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Justice is a movie starring Jamie-Lynn Sigler, Nathan Parsons, and Stephen Lang. A U.S. Marshal seeking justice for his brother's murder defends a small town from a corrupt Mayor and his henchmen with intents to revive the civil war.

Running Time
1 hours 32 minutes
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Western, Drama
Richard Gabai
Shawn Justice, Jeff Seats, John Lewis, D.C. Rahe
Stephen Lang, Jamie-Lynn Sigler, Jackson Rathbone, Nathan Parsons
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It's 1870 and the Civil War has been over for three years. An old, abandoned mine is now being transformed into a military stronghold by a corrupt mayor (Stephen Lang) and his band of outlaws led by the blood-thirsty thug Reb (John Lewis) hell-bent on reigniting the war. When a U.S. Marshal (Nathan Parsons) comes to town only to learn from the local teacher (Jamie-Lynn Sigler) that his brother(Jackson Rathbone) , the town priest, has been murdered, his search for the killer leads to an inevitable clash that becomes a life or death struggle for a much greater cause.

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Henry Edwards photo
Henry Edwards

This is a decent western. It does not try to be anything it is not, and the result is that it is very watchable. I really like the casting of the main character, Chivington, and the direction, the pacing, and the feel of the film are all great. The dialogue is very solid and the acting is great. I'm not a great fan of Lee Van Cleef, but he did a decent job in this. The only complaint I have is that it was a bit too slow. It is a bit long at some points, and the pacing does slow down at times, but it is still a good film. The film has a good ending, and I have to say that the ending was a bit predictable, but overall, it was a good film. I would recommend this to any western fan, but if you are not a fan of westerns, then don't bother.

Jacob McCoy photo
Jacob McCoy

The Western genre has its many "classic" films, but this is a "must see" film. The characters are so realistic, you can not help but feel for them. It shows that these men had to survive. The feeling you get is of being helpless, which makes you feel as if you are right there with them. The story is really good, and this is the first film I have seen that uses the western world as a setting. The western is a new genre of film that is starting to gain popularity, but is not a genre that has been well developed, and it is a good film for fans of the genre. The acting is amazing. The screenplay is also great. I would recommend this film to anyone who likes a good film. This is a great film that I would recommend to everyone.

Gerald Rios photo
Gerald Rios

Daniels is a great actor. He is good in the movie too. It is a great movie and it makes you think about the future. It is a good story. The movie is very realistic and you can see it in the way that the good and the bad people live. It is a movie about people who are living the "true life" in a Western world that are living the "true life" in a "true life". The way that the movie is shot, the music, the actors are all very good. This is a very good movie and it makes you think about the future and the future. I really liked it and I think it is a great movie. I give this movie a 8 out of 10.

Peter Brewer photo
Peter Brewer

I recently saw "Wild Wild West" and liked it, but this movie really grabbed my attention. The story is a bit of a stretch but I guess it is based on a true story. The movie is about a former Indian agent trying to find a missing Indian. The only problem is the Indians are too smart for a bunch of white guys. The action scenes are pretty good. The only thing I found a little annoying was the fact that some of the actors seemed to know the lines for the movie before they spoke them. But other than that it was a pretty good movie.

Judy photo

Pretentious, overlong and pretentious. Despite the length, I kept thinking that I was watching something I knew nothing about. If this is what a film needs to do to achieve some sort of art, I am sure that the art of the short story would do much better.

Crystal H. photo
Crystal H.

I saw this movie last night. The trailer made the movie look really good, but then the actual movie, with the slow mo and everything, made me really mad. But, I was really looking forward to this movie and was a little bit excited for it. But, there was one problem: The slow mo and the music. I'm not talking about the music, it was just really bad. It was like a horrible slowmo. I was really looking forward to this movie. But, I couldn't stand this movie. I would say, if you are really looking forward to seeing this movie, go see it. But, don't expect a good movie. It's not like I expected a good movie. It was just really bad.

Alan P. photo
Alan P.

