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12 jours

By French law, anyone admitted into the hospital without their consent must be seen by a judge within 12 days. That judge must decide whether these psychiatric hospital patients can be allowed back into society.

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12 Tage, 12 dias, 12 Jours, 12 Days, 12 dni, 12 días
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1 hours 27 minutes
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Raymond Depardon
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Grace Russell photo
Grace Russell

I can't believe some people are giving this movie a bad review. No matter what the critics said, it is a great movie. I've seen it three times and I'll probably see it again. I think I'm a bit of a hippie but I can't believe all the hate. It's a wonderful documentary. The actors did a wonderful job. To see your friends around you for the last 20 years and watch them grow and change is amazing. In particular, what a wonderful example of a woman who has gone through so much and has done so well. Thank you so much to all of the people involved in this documentary and the cast. I think a wonderful, yet necessary movie. A true tribute to the human spirit.

Bryan Larson photo
Bryan Larson

I just watched this DVD for the first time and the experience is like no other I've ever had. Even the trailer for this movie left me in disbelief. It is not only an amazing documentary, but a film on the challenges of human life, what lies at the core of the human spirit, and why we are what we are. The people who made this movie are in a privileged position to know and understand the people who did not have the luxury of seeing the movie. I strongly recommend that all people, as well as the media, respect and observe the actors and other movie-makers in the movie as they wish to be respected and seen. Thank you.

Danielle photo

I really like the movie. It is so simple, yet it is so beautiful. It is just an ordinary day, a child's day. and a man's day.and a child's day. and a man's day. and a child's day. It is a wonderful movie, and a movie for everyone, and I think it is really good and it is a great film.

Stephanie photo

I was in bed one night, so I woke up to see a TV showing "Don't Wait For Love". I thought it might be a movie about a famous love story. But it wasn't. It was a documentary about the 400th anniversary of Don't Wait For Love, a book about a famous French writer who wrote a book about love. It was an absolute must-see! It had an important message about the meaning of love and it also had lots of funny situations and questions. I highly recommend it!

Bobby Douglas photo
Bobby Douglas

We had planned to see this documentary because we are huge fans of the bands. We were both disappointed when we found out that they ended up not even being able to be in the same room together. We were not disappointed with the music. We were disappointed in the poor acting and the poor editing. We are now ready to see the great music that was presented in the documentary.

Jessica Woods photo
Jessica Woods

These are great images of Greece and the US, and I have not been able to get those images out of my head for some time now. What I most enjoy about this documentary is the perspective that it offers of the people of Greece, the poverty, and the current economic crisis that has devastated so many people and Greece in particular. They are the only people to whom I have spoken about these topics and I can honestly say that they are the only people who I could speak to about it. This documentary is a beautiful document of the people of Greece and I highly recommend it to anyone who is interested in the political, cultural, or economic history of the country. I have seen it twice and I would buy it again!

Judy photo

I saw the film on an airplane, and was blown away by the scope of the story, the richness of the photography and the spiritual power of the spirit. It was a tear-jerker. When I left the film, the power of the film remained with me for some time. The acting of the brothers was beyond compare. Their expressions were spot-on. The play-within-the-play, they had withstood the English language as well as the best acting teams in Europe. I would definitely recommend this film to anyone with a soul. I have just watched it again, and I am absolutely captivated by the story. It is a perfect film for a warm winter night, or a quiet evening of serenity.

Zachary photo

This is a must-see documentary about the production of this long-awaited movie about the life and times of the jazz musician Beethoven. The actors who portrayed Beethoven and his family in the movie also recorded the film's theme. In the words of the film narrator, "Beethoven was a genius and his music will always be an inspiration for me. I love the music, but, this movie really brings me back to the old days."

