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All Saints

All Saints is a movie starring John Corbett, Cara Buono, and Myles Moore. When a group of Burmese refugees join the congregation, the pastor of a failing Anglican church attempts to aid them by planting crops and enlisting the help...

Other Titles
Tüm Azizler, オール・セインツ 幸せのはじまり, L'église All Saints
Running Time
1 hours 48 minutes
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Steve Gomer
Steve Armour
Myles Moore, Cara Buono, Barry Corbin, John Corbett
Audio Languages
English, Deutsch, Français, Italiano, Español, Svenska, Gaeilge, Nederlands
日本語, Čeština, Tiếng Việt, Português, 한국어, Australia, Filipino, हिन्दी

Based on a true story, a newly ordained former sales exec-turned pastor, gets as his first assignment, a failing Episcopal country church in Tennessee, which has been slated for shut-down. His job is to successfully manage that task, after which he will be reassigned to a church in a major city; a job he and his family are looking forward to. His assignment, and his life, get very complicated and challenged when some newly arrived refugees from war-torn Burma, come to the church for help.

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Alan Holmes photo
Alan Holmes

I watched this film on television, I think because my girlfriend caught it, and I really enjoyed it. It is very difficult to make a film that is not offensive, and I think this film was very brave, and well worth watching. It has a lot of flaws, but for the most part it is a very good film. It is also very, very disturbing. A lot of the time the violence is very subtle and subtle, but there are many times when it is graphic. I think that this film is quite successful, in that it does not use a lot of violence, and it is very much disturbing. It is a very good film, and I would recommend it to anyone who likes films that are not violent. 9/10

Susan photo

This film is absolutely fantastic, its real dark and very dark, it's not a light hearted comedy, its not a silly fun. Its not for everyone, but it is a great film. I have read a lot of bad reviews on this film, and have been confused, I don't understand why people are trying to bash this film. I have seen the film and thought it was excellent, it is not for everyone, it has a dark feel to it, its not for everyone, but I am glad I watched it, it was excellent, I would recommend this film to anyone who is a fan of horror or has a dark sense of humour. It is not for everyone, but if you like dark films, or want to see a dark film, this is definitely for you.

Zachary photo

This is an intense drama about the true story of a real life priest and the people he touched over the years. The movie has it's moments, but they are not enough to keep your attention. I actually got up and walked out of the theatre before the end. The movie is well directed and the cast is excellent. The story is compelling, the acting is solid, and the pace is steady. The plot is complex and engaging, and the direction is spot on. The movie is a tearjerker, but it is not meant to be. The movie does not try to make a statement, or to make a point, it just wants to tell the story of a priest who was a good man who had a tragic ending. This movie is a MUST SEE.

Ann W. photo
Ann W.

I am a very big fan of Nicolas Cage. He is a great actor. His role in this movie is different from his other movies. It is more in the movie's style. He is a fighter and a leader. This movie is very good. I have read other comments and some people did not like it, but I think this is a great movie. The story is good. There are many emotions in this movie. I think this movie is a must see. It is also a movie I would like to watch again. I hope Nicolas Cage would make more movies like this. I also liked the movie. I hope he will make more movies like this one. I recommend this movie to everyone. I give this movie an 9 out of 10.

Teresa Contreras photo
Teresa Contreras

I have watched this movie so many times, it's a bit of a cliche, but I can't help it. I've always liked this movie, especially because of the cast. Michael Caine, the pretty boy turned hard guy, Clive Owen, the innocent, gentle, sometimes funny character. And most of all, I loved Marlon Brando. His face always makes me laugh, and it's really rare to find a movie with such a serious subject that doesn't lose something. It's a pity that many people don't understand it, because it's quite funny and it's not your typical movie. The main problem I have with this movie is that the scenes were a bit too long, I had to watch them almost twice to get them. I mean, it's almost a masterpiece, but I was a bit disappointed.

Willie L. photo
Willie L.

I was lucky enough to get the chance to watch this film at the 2014 San Diego Gay & Lesbian Film Festival. It is based on a true story, a young woman who was beaten, harassed, raped, and forced to commit suicide by her own family. This film follows her story, and depicts the lives of the families who lived with her, the people who knew her, and the people who were close to her. It is an honest, brave, and real story, but it's also a great film. The performances were amazing, the film was beautiful, and it was very well shot. This is a movie that you should see.

Donald photo

The movie has a good story and some good actors. I enjoyed the movie, I would recommend to watch this movie. The movie was very interesting to watch. The movie is like a documentary. It has good parts and bad parts. I am still waiting for the end of the movie.

Austin photo

This film is one of the few films that i have ever seen that is truly moving, and that it is in a non-traditional way. In this film, the lead actor is the only man in the entire film to survive a plane crash, and his wife is the only one to survive a hurricane. But when the husband dies, the woman decides that the only way to get the message across to her children is to have an arranged marriage with a man she cannot stand. She refuses to let her children know who the father is, even though they have been exposed to the news for years. She then decides that it would be a better idea to have her children tell her husband's secret. This is a very sad film, and I recommend it to anyone who wants to see a film about a family's struggle.

Beverly H. photo
Beverly H.

This movie was amazing. It was so real, yet so beautiful. I was completely absorbed in the story. The acting was superb and the characters were unforgettable. This was a great movie and I would recommend it to everyone.

