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Seongnan hwangso

Seongnan hwangso is a movie starring Dong-seok Ma, Ji-Hyo Song, and Seong-oh Kim. Dong-Chul (Don Lee) and Ji-Soo (Song Ji-Hyo) are a happily married couple. One day, Dong-Chul comes home to find his house in disarray and his wife is...

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Găng Tơ Tái Xuất, Raging Bull, 無双の鉄拳, Imparable, Unstoppable, Musô no tekken
Running Time
1 hours 56 minutes
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Crime, Action
Kim Min-Ho
Kim Min-Ho
Ji-Hyo Song, Min-Jae Kim, Seong-oh Kim, Dong-seok Ma
South Korea
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English, Deutsch, Français, Italiano, Español, Svenska, Gaeilge, Nederlands
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Dong-Chul (Don Lee) and Ji-Soo (Song Ji-Hyo) are a happily married couple. One day, Dong-Chul comes home to find his house in disarray and his wife is missing.

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Albert photo

I'd just like to say I was so impressed with this movie. I am a huge fan of the late C.G.I, and found this movie a good introduction to his films. It is not the best movie I have seen, but it is worth a look.

Hannah B. photo
Hannah B.

For some reason, it takes me a while to get into this movie. The first half of the movie is so great. The acting is great, the story is awesome, the ending is brilliant. The movie is too long, and some scenes don't have any point. But all the great things about this movie can't go unnoticed, so I'm gonna rate it a 7 out of 10. I think the best thing about this movie is that you don't need to know anything about martial arts to enjoy it.

Matthew Sanders photo
Matthew Sanders

The much anticipated film is being described as an action film and I felt it was actually a comedy but it was more of a crime movie than anything else. The reason I like this film is because of the characters. Although the main character is a villain, he still has a heart. This is a film about a bunch of young people who are criminals, but they all have a soul. The acting in this film is also great. The director made this film look good with the background music and the story. I was surprised how much the film actually made me laugh out loud. I give this film a solid 7/10.

Albert B. photo
Albert B.

Before I saw this movie, I had never seen a movie with such a strong influence of the Korean cinema. This movie's influence is clearly felt throughout the whole film. The main characters are well developed, and there are many quirky and unusual characters. The entire movie has a unique style, with many scenes that remind me of the classic Kurosawa films. Even the way the characters are dressed is very similar to Kurosawa films. The way the director gives a quick overview of the main characters' lives is very interesting. It helps you understand the characters better, and the way he emphasizes the emotions in the movie is very good. I really liked the scene where the main character has to break a love story to save the life of a friend. That scene is very dramatic and emotionally strong. I recommend this movie to anyone who is a fan of the Korean cinema or anyone who loves a good movie.

Barbara M. photo
Barbara M.

I am in love with the Korean movie industry. It is the only country in the world that produced such great movies as 'Kicking and Screaming' and 'Ip Man'. 'Rocky' is one of those movies. It is a little bit of everything. It has action, romance, comedy, a good storyline, a good cast, good effects, and even a good musical score. The only thing I did not like was the slow pace. There were a few parts where the pace was so slow it was a little annoying. However, the movie is great, it is a classic, and if you are a fan of the Korean movie industry, you should check this movie out.

Ryan D. photo
Ryan D.

I really don't understand the negative comments about this movie. I liked it. I have seen this movie about 15 times. I don't understand the low ratings. The story is good and the director knows how to make it exciting. The action is really good too. This movie is well worth seeing.

Terry R. photo
Terry R.