Kevin Ward photo
Kevin Ward

This movie is one of my top ten. It is so hard to see the work and money that goes into doing a movie like this. Every day we must contend with a variety of different issues, and I am thankful that the mayor of a town such as this has made it his mission to hear directly from the people. What I most enjoyed about this movie is how it depicts the hard working and talented people of our community. People who are in need of a voice in a society that is plagued by intolerance and division. The people of the city of London who make it their goal to keep each other happy, and to keep the peace. We should all be thankful for the job that the mayor of London has done in standing up for the citizens of London.

Alexander M. photo
Alexander M.

When I first saw this documentary, I was amazed by the true story. It was a piece of history that I never knew about and now I realize why. This documentary should be included in all peoples' collection of documentaries, as it is a story of a few people that have dedicated their lives to educating us all about the world. I am sure that you will enjoy this documentary as much as I did.

Amanda S. photo
Amanda S.

It is really easy to dismiss this film as another superficial corporate "cute story" when you first get to see it. But, come on! Are you kidding me? It is like the last of the "big, flashy" corporate events that were huge at the time and seemed to belong to a time in the history of America. This film gives the viewer the feel of what it was like to be there! It is not just a corporate sell out, it is not just a "wow!" moment when a company buys a new "greatest hits" album! It is so much more than that! And it is so damn sad that the "big corporations" do not get it! It is not just an "entertainment" film, it is a very serious look at the world and our collective human condition. It is a warning. It is a cry for help. You might have heard about the "G8" conference, which some say is "the" modern "corporate Olympics", but really, its "G8" is just the opening to a very long tradition of "G8" meetings dating back to the seventies. It is the time when the more powerful corporations fought against all others, and the people stood up in defense of our rights and freedoms. And that is what this film is, it is a cry for help and help is what this film is, and will continue to be.

Jennifer photo

This is a story about a teenager,who couldn't have cared less about soccer.but his mother encouraged him to train so he could be a good soccer player. He is the only one of his schoolmates who had been kicked out of school by his mom for bad behaviour. He gets a chance to go to college in the USA. He's not the best of the best but he's just trying to make it and that's what matters. He's just a kid.I think he did a great job.I think that his dream was to be a professional soccer player. It's a sad story,a young guy who is not very good at soccer but just wanting to do the right thing.He did the right thing and that's what matters. It's not about soccer it's about a dream.You can't just do what you want to do and play soccer,you have to earn the right to do it and it's just a job you have to do. I think it's a great movie and I recommend it to anyone.

Stephanie photo

To this day, I feel so good after watching this documentary. So many people are suffering from PTSD and depression and many people have had a death in the family or a failed marriage. The documentary made me feel so good and gave me hope that I could find a way out. The shooting of the music video for the song "Dinner" had an effect on me and I never wanted to be in that situation again. My life has been changed and the filmmakers had a great career in acting and they really did a wonderful job of telling this story. I am so glad to see that they can now share this story with the world. Thank you so much for sharing this incredible story. I truly believe that this film will change lives, both in the US and the world. I hope that this is the beginning of a larger movement of people to come forward and share their stories. This documentary will have a big impact on the way I view my life and I would encourage everyone to watch it.

Peter D. photo
Peter D.

Now, I like to think that I am an open minded individual. I am not a fan of the story. I will watch a documentary when I am bored. But, I was riveted by the story of the great Maysles. We have only had this documentary on DVD so far. I hope it makes it on television and get the word out. This man is a true legend. He was a creative genius. He created two amazing pieces of art. One of which was a photo in a magazine, "E.E.A.M." which is basically a picture of a beautiful woman. The story of this photo and the ending he leaves us is what this documentary is about. A man who used to be a known real life legend has passed. His memory was to be left to his wife and children. He did not want this to happen to anyone else. He was a legend. He was a great artist. His legacy lives on. This was truly a beautiful film. We should be thankful for him and his life. This is a wonderful documentary that deserves the Oscar for Best Documentary.

Jessica R. photo
Jessica R.

