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Poster Boys is a movie starring Sunny Deol, Bobby Deol, and Shreyas Talpade. Life of three men comes in trouble when their photos appear on advertisement for sterilization.

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2 hours 8 minutes
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Shreyas Talpade
Bunty Rathore, Anant Ahluwalia
Shreyas Talpade, Randheer Rai, Bobby Deol, Sunny Deol
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Life of three men comes in trouble when their photos appear on advertisement for sterilization.

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Grace photo

The main characters, Timmy and Micky, are classic stereotypes. The two best friends are constantly making fun of the world around them. They often say things that make you think 'Hey! I know that!' They all wear shirts that show their body type and they're all in their underwear. They have no friends and are stuck with the hardest job in the world, which is cleaning toilets in a high school. I suppose that is pretty normal, but the movie shows that they don't care, or that they don't care about anyone. The director also shows that it's easy for a group of guys to be successful in high school. Timmy and Micky have a thing going on that is interesting, and it is fun to see them break up and have fun with it. The same thing happens to Micky when he moves away. His girlfriend doesn't accept him, so he doesn't want to do anything. It is interesting how Micky is really interested in Timmy, and he is really interested in her. There is something about Timmy and Micky that you can't really explain. They're really good friends and the two don't have to worry about anything, but they're not really good friends. The main issue is that they are stuck together, so if one leaves, the other will have to be there to take his place. I guess that's not really a problem, because Timmy is really funny and it's fun to see him goofing around. The movie is light and fun. There are a lot of things that are done wrong and are fun to see, like Timmy smoking a cigarette, or Timmy being stupid, but it's still good. It's definitely a good movie to watch with friends, but not the type of movie that you would see your parents watching. There are a lot of references to other films, and some jokes that have a lot of references, like The Breakfast Club. If you're not into the comedy genre, I think this movie would be a bit boring.

Jose A. photo
Jose A.

I had the honor of watching the movie at the international film festival of San Francisco, CA. The trailer for the film gave it away in the beginning. I was on the edge of my seat. I mean it was the craziest, craziest, craziest weekend of my life. I can only imagine the good stuff and the bad stuff. The film was incredibly funny and even if the subtitles were terrible, it was a keeper. I can't wait to see it again.

Patrick Adams photo
Patrick Adams

It's a really good movie. The cast is brilliant, it's not an American Pie or South Park but it's very funny, very well-written and very well-acted. It's a fresh and original movie, unlike anything else that has come out recently. The jokes are not in the obvious place. You'll have to check it out to find out. My advice is to watch it, not just to see it but also to try to catch up with the movie that came out before it. If you can, see it, it's definitely worth it. I can't believe there are people who don't like it. It's a great film. It's actually worth going to see it if you can, and it's definitely not a film to be missed.

Brian Myers photo
Brian Myers

I just had to say this: A few of the posters here are excellent, particularly that of the British-set "Stadium 99" with the heart-wrenching line "we've got your back". I also liked that their main purpose was to warn of the danger of back stabbing you. There are many good things about "The Balloon Fight", as well as a good deal of negative ones. The screenplay is poor, there are some moments when you wonder if it's all just meant to be sarcastic. The way in which the film is edited is silly - it doesn't take any more than a split second to tell that we're watching a really bad version of "The Firm". The idea of having the film created by the fight itself is a good one, but the way that they present it is really poor, not only because it's a bit silly and the villains are presented as all monochrome, but also because it's a bit of a disappointment, because if the villain were presented as "hero" and the fighting was an active part of the plot, it would have been much more engaging. The result is something that seems too simple to be real, and moreover it becomes too dull to make any real impact, while still being funny. However, as stated, the negatives are all things that don't have anything to do with the film as a whole. It's a very clever movie, with a good script and some good acting. It's funny, and the script has a great sense of timing and the director does a really good job of it. My main gripe with the film is that it's quite predictable, and this is one of the main problems with "The Balloon Fight". I'm sure that "The Balloon Fight" would have done very well as a short film. It's much more interesting as a full feature, and to me, that is what a good film should be.

