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The Seventh Fire

The Seventh Fire is a movie starring Robert Duane Brown, Kevin Fineday Jr., and Albino Garcia. When Rob Brown, a Native American gang leader on a remote Minnesota reservation, is sentenced to prison for a fifth time, he must...

Other Titles
ザ・セヴンス・ファイア, Das siebte Feuer
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1 hours 16 minutes
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Documentary, Family, Drama
Jack Riccobono
Jack Riccobono, Andrew Ford, Shane Slattery-Quintanilla
Kevin Fineday Jr., Albino Garcia, Robert Duane Brown
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When Rob Brown, a Native American gang leader on a remote Minnesota reservation, is sentenced to prison for a fifth time, he must confront his role in bringing violent drug culture into his beloved Ojibwe community. As Rob reckons with his past, his seventeen-year-old protégé, Kevin, dreams of the future - becoming the biggest drug dealer on the reservation. Terrence Malick presents this haunting and visually arresting nonfiction film about the gang crisis in Indian Country.

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Ruth Richardson photo
Ruth Richardson

I was taken aback by how much I enjoyed this film. I was expecting it to be boring and simplistic. But this was not the case. The film is about the last day of the last year of the year, which for the 'eastern' part of the world, is Christmas. It covers the various problems faced by the community, including a refusal to accept the natural consequences of climate change, the risks of nuclear power, and the government's attitude towards the issue. The film does not feel like a documentary, it is more of a story about the lives of these people and the challenges they face. It is not a film that is meant to be taken seriously. But I was not disappointed. The film is engaging and compelling. The acting was excellent. The director, editor and cinematographer deserve praise for making such a visually rich film. I do not know what is going on in the film world these days, but I am glad to see that there are still people making movies that can be enjoyed by anyone, regardless of their politics. I would highly recommend this film.

Madison C. photo
Madison C.

A great movie about a tragedy. A must see. It is an experience that you cannot afford to miss. Watch it!

Kevin photo

What I love most about this film is the way that the director keeps the viewer guessing as to what is really going on, and what is just a series of events. I found myself drawn into the film because I was afraid of what was going to happen next, but then I was drawn back to the real truth that was shown in the film. It was refreshing to see that the director could show the truth of what is going on without resorting to sensationalism, and it was great to see that the film was not the subject of a biased review. I would recommend this film to anyone, even if you are not religious, because this film will open your eyes to the reality of what is going on in the world. I give this film a 10/10, and it is truly a film that you should watch. The director is an outstanding storyteller, and the film is very well done.

Jacob photo

The 7th Fire is a film that I had not heard about until I was browsing Netflix. I saw that it was rated a 10 and decided to give it a shot. What a great experience! It was beautiful and powerful. I would recommend this film to anyone, especially those who are in need of a change. It is a message to everyone. This film is powerful and honest. I really enjoyed it. I really hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

Ruth photo

I saw this movie on the first day it was released in the UK. The audience was in awe of the scope of the film. It's an amazing film, and I'm sure that you'll find the same feeling in the cinema when you see it. I've read a few reviews that say the story is thin, but I think it's actually very rich. The story is really a metaphor for the world we live in. It's a metaphor for how the human race has become. There is no reason to feel pity for the animals. There is no reason to feel hatred towards the human race. The animals have become the scapegoats of humanity. We have become too selfish and materialistic. We have become too self-important and self-absorbed. We have become too self-important. The movie has made me question my own beliefs and beliefs of the human race. It made me question whether or not I am an animal or a human. I've watched the movie a number of times and I've just recently watched it again. I'm sure I'll be watching it again in a couple of months time.

Ronald P. photo
Ronald P.

I was very impressed by this film. It is a story of a young boy who is constantly fighting with his brother over who gets to have the last slice of pie. The story is told from the boy's point of view, and the film is very moving. The acting was very good, especially from the boy himself. I thought that the boy did a good job of playing the part. I thought that the director did a great job of telling the story. I thought that the music was very good, and it fit the movie perfectly. I also thought that the director did a good job of showing the change that the boy went through, and I thought that it was very realistic. I think that this film is a great film, and I would recommend it to anyone.

Anthony R. photo
Anthony R.