Very good documentary about the history of cycling and the local cycling clubs of Jersey. Nice to see the experiences of riders from all over the world and of course the views of the riders themselves. Great talking points and a real history lesson. I am glad to see that the Jersey Cycling Club have been making their own media for some time now, something that only adds to the history of Jersey. I found this film to be very informative and well worth a watch. The Jersey Cycling Club were as interesting as they were mysterious, and thanks to this documentary I am learning a lot more about them. Jersey Cycling Club now also have a facebook page and a website. This documentary is going to have a very big impact on the cycling community. It will also help Jersey to find a new cycling club to compete with the very good ones from Germany. Jersey is a country and a country can only be so big. Jersey has a lot of history, and the Jersey Cycling Club have made an amazing part of it for Jersey's future. Hopefully this film will inspire people to get out and ride and learn more about the history of Jersey cycling, and Jersey cycling itself.

Amy photo

How many times can you watch a movie that takes you back to your childhood and reminds you of those times? This film was especially enjoyable because of its clear and focused narrative. The large amount of actual footage and interviews of the few surviving and recently deceased were very effective and emphasized the importance of interviewing family members to determine who was responsible for the murder and other crimes. This documentary provided a rare look into how much responsibility comes with the job. While some may believe that families will be vindicated, this documentary showed that there are many ways to go wrong in committing a murder and families that have known the wrongs of the past will suffer more as a result.

Adam B. photo
Adam B.

I've never been to an art museum before, but since reading this book, I've been following some of the art and design moves around. It's absolutely mind-blowing to me that these super-cool-cute-and-loose girls can even get away with wearing garish clothes and weird hair styles. One guy showed up in his underwear, and another guy had a Guy Fawkes mask on and it looked like he was shooting at the audience with it. The two girl founders were dressed in miniskirts and everything else was kiddie. This book did a good job at explaining the coolness of girls dressing up and playing dress-up. It also was a nice look at what it's like to go to a fashion show, and why some people just don't like them. It was well-written, and showed some of the highs and lows of the fashion industry. I think that a lot of people who go to art museums, especially modern ones, don't like what they see there, and they hate the fact that they're trying to be artistic and cutting edge. I think a lot of people who make fun of them are just jealous of the art movement that they know nothing about. I think people who say they don't like the modern art movement are being jealous of it, not that they're not trying to be cool. Overall, a very interesting look at the modern fashion industry. I recommend it to anyone who loves art, fashion, or the art movement that you know nothing about.

Eric A. photo
Eric A.

I have never seen a documentary which covers such a range of topics. "A Trip to Hell" is a superb production. It covers topics such as the nature of censorship, child abuse, the demise of the socialist system and the history of the so called mafia. The fact that this is not a film is a testament to the fact that it's worth watching. If you're interested in this topic then I suggest you watch it. You won't be disappointed.

Timothy photo

A couple of years ago I found this movie on TV and I watched it with great enthusiasm. It's an intense, deep look into the lives of the convicted people of the french penal system. It shows their fall from grace, their suffering, their pain, their hopes and their hopes for change. A beautiful documentary, about people who were victims of the system and it's power to impose their will on others. It shows the struggle and the agony of the actors, of the mother who lost her son and daughter, of the very troubled actor who wanted to be an actor but couldn't make it. It's really hard to watch these people and it's really tough to understand their situation. But in spite of this, I felt a strong connection with the film and I am really glad I watched it. It made me feel sorry for the prisoners who have to go through such harsh and inhuman conditions and to me it's a great pity that it didn't work out. I recommend it to anyone who wants to know more about the system.

Richard photo

I must say, I was very impressed with this documentary. From the interviews, the events in the story, and the seemingly random was amazing. The fact that no one seemed to know the story behind the case was interesting, since it was a story that everyone in the country seemed to know. The documentaries did a very good job in explaining all of the details of what happened. The camera work was beautiful, and it was very interesting to see where the evidence was, or who it was "accidentally" hit by the accident. It really made the viewer want to see it again. The story had a very emotional effect on me. I am sad that it happened to these people, and I hope that they can find the strength to get through this, and get better. It makes you wonder how many other lives are just like this one. They are just as important as the people who did this, and hopefully can be remembered.