's not bad either. I was surprised by how much I liked it. I think it's probably the best animation movie I've seen in a long time, and it's not the kind of movie that is supposed to be funny or has the best plot. The animation is amazing and it's very clean. The story is good, the characters are actually pretty good and the voice acting is also great. But what makes this movie great is the music. It's good and it makes the movie even better. It's hard to believe that this movie was made before some of the great soundtracks from today's movies. It's a good thing too because it gives the movie more of a modern feel. I think that the soundtracks in this movie are really good. It's really interesting to hear them all and they're not as generic as you would expect them to be. If you're a big fan of the '70s, this movie is definitely worth seeing. And if you're a big fan of the '90s or the 80s, you'll probably like this movie as well. It's definitely a good movie, and I'd recommend it to anyone who likes animation, or who loves movies in general.

Benjamin M. photo
Benjamin M.

I loved the original movie so much that I had to see the sequel. I think that the characters of the original movie are still relevant. They are still funny and not stupid. The main problem I had with the movie was that the characters were very exaggerated and I found myself laughing a lot. I think that the two lead actors did a great job and that the animation was spectacular. I think that this movie is a great adaptation of the original. The movie is not too long and has good pacing. I think that this movie is going to be a success and has a good story to it. I would recommend this movie to everyone who has not seen the original.

Nancy Hawkins photo
Nancy Hawkins

While this movie is an enjoyable ride, it's not really as memorable as you'd expect. What I did appreciate was that this movie was directed by the great Guillermo del Toro, who has a good track record in this genre. While this movie isn't as good as the likes of Hellboy or Pacific Rim, it's still a very entertaining film. It's not really anything special or different from the standard monster-movie fare. However, it is a very entertaining film, and I'd recommend it to fans of the genre, especially those who are looking for something different.

Betty Payne photo
Betty Payne

As an Argentinean I am very surprised by the low rating of this movie. It is a wonderful film, showing how humans can be better than the rest of nature. The special effects are excellent, and the characters are beautiful. I wish there were more movies like this. The only criticism I have is the amount of animation. I am not sure about the computer animation in this film, but I am sure there is no computer animation in this movie. I am sure there is animation in other films like "The Day the Earth Stood Still" or "The Wizard of Oz". The animation of this movie is better than most animated movies I have seen. I am sure this film is much more realistic than the other animation movies I have seen. In conclusion, this is a great animated movie, a must see for any child or adult who is curious about the nature of humans and the future of the world. It is a real story, and the characters are not cartoons. The best part of the movie is the animation, because without that there would be no story. It is worth watching, I hope everyone will see it.

Juan Tran photo
Juan Tran

The film is not that good. It's not really a great movie, but it's just not a bad one. It's not very well directed either, but it's not that bad. It's not very good. I am giving it a 7 out of 10. That's the highest I can give it.

Daniel Williams photo
Daniel Williams

I really liked this film. This was the first live action animation I've seen and I have to say it was pretty good. This film was also a very good example of how to make a live action movie. The characters were believable and the animation was really well done. I liked the idea of the characters being human, so that was pretty cool. There was a good message in this film. I really liked the story line and the way it was told. It had a great message. I really liked how the story was told. This was a great film and I would recommend this film to anyone who wants to see a good film that has some good messages.

Mildred Hawkins photo
Mildred Hawkins

To be honest, I didn't know what to expect from the first film, it was very low-key and quirky, but I'm glad I watched the second one. It is by far the best of the three, and I'd say it's the best of the three overall. It takes place in an alien world, and the main character is a bird who finds herself in a land where all the animals have taken their natural habitat. The film is about friendship and figuring out what it means to be a human, and what it means to be a predator. The movie is funny, but not in a way that's really funny. The plot is easy to follow, and it is very suspenseful, but not in a silly way. I loved the movie, but I definitely won't watch the other two again.

Billy C. photo
Billy C.

I was skeptical about this film. I watched it on cable last night, expecting the worst. What I got was the best cartoon I've ever seen. It was a great mix of dark humor and emotion, with a great story. I was very happy to see the film was made by "the" animation studios, since the CGI is so good. The film is funny, and the story is great. It also has some great music in it. I loved the animation. I hope this film will be in a theater near you.

Lisa M. photo
Lisa M.