Linda Fox photo
Linda Fox

As a teenager growing up in the 1960's I watched this film all the time. I think it was actually the first film I ever saw when I was a kid, I watched this when I was 11. And the first time I watched it I was like "that's funny!". And when I looked at this film in the theaters, I was like "you guys, you know this is one of the funniest films I've ever seen!" I've watched this film more than 10 times. And I'll never stop watching it. I hope you like it too!

Jacob J. photo
Jacob J.

They say there is no art without a price. This movie has that very clear lesson. Where do I even start with this one? It's the most funniest movie I've ever seen and I've seen a lot of movies. The best part is that it's a comedy, it's not an over the top action comedy. It's not even an action movie. It's more like a 90 minute comedy. I know I am not the only one who has said this. The movie is also very artistic. If I had to describe the plot, it would be like "MacBeth", except in the world of the posters. If you get the chance, I highly recommend you see this movie. If you're looking for something to laugh at, this is the movie for you. I wouldn't mind seeing it again!

Kathryn Walker photo
Kathryn Walker

Funny, lovable, brilliant, seductive, full of delightful side stories, hilarious, uplifting, entertaining, original, captivating, knowing, self-aware, effective, comprehensive, realistic. An astonishing movie in its substance, that will leave you with such a good feeling that you can't stop thinking about it!

Brian photo

I'm a fan of the 80s movies. I watch them all the time. But this movie is one of the best movies I've ever seen. The movie starts with a robbery. We see the robbers make money but then the robbers go home and find out that the cops are after them. After that we meet a group of friends. The owner of the nightclub, Kevin Bacon and B-actor Bill Paxton. The band is a band and the owner of the club, Mel Gibson. It's a "Saturday Night Fever" movie. The scenes of the gang dancing to the song "Barfly" is fantastic. Kevin Bacon, Bill Paxton, Mel Gibson and the rest of the gang are great actors. It's the best of their career. I don't understand why the movie is so low rated. It's the best of the 80s. 9/10.

Willie F. photo
Willie F.

My friends and I (6 of us) went to see this movie last night. And honestly, we all loved it. The jokes were great and funny. It had action, humor, and I really didn't see a single bad thing in this movie. I think it was a good movie for us because we love 80's movies. My friends and I both laughed for most of the movie and we all agreed that it was a lot better than "Star Wars" The only thing that could've made this movie better was that one word. "KICK ASS" This movie is a good comedy, and if you're not from the 80's, this is a great movie to watch with your friends.

Eugene F. photo
Eugene F.

I was at a screening of the film last night. I found the film rather captivating. It's a little different to the normal Tarantino's films and that's the best thing about it. The film also has a good cast, and there are some nice comic moments in it. The film takes a good look at these gangsters from the 80's. They all look like they're old friends, and have some funny situations in them. The film really portrays these gangsters in a different light than the normal gangsters. A good film to watch with your friends, because it is entertaining and it has good characters.

Kathryn M. photo
Kathryn M.

The guys in the group of friends are off to a pretty idyllic weekend on the beach. Things are going so well that a fellow friend invites them to his house. Things are going so well that they all have a night of debauchery at his house. After dinner they get back to the beach and have a great time with one another. All the while they are introduced to this pretty girl. The girl seems a little weird and her name is Megan. At dinner, her brother seems to have more on her then her. Things seem to get even better when she leaves the beach with them. Things get even better when Megan returns home with them. Everything seems to be going so well when Megan invites the guys to go back to her house. Things get even better when the guys return to Megan's house. This is a very funny and great movie. The acting is great. It is so much fun. If you enjoy stupid comedies like Scary Movie, then you will enjoy this movie. Overall this is a great movie. It is not a movie I would watch again but it is a movie I would definitely buy when it comes out on DVD. It is a great movie.