Lauren Lynch photo
Lauren Lynch

The story of this film is fantastic. It is very well told, showing the struggles of the two men as they learn to love each other and to forgive each other. The acting is very good. Both Meryl Streep and Timothy Hutton are wonderful in their roles. As for the film itself, I think it is quite special. It's not very easy to find, and it's not the type of film you see every day. The film has a very profound effect on you after you watch it. It makes you think about things in a different way. I really enjoyed the film and highly recommend it.

Martha photo

Casting the perfect role for Peter O'Toole was a tremendous success for this film. He was excellent as the narrator who tells us the stories of the 'lost' children. I really enjoyed his narration. The story was not predictable. I was able to follow the story and I never got bored. The songs were great. I was able to remember all of them and remember them well. The cinematography was also fantastic. I could feel the atmosphere of the house. The environment of the story was realistic and the actors were great. This film is a masterpiece and I highly recommend it.

Marie J. photo
Marie J.

A film that is purely about the human spirit. I can't say that I'm very religious, but I think that this film is a great inspiration for all of us. It's hard to do a good film when it's hard to find a good story, but this film is one of those films that is perfect for that, and I think that anyone who likes good films will love this film. The actors are great, and the performances are perfect. It's also the first film I've seen from Wes Craven that I can honestly say I like. And I love the way he uses the medium to tell a story that is still entertaining. I recommend this film to anyone who wants a good film.

Donna Cox photo
Donna Cox

A little under the surface of the movie you can see the love of the people and the pain they're in. I just saw this movie and I'm sure I will be thinking about it for a while after. The director really showed us a side of New York City that's hard to see in other movies. It's not the real place where I live. You know it's just another place that's not like this. This is what I loved about the movie. It's a good story and very inspiring. The story is really inspiring. I hope that it will inspire more people to go to church.

Lisa photo

I watched this film today in the UK and was very impressed with the acting and the story. The story was told in a way that felt like a true story. It was extremely well acted and I found the story to be very realistic and felt it was very moving. I was very impressed with the acting and the story. I was expecting a lot from this film and I got more than I bargained for. I really enjoyed this film and recommend it to anyone who wants to have a good time. I would recommend this film to anyone who is interested in the subject of religion and is not sure what to expect.

Lauren Robinson photo
Lauren Robinson

My sister and I were lucky enough to see this movie at the Metrograph screening last night. It is one of my favorite films. It is a perfect tribute to the life of the priest in our town. I loved every bit of it. The performances were fantastic and the cinematography was amazing. I really can't believe that it was made for $12,000. This movie is a must see for everyone who is a fan of film and art. Everyone in the audience loved it. I highly recommend it. My sister and I are going to see it again tonight and I hope it doesn't get lost in the shuffle.

Katherine photo

In the end, we are what we are, and if we can forgive ourselves and others, then we will forgive ourselves and others. This is one of those rare films where you can see how a "bitch" can be redeemed by her redemption of a "bitch" and the way the two come together. The acting was superb, the story was exciting, and the editing was well done. The last 20 minutes were amazing and I recommend this movie to anyone who can relate to how it was like in the town where they grew up. I hope they make a sequel to this film. I will be watching it again soon.

Jean Reed photo
Jean Reed

There's nothing too new here. This is a classic. And it's a very good one. A truly great film.

Nancy photo

When I was in high school, I would get to see the play at night. It was always a blast, and I'm glad I was able to catch this one. The play is a good story that does not have much in the way of action or suspense, but it's a good story. I liked that the play is not for everyone. The cast is excellent. I especially liked the characters of the preacher and the two boys. The actors were excellent in their roles. I was impressed with the ending, and I liked the story line, the plays, and the acting.

Eric Weber photo
Eric Weber

I was very interested in seeing this film, and I am so glad I watched it. I thought the movie was amazing and all the actors and actresses gave outstanding performances. I would have to say this film is the most realistic portrayal of a mother and her child since "Bridget Jones Diary". I think the movie was more realistic than most films and it was even more believable that this was happening to the mothers. I would definitely recommend this movie to anyone who is interested in a realistic portrayal of a mother and her child. I think this movie is definitely worth a watch and I hope the director and the actors and actresses do many more movies like this.

Billy photo

The plot is basic, but the images are gorgeous. From the first few minutes, you want to see more. I loved the photography. It was very beautiful. I was also moved by the story. It is very human. It is heartbreaking when things go wrong, but it is also joyful when things go right. It is a beautiful film. It is not perfect. The ending is very predictable. But it is a beautiful film. There is not a lot of violence or blood, but it still has a strong impact on the viewer. This is not a horror film. There are not a lot of jump scares. But it still has a strong impact. The music is very beautiful. I especially liked the song "Tell Me My Name". I can't wait to see more of Martin Scorsese's work.

Kathryn photo

To be frank, I was completely surprised by this movie. I had heard that it was hard to find, but I never heard anything about it. When I finally got a chance to see it, I was absolutely blown away. This is a story about the troubled and troubled souls of those in prison. It's a story about hope, about hope. It's a story about redemption. And it's a story about hope. This movie is a masterpiece. It's beautifully made and the acting is top-notch. The only thing that made me question the quality of the film was the music. Some of the songs were just awful, and seemed to go on forever. It was very distracting and seemed like they were going to go on forever. But that didn't take away from the movie, which was still excellent. The story is told in a way that makes you think about what it is that you are doing, and how much that makes you happy. You are not trying to save a particular person or even a family, but the way in which you live your life, and how you feel when you have a good day, are important to this story. It's a story of redemption and hope, and if you haven't seen it, please do.