It is the most incredible movie I have ever seen. It's great for all ages. It has great special effects, a great story, and the actors are all very good. My favorite is definitely Woody Allen. I mean, he's great at everything, so it's no surprise that he is the one who sings the song "The Man Who Loved Women the Most". But, at least he's a good singer. The voice of Paz Vega is amazing. It is also very funny. And of course, it's a movie that should not be missed. This is one of the best movies I have ever seen.

Lawrence photo

An animated film which goes for fun, lightheartedness, and fun. It is an entertaining movie which works on a personal level. The movie is fun to watch with friends. It has a great storyline and it's heart is in the right place. The animation is not up to the standards of other animated films. The voice acting is great. You will have a good time with it.

Jessica B. photo
Jessica B.

I saw this movie back in the 1990's as a kid, and as an adult I enjoyed it very much. I still enjoy it, and I still enjoy how the story is told and the characters are presented. The animation is very well done, and the voice actors are very good. The animation is also very nice, and it's a nice way to enjoy a movie. The voice acting is also very good, and I liked how the voice actors voiced the characters. Some of the character names were pretty good, and some were also good. The animation is also very good, and the voice acting is very good. The characters in the movie are also very good, and the animation is very good. I would recommend this movie to any child who is a fan of the animation genre, and any adult who enjoys a good fantasy/animation movie. It's a very good movie, and I think anyone should like it. 7/10 stars.

Ashley G. photo
Ashley G.

The movie is a mix of Monsters Inc., Toy Story and the Monsters Inc. movies. The animation is very good and I also like the characters. The story is interesting and there are some funny parts. It is a great family movie. You can't see it with kids. It's a movie to watch with your family. I give this movie 7 out of 10.

Richard Banks photo
Richard Banks

I watched this movie the other day, and found it to be very enjoyable. The animation is fantastic and the characters are very likable, especially the one with the fox, who is a cutie. The plot is very original, and the special effects are good as well. I enjoyed the movie, and would recommend it to anyone, especially those who like animated movies, and even those who don't.

Jose photo

It is a typical animated Disney production with a magical world and enchanting fairytale elements. It is a nice combination of adventure, comedy and animation. In addition to the basic plot, there are a couple of twists that really make you wonder. The characters are very different from the Disney Princesses of old and are the most diverse of the Disney Animation's stable. My favorite character is the Moleman. The story is quite easy to follow. Some of the scenes are a bit silly, but not so bad that I would not recommend the movie to people that like that kind of humor. The other characters are not as different as they were in the Disney cartoons from the past, but they are still very nice. The animation in this film is really very nice, and I would recommend it to anyone. It is a good example of how animated Disney films can be done. You can't complain when you see a beautiful animated film that doesn't require that much effort on your part. However, if you have kids that are into the same kind of humor as me, you might want to check out the rest of the Disney animated movies from the past, as they are all very good as well. In the end, I would say that this is a good family movie that is good for all ages.

Patricia photo

A very simple, but very fun movie about a wolf called Sid the cannibal. It has a lot of action, adventure, and more, but it is very "very simple." The animation and music are good, the voice-acting is excellent, and the story is a little more complicated than you would expect. The "Livestream" is actually better than the regular version, which is odd since the movie only has one of the two! I watched this movie without subtitles, so I will be honest and say that I did not understand the subtitles very well. I have also watched this movie with subtitles, so I will also be honest and say that I did not understand the subtitles very well. This is a very good movie for young children and their parents, or anyone who is easily distracted by violent action. I rated this movie an 8 out of 10. I would recommend it to anyone who has a good appetite for action, adventure, and/or cute animated characters. I also rate it a 7 out of 10 for the "Livestream."

Sandra photo

After watching the trailer of the movie, I thought it would be a silly movie, but I was wrong. This movie is not at all silly, it is very good and a good film. The story is very good and very simple, the characters are very good and I liked the music very much. This movie is very good, and I recommend it to anyone who likes action movies and fantasy.

Jason photo

I was a little surprised that a movie like "The Bone Collector" had not gotten the hype it deserved. I mean, there was a lot of hype around it and it was the second highest grossing animated movie of all time. I was a little disappointed to find out that the movie was only rated PG-13, but I guess that's all I can say. This movie was fun and funny. It's a little slow in parts, but the action and fun is there. I think it's a good movie for families, but not for the kids. I thought the movie was a little bit too scary for younger kids, but I think they should have made the movie more violent. If they had made it violent, then the movie would have been less funny. My rating for this movie would be 7.5/10. I think they could have done better with the animation. I did enjoy the animation, but it could have been better. I would recommend this movie to fans of animation. I think this movie is worth watching, but you might not like it.

