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Chasing the Blues

Chasing the Blues is a movie starring Grant Rosenmeyer, Ronald L. Conner, and Chelsea Tavares. Two rival record collectors attempt to con an old lady out of a rare, but cursed, 1930s Blues record. When a series of unfortunate...

Other Titles
Death: Take 2, Devil Blues
Running Time
1 hours 17 minutes
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Scott Smith
Scott Smith, Kevin Guilfoile
Chelsea Tavares, Ronald L. Conner, Clem Cheung, Grant Rosenmeyer
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English, Deutsch, Français, Italiano, Español, Svenska, Gaeilge, Nederlands
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Two rival record collectors attempt to con an old lady out of a rare, but cursed, 1930s Blues record. When a series of unfortunate circumstances lands them in jail, the feud festers for over twenty years until they are released from prison and get a second chance at snagging the vinyl, this time from a more formidable foe.

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Shirley photo

I was just watching this movie on TV and couldn't get to sleep. It was the same story of a bunch of kids growing up in the rural South. But this movie is just a great movie. It had a good story and a good cast. I really enjoyed it. I would recommend it to anyone who likes a good story.

Andrea M. photo
Andrea M.

This is a very good film, though I can't see why it's getting such bad reviews. It's one of those films that you have to watch for yourself to get the full story, and it's also a very funny movie. It's a story about a man who is a very successful blues musician, and who's very busy with his new girlfriend, and she has to help him with his work. He has to bring his new girlfriend back to the country, where her parents live, and when she arrives, she finds that her father, a very rich man, is threatening to kill her. So she decides to bring her father back to the country. And he soon realizes that this is a very dangerous place, and decides to take the daughter back, and this is where the comedy begins. The performances are very good, the director did a very good job, and I think he's one of the best directors out there. I can't believe that this film is getting so bad reviews, and I'm not sure why. The film is very funny, and the performances are very good, but I think the film is not getting good reviews because people are looking for something else, but I think it's very funny, and I think it's one of the best films of the year.

Kathryn Cooper photo
Kathryn Cooper

It is very rare that a film has as much charm as this one. A lot of people who have seen it say it is a comedy but I think it is more of a drama. The plot is simple: A well-intentioned, well-meaning but unsuccessful reporter (played by Rob Lowe) is assigned to cover the first Blues Festival in Mississippi. He is unable to overcome his prejudice against the Blues and his friendship with the local blues man (played by Harvey Keitel). The film is somewhat predictable, but it is a very enjoyable film. The story is very well-written and the characters are likable. I think that most people will enjoy this film.

Gregory Rivera photo
Gregory Rivera

A quirky, but great story about a long-term resident of a nursing home. He has a really unique life style, and has his own brand of drama. His self-help books are pretty good, but not really compelling. The film has a good cast, including Chris Klein, Nicole Byer, and John Doerr. The film is mostly funny, but not really dramatic, and that's a good thing. Overall, it's a great story that's worth watching.

Margaret photo

I love this movie! It's funny, has a great soundtrack and has a great message about how life is just a matter of choice. I love the music, the actors and the story is so simple but so deep. It's a simple story about how some people don't make it but all of us have choices, and we don't always make the right choice. So, why not just do what you want? The actors are so good, the story is so good, the music is so great, I love it!

Hannah Ross photo
Hannah Ross

It was a great movie for people who like to laugh at themselves. It's funny, and sometimes makes you feel like you were there. The characters are different, and the story is different. But I loved it. I really recommend it.

Tiffany Barnes photo
Tiffany Barnes

In some ways, it's hard to think of a movie as funny as this one. But you'll never know, because the movie is so totally predictable. After all, this is the story of a man who starts out as a heroin addict and ends up in a rehab clinic. And, after a while, the movie changes its focus. And that's where you have to appreciate the movie. You have to be able to appreciate it for the right reasons. And that's a hard thing to do, because it's easy to get too caught up in the movie and it becomes easy to say, "I have to like this movie because it's so funny." But, it's not that easy. It's a very funny movie, but not for the right reasons. You have to really appreciate it for the right reasons. And that's a hard thing to do. This is a good movie, but not for the right reasons.

Judith C. photo
Judith C.

After a long time I finally get to see a movie on the big screen and I was quite excited. This is a great movie, the story is pretty good and the performances are great. I was glad to see Dave Foley in the movie as he is a very good actor. I enjoyed the story and I was surprised to see how much I actually like the songs in the movie. I recommend this movie to all fans of the blues.

Larry G. photo
Larry G.

This is a great movie to watch with your wife, a young kid or even your Grandma. It's a simple tale of friendship, rivalry, and of course, love. It's about the value of friendship and how it can be used to make a man a better person. The story is great, the acting is great, and the characters are great. The only problem I had with this movie is that the movie is not a comedy, but a drama. You will notice that sometimes the characters are acting like they're drunk. I know that's a common thing in movies, but it just didn't work for me. It was not distracting at all and it didn't take away from the movie. It just made me feel that I should have known better, but I didn't. Overall, I give this movie a B+

Margaret C. photo
Margaret C.

I saw this film when it was first released and it was probably the funniest film I have seen in a long time. The film has a great cast, which is the best thing about it. And the way the film was shot was pretty cool. But what really made the film work was the characters. And I think the actors did a great job of portraying these characters. The main characters, Shawn and Kathy are the best of the bunch. I would recommend this film to anyone who is looking for a good laugh.

Frank Perkins photo
Frank Perkins

So a friend of mine recommended this movie to me. I didn't know what to expect but I was really looking forward to seeing this movie. I have to say, I was a little disappointed. The movie is a lot better than I thought it would be, but it is still very watchable. The acting is pretty good. The acting is really great. There is no real story, it is just a bunch of scenes. The story is really good, but I don't think it is really necessary to tell the story. You could have just shown some of the scenes. The music is also really good, the songs are really good. The music is really good. I really love the music. The movie is really good. It is really good. I really recommend it. I would give it an 8/10.

Jason R. photo
Jason R.

A film with many strong and witty moments and a few funny ones. The music was good as well and the characters were quite likable. The story was light and the actors did a great job. I would definitely recommend this film to friends and family.

Janice photo

This is a movie that would be perfect for a kids' movie night. I watched it with my son and he really enjoyed it. It is a story about a little girl who is a bad girl and the guy who saves her from her bad girl ways. I would definitely recommend this movie for kids. I don't really like the ending but it was good. I would say it is a family movie. It has a lot of heart and there is a lot of comedy. The actor who played the main character was really good and it was a great movie.

Michael McDonald photo
Michael McDonald

In the spirit of the UK's new movie of the week, this is a lighthearted, amusing comedy about a man who goes to the pub to see his girlfriend in a bikini. But when she goes to the pub, she also goes to the pub. The pub is a flamboyant nightclub, which is run by the local crook. This is a simple, simple story, but the way that it is told is very funny. The cast are all good, but the stand-out is the girl who plays the girl. She is a delight to watch and she makes the film. It's a good movie, and a good pub movie, but it's also a nice comedy. The story is also simple, but the way that it is told is very funny.