As a New York City fire fighter, I was thrilled to hear that this movie was making its way to theaters. As a father of two, I am extremely grateful to this film for giving my family a glimpse into what my son and I go through every day. I can only hope that this movie inspires people to join the ranks of the fire fighters who are fighting the fires that are destroying our homes, our families and our communities. This movie is an outstanding example of the heroic efforts of these brave men and women in their fight against the blaze that is consuming our nation. Thank you for giving us a glimpse into the lives of the men and women who fight the fires.

Ann Larson photo
Ann Larson

I saw this film at the Boston Film Festival. It is a documentary about the lives of a group of homeless people in the Boston area. The film is not a documentary. It is not a documentary about homelessness. It is a documentary about the lives of a group of homeless people. The film is a bit slow moving and the acting is not great. But it is well worth seeing. It is a good film about a very important topic. I recommend it to anyone who wants to see a good film about the lives of the homeless.

Beverly photo

I think this movie was great. It shows the struggle of a woman who is struggling with the death of her husband and the loss of her daughter. She also has to deal with the loss of her son and the loss of her life. I was very moved by this movie. I think it is very important that we watch movies about this kind of thing. I think it is important that we all watch this movie and see what happens to these women. I think that the people who are watching this movie should be thinking about what they are going to do when they are in a similar situation. I think that this movie is very powerful and very important.

Kyle H. photo
Kyle H.

What a powerful film, and what a story. The courage of these men and women is so inspiring. It is a reminder that we have to remember our responsibility to protect our children, and not forget the problems that we may have with them. And how our children are in danger, but we have to protect them and our families. A film that is so well done and the message is so clear. The reality is so sad and so painful to watch, but I am grateful to be a part of a film that shows the reality of the problem. We need to understand the difference between an accident and a crime. We need to protect our children and our families. We need to help each other. It is so important that we do not forget our responsibilities. Thank you for all the people who have been involved in making this film.

Marilyn Harvey photo
Marilyn Harvey

The film is a movie about a family, who has suffered a tragic loss in their lives. The father has a rare disease and is unable to perform basic functions of life. He has to use a wheelchair to get around, and has to take medication for his illness. The mother is a single mother who is a single parent and has to take care of her son and his family. The father and mother both have the support of their extended family. The family struggles to cope with the loss of the father, but the family is able to cope with the loss of their mother. The film is a great portrayal of the family of the deceased father. The movie is very honest, and tells the story of the family, and how the family has to cope with their loss. The film was beautifully shot and the cinematography was very good. I would recommend this film to anyone who is interested in seeing a movie about a family. This movie is a great portrayal of a family that has to cope with a tragic loss.

Linda C. photo
Linda C.

The Seventh Fire is a documentary film about the victims of the fire that destroyed the historic, Gothic-style city of Boston, Massachusetts. The film is told from the perspective of a survivor of the fire, who is determined to help other survivors and seek justice for the victims. The film follows the efforts of a group of survivors who have decided to form a group to fight the city of Boston for the sake of their fellow survivors. The film is an effective film, showing the events that led up to the fire. The film does a good job of showing the emotions of the survivors, and how the fire affected their lives. The film is well-filmed and has good performances. The film also does a good job of showing the effects of the fire on the people who were in the building when it burned down. The film is very well-done and shows the effects of the fire on the survivors. I would recommend this film to anyone who is interested in seeing a film about the events that lead up to the fire. I would recommend this film to anyone who has seen "The Shawshank Redemption", "A Walk to Remember", "A Walk to Remember 2", or "The Final Destination".

Christine R. photo
Christine R.

I'm a college student studying biology and have always been interested in nature documentaries. This film is a wonderful look at a place that has become a beacon of hope and happiness. There are many beautiful scenes of the natural world and the people that live there. I was particularly moved by the scene in the forest where a small child was walking with a small dog. I was touched by the people who live there and their kindness. I highly recommend this film for anyone who is interested in nature and its beauty.

Diana B. photo
Diana B.

The story of the young girl who was raped and killed by a man she was introduced to at the age of six. The story is a very disturbing one. It is a powerful story and it should be told in a very strong way. The director does a good job of making the film a very powerful one. The movie is very well done and very powerful. The acting is good and the story is very powerful. It is a very powerful movie. I would recommend this movie to people who like to watch a powerful movie.