Crystal R. photo
Crystal R.

I can't believe how many people found this movie stupid, or "dumbed down" for that matter. The movie was, if you would like, a spoof on 80's and 90's sports movies, from the Super Bowl and WWF, to the "All Star Basketball" game from the 80's. It made fun of "Clueless", "Mike and Molly", "It's A Knockout", "Revenge of the Nerds", and the "Wrestler's Asylum" movies. Some of these movies had great ideas, and great casting. However, the only thing I did not like was that the movie was based on a real story, and that was, it had an ending that was obviously not meant to be. Some people would probably say that this movie was just a parody, and that "hollywood" could never really spoof a true story like this. But, I disagree. It was a parody, but it didn't fall into the true story, but it still was a parody. I would still say that it was better than "clueless", and even "Revenge of the Nerds", but the ending was silly, and not at all fitting with the rest of the movie. I don't know what people were expecting, but it was not the same. The funny part about the movie was that they were really trying to go for the "action" movie of the 80's, and they succeeded. All the characters were great, and the movie was so good that it was hard not to laugh when they were "fighting" at each other. If you like funny movies, you would probably like this movie, and I think most people would. I would definitely give this movie 8/10.

Steven Simmons photo
Steven Simmons

There's only one word to describe this film, the other is "very" (it was "very") but I will go with a total exaggeration. It's an extremely funny movie with a great cast. Everybody involved in the movie was on top of their game. It's not so much a "real" movie as it is a "Spike" movie in the style of "Bubba Ho-Tep". It is the only movie I can think of that includes "The Hustler" as one of the stars (along with "Silent Rage", "Chainsaw," and "Fright Night"). You know, the ones with the character names "T.H.I.T.", "Skunk", and "Skunk-O-Phantom". In the end, the movie has a similar feel to "Fright Night" and "Silent Rage". You'll know what I mean when you see the movie. Now, this movie doesn't have as many of the famous things from the other Spike movies, but the movie does have a little bit of everything. The camera work is amazing. It's almost like you're watching a horror movie. This is one of those movies that doesn't feel like it's supposed to be a Spike movie at all, but just an action/comedy movie. The score is also amazing. Not the typical cheesy soundtrack with happy-go-lucky music, but a score that sounds like it's based on real life. I am not sure what the producers were thinking when they were trying to make this movie. What do they think that one-word joke from the show is supposed to sound like? Whatever. If you're a fan of "Spike", then you'll love this movie. It's a well-made movie with a great cast and great comedy. It's not your average movie. It's a "Spike" movie in the style of "Bubba Ho-Tep."

Jane C. photo
Jane C.

Eddie Murphy, Bobby Newport, John Lafia, Colin Quinn and Ricki Lake are a group of three friends who go to New York to go to a carnival. While there they encounter other characters, including a group of thieves, a psychotic priest, and several of the circus performers, who are all looking to get the money they stole. It's a spoof of the 70s horror film by Stanley Kubrick. It's not funny, it's not scary, it's just an entertaining movie. I think that this movie, along with "Animal House", is underrated. It's kind of funny, and the characters are funny. I recommend it.

Larry C. photo
Larry C.

This movie was much better than the original. Like I said, I can't wait for the sequel! I also have to say that the characters were much better developed. The whole team was much better. Especially the team of Priscilla, Wanda, and Alvin. The movie also had better music and very funny scenes. I also liked that there was a very good message in this movie. It was not about having sex or just having a good time, but it was about how we can change the world for the better and how we can change people's lives and change the world for the better. This movie is a must see for any Christian. It was much better than the original!

