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Yip Man 4

Yip Man 4 is a movie starring Donnie Yen, Scott Adkins, and Danny Kwok-Kwan Chan. The Kung Fu master travels to the U.S. where his student has upset the local martial arts community by opening a Wing Chun school.

Other Titles
Ip Man 4, 叶问4, イップ・マン 完結, Ip Man 4: The Finale, Ye Wen 4, Chung Wah Sin San, 葉問4, Ip Man 4: Final
Running Time
1 hours 47 minutes
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History, Drama, Action, Biography
Wilson Yip
Tai-lee Chan, Lai-Yin Leung, Hiroshi Fukazawa, Edmond Wong
Donnie Yen, Danny Kwok-Kwan Chan, Scott Adkins, Vanness Wu
China, Hong Kong
Audio Languages
English, Deutsch, Français, Italiano, Español, Svenska, Gaeilge, Nederlands
日本語, Čeština, Tiếng Việt, Português, 한국어, Australia, Filipino, हिन्दी

The Kung Fu master travels to the U.S. where his student has upset the local martial arts community by opening a Wing Chun school.

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Anna D. photo
Anna D.

THE WILDERNESS, 2009. "The Himalayas", is not a film to be taken seriously. It has a huge budget and is directed by an Indian, and it has a few Indian actors, who have been involved in some pretty exciting films. The cast is a mix of British and Chinese actors, who are all great actors, and their performances are great. They all carry their roles well, but the story is not all that interesting, and the characters are pretty flat. As a whole, this film is entertaining, and the visuals are very good. The film does have a few interesting ideas, and the cinematography is amazing, but the film is slow, and the story is pretty boring, and it feels as if the film is trying to be too many things at once. As a whole, I enjoyed the film, but I do not think it is one of the great films of 2009.

Kathleen W. photo
Kathleen W.

While the story is a bit familiar and the ending is predictable, the movie still is a good movie. I enjoyed the characters and the story. It is more of a drama than a comedy, and I found that to be a good thing. I like the historical aspects of the movie. It tells the story of a Chinese farmer, and how he became a politician, and how the Chinese government manipulated him, and how he was able to resist the Chinese government. I also liked the fact that the story is not about Chinese culture, but about history. It makes you think about China's history and how the government manipulated it. The acting was good, but I think that the most important part of the movie was the story. Overall, a good movie.

Jeremy G. photo
Jeremy G.

A great story, a beautiful cinematography and a well thought out action sequence that's not only awesome but totally believable. It's like a perfect movie!

Crystal R. photo
Crystal R.

I just watched "The Big Boss" and I must say that I was impressed with the film. The storyline was quite good, the action was pretty good and the story was well developed. I like the way the characters were developed and the way the story was told. The acting was good, the special effects were good and the story was very good. I recommend watching this movie if you want to see a good action movie. It's not as good as "The Raid" or "The Expendables 2" but it's better than most of the recent action movies.

James G. photo
James G.

This is a very entertaining movie and very exciting. As an Asian, I can't really compare it to The Matrix, but it has it's own unique style. The story is very entertaining and the action scenes are very well done. It is very exciting and it has a lot of action scenes that will keep you on the edge of your seat. There is a lot of humor and it has a lot of action in it. I like the way they introduced the story, and the way they mixed the story with the action. It is very entertaining and I recommend you to watch it.

Jennifer photo

This movie was very enjoyable. I have never seen the original Yip Man movie, but I did watch the remake of the same name. I have not seen the prequel or sequels, but I did watch the film before watching the remake. I liked the movie more than the original, and the remake was much more intense. The acting was good, but some of the effects and fight scenes were lacking. Some of the characters were so over the top that they didn't really fit into the story. The story was about a man who is being held by the Chinese government and has had a rather traumatic experience. In the prequel, he was a freedom fighter, and in the remake, he is an expert assassin. His past is a mystery, and I could not understand why he was a freedom fighter, or why he was involved with the assassins, especially with the woman who was his assistant. The story was not good. I do not recommend this film. I would have preferred to have seen the original version instead of this one. The story was too over the top. I think this movie was better than the original version, and I would like to see the original version.

George M. photo
George M.

One can't help but admire what Terence Malick did with the material he had. In the wake of the shocking 9/11 terrorist attacks, Malick took on the mission of turning his native homeland of Mauritania into a country of peace and human rights. His film is well-made and compelling. The plot is straight forward and the visuals of the landscape are haunting. The cast is amazing, with a few standouts, particularly Ben Kingsley as the head of the prison in Mauritania, who has the most interesting character. The real standout though, is the film's cinematography, especially the beautiful shot of the villages and their inhabitants. The editing is good and the score fits the story. Overall, it's a great film that's worth seeing.