THE RECORD OF A BITCH (2009) is a gritty, kinetic Korean action flick that I recently saw. The film is loosely based on the 1996 hit of the same title starring Robert Zemeckis and Gene Hackman. A very violent revenge film, THE RECORD OF A BITCH is a competent but forgettable action movie that lacks the brain power to carry it off. The story centers around a new Korean warrior (Jung-woo Seo), who's the son of a notorious crime lord (Sung-woo Kim). Jung-woo is recruited by his father to protect his sister, a poor woman who's been the victim of a brutal gangland killing. Jung-woo is involved in a high-stakes showdown with his father, who plans to use his gang to loot the family fortune. Director Park Shin-hong (a key member of the original film's writer/director duo) provides a flashy, flashy, flashy film that is over-the-top. The cinematography is vivid and beautifully shot, and the action scenes are slick and exciting. However, the script is mediocre and the plot is predictable and slow moving. The film is dominated by the intense martial arts action sequences, which are certainly some of the best in the genre. The fights are well choreographed and well-executed. However, the film is a lot of fun. The film is chock full of kung-fu scenes, which are well-executed and fun. The pacing is fairly good, and the film isn't very long. The film's biggest problem is the slow-paced story and predictable ending. The film is a lot of fun and the fight scenes are well-executed, but the slow-paced plot is distracting. The film is well-made, but I would have liked a more creative plot. Overall, THE RECORD OF A BITCH is a decent, forgettable action film with some enjoyable action scenes. It is not a great film, but it is entertaining. The film is worth a watch, but I wouldn't watch it again.

Aaron photo

After all the negativity I got from the people, I decided to watch this movie again, but after all the hype about the movie, I was quite disappointed. The movie is not that bad, but the script is lacking, and it feels like it is just trying to make a bad movie, but that just makes the film even worse. The acting was not so bad, but the plot was just so bad, you don't want to watch it. The biggest problem with the movie is the actors. I don't know if they did the casting wrong or what, but they were so bland, you just want to kill them. The story itself was too stupid, it just made no sense, and was just a mess. The end of the movie was just too stupid, and you want to turn off the TV, but you can't because you want to watch it.

Lawrence photo

The action is non-stop. The action and fight scenes are so intense that it actually hurts. The action is so over-the-top that it actually gets old. I think the choreography is the reason why the action is so intense. It is like the action is trying to make you feel like you are in the scene and is doing it so well that you can't help but watch. The fighting scenes are pretty good. I think they can be more intense but they are good. The final fight is pretty cool. It's one of the best fights in the movie. The characters are likable and the acting is pretty good. The story is pretty good but there are parts that don't make much sense and you get confused. The ending is awesome. There are a lot of awesome fight scenes in this movie. I recommend it to anyone. The violence is pretty brutal but it's not all bad. I give this movie a 7/10.

Sandra photo

As a fan of American action films, I was disappointed by the terrible "Deadpool" and "Deadpool 2" in recent years, and this movie even more so. The story is a straightforward revenge story, and it was made better by the humour, the action, and the production. I enjoyed the movie a lot. The action is excellent, and it had a good pace, and it was very entertaining. The jokes and action are the best parts of the movie. The only problem is that there are a lot of characters, and you don't know what to care about. I was bored for most of the movie, but then again, that is the point of the movie. I recommend this movie to fans of action movies and fans of the genre. You won't be disappointed.

Ruth J. photo
Ruth J.

If you've seen any of the two previous Blade movies, you'll probably be able to tell that this one is a little different. It's very much like a "Memento" meets a '60s action movie, except with no good guy. It's set in Seoul, and follows the adventures of an assassin (played by one of the star actors from the previous movie) who kills people while hiding in a home. The plot itself is a little slow-going, and the story and acting isn't great. However, the movie is very enjoyable and has a really dark and creepy atmosphere. The movie is also very violent, and has a lot of blood. I'd probably give it a 7 out of 10.

Madison Hunt photo
Madison Hunt

I watched this movie on cable recently. I watched it about 7 years ago and was hooked. I was thinking, "Man, this is a great action movie." It was that good. I just can't get it out of my head. I watched it again recently and was reminded of it. There's some great action scenes, great fight scenes, and great storyline. I highly recommend this movie.

Roy W. photo
Roy W.

