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Citizen Jane: Battle for the City

Citizen Jane: Battle for the City is a movie starring Thomas Campanella, Vincent D'Onofrio, and Mindy Fullilove. Writer and urban activist Jane Jacobs fights to save historic New York City during the ruthless redevelopment era of...

Other Titles
Kampen for New York, Citizen Jane, ジェイン・ジェイコブズ ニューヨーク都市計画革命, Untitled Cities Documentary
Running Time
1 hours 32 minutes
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Documentary, Biography, History
Matt Tyrnauer
Mindy Fullilove, Thomas Campanella, Alexander Garvin, Vincent D'Onofrio
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English, Deutsch, Français, Italiano, Español, Svenska, Gaeilge, Nederlands
日本語, Čeština, Tiếng Việt, Português, 한국어, Australia, Filipino, हिन्दी

Writer and urban activist Jane Jacobs fights to save historic New York City during the ruthless redevelopment era of urban planner Robert Moses in the 1960s.

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Harry photo

I came to the movie thinking that I would enjoy it. I came out of it being frustrated. The film makers were not there to tell the story. They were there to present it. It seemed that they did not know what to say, how to talk about it, or what to say. As a result the movie didn't get the job done that it was intended to do. As the movie got longer, it became more and more disjointed. I am a parent and I would have liked to have seen more of the development of my son. The acting of the fathers was wonderful. They were just "there." There was no depth to the roles they were playing. I am sure the women in the audience also felt that way. As the movie continued, it became increasingly difficult to follow what was happening. The director seemed more concerned about the story and less about what the characters were saying or doing. I just could not see the "story" through the director's eyes. I did like the fact that there were some things that were very interesting and important to the audience. I was very interested in the responses of the younger women who were interviewed. I did not see the movie that I wanted to see. I was very disappointed.

Edward S. photo
Edward S.

This documentary was one of the best I've seen in a long time. After I saw it I felt like I needed to watch it again. This is probably the most under-rated documentary of all time. This documentary covers the very important topics like the Corrupt Politicians in Australia and how the major parties got into power. This documentary was written by one of the people in the news media. This documentary was made to show the people of Australia how they are going to vote. I believe this documentary will be able to sway the election results in Australia. The documentary has interviews with all the major parties. I have heard that in Australia it is very difficult to change your vote in your government. This documentary can change your vote and you will not have to worry about voting for the other party. This documentary was made by a person that understands how the political system works in Australia. He had the help of many politicians and it is very difficult to talk to them without using code words. This documentary is the most important documentary you will ever see. I feel that this documentary will help change the political system in Australia and change your vote. This documentary is very informative. I highly recommend this documentary.

Carl Shaw photo
Carl Shaw

This film gives a great background of the controversial 50s period of time in NYC, as well as covering the different battles that led to the subsequent urban renewal projects. I especially liked how the filmmakers emphasized the issue of migration and how the city itself had many undocumented immigrants. I also liked the "nose to nose" film of Joseph's character, as well as the ending. While this film is really interesting, I thought that it was a little over-dramatic, and perhaps a bit long in spots. Overall, I thought this was a good documentary about the tumultuous 50s era of NYC. I highly recommend this film to anyone who is interested in how the city was changing, and how different groups were fighting for control of the city.

Helen photo

I don't think this is an overly critical review, but I do have some reservations. For one, I think that the subject of this movie is too close to home. It seems that this subject is one that a lot of people are familiar with. I can't say that I really knew anyone that had served as a judge in the US military. That being said, the movie did cover a lot of the bases. It covered the aspects of the Army and the Air Force, as well as the Federal Government. It covered some other historical events, including the Civil War. It also covered many different types of members of the military. I thought that this movie did an excellent job of telling the story of the Vietnam War. It was an extremely difficult time for the men who served. I am glad that the movie was made, and I look forward to the film's release.

Susan L. photo
Susan L.

