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Big Sonia is a movie starring Sonia Warshawski, SuEllen Fried, and Caroline James Kennedy. In the last store in a defunct shopping mall, 91-year-old Sonia Warshawski - great-grandmother, businesswoman, and Holocaust survivor - runs...

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1 hours 33 minutes
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History, Family, Documentary
Leah Warshawski, Todd Soliday
Eric Frith
Sonia Warshawski, Caroline James Kennedy, Regina Kort, SuEllen Fried
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For years, Sonia Warshawski has been an inspirational public speaker at schools, churches and prisons, where her stories of surviving the Holocaust as a teenager have inspired countless students, prisoners and ex-cons who once felt their own traumas would leave them broken forever. But when Sonia is served an eviction notice for her iconic tailor shop, which has thrived in the bottom of a now-abandoned mall for 35 years, she is confronted with an agonizing decision: either open up a new shop-at age 90-or retire. For a woman who admits that she stays busy "to keep the dark parts away", facing retirement dredges up fears she'd long forgot she had, and her traumatic personal past resurfaces. Following Sonia as she continues on the motivational speaker circuit (even as she navigates her own struggles) BIG SONIA explores what it means to be a survivor. Will you let your trauma define you? Or will your past make you stronger?

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Dylan Webb photo
Dylan Webb

I watched this film in an electronic theatre in Hong Kong, and the audience was completely captivated by this amazing documentary. In particular, I had a very strong sense of being caught up in the moment, of being drawn in, as it were, and becoming a part of the story. It was as if I was "in the movie", and in the midst of it. I believe that this film is worth watching, especially if you are interested in the US' relations with China. I hope that people will enjoy the film, and that it will be seen by people of all ages. The visuals are stunning, and are the most stunning I have seen for quite some time. The music is absolutely stunning, too, as well as the narration. I cannot recommend this film highly enough.

Nicholas photo

I saw the documentary last night and thought it was brilliant. This is how India deals with its own past and this is a film that must be seen and shared by all Indians who love this country. It will shock and outrage many and will raise many questions for all to discuss. It will also give you a glimpse into the mindset of Indians who are striving to make this a better country. The film tells the story of "Dolma Bala" who was the leader of the peasant's movement in the 1920's. Her story is amazing. The story she tells of her struggle to survive and the challenges she faced while doing so is inspirational. The film tells the story of other people who were inspired by her and they struggle to be just as great as she was. The film also tells the story of "Kanwar" who came to India after his father was killed in a riot and was so angry he set himself on fire and died from his injuries. His story is also inspiring. I can't wait to see it again!

Benjamin photo

I have been a fan of Rani Mukherjee since her debut in "Laxmi Tyagi". She has become a true icon in the Indian film industry, a true movie maker. This is a must watch for all the Indian film lovers. For those who don't know what "Laxmi Tyagi" is, its about a small village girl who lives in the streets and survives by being an artist. This movie has given the life to the woman and its wonderful. The background music, the performances, the sets, everything is just awesome. Every song is amazing and the background music is just gorgeous. Its really amazing to see the place of Bharti in the city. The whole city looks like Bharti in the movie. I have never seen anything like this before. Its really a must watch for the whole family. I will watch this movie over and over again. The whole village is so wonderful and the whole village is just a masterpiece of Indian film. I have never seen such a movie, this is what we can do.

Jane J. photo
Jane J.

I found this film to be quite inspirational, in particular as it was a film from a feminist perspective. The film opens up to the viewer with a discussion of why women and men are not equal. The men in the film were well portrayed as being misogynistic, aggressive and violent. It also makes you think about what life might have been like for women, and for men, in the times and places where the film takes place. I would recommend this film to anyone who has a general interest in the subject. I found it to be quite inspirational, and will definitely watch it again.

Gregory photo

Very good documentary and I highly recommend it to everyone. Some of the subjects are not shown in great detail, and one should be prepared to suspend disbelief a little in order to understand what is going on. Very good story about the lives of the indigenous peoples of the Americas. A very powerful film. The quality of the production is impressive. The actors were very good. Very well done.

Brenda photo

This is a truly amazing documentary. It is a beautifully filmed story of the extraordinary events that led up to the 1969 oil crisis. There are numerous wonderful and memorable images of a courageous and determined group of people in the midst of the worst economic crisis in modern times. The opening shots are of people getting their first paycheck as part of the 1969 strike. We see the workers and the bosses in the field, the union officials in the council meeting, and of course, the workers in the plant. I especially loved the images of the ground workers. They were doing all they could to keep their jobs, but they were no match for the plants' owners. The whole sequence is so moving and haunting that I was overcome with emotion. After the film, I was moved to tears, and I thought of all of the workers who suffered and died that day. I knew then that something like that could happen again, and I believe that it has.