A well-made, compelling action thriller, just like it says in the title. The screenplay is a bit over-ambitious in places, but the movie is very entertaining to watch. The first half of the movie takes place in Seoul, with a number of incidents. This is just the beginning of the movie. The second half takes place in a foreign country where the main character is training for a military mission. This is the most interesting part of the movie. In the meantime, the movie switches to the American continent. It's a bit confusing, but the actors do a good job with the complicated scenes. This movie is a must see for all action fans. My vote is seven. Title (Brazil): "The Raid: Redemption"

Douglas Morgan photo
Douglas Morgan

I saw this movie when it was released in 1988, and i liked it very much. I have watched it many times since then, and I still love it. The story is about a young boy named Seongnan who is sent to the countryside to help his uncle. He is reluctant at first but slowly starts to like the rural life. The character Seongnan is played very well by Chang-sik Shin. The story is interesting and you will enjoy it even more after watching it several times. I think the best part of the movie is the music. The soundtrack is awesome. There are a lot of memorable tracks in the movie. One of my favorite songs is "Mieun hwangso", the one sung by singer-songwriter Gong-ja. The soundtrack is very enjoyable to listen to. I don't like the soundtrack in the American version. My favorite song is "I Won't Forget You". The second best track is "My Back", the first song played during the final credits. The song is played during the credits of the movie. This is also the best movie about "Girl's Generation", the girl group from South Korea. This movie also has an interesting message about the values of family. The movie is very entertaining and it's great to see a movie about this topic.

Eric G. photo
Eric G.

This movie is a must-see for any student of Korean cinema. The movie is set in the Seoul area in the early 70s. A student of Sogae Choi (Kim Jae-won) goes to a music college, and at the time he is staying there with his girlfriend Kim (Tae-hyun Kim). She is a very intelligent girl, and a talented singer. The school is very hot, and they go to the hottest club there. They are popular in the school, but they have a problem. There are a lot of people in the school, and they don't really know who they are. The new student, the new dean, and the others are known by everyone. A lot of the students are trying to have a look around the school, and they see some problems. The new student does not like Sogae, and Sogae starts to get worried. The dean, the new student, and the others are trying to deal with the problem. At the end, Sogae dies, and he is buried with honor in the school. There is a lot of action in the movie, and the situation is very complex. The story is not very clear, but the movie is not too bad. I think this movie is very good, and it is good to see this movie if you want to see Korean movies that are very good.

Bruce Smith photo
Bruce Smith

You have to have the right mindset to watch this movie. If you are a fan of Korean cinema, you will be disappointed. If you are a fan of action movies, you will be very impressed. It is a movie where one guy decides to rob a bank, and all the robbers are "jobbing" (as in not cops). That makes this movie a little different from the norm. The director, Park Hae-jong, does a great job here. The way he puts the gang together is excellent. The cast is superb. I would recommend this movie to all who enjoy action movies, and/or just like a movie that is pure action. The music is very interesting and unique. I am not a fan of rap music, but it fits the movie very well. Overall, it is a good movie to watch. 7/10

Gloria S. photo
Gloria S.

This is a modern take on the classics like 'The Big Sleep', 'The Shawshank Redemption', 'The Man Who Wasn't There', and 'The Maltese Falcon'. A tale of revenge and redemption. I'm not sure if I could put a stamp on it, it's a genre film in the same vein as 'The Big Sleep', 'The Shawshank Redemption', 'The Man Who Wasn't There', and 'The Maltese Falcon'. It's a movie about revenge and redemption. The fact that it's a Korean film and that it's based on a novel, I think, does help to distinguish it from its Asian counterparts. The plot is very simple. The movie follows a group of young men who go on a cross country trek to try and retrieve a famous painting that the local government wants for reasons unknown. As the movie unfolds, the men start to realize that their mission isn't as simple as they thought. They end up discovering that the painting is not the real treasure. It contains a map to the location of the rich oil paintings that the government wants to get. The men become friends, while the mystery deepens. The beauty of the movie is that the movie isn't filled with gratuitous violence, nor is it overlong. It's well paced, and the acting is fine. I particularly liked the performances of the young men. They were very natural. The movie is very enjoyable and easy to watch. I give it a 7/10.

