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Varda par Agnès

Varda par Agnès is a TV mini-series starring Agnès Varda, Sandrine Bonnaire, and Hervé Chandès. Agnès Varda, photographer, installation artist and pioneer of the Nouvelle Vague, is an institution of French cinema. Taking a seat on a...

Other Titles
Varda al Agnès, Varda por Agnès, Varda von Agnès, Varda av Agnès, Varda, med Agnès ögon, Varda według Agnès, Varda, Agnèsin silmin, Varda by Agnès, Η Ανιές με τα Λόγια της Βαρντά, アニエスによるヴァルダ, Agnès Varda - Publikumsgespräche
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1 hours 55 minutes
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Biography, Documentary
Hervé Chandès, Nurith Aviv, Agnès Varda, Sandrine Bonnaire
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Agnès Varda, photographer, installation artist and pioneer of the Nouvelle Vague, is an institution of French cinema. Taking a seat on a theatre stage, she uses photos and film excerpts to provide an insight into her unorthodox oeuvre.

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Alexander Hoffman photo
Alexander Hoffman

A must see for any fan of Sartre. It's also very helpful for those who have never seen a film about the work of Sartre. This film is directed by one of the most respected film directors in France today: Xavier Dolan. The film runs for 2 hours and it's an entertaining movie. The interviews are very interesting. Especially the ones with Sartre. A lot of Sartre's early films are talked about. These include "Le peuple juillet" (1934), "L'homme qui a fait d'une leve" (1936), "L'exemple de l'art" (1939) and "Le temps" (1943). This film is worth seeing. It's not too long, but it's also not too long. It's one of the most important films about Sartre I've seen. It's also very touching. I recommend it for anyone who loves Sartre.

Debra Pena photo
Debra Pena

I'm not a fan of sex, but I do like documentaries. This movie was made as a result of my interest in the subject. I didn't know anything about the subject, and I was impressed by the documentary. It made me feel like I had some knowledge of the subject, and I was able to understand the reasons behind the sexual activities. It's a great movie. I would recommend it to everyone. It's a good thing that it was made by a woman, because if it had been made by a man, it would have been boring and it would have been a waste of time.

Ronald L. photo
Ronald L.

After seeing this film I had the feeling that it is a film I've already seen many times before. I've seen many documentaries about the life of Agnes Varda, but this one is the first one I've seen where the film is about Agnes herself. So it was nice to see a different view of her life, where you get to see her as a person, not a saint. Varda is a very interesting person, and a very successful one, she is one of the most famous French actresses of the twentieth century, and she was a very important person in the history of French cinema. But in the film she talks about her own life, and not about her works. I think that it is a very important film, but it's not for everyone. There are some scenes in which it is very difficult to understand what the director is trying to say, and there are some scenes that are very hard to watch. I really liked the film, but I can't recommend it to everybody.

Thomas Smith photo
Thomas Smith

There are many songs in the film that I've never heard before, but I believe are really beautiful. I've been listening to them since I was a kid, and they still make me happy. I also believe that the film is a portrait of life and the world in general. I think it's great that the film wasn't like any other film that I've ever seen, because it brings people into a completely different world, where the world really is different. I have to say that I really enjoyed this film. I wish I could give this a 10, but I'm not sure that I could. But I really loved this movie. It's a very unique film, and I think that the director did a very good job, and I really recommend it to people who enjoy a good documentary.

Mildred Bowman photo
Mildred Bowman

My wife and I watched this film last night and I found it very intriguing and enjoyable. We both enjoyed the insight into the life of the two women, the music, the writing, and of course the dialogue. I thought the film was very well put together and I would recommend it to anyone who wants to know more about the lives of the two sisters and the impact of their abuse on them. I found it very informative and I think we all should watch it. Thank you for the film.

Denise C. photo
Denise C.

Fantastic documentary, if you enjoy watching documentaries. You could do a lot worse than to see it.

Louis Gomez photo
Louis Gomez

I don't know what the audience for this film was, but I'm glad they didn't spend $10 on it. This film was made as an attempt to counter the anti-Semitism in Hollywood, and the resulting controversy it generated. It is a well-made film, with a good soundtrack, and the story of the film is interesting and the visuals are breathtaking. I just think it could have been a lot better. The only reason I'm giving this a 7 is because the film had a lot of potential to be a great film. It could have been great, but it just wasn't. The film could have been a good film, but it just wasn't. I think the film could have been great, but it just wasn't.

Mildred P. photo
Mildred P.

For the first time, I have seen a film about the relationship between two people who are in the same profession, yet have very different lives. I am a chemist, and I am very interested in the relationship between chemistry and chemistry students. This film has been made by the director of my university, but the film is very interesting and has given me a lot of information about chemistry and chemistry students. I would recommend this film to anyone who has a love for chemistry and wants to learn about chemistry. This film has been made in the style of a documentary, but it is not a documentary in the sense of a documentary that talks about the things that happen in a documentary. I also would recommend this film to anyone who is interested in chemistry, and wants to learn more about chemistry.