Lawrence Meyer photo
Lawrence Meyer

An absolutely wonderful documentary that gives us a glimpse into the lives of young people in the Indian subcontinent, especially the people living in Kashmir. It is quite clear that the problem of Kashmir is one that affects not only the residents of the state, but also people in India and around the world. I would like to commend the filmmakers for bringing these stories to the screen and bringing the real suffering of Kashmir to the public eye. It is quite evident that Kashmir has been portrayed in a very negative light, as though it is just a cause of "separatists" and not a real problem that should be solved by all concerned. I would like to add that the film is far more than a documentary about Kashmir, but is a reflection on the tragedy of Kashmir. I would like to thank the filmmakers for bringing these stories to the world and for exposing the horrors of Kashmir to the world. This is a must see film.

Arthur Lawson photo
Arthur Lawson

I am glad I finally saw this movie. It really helped me to understand some of the underlying concepts. This movie was about the non-governmental organizations and their work and about how they impact people in the United States and internationally. The story of this movie is really compelling. The actors really did a great job. The director did an amazing job in creating the film. It really had a strong emotional impact on me. I really liked the message of the movie and I hope everyone sees it. The director did a great job. I would give this movie a 9 out of 10.

Christina Hudson photo
Christina Hudson

It's hard to describe what a documentary film is. One thing is for sure, it has to do with something important. We're all in a group of people, we have problems, we feel like we can't do anything, we are not able to do anything. It's a feeling that you have. It's something that can be experienced by anyone, everyone, but only in the form of a film. You can't just watch a movie, you have to see it. And what better film than the one that's going to change the way you think about yourself? I just finished watching this documentary, and I was on the edge of my seat, constantly thinking how good this film is going to be. It's a film that's not just about the Iraq war, but also about the condition of Iraq, the problems that are going on there, and the people that live there. What I found really impressive is the way that the director did not try to show the Iraqi people, but instead showed them through the eyes of the people who were in the affected areas, who lived with them, and what they felt and what they saw. What I didn't find impressive was the way that the director did not show the people of Iraq what was going on in their country, because I think that's the only way you can really understand what's going on in Iraq. But again, this is just my opinion. This is just my opinion, and if you're the same, you should check it out, because it's a great film, that really touched my heart, and that made me think about the way I live my life, and what I'm capable of doing, and I don't want to be left out of this film, because I want to see more of this kind of film.

Jane K. photo
Jane K.

This is a wonderful documentary about a woman who loves the land, but has become aware of the dangers of the extraction of oil from the land. She talks about the obstacles and the people who are working in the area, but it is most evident in the way she interacts with the locals, her interactions with the people in the community, and her communication with the media. She is at the same time a mother and a protector of her land, and an advocate of the people who are suffering. This is a great film and a very inspirational one. It is a must see!

Bruce photo

This is a well done documentary about the tragedy of the Indian nuclear disaster in 1986, and what happened after. It is well acted, it tells the story of people affected by the nuclear disaster, and of those who got caught up in the aftermath. There is a lot of footage of people showing their grief, and showing the destruction and destruction of the city and countryside. It is a very moving film, and I think it is the best documentary on the subject I have ever seen. I highly recommend it.

Michelle Nguyen photo
Michelle Nguyen

I had seen this documentary in my high school, so I was interested in it. However, I never got around to watching it, and now that I have, I am glad I did. The way the subjects were portrayed was fascinating. They are people who are "unlike any other humans in the world". They do things that most of us do not do, and they do things that most of us would not do. I found this to be a very emotional film, and I thought that the way that the directors handled the subject matter was excellent. The actors were very talented, and the stories they told were very well done. I also liked the fact that they did not tell the same stories over and over again, but used a number of different characters. I am glad that I found this documentary, and it is a great example of why documentaries are important. I would definitely recommend it to anyone.

Teresa C. photo
Teresa C.

A beautiful film, the first one I've seen about the history of the anti-apartheid struggle. I've seen many documentaries on the topic, but this one is the most comprehensive. You can easily see how many different countries and continents were involved in the struggle. I highly recommend it.

