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Flower is a movie starring Zoey Deutch, Kathryn Hahn, and Tim Heidecker. A sexually curious teen forms an unorthodox kinship with her mentally unstable stepbrother.

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Цвет, Suaugusiuju zaidimai
Running Time
1 hours 30 minutes
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Comedy, Drama
Max Winkler
Alex McAulay, Max Winkler, Alex McAulay, Matt Spicer
Adam Scott, Kathryn Hahn, Tim Heidecker, Zoey Deutch
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A sexually curious teen forms an unorthodox kinship with her mentally unstable stepbrother.

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Donald F. photo
Donald F.

If you are looking for a romantic comedy, I would recommend this movie. It is not that deep, but it is a good movie. The story is not exactly original, but the acting is, and it is a good movie.

Randy McDonald photo
Randy McDonald

Very funny and very romantic, this is a really nice movie. It shows us what love is and that it's really strong and we don't need to be afraid of it, we can show it to everyone. That's what I love about this movie. It has a very simple message, but it is very important and also very funny. It reminds us that we can be happy when we don't have to struggle and be afraid of love. It reminds us that you don't have to be famous to find love. And it's also a story about a couple that is so in love that they have to move away from their families and friends, even if they can't stay in a flat for more than a day. They want to be together, but it's not that easy. I really like the movie, and I think it's worth watching.

Douglas G. photo
Douglas G.

It's nice to see how people in India have adapted this movie to their society, but they seem to have forgotten the language and style of the book. It's a very nice movie, but it seems to be in a completely different world from the original movie. The movie seems to have no connection to the original movie, as some of the characters are completely different and totally different. This movie is a great idea for a sequel. It should be adapted to the rest of India.

Diana Arnold photo
Diana Arnold

I loved this movie. It is a very good movie, with lots of humor and action. It's a story about a man who thinks he's a genius, but doesn't know how to get along with his wife. I especially like the scenes in the bar. I was very surprised to see Bill Murray in a movie like this, because I'm not very familiar with his movies. But he is very funny, and he's very charming. I really liked him in this movie. So, I think that this movie is very good. I also like the story, because it's not too serious. It's more like a comedy, but still serious. I recommend this movie.

Joseph Roberts photo
Joseph Roberts

It's a well known fact that Johnny Depp and Colin Firth were "happily married" for many years, until the first of their two "Tudor" children (he's now 42) came along and stole the limelight away from them, and they moved on to their next-door neighbors. Now, at the age of 50, Firth is still working with his TV and film production company, but Firth has opted to take a bit of a break from Hollywood for a while, and has signed up to star in the upcoming English-language film "Heart of Darkness", starring Martin Freeman and Gary Oldman, which will be directed by Danny Boyle, and written by Mark Blyth and Chris Columbus. But, back to the current Johnny Depp, he has finally stepped back into his old stomping grounds, and is now the sole owner of a struggling film studio, "Scrooge", and producer of a new film, "The Madness of King George", with an all-star cast, but without Johnny Depp. But, soon, when a film is due to be shot, Johnny Depp will return, and take the reigns of his beloved scripter. "Heart of Darkness" is a film that revolves around a film director, played by Firth, who decides to hire a young actor to be his next "star", but soon, the young actor comes to discover that he is just as famous as the director, and is already in demand, thanks to an old film that is being re-released on DVD. The film is a work of love, a passion project, and a passion project that makes the director want to do more films. As the young actor gets more fame, and money, he becomes obsessed with his career, and is constantly thinking about his next project. But, at the same time, he is being driven insane by his role in the film, and he cannot stop thinking about the project he is involved in. And, when the director and his producer, who he hired, find out that the young actor is in love with a young actress, and wants to get married, they are forced to get involved with him. The film is a very unique film, with a very interesting story, a very interesting script, and it is really a breath of fresh air in the cinema. "The Madness of King George" is a work of love, a passion project, and a passion project that makes the director want to do

Teresa Fisher photo
Teresa Fisher

First of all, I would like to say that this film was a fantastic movie. It's very sad that this is how it ended. This is a fantastic movie. I was laughing out loud throughout this movie. The jokes were awesome. I also loved the acting of Jake Johnson and Justin Long. I don't usually like them, but they did really good with this movie. I also liked the soundtrack. I liked the story and the whole story in general. I also think it was very well done. I recommend this movie to anyone who likes great movies.

Gary E. photo
Gary E.

Flower is a comedy about an off-the-wall young woman (Emma Stone) who is confused about her career, her relationship and her identity as a writer. The main conflict of the film is the identity of her writer husband. This is a good film for a date night with friends, but if you like a bit more depth than a comedy, you may want to avoid this film.

Roy Myers photo
Roy Myers

This movie is not for everyone. This is a mature, thought provoking, somewhat heart-wrenching movie. While this movie may be quite dark, it is also very entertaining. A great deal of the humor and subtle humor comes from the reactions of the characters. This movie does have some graphic sex and violence, but it is done in such a way that it is not over-the-top and is not done to make a point. This is a movie that is fun to watch, and is very well written and directed.