Hannah R. photo
Hannah R.

This is a sequel to the 1990 film "Pelicans for Sale", and is set in the future where the people of Earth have been reduced to a state of semi-starvation thanks to an alien virus called "The Virus". The survivors of Earth have found a new species called the Pelican's, who've evolved to be the most efficient hunters in the galaxy. The Pelican's have evolved to be able to leave their planet and use a special transport known as a Pelican (a sort of flying ground vehicle) to leave Earth. The Pelican's are now taking over the Earth's government and its population, leading to a war between the Pelican's and the forces of The Virus. The first two films of the "Pelican's for Sale" series were a huge success in Spain and the United States, and earned a huge amount of money. With this film, they decided to take the sequel and go to America, but there is one small problem with this film. The film is called "Pelican's for Sale: A Season on the Road", but it is an American film, and it is marketed as "Pelicans for Sale: The Movie". They also decided to change the name of the film from "Pelicans for Sale" to "Pelicans for Sale: Season on the Road", and changed the names of the characters, but that is something you can't help but notice. Also, a lot of the characters in this film were changed, and the plot is completely different, and that's not fair. Also, the movie is not as good as the first one, and is a far cry from the "Pelicans for Sale" series. However, this is still a fun film and worth watching, and it is a great sequel. Also, the film features a lot of good action sequences, and has plenty of funny moments, which is a lot of the reason why it is considered a great sequel. The movie was directed by Federico Luppi, who also directed the first film. He also directed "Pelican's for Sale: The Movie", so he is very familiar with the genre. Overall, the film is a good sequel to the original "Pelican's for Sale", but is not as good as the first film. Also, the film has a lot of problems, but they are not too big, so they don't really take away from the film. The film is a good sequel, but it is not the best of the series. It is still worth watching, but not as much as the original "Pelican's for Sale". Average.

Johnny photo

I'm a huge fan of the director, but I'm also a huge fan of the movie itself. The first few minutes of the film are great, but the rest of the movie is full of interesting and unique ideas. This is a great movie, if you like movies with interesting plots and characters.

Christine Jimenez photo
Christine Jimenez

I think that if you watch the movie for the first time, you'll be happy. When you watch it the second time, you'll find that the plot is the same, but with the different voice of El Chapo and the whole cast. I don't like that, because this is the first time you see a little bit of the whole picture. I think that the voice is great, the voice of the president is great, the voice of the leader is great. I think that the voice is great, and also the face is great. It's an excellent movie, but not for adults. If you like some animated movies, I recommend to you to watch this movie. But you have to be smart.

Sharon Ellis photo
Sharon Ellis

One of the best animated films I've seen this year. Although there were a couple of scenes that weren't as well-done as they should have been, overall the movie was great. I thought the plot was quite creative and funny. The plot was a bit hard to follow for some, but it was still very well-done. The characters were also very well-developed. As with most animation movies, the animation was great. In general, the characters looked like they were animated with a lot of love and attention. It was a real shame that some of the voice actors did not receive much recognition for their roles. Not to mention the fact that some of the characters weren't very well-developed. For example, the bear was a good character, but his personality was lacking in the first movie. The same could be said about the main character, a female bear. Although they were good in their roles, it was hard to get a handle on them. In conclusion, I think the story was great, the characters were great, and the animation was great. If you're looking for a good, funny, and entertaining animated movie, then I recommend this movie. I would definitely recommend it to anyone who wants to see something a little different than the usual animated movies.

Jack photo

We have had the chance to check this movie out at a preview night, and we enjoyed it quite a bit. We found the animation in this film very well done, and they managed to keep the story fairly fast-paced. A little more background on the characters would have been nice, but it was enough to keep us entertained. Overall, we found this movie enjoyable and enjoyable enough, if you are looking for something to watch with your kids, but don't expect to be seeing a "Terminator" or "Big Brother". I was happy with this movie, but I do feel it was missing some heart. The scenes between the parents and the kids could have been cut down a bit more, so that it would have had a more emotional impact. Overall, we thought this was a good movie, with an interesting plot and decent animation.