Christopher Gray photo
Christopher Gray

I have been following the trials and tribulations of the Pine Ridge Reservation for some time now and was not prepared for the sheer magnitude of the story. This documentary should be required viewing for anyone who is aware of the situation. It is a remarkable, raw and heartbreaking account of what happens when the entire world turns its back on a people, a people who have been oppressed for years. The filmmakers were on the ground, and their interviews with those who are living on the reservation are powerful. The film does not attempt to be a sympathetic portrait of the people, but rather, an account of the tragic consequences of their suffering. It is a beautiful film, but it is also a very sobering one. I was moved and shocked by the pain and suffering that the people have to endure. The movie is an indictment of the United States and a call for a return to the good old days of the land, when the country was seen as a beacon of hope for the world. I would recommend this film to anyone, regardless of political affiliation, because it is a great piece of work, a must-see for anyone who has ever cared about this land, and an important reminder of the incredible sacrifices that have been made for this country. It is a must-see for anyone who has ever cared about the people of the Pine Ridge Reservation.

Alice C. photo
Alice C.

In a time of austerity and in a world where "the budget is not enough to sustain a movie", this film does not disappoint. The cinematography and the use of the camera work in this film is breathtaking. It is the best film I have seen in the last decade. The actors are great, especially the young man who plays the main character. The music, the lighting, the photography and the acting are all superb. This is a film for those who care about the future of mankind. It is a story of hope and dedication. The makers of this film are doing a great service to humanity by presenting such an inspiring story. It is a film that should be seen by everyone. I have never been so moved and touched by a movie. It is a must see for all people.

Christine photo

This is a documentary about the natural disasters in the Amazon. It's not about the most significant disaster in Amazon history but it's about a group of Indians who are trying to live with their culture in the Amazon. The film takes you through their life and shows you their culture, their rituals and their languages. The film is amazing, I think it deserves a lot more recognition. It's very powerful and it really touches you. I'm not a very religious person but I believe in God. It was very touching and I'm really looking forward to seeing it again.

Bruce Olson photo
Bruce Olson

I'm not a huge fan of the nature documentary genre, but this one was really good. I don't really know much about volcanoes, but I've read a few books on the subject, and this was a really good documentary that made me think a lot about volcanoes and volcanoes in general. The volcano's, the people, and the scientists all contributed to this documentary and really made it special. It's definitely a documentary worth watching.

Brian Garcia photo
Brian Garcia

A film that can be viewed with a sober mind, but a film that will stick with you long after the credits roll. This film shows us what happened in the life of the San Francisco firemen, from their childhood to their final days in the firehouse. It is a well-told story that shows us the courage and dedication of these men. This film is one of the best I have seen in a long time.

Margaret Guerrero photo
Margaret Guerrero

I'm a long time fan of this great film and was sad to learn that the film had been released so soon. I knew that it was going to be released in theaters, but I was not prepared for how much I would love this film. It is a true documentary that tells the story of the church and their struggle with the anti-Semitism of the times. It is a great film that everyone should see.

Thomas W. photo
Thomas W.

This is a fantastic film, and a really unique one, but it's also a very personal story. This film is the story of a couple of young Irish girls who are involved in a terrible accident that kills their friend, leaves them both with permanent brain injuries, and leaves them traumatized. Their story is the most haunting thing I've ever seen in a movie. I was riveted from the beginning, and the ending is very powerful. The only part I found a little annoying was the end, where it was a little too quick. It felt a little too dramatic. However, the director did a great job with this film, and I highly recommend it. I think it's a very powerful movie, and I can't wait to see it again. It's definitely worth seeing. I also recommend this movie to anyone who likes documentaries, and especially to anyone who loves Irish history, because this movie is an absolute gem.

Jack photo

There are not enough words to express the awe, the compassion, and the pride that I felt while watching this film. It was as if I was watching the events from a thousand miles away, the entire life of these women and the people they loved, the people who were with them when they died. It was as if I was watching the women from the beginning of their lives, the people who looked after them, who took care of them, who gave them their first kiss. I felt like I was there, as I have never felt before. I felt the pain and the love and the hope, and it was overwhelming. I cried and I laughed and I laughed and I laughed. I couldn't take my eyes off the screen. It was an experience that will be with me for a long time, and I will always remember it as the best film I have ever seen. It is one of the most moving films I have ever seen, and it is a story that I can never forget. Thank you to the filmmakers, the actors, and the crew, for creating this film, and thank you for showing me that I can love a woman no matter what the circumstance. Thank you to all of you who made this movie a reality.