Joe photo

The film tells the story of Bollywood superstar Raja Chaudhary, the first elected to the House of Commons of the United Kingdom. A person who never really belonged in India. He is portrayed as a person who is self-serving, immature and a liar. He always plays the roles of a successful businessman and a "saint", and never actually existed as an individual. He was just a figurehead. I saw this film while working on a PhD project, and this story has been told to me many times in English, French, German and Italian, as well as other languages. I saw it on the BBC, in a documentary and in many other countries. In many of these countries, the film is seen as a document of a country that is in a different historical phase. It is also seen as a story of how, a culture that was really stable for many centuries, can be torn apart by forces of new culture and politics. As we know, Raja Chaudhary was a representative of a new culture in India, and his rise was the downfall of the old order. He was so much a representative of his own culture, that he was both anti-Muslim and anti-Christian, at the same time. The film is a personal account, with a small cast of British people, and one British historian, who were interviewed by the filmmakers. The film is highly emotional, showing us the changes that were taking place in British India. It is a dramatic story, but it is not a film for the entertainment of the crowd. It is not a film for the masses. It is a film for the educated, because it shows the changes in India, and how they affected the British people, and the people who were raised by them. I saw this film on a week in the life of Raja Chaudhary, in the late 1950s. I did not know anything about him before seeing this film. I saw this film as an intellectual exercise, and I enjoyed it. I can only hope that people will see this film, and that it will not be seen as a political film. I would like to thank the filmmakers for bringing this film to the world. It is a very interesting film, and I hope that the world will see it, and appreciate the cultural and social changes that took place in India during this time.

Wayne Webb photo
Wayne Webb

This is a documentary that does an excellent job at bringing an intimate view of the crisis facing the planet. It's amazing to see the effect that the ocean has on human beings. It is the first documentary I've ever seen that shows that the environment affects our bodies, our brain and our emotions. This is a film that should be a major part of our education system. It also tells us about the human cost of environmental destruction. This is a great documentary that needs to be seen by every person in the world.

Bryan Williams photo
Bryan Williams

For me, this is a documentary about the Sixties, the years that we all lived through. It's a great story, told in a powerful way, with an incredible soundtrack. For me, it's the first documentary I've seen about the American Civil Rights movement, which was the start of the American Civil Rights Movement. The video and soundtrack is worth the price of admission alone.

William photo

It's a simple but powerful story of courage and hope, with an inspiring and memorable music score. Great!

Jose P. photo
Jose P.

There are many misconceptions about the Indian government. Some think it is socialist. Others think it is communist. Most people think it is authoritarian. This documentary addresses these misconceptions and shows how the Indian government is actually a democratic system. It is an eye opener to anyone who has any knowledge of Indian history and politics. The film is narrated by former Indian prime minister Indira Gandhi. It is an emotional and powerful documentary. It also highlights the efforts of Indian citizens to overthrow the Indian government and make a better India. It was made in the 1980s, so many people have forgotten the reality of the Indian government. A number of people who have lost their lives have said that they were not aware of the Indian government. This documentary also shows that the Indian government is not the "bad guys". It is a democratically elected government. It is not corrupt, or tyrannical. It is democratic. It does not use violence or violence against its own citizens. It does not torture its own citizens. It does not make decisions without consulting its citizens. The Indian government does not only give out passports. It also gives out education, health care, and other benefits to its citizens. This documentary should be required viewing for all Americans. The fact that the Indian government was not only democratic, but also democratic enough to avoid violence against its own citizens, should be reflected in all Americans' minds.

Tammy photo

There are many ways to share the wealth of the earth. One of the best ways is to create and nurture a beautiful ecosystem. This film does just that. A fascinating and inspiring film. This is not a documentary. This is a story. The story of a mother who is determined to protect her daughter from the ravages of nature. This is a story of courage and commitment. This is a story about the courage of a mother to give her daughter a chance to live a happy life. The film is a wonderful testament to the power of nature. This film should be shown in schools and colleges as a way to learn about the role of nature in our lives.

Raymond Walker photo
Raymond Walker

This movie is a must see for any Indian or any global citizen. It is an absolutely eye opening and life changing documentary. It can bring about change to any one who is on a path of thinking. You will have to watch this movie multiple times to get all the information and make it your own.

Harry F. photo
Harry F.

When I watched this film I was just a kid, but now that I'm older I know what was important in this film. First of all the film has been banned in India. This shows the censorship of India. In the film, people of the area, were threatened by the religious forces and the government. The director did a great job to get all the people who witnessed the censorship. Also I felt that the film could have been better and the music should have been better. If you are looking for a good film about censorship and religious repression, this film is for you.

Evelyn Stone photo
Evelyn Stone

I'm an American born and raised in India and I saw this movie with a friend. I don't like the portrayal of Indian's in the media. This movie is the opposite. It is a strong representation of the struggle of the Indian's to make it in the United States and it has a very strong message. If you have any doubt about the people portrayed in this movie, you should see this movie. It is a must see for everyone. It will make you feel good about your country and your family. I would recommend this movie to anyone who has not seen it. You will not regret watching it.

Stephanie photo

What a terrific documentary on India's "Nepotism" problem. It tells the story of a very important and sensitive issue in Indian history. I also enjoyed the movie a lot. It is a very important movie, since it gives a very sensitive, thought-provoking and realistic view on a very sensitive issue. There are also many other movies that are very similar in style, but I don't want to mention them here. You can watch this movie to see the truth. I highly recommend this movie.