I enjoyed this movie a lot, but I still don't get the whole "they're all gone, except for the real heroes". I'm not saying that there weren't any real heroes in the movie, but I feel like that's how it is portrayed. They could have easily just made it about how the real heroes got off their asses and ended the war, but instead they chose to make it about the real heroes. I think that's a pretty big step down from the original, which had a nice twist at the end. But I'm still giving it a 8. I think the acting is very good and the cinematography is great. I really like the idea of having the whole movie centered around the people who survived. It's not the kind of movie where you're like "oh this is interesting because it's about these people" or "this is interesting because I'm watching a movie about these people". There are two major characters that are the most important for the movie. The other characters are not really important at all. In the movie, there's a lot of character development and character interaction. It's interesting to see that a lot of the characters end up doing the right thing. I think the problem with the movie is that it is trying to tell a story about the war and how the war affected the people involved. But I feel like that's what the movie really needed to do. It could have easily been about how the war affected the people involved, but they chose to tell the story of how the real heroes got off their asses and ended the war. That's really the only reason I can think of why the movie wasn't a 8. Overall, I think it was a good movie. It had a good story, great cinematography, great acting, and I think it was very well-done. I think it's a great movie to see if you're a movie fan. But if you're like me and you didn't like the first one, I think you'd still like this one. I give it an 8 out of 10. I hope this review helps a bit.

Edward H. photo
Edward H.

I have seen this movie on DVD from a private collector. I did not know what to expect from it, so I took it for what it was worth. I have to say that I was very impressed by the acting, especially from Denzel Washington, Michael Shannon, and Chris Cooper. I was very impressed with the story and the pace. I really enjoyed the acting of the cast, especially from Denzel Washington, Michael Shannon, and Chris Cooper. The movie had some good action sequences, and some good humor in the movie. I would definitely recommend this movie to anybody who is interested in a movie that is based on a true story.

Phillip photo

I went into this film with high expectations. I'm a fan of the Western genre, and as such I was looking forward to seeing this film. I was pleasantly surprised, and I really enjoyed the action. The story is entertaining, and I was never bored, which is unusual for this type of film. The acting is strong and enjoyable, and I thought the direction was good. The story is engaging, and there is not a dull moment in the film. I'm not going to comment on the plot, because you can read all of that here. All I will say is that this is a movie you don't need to know the plot to enjoy. It was a great film, and I'm looking forward to seeing it again on the big screen.

Grace D. photo
Grace D.

I have always admired Clint Eastwood. In fact, I love him. For me, there is no Clint Eastwood, there is only Clint Eastwood. I have a hard time understanding why he is such a great actor, why he is so "hilarious" in many of his roles. For me, his last role (Starman) is his worst. But then, why should I go out of my way to watch his movies? I am not sure I will ever see the big Clint Eastwood. His recent movies were mostly good, but I was disappointed by his last movie, The Outlaw Josey Wales. His performance is great, but not great enough. I believe that Clint Eastwood is an underrated actor. That's why I love Clint Eastwood so much. I can't understand why he is so "hilarious" in his roles. Perhaps his last role was an example of his "hilarious" performance. I'm not sure what Clint Eastwood was thinking, but he seems to have forgotten how to play the character. I have seen many movies by Clint Eastwood, but I don't recall seeing any movie with him in it. Maybe it was because Clint Eastwood has made so many movies that I have forgotten about. I don't remember any Clint Eastwood movie that I have enjoyed. This movie is a great example of how a Clint Eastwood movie should be. The performances are superb. I give it a "10".

Danielle L. photo
Danielle L.

Some of the characters in the movie were stereotypes, but it was still an interesting and somewhat entertaining film. The last third of the movie seemed to be running on too long, but it is still worth watching. The ending was a bit of a letdown, but still was a good ending. The movie had a few flaws, but overall it was a good movie. I would recommend seeing this movie.

Christopher Fuller photo
Christopher Fuller

After watching this film I was totally surprised. A western about a father and his son trying to survive in the New World. The acting in this film was very good. Robert Duvall did a fantastic job as a veteran who always has to be the hero. The direction was very good. The cinematography was also great. This is a very powerful film and a great insight into the American Indian's struggle. The characters in this film are very well developed. The two brothers are believable and sympathetic. The Native American music is amazing. The scenery is amazing. I also thought the cinematography was great. I especially liked the way the film was shot. Overall this is a very powerful film that will make you think. I highly recommend this film.

Raymond C. photo
Raymond C.

This film is well acted by all and the story is not overused like so many films of the genre. I also liked the fact that it was realistic. The characters are strong and well defined. The story is well done and the directing is superb. I would definitely recommend this film to anyone that enjoys Westerns. Although the film does suffer from a little bit of a slow start, it is definitely worth watching. Also, I recommend the "Road" music video and the "Don't Go In The Woods" song. These songs are very well written and their lyrics are funny as well.