Madison photo

I went to see this movie with my husband and I was expecting something that was going to be boring, but I was pleasantly surprised. I loved the way the film was filmed and the fact that it was a true story. The story is about a family that is trying to get through the holidays and they are trying to help their son, who has been diagnosed with cancer. It was very moving and very heartwarming. I highly recommend this movie to anyone who is looking for a good movie to watch.

Crystal Stewart photo
Crystal Stewart

I went to see the movie with a friend of mine and we both loved it. I have seen the movie several times and it still has me thinking about it. The movie is a must see for all who love to be inspired. I believe that it is a great story that everyone should see. I highly recommend it. It is a great movie that can touch the hearts of all of us.

Charles M. photo
Charles M.

I am surprised that this film has not received the attention it deserves. The film is the story of three brothers: young Andy (18), Jay (19), and Stephen (20) who all grew up in the same orphanage in rural Scotland. Each of the three has a different story, yet all share a common journey, the pain of separation from their families, and the spirit of rebellion against the system. The film is a powerful testament to the power of human imagination, a stark reminder of the failures of the system that created them, and a plea for a new system that can be better. The three brothers' stories intertwine and intertwine in a way that is captivating and inspiring. I found myself mesmerized by the complex and layered nature of their stories, and I could not help but wonder if the stories were not actually one big story. The film has a strong cast, but I think that the three brothers' stories would be stronger if there was a more active role for the other actors. I think that the most powerful part of the film is how the film captures the energy and passion of the three brothers and their stories. The film is not without its flaws. One is the lack of character development. Each character is given a short summary and a very brief back story. This is especially true of the father of the three brothers, who is given very little to do. The character development is also lacking in the first half of the film. For example, we never learn much about the brother who raised the children who grew up in the orphanage. We learn that the boy is homeless, and the boy's father is a drug addict. We learn nothing about the brother who raised the children who grew up in the orphanage. This is a flaw that I felt could have been addressed, but it is a minor one. The story of the brothers' story is compelling and compelling enough to keep me watching the film, but I am not sure that it is the most powerful story to tell.

John photo

The movie is very good and very inspiring. It makes you feel like you're in a war that you've never been to. It is also very well-written. I would recommend it to anyone who wants to learn more about the history of the Civil War and to people who want to learn more about how we as a society have treated our fellow human beings. I have to admit that the movie was a bit long, but it was worth it. It was a great movie and I think everyone should watch it. You will learn a lot about the war and about the history of the United States and the Civil War.

Wayne Reid photo
Wayne Reid

In my opinion, the best documentary ever made. I watched this film for the first time in the late 70's, and I have never forgotten it. It is an amazing story of a family and their journey in search of a cure for cancer. The story of the family is remarkable and well-told. The film is told in a documentary style, and is not a typical documentary. It is not a long documentary, but it is a very short film. The film is very inspiring and is a must-see. I rate this film 9/10.

Betty Gonzalez photo
Betty Gonzalez

This film is a remarkable story of the people who were involved in the fire. It is a story of the people who had to deal with the aftermath of the fire, and of the people who tried to help the people who were affected. The film is well made and the actors are very good. The movie is very well made and you feel as if you are part of the story. The story is very interesting and it is very moving. The story is told from the perspective of the firefighters and their families. I recommend this movie to everyone.

George Garrett photo
George Garrett

I loved this movie. It's a very powerful story about a mother and her child and how they overcome tragedy and get on with their lives. It's a very moving story and it's beautifully filmed. I thought the acting was great. The kid did a great job. The mother and father were great. The kid was a great actor. I think it's a great movie. I recommend it to anyone who likes a good movie. I think it's very good.

Janice photo

The Seventh Fire is a documentary about the 7th fire, a wildfire in California that claimed the lives of almost 200 people. It was the largest wildfire in US history and was one of the most destructive fires in the history of the United States. The Seventh Fire is based on the book by the same name, which was written by author and journalist James R. Leeson. It is an incredible film that does a great job of bringing to life the events and the people that were affected by the 7th fire. It is a great documentary that is well-filmed and well-edited. It is a great movie and I highly recommend it.