As a massive movie buff, I have found the documentary "Citizen Jane" to be one of the best movies I have ever seen. The only movies I would not recommend is "Empire of the Sun", "The Lord of the Rings" trilogy, "Fantastic Four", "The Matrix", and "Empire of the Sun". I am not saying that I would not like any of these movies, but they are movies that have absolutely no depth to them, and thus, cannot hold my interest. "Citizen Jane" is an excellent movie for people that enjoy a good story, good characters, and a good plot. There is no one single flaw that I could find in this movie. In fact, it is probably one of the best movies that I have seen in a long time. I would give it an 8 out of 10. I can't wait for "Citizen Jane: The Story of Captain Dennys Crossing", which I hope will be out soon.

Billy G. photo
Billy G.

A political/journalist film that is rather interesting in that the production quality is good and the filming is superb, but the presentation is quite confusing. The title of the film is a bit misleading because it is not a documentary but rather a public service announcement from The Government. They make the public serve as "Citizen Jane", or whatever it is, to all of the important institutions in the world. The film opens with an interview with Anne-Marie Slaughter (Citizen Jane) where she explains why she wants to be a journalist and what she did before she became one. She is then interviewed by former Secretary of State George Schultz (John Landis) and former Chief of Staff Jack Goldsmith (Michael Stuhlbarg). The film then shows what happens when Citizen Jane was a reporter for the Wall Street Journal. They interview her again and show her how she began her career in The Journal. This time it is a television special on The History Channel. She does a great job and it is also interesting to see how she transitioned from a newspaper reporter to a television reporter. After her television career, she started her own newspaper. She continued to do news coverage for the newspaper until she died. Her life is then explored by some of her colleagues and relatives. The documentary covers some of her best and worst days. There are many moments in the documentary where they discuss what it was like to work for her. But then they all seem to go on and on. It is not easy to follow the story and it is very unclear. They also interview her ex-husband and her ex-boyfriend and they are both rather unclear. The film is an interesting story of how a young reporter rose to a successful career in journalism. The documentary is not very well-made but it does have an interesting and informative story. It is worth a watch for the very interesting interview with Anne-Marie Slaughter.

Christina May photo
Christina May

The pro-environmental message is very effective and is not overplayed at all, it is made very clear, but what the film does not show is the activities of the local environmental activist who is also a private citizen. She is very effective in showing the concerns of the people that there are also a lot of serious problems in this city. I agree with what the director said in the interview, when he says "I love it when I can look at my children and not be afraid", the film makers did a great job showing this effect, and not over exaggerating or not taking the environmental point of view. In conclusion, I think the film is worth seeing, I think the director did a great job in making it entertaining and educational. I also think that the "city of citizens" theme is a great idea. It shows how citizens from all walks of life can work together, but I think that the film makers could have improved on this part. They could have shown more, but I would have preferred that they show more actions of the environmental activist and less of the action of the private citizen, but maybe they should do more interviews with these people to get to know them better. I would also like to add that the documentary in many ways could be compared to a great documentary called "Finding Nemo", in that it does show what the people in the movie think, but at the same time is quite realistic, and shows the true impact of this city and it's environmental problems. The film also shows how people can work together, and make things happen, and I would also like to see more of this kind of documentaries. This film does a great job in showing the real life effects of the environmental issues in this city, but I would have liked to see more interviews with the environmental activist, and less of the actions of the private citizen. I also think that the director could have done a better job at showing the ecological problems, because I think he missed some important points in this film. I am giving this film an 8/10. A must see documentary. 8/10

Frances photo

Citizen Jane: Battle for the City is a movie that I was really excited to watch as I've always been a fan of Ayaan Hirsi Ali and her strong stand for women's rights. The movie was informative and it is great that Ayaan showed her experience in the early years of her activism as she grew up in Somalia. She explains that she is not an advocate for women, she is an activist for women. She shows her personal journey of dealing with her father's violence and her relationship with her brothers who would only care about money. The movie is a bit lengthy but still the documentary is good because it shows Ayaan's personal and educational experience and her journey from Somali to the United States and to the Dutch. The movie does a good job in showing how Ayaan got started in her activism and how she is in the forefront of women's rights in the Netherlands. The movie is quite depressing at some points and the movie itself is very long. The movie is quite informative and interesting as Ayaan continues to fight for women's rights and I believe the movie is worth seeing.

