Watch Belle et Sébastien 3, le dernier chapitre

Belle et Sébastien 3, le dernier chapitre

Belle et Sébastien 3, le dernier chapitre is a movie starring Félix Bossuet, Tchéky Karyo, and Clovis Cornillac. In the final chapter of the trilogy, Sebastien will try anything to protect Belle from her previous owner.

Other Titles
Belle & Sebastien: Amici per sempre, Belle et Sébastien 3 - Le dernier chapitre, Belle & Sebastiaan 3: Vrienden voor het leven, Belle & Sebastian - Freunde fürs Leben, Belle e Sebastian - Amigos para sempre, Bella i Sebastian 3, Belle és Sébastien 3: Mindörökké barátok, Belle et Sébastien 3: le dernier chapitre, Belle und Sebastian - Freunde fürs Leben, Belle & Sebastian, Friends for Life, Belle & Sebastien: Friends for Life, Belle and Sébastien 3: The Last Chapter, Belle and Sebastian, Friends for Life
Running Time
1 hours 31 minutes
480p, 720p, 1080p, 2K, 4K
Family, Adventure
Clovis Cornillac
Fabien Suarez, Juliette Sales
Tchéky Karyo, Félix Bossuet, Clovis Cornillac, Thierry Neuvic
Audio Languages
English, Deutsch, Français, Italiano, Español, Svenska, Gaeilge, Nederlands
日本語, Čeština, Tiếng Việt, Português, 한국어, Australia, Filipino, हिन्दी

In the final chapter of the trilogy, Sebastien will try anything to protect Belle from her previous owner.

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Gary photo

It's easy to see why this movie was named after the song. This movie has a lot of action and a good story. It's a movie that is entertaining and there are some funny parts. There is also some romance in the movie, but I don't think that they are important. The movie was fun to watch, but it wasn't good.

Diane photo

Belle et Sébastien is a nice family film with some nice action scenes. The story is a bit slow, but this is a family film, so you can forget that. The acting is good, the special effects are OK, the story is simple, and the ending is really sad. But I liked it. I give it a 7/10. *

Debra Lane photo
Debra Lane

Marnie and her friends return to their village after a time and Marnie finds her place among them. Things start out in a jolly way, but as the girls begin to grow up and discover their talents, they begin to fight and fight some more. But will the village be able to handle the arrival of the three young women? The girls are charming and as charming as the village. The characters are likable and they all get to act and show off their talent. The girls have the opportunity to develop the human qualities and flaws of their character. They are a little different from each other, but they are all endearing and fun. The girls' abilities and what they can do are also fun and they have the fun of working together and learning to share their knowledge with the others. The fact that they have fun working together is what makes them all the more endearing. This is a children's film and all the characters are endearing and fun. The acting is believable and the actors have fun. The writing is also good. I really like this film and I hope you do too. It is a fun film and it is a lot of fun.

Zachary Clark photo
Zachary Clark

If you're a fan of all things Disney, then you'll like this film. It's fun and silly, the story is decent, and the characters are adorable. My favorite character was Arianne, who's love interest is an ex-military captain turned FBI agent, and the love interest of the main character is the kid from the beginning. There's a nice twist, the camera-work is very clean, and the pacing is very good. I was expecting a lot of violence and gore, but I found it was mostly tongue-in-cheek. You get the sense of how much of a problem that kid is and you're rooting for him. My rating: 7/10

Theresa J. photo
Theresa J.

I have to say I really enjoyed this movie. I had seen it a long time ago, and I remember that it was a movie that was mainly about three kids who met by chance. But now I am a little older and I have seen it, I really liked this movie. I loved the way it was set, it was a little bit depressing but it was all part of the story. I really enjoyed the performances, especially because there was no special effects, it was all real. The actors were really good, and they made the movie really good. The acting was really good, I really enjoyed the actors and I am really looking forward to see them in other movies. I really enjoyed the story and I really enjoyed the setting, and I think it is a great movie. I really enjoyed the way it was set and the story, and I think this movie is great.