Larry W. photo
Larry W.

I liked the movie a lot. It's not that it's bad, but it's not good either. I guess this is the kind of movie that we should all like. This is a movie about a man who's in prison for 7 years for the murder of his wife and daughter. It's a very realistic portrayal of a person who has to go through this kind of thing. The acting is very good and the movie flows very well. It's hard to be objective about this movie, but I have to admit that the music in the movie is very good. The music in this movie is very realistic. In addition to the music, there are a few well written scenes in the movie. The story is about a man who's in prison for 7 years for the murder of his wife and daughter. He gets out in 4 years and tries to find his daughter who has gone off to college. I will say that the story is realistic, but the execution of the movie is not very good. The only time the movie is good is when the music is playing. The music in this movie is very good. Overall, this is a good movie. I recommend this movie to everyone who likes action movies. I think that everyone should see this movie.

Cheryl photo

I'm not really a fan of Hollywood style war movies, however I love historical epics and I always look forward to seeing movies from the period. In this case I'm going to watch this movie because I'm familiar with the main characters and the storyline. I also had the feeling that this movie was going to be very different from what I had expected. What I got was a very well made film that is in some way more engaging than the norm. The cast is extremely strong, and the actors all have their moments. The film is also set in the second half of the 19th century, which is not a usual feature of Hollywood war movies. As a result, the second half of the movie is much more gripping. The story is very much like the plot of Braveheart, and it's a good plot. The script is solid and the direction is strong. It's a very well made film and one that will be enjoyed by any serious movie fan.

Amber B. photo
Amber B.

Greetings again from the darkness. As usual, there are some caveats. First, there are a few fairly major flaws with this film. It has very low production values, with the exception of the special effects. This is probably the only significant flaw, but it is the only one that makes the film look less than perfect. The cinematography is terrible. The art direction is over the top. The sound and music are generally terrible. The characters are bland. The acting is too wooden. In other words, the production values are the primary issue. There are some notable visual and sound achievements, but they are overshadowed by a mediocre script and a weak, uninspired story. It is hard to tell exactly why the story is so bad. Perhaps it is because it is so generic. There are no characters of any sort. It is all about the A-Team. In this film, they are all an equal number of men. It is a plot that is about a gang of villains who are not really even villains at all. They are just poorly developed and poorly acted. There is no plot and the story is just a collection of cliches. Perhaps the film is intended to be taken as a dramatic satire on the Chinese Communist Party, but it is almost universally unengaging and unmemorable. The only good thing about this film is that it is so long. That said, I have to say that I enjoyed this film. It was entertaining, it was violent, it was fascinating, and it had some interesting elements. However, I was not impressed by the film as a whole.

Elizabeth F. photo
Elizabeth F.

I did not expect much from this film, especially since the trailer didn't seem to have much hype. However, I must say I am pleasantly surprised. I was thoroughly entertained by the action sequences. The fact that it is shot in a documentary style, combined with the superb use of the Steadicam and camera work, made for a really engaging and realistic view of the film. It was a bit different than the usual action films, which is a good thing. The acting was very good. Some of the actors were really good, like the two lead actors. They had the ability to give you a good performance, even if they were not very famous. I would definitely recommend this film to anyone, regardless of their tastes. It was definitely worth the watch.

Mark Medina photo
Mark Medina

The Last Emperor is a fairly interesting movie that I found entertaining. The story is interesting but the ending was a little disappointing. I did not see the irony of the Chinese Emperor's decision to abdicate in favor of his son and heir, who died in a battle with the Mongols, in a battle that was totally in their favor. The Emperor was actually trying to sacrifice himself for his son's life, which was the Emperor's last act in the world, and to avenge his son's death. However, the movie made it seem like it was not the Emperor's son who died in battle, but rather the Emperor's own son who died in battle. The Emperor was trying to make it look like his son died in battle and not him. It was a little unfair. The movie could have used more development of the relationship between the Emperor and his son, and how they met and fell in love and how the Emperor's grandson rebelled. I think the movie could have made a much better movie about the relationship between the Emperor and his grandson. I found the movie to be a little more entertaining than I expected. I would recommend it to anyone who likes historical movies, or if you like historical epics, or if you like the idea of a historical movie. I think the movie was worth a watch.

Stephen Wheeler photo
Stephen Wheeler

It is hard to compare this movie with any other movie. It has it's own style, and some good action scenes. The story of this movie is very intriguing. The cast is good, especially Jackie Chan, Tom Hanks, and Tony Leung Chiu Wai. It's a good movie to watch.