Brittany Guerrero photo
Brittany Guerrero

I was surprised to see a documentary on this film, since the MPAA removed it from the public release schedule. The documentary does a good job of explaining what the film is about, but I was a bit put off by the political nature of the film. It seemed like the main actor, Ava DuVernay, was trying to pull off a film about politics. While I don't know if she has the skill to pull this off, I will say that she did a good job, as well as her director, Fassbender. Although the movie was good, I think the political issues it raised were better discussed in "Her," the film DuVernay also did about the 2016 election.

Timothy G. photo
Timothy G.

In a rare interview from the set of the sequel to his 1986 Oscar winning film Citizen Kane, Mr. Spielberg reveals how much the controversy over Citizen Kane led to the scrapping of the original screenplay and how he was disappointed to see the reaction it caused. Spielberg is very much a proponent of originality and keeps his comments very much in the light of what he himself has been asked about the film's "thrilling" ending. But he points out that his original idea for the film had to be scrapped because of its being too cliched, but the director also reveals that the film actually became a hit with audiences, and so the finished product turned out to be just as great. While the film does have its flaws, Mr. Spielberg is very much against re-telling the film, and he says that if his brother George had been asked to rewrite the script for The Great Gatsby, he would have been more than willing to do so. Spielberg also talks about the positive and negative reactions the film had to it, with the positive being that people loved the movie's bold visuals, and the negative being that the movie didn't do well in the box office. Mr. Spielberg also talks about the return of one of his favorite characters, Henry Fonda, who plays Dashwood in the sequel. The only other interview that I have seen from Mr. Spielberg is in the trailer for Schindler's List, but that one is much more grounded in the nature of Spielberg's films, so it's not really necessary to see this interview from that one. Anyway, this is a very good interview, with some very interesting revelations about the film that the film industry doesn't often reveal, and I can't wait to see what Mr. Spielberg has in store for us next.

Ralph C. photo
Ralph C.

As a long-time fan of the Oscar-nominated CITIZEN KENNY, and to my surprise to see the subject of the documentary on a late-night talk show, I was a little apprehensive about the topic of the documentary, which I was just told would be somewhat biased towards CITIZEN KENNY. I'm happy to report that I was totally wrong about this. This film shows the 'real' CITIZEN KENNY through the eyes of the mother and sister of a guy who was shot and killed by a member of the city's police force, as well as a cop himself. I was impressed by how sensitively and well done the director and writer handled this topic, as well as the courage they have to talk about it. They showed CITIZEN KENNY in a way that made me feel as if I was actually witnessing a story unfold on screen. In the documentary, we hear from several key people who were involved in CITIZEN KENNY, including people like the detective who investigated the case, the mayor of the city who thought it was a racially motivated attack, and the woman who became a volunteer at the hospital where she was assaulted and ended up in the hospital, where she then decided to take action against the police force for not doing enough to protect her. The film also goes into how some CITIZEN KENNY victims sued the city and then lost. This film does a very good job of showing how police and prosecutors looked the other way for a long time while a man was murdered, even while he was trying to warn the public about the dangers of the police force. A very important part of this film is how the filmmaker and writer handled the relationship between CITIZEN KENNY victims and CITIZEN KENNY's surviving victims. As I've stated in the summary, the CITIZEN KENNY case is very sensitive to me. I knew the truth about CITIZEN KENNY before I saw this documentary, but now I know more than ever about CITIZEN KENNY's implications, because I was actually very lucky to have a chance to meet the real CITIZEN KENNY's surviving victims. I think it's a very powerful film that is well-acted, and directed, and edited, and it is well-worth seeing. I think it will be important to see the CITIZEN KENNY documentary in order to learn more about CITIZEN KENNY's tragic story.