Anthony photo

The question is: why did so many people hate this film? Not surprisingly, the main reason was the fact that it showed the lack of good governance. A few people in the audience would have preferred to see a documentary about the poverty in Africa, but that's the only way the film could have ended up. It was clear that the filmmakers wanted to present the message that if you're poor and not aware of how your country is being governed, you'll suffer. And that's exactly what this film does. It's a personal documentary. And it's not about the poverty or the people in it, but rather the way the government is being run. That is the most interesting part. The film could have been less boring, but the filmmakers made it as beautiful as possible. I think the film is a must-see for people who are interested in the state of the world.

Ethan photo

In this fascinating documentary, French film director Agnès Varda follows the trials and tribulations of her family as they face the death penalty for the crimes of their father. Varda grew up in a wealthy family, but her father was a dangerous criminal who took his own life. As a result, Varda's family was separated and her father was sent to a mental hospital. After she was able to return home, Varda continued her studies at the Sorbonne in Paris, but was not able to finish her degree. In the late 1980s, Varda was living in Paris, but she had difficulty finding a job. She was then forced to move back to her native Algeria, where she was able to begin her own film career. During the early 1990s, Varda's father's case was the subject of a major French documentary film, which received considerable attention and controversy. Varda was able to show how the French courts were able to use the family's history against them. While the film does not directly address the execution of her father, Varda does provide a fascinating and moving portrait of her family and the family's struggle to fight for their freedom.

Denise D. photo
Denise D.

I watched this movie on the movie channel and it is one of those movies that you can watch and you don't even need to be a fan of Bollywood to enjoy it. The movie is about a Bollywood director's journey to make a movie based on a true story. He takes his crew of four to meet the cast and crew of the movie. The movie is not a big hit in Bollywood but it is good entertainment. It has a great cast and it is a real treat to watch.

Thomas Parker photo
Thomas Parker

I was recently at a screening of Varda's film Agnès, and it was a wonderful experience. This film is a portrait of a woman whose life was filled with a struggle with a terminal illness. She did not know if she would live or die. As a film it is not very interesting, and is not very action-packed. It is a simple and very emotional story of a woman whose struggle with the disease, but also with the loss of her husband and the change in her life. Her story is a true testimony to the human spirit and of the power of love. I am not sure if she will be alive long enough to see this film, but she certainly will be touched. I am not sure if she will be able to get over the loss of her husband, but she will certainly be able to understand the meaning of love, and to learn to live her life in the way that she had wanted to live. She was a fighter, and it is a rare thing to see such a woman. Her story is a good lesson to all of us about what love is, and what it can do. She was a fighter, and I hope her story will be told in film as well.

Nicholas L. photo
Nicholas L.

This film is a masterpiece, the French equivalent to the American "Making of" documentary. It's not a good film, but it is interesting. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. It is very interesting and the director, Alain Chabat, is very good. I recommend it to anyone who enjoys documentaries and has an interest in fashion. I will be watching it again.

Jacqueline photo

A very entertaining documentary about the life and times of the legendary actress Agnès Varda, who was the muse for many famous film stars and actresses of the time. It was the year of her birth and the year of her death, but it was also the year of the French Revolution and the First World War. Varda's life was quite tumultuous and the film is about the tumultuous times in her life. The film is beautifully shot and the color and sound are very good. The editing is also good and the film has a very interesting story to tell. I would recommend it to anyone who likes to see how the film industry works in France and the story of Agnès Varda. It is very interesting and well worth watching.

Zachary photo

I found the film very touching and moving. It was not too much of a surprise to me to see what a very difficult task Agnès had to overcome, considering she was a girl who grew up in the most difficult conditions imaginable. The film was about her years living in a home for the mentally ill and her determination to get the help she needed. The documentary was shown in a number of countries, which showed the film in a very positive light. I hope the film will be shown in more countries and at higher schools. The film also showed the effort Agnès had to overcome. Her life was not easy and she was a very talented and beautiful artist. She is the one who won the Prix Magi and the final prize at the Cannes Film Festival.

Melissa Mills photo
Melissa Mills

My wife and I really enjoyed this documentary. We are a bit wary of documentaries that deal with something that might be controversial or controversial subjects, but this one is a rare exception. It is certainly not about the life of Agnes Varda, but about her life, her music, and her life and career. I thought the film was interesting, and I thought that it was a good balance of interviews and visuals. I think that it is important for us to know what kind of person Agnes Varda was and how she was able to get her music heard by so many people. This film is very informative and very well done.

Cynthia Hanson photo
Cynthia Hanson

This is a documentary film about the life of Agnes Varda, a French woman who died in a car crash in 1969, at the age of just 25. Her husband was killed in the crash, and Agnes was left to raise their three children alone. It is a fascinating story, told in a very entertaining and entertaining way. I've always been a fan of Agnes Varda, and this documentary was very interesting and very well done. I recommend this film to anyone who is interested in learning more about Agnes Varda, her life and her experiences. I also recommend it to anyone who has ever read any of the books by Agnes Varda.

Dorothy photo

This documentary on Agnès Varda is an excellent and moving account of a truly unique person. The films' subject is a French actress and human rights activist who was killed in the mid-70s. Varda was involved in an attempt to assassinate the then president of France in 1976. Varda's film is incredibly well made, and is both funny and sad. I am surprised that she was not able to do more with her life, but then again, Varda was only 29. This documentary is really worth seeing.