Sandra photo

I am not a big fan of animation movies, but I did enjoy the two previous films in the Belle et Sébastien series, so I decided to give the second one a try. I enjoyed it. I think the film is a little slow, and there are some moments that I really liked, but there are also a few moments that I did not like. The film is a little more adult than the first two, but I didn't find it too disturbing, or unpleasant. I thought the acting was pretty good, although the story wasn't particularly interesting. It was a good enough film to keep me entertained. My Rating: 7.5/10.

Christina Roberts photo
Christina Roberts

I liked the movie but not for the reasons I was expecting.I was expecting something that would bring back memories of the classic TV series.Unfortunately, the movie isn't that good. It is a charming movie but not a classic. However, the voice acting is brilliant and the music is wonderful. I hope the sequel will be more enjoyable than this one.

William C. photo
William C.

It is not the main objective of this film to describe the story of the family or the relationships of the characters. I saw it to see a good family movie. All the elements of the film are correct, though they are not too well described. It is a well-directed film and I hope it gets the attention it deserves. The main character, for example, was not a very good actor, but he was the best of the cast. The other actors were not that great either. I found the story of the family very good and the main character was interesting and played the role of a good father. In the end, I found it to be a good film and a very interesting one. My rating is 7. The second best film of the year, in my opinion.

Gregory W. photo
Gregory W.

I liked this film a lot. I thought it was a cute and entertaining film. The scenery and the animation were very nice. The story was a little long, but it was very entertaining. I enjoyed the character development. The "ponies" in this film were adorable and had their own personalities. The ponies had a very bright future ahead of them. This film was one of the best "pony" films I have ever seen. I would recommend this film to all my friends and family. I give this film a 7/10.

Lori photo

After a failed attempt to conquer the world, a fairy tale hero decides to return home, but the adults in his life try to prevent him. Is this an adaption of the original fairy tale, or is it the film version of the fairytale? I'm not sure which one I prefer, and this film is best viewed as a different version of the fairy tale, not as a sequel. You don't need to have read the original story to enjoy the film, and it's not even necessary to know the plot of the original tale to appreciate this film. It's a fun, light-hearted film with some decent special effects and good-natured performances by the actors. In some ways, the story is like a continuation of the fairy tale, but I found the film very entertaining. I'd recommend it.

Denise Garrett photo
Denise Garrett

Maurice is an odd character, a troubled loner. This guy, a fan of bad movies and movies that are supposed to be bad, is an expert on bad movies. He is the ultimate con man. The title of this movie is "The Devil's Friend", so obviously, he's a good guy. So why did he go and destroy the museum? What did he do? He, like other con artists, just steals the money and goes to sleep. The movie is a light comedy. But, like any light comedy, it has some dark moments. A dark, nasty part of the movie. For me, this is the best part. The movie is not a real horror movie. It's not a horror movie. It's just a comedy, like any other comedy. And it's a very good comedy. The first 20 minutes or so are quite funny. There are some moments where I laughed out loud. But, like I said, it is a light comedy. It's just a light comedy. But, I have to say, I really enjoyed the first 20 minutes of this movie. I loved it. It's a good movie. I give it a 7 out of 10.

Harry F. photo
Harry F.

I really enjoyed the second film, Belle et Sébastien, so I was excited to see the third film. But I was disappointed. It's basically just a bit of fun and a pretty good family film. It's just the wrong family film. It's far too serious, with the main character Belle being completely devoted to the job she's doing and the other kids really not really caring about anything. The new characters are also really annoying, and the ending was disappointing. It's still worth seeing if you like the first two, but it's not nearly as good as I thought it would be.

Mark Vasquez photo
Mark Vasquez

A nice little fantasy film. I liked the cast and the movie as a whole. It's lighthearted, but I do think it is more believable than some other "cute" fantasy films. I would have liked to see more of the elves, but the movie was fairly good overall.

Evelyn Gomez photo
Evelyn Gomez

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Steven Morrison photo
Steven Morrison

This movie is one of the ones which can be watched with the kids as it has lots of action. It has some romance, which the kids may enjoy watching. It is one of those movies which you watch at night with your mom, so that she can watch some mindless action. It is a great family movie. I think that the first one is more entertaining, but this one is very much better. It has more romance, and I liked it a lot more. It is one of the ones that you can watch with your kids as it has lots of action, and you can have a great time with your kids.