Carolyn G. photo
Carolyn G.

This documentary is about the investigation into a potential terrorist attack against New York City in 2006. It explores the events of the day, from what went down on the ground to the level of understanding that the public had with the "victims". The main protagonist of the documentary is Elisabeth O'Brien, who is the "Citizen Jane" who investigates the incident. O'Brien reports on her work and personal life, which eventually leads to her becoming a "person of interest" for the NYPD. O'Brien is the lead character, and the investigation goes on, through various other people and organizations involved in the investigation. It goes on for almost three hours, and it shows a lot of detail about the investigation, which is amazing to watch. The entire investigation is shown, in great detail. There are interviews with the families of the "victims", and O'Brien herself talks about her work and her life. You can see the seriousness in the faces of the families, which is amazing. The documentary also features a great video, which gives an idea of the type of threat that New York City has to face, which is interesting. Overall, I think that the documentary is good, but it is the way that it was produced, which I find very strange. You could have done a much better job at the documentary. It is also very interesting to see how O'Brien works, and how she integrates her work into her personal life. If you're interested in the investigation into the attacks, I recommend this documentary. 8/10

Jacob F. photo
Jacob F.

I've seen this film twice now. The first time, I watched it with a friend who is a huge fan of the book. We talked about it. The second time I was in the theater watching the film. The first thing that was interesting about this film was the title. The book was called "The Price of Salt." The second thing that was interesting about the film was that it was based on a book. It was based on the book "To Kill a Mockingbird." So, you know that there was a reason for this film to exist. It is based on a book that was written by Harper Lee, which is her real life husband. I thought that the film was a great read. It really helped me understand the book and make me see it as more than just a tale. I think the book is a good one. It's a great book and it is full of real life events. I think it is a great story that can inspire anyone. The film does a good job of telling the story. I think it's better to see the book first then the film. But it's a great film, it just doesn't have that same impact on you like the book. The book is a great story. It has heart. It really does a great job of getting you to care about the characters and getting you to care about the story. The film doesn't have that same effect. But, I would recommend this film. I think it's a great film. I think it will help you understand the story and understand what it is all about.

Eric Obrien photo
Eric Obrien

I did not expect much from this movie, especially after having seen the trailer. I was totally wrong. This is an excellent movie that is full of fascinating information and beautifully presented. I also loved the soundtrack, which makes the movie even more immersive. I would recommend this movie to anyone who wants to learn about the consequences of our changing environment.

Jacob photo

As a documentary, it's surprisingly well-made and effective. It gives the audience a taste of what it must be like to live in a city like New York during the 20th century, without ever showing the physical hardships of living in an urban area. This makes it more believable for viewers, as well as a little bit scary for them. While this movie won't change your life, it's worth a watch.

Samuel S. photo
Samuel S.

This is an excellent documentary on the battle for the city of Seattle in the early 1960's. The film follows many of the key players involved in the battle, their families, their struggles, their triumphs and their tragedies. It also gives some background on the controversy surrounding the vote to bring the Seahawks to Seattle and the city's reaction. It is interesting to see how the National Football League views Seattle and how they treat their fans. As far as the football rivalry, the film never mentions the NFL and instead focuses on the city and how it dealt with the situation. There is no political commentary or commentary on the city or its people. The film's strengths are its accuracy and its insight into the story of Seattle. The portrayal of the city is very true to life and the scenes in Seattle are very well done. However, the film could have done with a little more dramatic tension, especially during the games. Overall, this is a great film. It provides an excellent account of the day in and day out battle between the people and the Seahawks. It is also interesting to see how the NFL treats its fans. I highly recommend it.