Adam photo

I am not a big fan of Western movies, and I found this movie very disappointing. This movie was full of errors. It seemed as if the writers and director were trying to make an interesting movie, but were not able to do so. I am not sure how much of the movie I enjoyed. It was too slow, and the whole time I was waiting for something to happen. I was hoping to see more action, but there was not enough. I did not like the characters, and they did not seem to fit in with the story. I found it difficult to follow the plot. Overall, I would not recommend this movie. It was not the best movie I have ever seen, but it was not the worst.

Christian G. photo
Christian G.

I liked the movie. The acting was excellent. I liked the scenery, and the music was good. I have seen the movie on two separate occasions and enjoyed it each time. I liked the plot very much, and it was interesting to watch. I did not like the cinematography or the music. I thought that the music and cinematography could have been a bit better. I didn't like the plot. The movie was long. I have not seen a movie that is over three hours long. I thought that the movie was longer than it needed to be. It was probably a little long for a western movie. I also thought that the movie was not very exciting. I think that the movie is a good movie and that it is worth watching.

Mary photo

I was interested in seeing this movie because I saw that it was about a guy in a cowboy hat and a woman in a black dress (I think). I was really disappointed in the beginning because I thought the cowboy hat and dress would be the main characters, but they were not. The main character was Bill Duke, and he was not the main character, the woman was. But I thought the movie was really good because it was a story about a man and his wife and how he gets involved in the country-western scene, and the townspeople were really interesting. This movie is a good way to see something about the country-western scene.

Kenneth photo

When I first saw the trailer for this movie, I thought it looked like it would be another typical western. But I was wrong. I liked this movie a lot more than I thought. It is not like the stereotypical western. The story is very unique. I really liked the acting. The movie has great action scenes, and it is very violent. This is the first movie I have seen from Kevin Costner and I liked his acting in this movie. The movie is very realistic. It's about a group of miners who are living in the back country and the conflict with the miners who want to be more civilized. Kevin Costner does a good job in this movie. I think it's the best movie he has done. I give this movie an 8/10.

Roy V. photo
Roy V.

An Oscar-winning performance from Ralph Fiennes (as the arrogant Sheriff of Nottingham) and an excellent performance from the rest of the cast make this film a true treat. The film is often referred to as the 'perfect revenge tale' and it could well be considered that way. It may be the best revenge tale ever made, but this one is an intricate, complex story. There are many characters to watch out for and some of them may have you questioning your own morality. Fiennes and co-star Fionnula Flanagan give great performances and it's worth watching for them alone. The story is a little slow at times, but it's well worth watching to the end.

Dorothy Richards photo
Dorothy Richards

This movie is not a traditional western, it is an old fashioned western that is set in the 1880's. The story of this movie is set in the west where Wyatt Earp is a man of few words and is very violent. This movie is not a western and I believe that it is based on the true story of Wyatt Earp. This movie is a good drama. The movie has a good story and a good cast. I think this movie is worth watching. I would recommend this movie to anyone.

Albert C. photo
Albert C.

I was pleasantly surprised by this film. I wasn't expecting much, but it turned out to be one of the best films I've seen in a long time. It had a real story, and a realistic tone that kept me interested. The acting is excellent, as well as the direction and cinematography. There's a real feeling of realism about this film. I don't think you can really say this film was "made for TV" in terms of quality. It was made with a lot of care, and I can't wait to see more films from the same team. There are so many things I liked about this film that I can't talk about here. I really liked the idea of showing how things are in the American West, and how things have changed in the last century. I really liked the way the story was told, and the way it was told was so realistic. The movie is not a love story, but a very realistic look at the lives of the people living in the West. I'm not a huge fan of the West, but I was very impressed with the way it was portrayed in this film. There was a real feeling of being there, and I think it makes the film feel more authentic. I really enjoyed this movie, and I recommend it to anyone who wants a film that's worth watching.

Stephen N. photo
Stephen N.

I'm not sure how many times I've seen this movie, but every time I do I just find myself thinking about it. What I'm trying to say is that I find the movie very entertaining, and that it is certainly a film I would recommend to anyone looking for a good western. The movie starts off pretty much as I expected it to, with a cowboy's journey to the outback to find a fortune. The story is pretty straightforward and doesn't really have a lot of twists, but the performances are what really carry the movie. Jim Caviezel is a good protagonist and is very charismatic. The movie is also fairly violent, and I found the violence in this movie to be very effective. The movie is also very well acted and there are some really great scenes. The music is also really good and makes the movie even more enjoyable. The ending is very sad, but I still enjoyed it. This movie is definitely not for everyone, but if you're a fan of westerns, then it is definitely worth a look. 8/10