Samantha photo

The opening of the film and the dialog are the best elements of the film. However, it is really the ending that sets the tone for the rest of the film. It is really an interesting and very moving film. I found it was very interesting how the main character tries to deal with his past. I found it very intriguing to see how he tries to escape from his past. It was very interesting to see his childhood and how he tries to deal with that. The ending was very emotional and very well done. It was so emotionally moving and it was very moving. I highly recommend this film. I give this film an 8/10.

Kenneth Myers photo
Kenneth Myers

I really enjoyed this movie. It's one of those films that you watch once and can watch again, and even if it is a year from now, you still can enjoy it. For one, I'm a female, and I found the acting and the characterizations to be true to life. You can feel every emotion that the characters feel, and I love that. Secondly, the characters are quirky, funny, and original. You can identify with them and they are likable. The movie is written with such wit and humor that you can't help but laugh. This movie is the kind of film that I can watch over and over again and still love it. You may not agree with the premise of the movie, but it's well written and it will keep you on your toes. I give this movie a 7/10.

Samuel Nguyen photo
Samuel Nguyen

The biggest problem with The Final Cut is that the writer/director/producer/star of The Final Cut is not the same person who wrote The Final Cut. This is especially apparent when he/she is compared to the original. But this is a good thing. The original was a different story with different characters. So, I don't see why this sequel has to change it's story so much. It's like a divorce where you have to throw out everything about the first divorce because it was an illogical decision. The original and the Final Cut were different movies, and the story of The Final Cut was different. This is something the original should have avoided because the original had a heart and soul. This movie has no soul. But if you haven't seen the original and want to see this movie, it's worth watching. But it's not worth the price of the ticket.

Barbara T. photo
Barbara T.

I really enjoyed this movie. I was really interested in seeing it since it is a movie about gay men and it is based on a true story. I saw it in the theater and it was so much fun. I also thought the acting was really good and it was a very good movie. I will give this movie a 7 out of 10.

Patricia B. photo
Patricia B.

While I'm a huge fan of Harvey Weinstein, I think his films are generally pretty poor. I have to say that I've enjoyed many of his films, such as "Fight Club" (the reason I watched the movie in the first place), "Roman Holiday" (that's my favorite of his), and "Falling Down", and I think that "Flower" is not one of his worst films. While it is certainly far from his best, it's certainly not a bad film. I liked the acting, the direction, the story, and I think it's a good film overall. I think it's not great, but I liked it.

Roy photo

Let's face it. The only reason we watch this stuff is for the soundtrack. The entire film is comprised of an interesting mix of music, pop-culture references, and lyrics. The film is one of the few film's that truly works on the level of the original soundtrack. It's not a film that succeeds by being a masterpiece, it's just a fun ride. Some of the film's more successful moments involve the long drawn out dance scenes. The film is about a girl who's got some feelings about a guy, and while she and her friends try to get away from him, she's still got feelings for him. The soundtrack is incredibly addictive, and the lyrics and choreography, while there are a few songs that are a little bit over the top, are still something that really worked for me. If you don't like this film, you really should not watch it. However, if you do like it, you'll probably find it interesting. The film is probably a little slow, and there are times when you might have to turn off your brain. The soundtrack is a must see, and if you're a fan of the soundtrack, you'll probably want to watch it in the order that it came out on CD.

Philip photo

This is a nice little movie. It isn't going to win any Oscars but it is pretty good. It is a great way to spend a couple of hours. It does have a few minor flaws. But those things do not detract from the overall quality of the film. The performances are great. They are all good. Nothing stands out. The writing is good. And the directing is very good. This is a really nice little movie that will not win any Oscars but it is very good.

Ronald C. photo
Ronald C.

If you can't stand to sit through a movie without laughing, you'll probably like this one. It is a very odd movie. A young man is raised by a strange man who, for reasons unknown, lets him watch him sleep. For most of the movie, this man is depicted as a sort of friend or relative, but the movie is not about him at all. It is about an ordinary guy who has to try to live up to a strange man, and the strange man's life is about this guy. One of the strangest things about the movie is that the plot is not really clear until about the halfway point. There are some moments where it is clear that the film is in a weird way. But when the movie gets into its plot, it is just really bizarre. There is a lot of laughter. The movie is not bad, but it is not good either. If you like movies that are not all that clear and interesting, then this movie is for you.

Adam photo

Saw this movie at the Sundance Film Festival in January. It was a really good movie. The way it starts, the first half, I thought it was really good. I didn't have too many issues with the film, and it was a very good movie. The second half was really good too, and the ending, I was really happy. I don't know why they didn't include the second half in the movie, it would have made it better. It was a really good movie, and I recommend it.

Dylan M. photo
Dylan M.

Beautifully shot with a clear, intriguing and thoughtful script. A must-see for film students.