Joseph photo

I agree with all the other reviews and would recommend it to anyone who wants to know more about the real issues. For the most part it is factual and informative. The more I see documentaries about people in America, the more I understand that we all have to deal with the issues of our government. The documentary is too short and not enough information is given in it. A lot of information is left out. The answers are not presented. I was told that this is only for the hard core conspiracy theorists. If you have more knowledge, go see a documentary. I think there are some inaccuracies in the information that is given. It is nice to see that there are people that do understand and act accordingly to the situation. They can see the situation as a result of the actions of the government. To me, it is difficult to know what the people behind the scenes want. All I know is that the people behind the scenes seem to be concerned about their own people and doing their best to keep us safe. I believe they want us to focus on the things that can be done to make a difference in the world. When I see this documentary, I see that a lot of people want to protect us. People in America are divided. They think that they are not having enough influence, or that they don't have enough influence. They are still divided and fighting each other. That is not good. There are still a lot of Americans that are not happy with the government. They are still waiting for the government to take action. I am hoping that this documentary will show the government that people want action and that they should do their best to make a difference.

Lawrence C. photo
Lawrence C.

A young black woman makes her debut as a powerful political activist in a country where slavery is still an issue. I saw this documentary at the Sundance Film Festival and was impressed by how the subject matter was handled. A young woman (Sandra Bland) is one of the most inspiring and powerful people I have seen in a long time. She has been arrested and incarcerated many times but has been able to continue to fight for what she believes in. It is a very sad story but very important and important to anyone who cares about justice and the importance of truth.

Kathryn Romero photo
Kathryn Romero

What do we do when a president of our country dies. What is it that is so special about this country and what does it mean to us? Why do we do what we do? What is so special about America? It is amazing how people are so concerned about one man, Donald J. Trump. But who would have ever thought that this man would actually be elected. In a way, this documentary was a better than expected. It gives us a good idea about what this man stands for, what his policies are, what is he concerned about. The film is divided into three parts. The first one is about the time of his presidency and the second part is about his life after his presidency. It is interesting that the documentary was released in the same month as the presidential election. It is not a film you would expect to see during the presidential election. It was a very important film. Because of this, I would say that it was a good documentary. Because of it, I would give this film an 8 out of 10. It was very interesting and informative. It is a very interesting film and I would recommend it to anyone who has an interest in American politics or the history of America. It was very informative.

Doris V. photo
Doris V.

We just saw this film in Laemmle's multi-screened Paramount Theater in Hollywood. It is a rare treat to see a docu-drama film with such rare passion and energy and great information. It is only a true film if the director and/or producer really cared about the characters and what happened. This is the case here. This is what documentaries should be like. Without a doubt, this is one of the best docs I have ever seen and I saw three documentaries in one day at the 2012 Sundance Festival. The film is about the struggle to get City Hall to open up and get the public to know about the city's problems and to force the mayor to accept the recommendations of an independent task force. It is about the city's business interests, the public interest, and the mayor's personal interests. The docu-drama really becomes a story about public interest in the public's eyes, a story about the public's engagement with the city, and a story about the mayor's personal involvement with the business community and his personal financial interests. The film is riveting, compelling, and exciting. You will find yourself becoming involved in the story. It is a real story and you care about the characters. The filmmakers present this story in a very compelling way, with great shots, great editing, great camera work, great soundtrack. It is really like a documentary, only without the documentaries.

Jordan D. photo
Jordan D.

I had the opportunity to see this film in February 2015 at the Golden Globe awards. I was impressed by the message, by the story, by the overall performance, and by the heartfelt interview of Emma Goldman. I was also impressed by the editing, and the powerful nature of the documentary. For example, when Ms. Goldman is talking about her health, she is not at all complaining. She is in great shape, and she has not had any problems with her health. In fact, she does not even remember the first time she had a heart attack. It is an incredible testament to the power of her voice and to the power of her character. Another outstanding aspect of this documentary is that it was very timely. It was released on January 1, 2016, just a few weeks before President Obama was inaugurated. It is only a couple of months before the inauguration of President Trump. In my opinion, this documentary was very important because it was about the greatest humanitarian of all times, and she has been silenced by her enemies. She was, and still is, a living legend.