Madison B. photo
Madison B.

This film is a remake of the French film of the same name which I have not seen. I'm not sure why they have changed it, but I'm guessing it was because it was filmed on location. The story is simple. As a young child, Belle's parents were killed in a fire and she was left to raise herself alone in a house in the countryside. Belle's older brother is an orphan who is always helping Belle. One day Belle finds a book called "Cyrano de Bergerac" by a man who died at the age of 80. In this book she finds out that she is a vampire and must kill three men who tried to kill her to protect her. The three men are played by the three actors who played the three characters in the original film. I really liked the original film because it was about a man trying to save a woman from the clutches of the vampires. The director of this film did a good job remaking it. The acting in this film is pretty good. I think this film will be a success because I think the actors will be happy with the work they did. The actors did a good job in this film and I think that people will enjoy this film.

John Diaz photo
John Diaz

This is a good movie for a rainy day with a few beers. You can tell that it was made for a large market by giving it a nice and traditional approach to the plot. The cast is amazing and the acting is top notch. You can really feel the struggle and pressure of the actors as they try to put their all into their characters. The story is really fresh and unexpected and I think it is one of the best parts of this movie. The way the movie is structured and the way the film develops is very different from other movies in this genre and is very different from what I have seen in the past. I think that the movie is not only about the search for the missing girl, but also about a man who is always fighting for what he wants. I think that the plot is very interesting and I think that it is something very new in the genre and I hope that this movie will make it into the top 250. It is definitely worth a watch.

Lori photo

This is the first of the two Belle et Sébastien movies I've seen, the second being the version I saw. It's a very good movie, one of the best I've seen so far. The story is well told, the music is good, the cast is very good. It has some very good moments, and has a very good ending. The movie is quite different from the first two, it's not as long as the first two, and it has some parts that are very emotional. There are some scenes that I think are important for the movie, they help you to understand what's going on, or explain why the movie is about. The story is good, and the movie has an ending that is quite sad, but at the same time, quite beautiful. I recommend this movie to all those who like animated movies. It is worth to see.

Evelyn photo

The film is set in the early 1900's. A school of 7 girls (Belle, Sable, Juliette, Nelly, Lottie and Annette) are going to Paris to compete in the Miss France beauty contest. After the first round, the girls go to the hunting party to hide from the chasers. When they arrive, they discover that they are not alone. The woman who was driving the chasers was involved in an accident and is dying. The girls decide to go after the woman and save her. The film was filmed in Paris. The locations were beautiful. The camera work was good. The acting was also good. The film was also quite funny at times. The story is about the journey of a young girl named Belle. Belle had a bad childhood. Belle's mother died when Belle was young and her father never took her to see her mother. Belle went to a convent school and lived with her aunt. Belle had a crush on the most beautiful boy in school, Lottie. Lottie saw Belle as her own. The film was not that good. The film was predictable and was too long. The film had many subplots and they were not fully developed. The film was boring and it could have been much better. The film was also not very funny at all. The film was rated PG for a few disturbing scenes, some sex scenes and some crude humor.

Denise photo

The film is an idealized reflection of the fairy tale world of Belle and Sebastian, a story of innocence and hope, a touch of war and passion. I found this film very refreshing, and I think it is a masterpiece, but it is not without its flaws. The film is focused on the story of a young prince, but in reality, the plot focuses on the relationship between a young woman and a man. The characters, which are not given names, are given names of good and evil, with good being more evil than evil. I don't think that's the best way to do a story, but it works for this film. The film is very good, but it also has flaws. The film is too short, the film was a little too short, and the film was too long, but overall, the film is good, and worth watching. It is worth watching, it is a masterpiece, but the film also has flaws. It is a good film, but it is not perfect.

Doris King photo
Doris King

This is the second film by the same director, and I can't say I liked it as much as the first one. The characters in this film are less developed, and you really don't care about them. You can see that the actors have learned a lot of lessons about how to act and how to make a character likable. It's just a shame that this is not enough to make this film a success. The production values are great, and the photography is gorgeous. The movie is actually quite long and dull. I'm not really sure why the film was rated this low, but I think the people who rated it low have had different expectations about the film than I did. It's not the worst film I've ever seen, but it's not great either.