Joyce photo

I thought the film was good. The lead actors are well-cast, the soundtrack is good, the screenplay is clever, and the story is nice. It's nice to see a film with a message, and even more to see a film that doesn't involve sex, drugs, or violence. The problem with this film is that it was directed and produced by a man who has more than one sex scandal in his past. I guess that having two sex scandals in your past makes it difficult to get away with something so serious, so the director and writer didn't make it a statement about the dangers of sex in film, but about how bad it can be. In my opinion, the whole idea of sex in film is important. It's a sign that you're dealing with something deeper than just sex. I'm sure that the Director and Writer of this film were really thinking about it, but in their attempt to make a film that can be watched by everyone, they missed an opportunity. I give it a 7 out of 10.

Denise W. photo
Denise W.

Saying that this movie is a "romance" may seem to be over-dramatic but it is also a very true and touching description of two very different people, both of whom, despite their age, have everything in their favor. It's a story of growing up and of two people (myself included) who've never quite grown up, who never quite had a mature adult conversation and who are still searching for the answers to the questions that have always been at the core of their existence. The movie is set in a seedy, broken down old motel, the home of old-time caretaker Matty (Kurt Russell). Matty, in the movie, has a sexual appetite for young women, and is a complete and total sissy, that does not know how to treat a woman. The film shows a good deal of intimate moments between the two main characters, and the moments that are shown are far from the "romance" that some may think they are watching. The actors playing Matty and Kathy, both make a great effort to be real and believable, and the way the film shows the events that unfold during the movie is very touching and real. The plot may seem a little predictable at times, but the movie is much more than that. I think that the main message is that life is about growth and maturity, and we should be grateful for it. It is the gift that we have. It is the things that we take for granted that ultimately make us strong, and ultimately, if we are lucky, they can make us who we are. This is something that we should cherish and respect. It is about trying to get out of the rut we have gotten ourselves into and to take a step for a better tomorrow.

Judith photo

I am a fan of American Pie and I had very high hopes for this movie. While the movie itself wasn't bad, it was really a mix of genres. It had the comedy of American Pie, the drama of American Pie 2, and the romance of American Pie 3. While the American Pie genre was very well done, the romance of the movie wasn't so good. The American Pie 2 was good and I think it's one of the best romance movies ever made. American Pie 3 was decent, but the romance was weak. In the end, this movie is just average, it had some good parts, and some parts were funny, but the romance was not as strong as the first two movies. 7/10

Barbara photo

I'm writing this review for the third time after having seen the film. It is true that I've liked the film far better each time, but it is a wonder that I'm still sitting here. I liked the film for the first time, but it took me a while to get into it. It was very hard to understand what was going on. I think a lot of people may have been bothered by the lack of explanation and the way it was filmed. I think that this is a problem. Many films make no attempt to explain the story or even a few words of explanation. This film does this. In this film, there is no attempt to explain what is happening. It is very difficult to see what is going on. I think this is a very good film. It is very funny, it has many scenes that will make you smile. The way the camera moves about and the sound effect is amazing. It is a shame that it has been made into a Hollywood film. It should have been made as a TV series and released on video. It would have had a far greater impact. The film is very entertaining, very well made. It is well directed and written. I have read the book, and it is quite different from the film. I think it is a great film. I would recommend it to anyone who is in a mood for a good laugh and who likes good films.

Kimberly P. photo
Kimberly P.

With a teen comedy, it is almost impossible to draw a distinction between these two movies. And you do not see many teens here, just some teen-aged kids, most of them from England and the Netherlands, that I have not seen in a long time. Not too many movies can be such a pleasure to watch, but with this one, you feel like you are watching a play. If it were a play, it would have been terrible, as it is. But as a movie, it is good. Especially since the writer-director, Patrick Lussier, did a decent job. The story starts from a young boy named Bill, who has the power of telekinesis, but also has a great weakness for sports. To overcome this, he is invited by his friend to a football team. And he discovers that he can do anything he wants, with the help of his friends, when he's not playing football. What is going to happen, is the only question we can ask. But the director (and writers) also tell us that the story is really about friendship. And, of course, it is. We have to admit that the characters are not the main characters. They are the ones who are trying to do their best and take their decisions. That's why we like them. But still, they have to be characters. This movie is not a comedy, but it is about friendship. It is about how people can change when they are told to do something. There are not many of them, but they have a great acting job, too. The actor who plays Bill is a very good, so it is hard to say. And the actor who plays the coach is really good, too. This is not a movie about football. It is about friendship, and about how you are never completely sure about who you are supposed to be. You don't know whether to be a good or bad friend. It is about how you should choose your friends, and about what is going to happen when you choose wrong. It is about sports, and about the power of one person. It is about freedom. It is about a teen. It is about a great character. I give it 7/10. There are some things in it that are a bit weak, like how some of the characters talk, but these are not really major. I still recommend it to you. Go see it!