Ethan Arnold photo
Ethan Arnold

I have seen all the Yip Man movies.This one is still the best.I don't know why this movie has got such bad rating.I watched this movie with my friends and we all liked it very much.Yip Man 3 is the best Yip Man movie,but this one is the best.It is a great movie with special effects.This movie is full of emotions.The movie has a great story and the story is not like any other story.This movie has got special effects.This is a must see movie for everyone.This movie is worth watching.

Christopher King photo
Christopher King

There's been a lot of buzz over this movie and the way it's being advertised. I think that's part of the problem. It's not a movie you watch and say "Oh man, I really love this film". I think this is one of those films where you watch it and think "Wow, that was a great film". It's got some great action scenes, some really cool special effects, a fantastic plot, and is all wrapped up in one big movie. The story is pretty simple, a group of Chinese bandits are terrorizing the area, stealing whatever they can, but they're not the only bad guys in town. The sheriff, a new sheriff, and the people of San Francisco band together to stop the band from doing what they do best. I've seen some really bad reviews of this film, and it's hard to say which are true. It's not a movie you watch and think "This is really awesome" or "This is a great movie". I think you watch it and just say "Wow, I really love this film". I'm a big fan of martial arts films and I thought it was a good movie. It's not going to win any Oscars, but it's not a bad movie either.

Craig E. photo
Craig E.

I know that not many people will like this movie, but it was well made. It was full of historical events and a bit dramatic, but I did not find it boring. I enjoyed the movie and I do recommend watching it. It was very good! I think it is a must see movie.

Carolyn photo

The movie starts out with two people at the bottom of a pyramid trying to get their way out. They are trying to get out through the mouth of a snake. The snakes part from the bottom of the pyramid and two of the men enter the snake through a narrow slit. One of the men is bitten and is dying. The other man is bitten and dies. The two men and the snake die. The snake then comes back out and begins to eat the two men. They die but the snake eats the snake. It's the end of the movie. I don't know how this movie was rated. There is no gore or violence. There is no nudity. There is no sex. It is all in the language and the language is terrible. It is almost like they were trying to make this movie different. It is not. This movie is horrible. I don't recommend this movie.

Terry H. photo
Terry H.

The first 3 films in this series were epic. The first two of which were rather weak. The last film was a decent sequel and I liked it. But this one is a really good one. The story was different and really good. I was glad I saw it. The acting was also very good. The director is one of the best in the business. The music was really good too. It really made the movie really good. The action sequences were really good and the whole action of the movie was very good. It was very intense. I liked the movie very much and I am really looking forward to the next one. I think that if they made another one then the fans would really like it. It is very good and worth watching.

Roy photo

The movie is pretty good in my opinion. There are some really good action sequences and an entertaining story. There are also some bad parts, like a whole lot of stupid and unnecessary violence. Also, the main character is very annoying and the side characters are way too soft. The acting is really good. So, I recommend you to watch it, just don't expect too much.

Anna P. photo
Anna P.

I love this film, and so I am not surprised that the majority of reviewers on IMDb have seen it before me. That's how they did it, and that's how I am not surprised that they liked it. I guess I am one of the few who has not seen it. Anyway, if you haven't seen it, don't bother. This is a rather straightforward movie, although it does have some artistic touches. It does have the same style as the first movie, but the production values have improved. But still, I have to say that it's very hard to take seriously. There are no spectacular set pieces, no amazing action sequences. It's a film about survival, survival of a character, and survival of a society. And in this respect, it's perfect. The director has worked very hard to create a film that is more realistic and more realistic than the first. The cinematography is first class. The score is very good, as well. The actors are very good, especially Jackie Chan, and I have to say that even though he is rather old now, he is still very good. In fact, he is one of the best actors in the world today. And I love the way he is used in this movie. He plays a part that I think is not as important as it might have been in the first movie. In the second movie, he played a rather important character. In this movie, he is not important at all. The director is an excellent storyteller, and this is one of the things I liked about this movie. It is interesting, and it is not a story about survival, but about survival. I am not talking about survival in a military sense, I am talking about survival in a society sense. And as a result, I really like the director's vision and the way he creates this film. I do not know why I haven't seen this movie before, but I'm glad I did. It's a very interesting film, and I will definitely see it again.

Jessica C. photo
Jessica C.

In a beautiful portrait of a turbulent era, Hong Kong filmmaker Wai Cheung tells the story of how the many faces of the rebellious youth turned their backs on the authorities and joined the Sino-Japanese War, where thousands of young people died. The story is told in flashbacks and recreated in documentary-style that uses no special effects to convey the memories of the time. It is a beautifully crafted and poignant portrait of the Chinese Revolution that is easy to watch, and difficult to forget.