Amber Pena photo
Amber Pena

If you're looking for a fun, funny movie to watch, you might like this movie. As you might expect, it contains some profanity, which some might find vulgar. But the movie is not about that. It's about teenagers who are just trying to get by in life. And one of them, Daniel, has been looking for a way to live in a big city. He decides to quit his job at the gas station, and the others, including Vince, have a hard time coping. When Daniel is taken by a stranger who tells him he can go to London, he says yes. But before he can get there, he's chased out of town, and the people in London don't like him. There's no sense in this movie. It's a happy, fun movie that's perfect for a lazy afternoon.

Ralph Johnson photo
Ralph Johnson

Saw this movie at the London Film Festival, and it was really funny. All the actors in it were just a bunch of "brains", I guess. Some of the lines were just hilarious. It was pretty hard to tell who was who, I was surprised there were only 5 people in the theatre. Anyway, the movie starts with one of the guys talking about his favorite last meal. He says he wants his last meal to be good. So he gets in touch with a young guy who turns out to be a soul, and the poor soul has no money, so the guy starts making plans to collect money to get him to eat. So he sets up a table with a big pitcher of chocolates and some juice and starts talking to the "soul" and then this sexy gal comes in. She is his girlfriend's cousin, and they have a little game. But the main guys' last meal is actually a lady. So he gets a picture of the lady, and he tells her how much money they should get. So she tells him that if he wants her, he has to make her work for it. So he is trying to get the last meal, but she is still mad at him for asking her for help. So he tells her he will make her do a little for him. The young guy who did the speaking of the soul is such a bumbling fool. He is obviously in love with the lady, but he doesn't want to work for it. She has a whole plan to get him to work for her. Anyway, this movie is a good way to spend a night with some fun. It has a nice story to it, the acting was great, and the characters are all funny. Plus it was filmed in the Old Town of London.

Jacqueline Nichols photo
Jacqueline Nichols

I thought this was a great movie. I can watch this movie again and again. They all make me laugh so hard! It's my favorite movie of all time!

James photo

Can't believe I have to say this. "Can't Believe I've Just Watched The Poster Boys" is a classic. I have to say that this movie is not the best that I have ever seen, but it is also not the worst that I have ever seen. The movie is definitely for those who enjoy a movie like a lot of people like, because the story is very short and there are some parts that you have to think about. But I recommend to watch this movie because of the beautiful art design, which I have never seen before. The people who have watched this movie can definitely talk about it and how great it is and because of that, I have to rate it higher than a 7. It is very beautiful, and you will definitely like it.

Gloria B. photo
Gloria B.

I just want to say that I'm a big fan of the Boy's. We have a real unique and different kind of humor that gets us all riled up. I don't know if you've heard, but they are currently producing a series on Saturday Night Live called "Boyz N the Hood". This movie is a bit different. It's a movie about these gawdawful, blackeazy rich kids. They're so rich, they're in the top 10 percent of earners in their city. They don't have time to care about anything. They have money, they don't need to worry about anything. I know that sounds bad. But I'm just saying that the actors in this movie are so cool, so clever, and so amazing that I can't imagine anyone else acting in this. I know that's the only reason I'm not giving this a 10, but it does deserve it. The only thing I didn't like about this movie was that it was a bit dark. The kind of dark you get in a bad Harry Potter film. But the way it's shot and the acting is so damn hilarious that you can't help but laugh.

Kenneth Long photo
Kenneth Long

The characters were nice and funny. I really liked how they portrayed the men as two main characters with two separate personalities. Even the villains, although they weren't that great, were easy to figure out. I also liked the relationship between one of the characters and his brother, since he was trying to bring him up. The big drawback was the ending, which I won't give away. It was really good though, and I hope to see it again someday.

Frances photo

I rented this film because it was rated very high on the IMDb rating system. I was not expecting much when I rented it, but I was very pleasantly surprised. I don't know why but the only reason I gave it an 8 was that I have not seen the original TV show, but it seemed like the two shows were very similar. The one thing that really impressed me about the film was that the actors did a very good job portraying the characters. The only reason I gave the film a 8 was because the film would have been much better if it was more centered on the fact that the girls are real singers, not actors.