Jason photo

I wasn't expecting much from this film when it came out in theaters, but I was pleasantly surprised. It was a fast-paced, action-packed film with good acting, interesting plot twists and lots of action. It is very unique in that it is a Korean film about a corrupt CIA agent who has to stop a bad guy from making a plan to blow up the U.S. Embassy in Seoul. The film opens with a man getting shot in the stomach, which causes him to bleed heavily. It then cuts to a hospital where the patient, a drug dealer named Heo, is recovering from his wounds. He is then told by his physician that he will be out in three days. Heo, who has an IQ of 62, is a drug dealer who has been trying to help his community, but in the process has become a lot more than he bargained for. The CIA agent, played by Woo, is after him. Heo then decides to go undercover as a "lobbyist" in order to help the CIA by making a deal with Heo. Woo is a really good actor. He can be intimidating at times and is a great leader and motivator. He can also act. This film is very fast-paced, and although there are some slow parts in the film, it is also very exciting. The action scenes are great, and the film never lets up. This film is a lot of fun and a lot of fun to watch.

Rachel Fisher photo
Rachel Fisher

This movie is really really good. Not only is it a perfect example of the culture clash between Asia and America, it is also a very unique movie. Not only that, but it's also a very interesting character study about a Korean man. The movie starts off with the young "Igata" (also known as "Igata" in the English version of the film) and his father (played by Chon) going to see his girlfriend and her family. Igata doesn't know the family and the family doesn't know him. They introduce him to the family, and after a while, he does what his father says to do: he kills his own father. I'm not going to tell you much about the story because you have to watch the film to find out. If you want to know more about this film, check out the Wikipedia entry. Now, the acting. The acting in this film was top notch. The acting of Chon and the young actors, I found to be so realistic, they almost seemed real. They didn't have an English accent, and yet they sounded like they were Koreans. The story is interesting, and I would recommend this film to anyone who enjoys a good action film.

Anna Romero photo
Anna Romero

I really enjoyed watching this movie. It is a Hong Kong-Asian film. I guess this movie is different from the others because it is more drama and action. There are a lot of martial arts fights in this movie. The movie also has a great story. I would recommend to watch this movie. I also really enjoyed the music of this movie. I would also recommend to watch this movie.

Elizabeth Burton photo
Elizabeth Burton

No one can really compete with the English films from the mid 80s, but this one from Hong Kong was quite entertaining. The story is nothing new, but it's written well and the action is quite good. This movie is quite a bit better than its 2nd sequel. The plot is pretty predictable, but it doesn't matter. The martial arts are great and I really enjoyed the soundtrack. The movie ends with a nice cliffhanger, but the ending is a bit weak. If you are a fan of these films, then you will definitely enjoy this one. A definite 7 out of 10. See it if you like this genre of movies. It's worth it. Rating: 7/10 (I give it a 7/10)

Bobby photo

I just finished watching this movie and thought it was really good. I felt like I was watching an old Korean movie from the 70s. I don't know what it was about, but I thought it was very interesting. The story line was very good and had some parts that I found very funny. The whole atmosphere was very well created and the acting was very good. I thought it was very good to watch a movie about two brothers in a gang who have been friends for 20 years and have a big feud between them and a gang of gangs that have taken over the city. I loved the way the story line was created. The camera work was really good and I liked the style of the story and the way it was created. The thing that I didn't like about the movie was that the acting was pretty bad, especially from the main character. I felt like he didn't have any charisma and didn't do any good acting. I also didn't like the scene when he kills a gang member. He didn't even have any emotions, he just kills and doesn't care about anything. This was probably the biggest problem with the movie. I would have loved to see the movie made better, but it was good nonetheless. I really recommend watching this movie and I hope it does well at the box office.

Bruce Carpenter photo
Bruce Carpenter

This movie is a relatively unknown thriller that isn't exactly what I expected. The plot is somewhat interesting but the actual action isn't as great as I thought it would be. It's very predictable and isn't exciting at all. The action is pretty mediocre at best and really doesn't grab you. The acting is pretty good, though, so I won't be complaining too much. I give it a 7/10. I think that this movie is quite mediocre but that's all I can say.