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American Made

American Made is a movie starring Tom Cruise, Domhnall Gleeson, and Sarah Wright. The story of Barry Seal, an American pilot who became a drug-runner for the CIA in the 1980s in a clandestine operation that would be exposed as the...

Other Titles
Barry Seal: Sólo en América, Barry Seal - Una storia americana, Barry Seal: Traficante Americano, Barijs Sīls: Īstens amerikānis, Barry Seal: A beszállító, Barry Seal: Only in America, Barry Seal: tihotapec, Beri Sil: Američki original, バリー・シール アメリカをはめた男, Barry Seal - Only in America, Feito na América, Barry Seal: Król przemytu, Barry Seal: Nebeský gauner, Totzeret America, Barry Seal: American Traffic, 美國製造, Fabriqué en Amérique, Baris Sylas: Amerikos sukčius, Barry Seal, sólo en América, Barry Seal. El traficante, Barry Seal: El traficante, Barry Seal: Kaçakçı, Mena, Barry Seal: Trafic în stil american, Lách Luật Kiểu Mỹ
Running Time
1 hours 55 minutes
480p, 720p, 1080p, 2K, 4K
Drama, Action, Biography, Crime, Comedy
Doug Liman
Gary Spinelli
Jesse Plemons, Tom Cruise, Domhnall Gleeson, Sarah Wright
USA, Colombia, Japan
Audio Languages
English, Deutsch, Français, Italiano, Español, Svenska, Gaeilge, Nederlands
日本語, Čeština, Tiếng Việt, Português, 한국어, Australia, Filipino, हिन्दी

Barry Seal was just an ordinary pilot who worked for TWA before he was recruited by the CIA in 1978. His work in South America eventually caught the eye of the Medellín Cartel, associated with Pablo Escobar, who needed a man with his skill set. Barry became a drug trafficker, gun smuggler and money launderer. Soon acquiring the title, 'The gringo that always delivers'.

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Christine photo

I saw this movie about a year ago and thought it was excellent. I really enjoyed it. I'm surprised that I didn't like it as much as the people I know. I'm not a big fan of the director or the writers. I think they did a great job of making a movie about a real problem that affects so many people in our country. The actors were very good in their roles and it really brought me into the story. I liked the story and the way it was told. It wasn't a typical Hollywood movie. It was original. I would recommend this movie to anyone who likes a good story, a good acting job and great direction. I will be watching this movie again and again.

Arthur Holmes photo
Arthur Holmes

After seeing the trailers for this movie, I was expecting a comedy, and I was really not disappointed. The movie is funny and a little romantic, but it's all about the plot. There are many good scenes in the movie, like the scenes in the park, when Steve plays basketball, and the scenes in the store. The movie has a great cast, with Jodie Foster, Tom Cruise, and Vince Vaughn, among others. I recommend this movie to anyone who likes action movies, and also to anyone who likes a comedy.

Gary J. photo
Gary J.

I was really impressed with this movie. The film is about a family from Jamaica, and it shows how the Caribbean people are trying to escape from the poverty and the war in Jamaica. The film tells about the life of a father and his two children. The father is a doctor, and he wants to get out of Jamaica, because he can't afford to live there. But his wife and his children are against him, and they are afraid that he will be killed. So, he gets out of Jamaica, but his wife doesn't believe him, and the children don't believe him. They think that he has a disability, and that he is hiding it. They decide to leave Jamaica. So, the father and his children try to find a way to get to Florida. They try to get help from a businessman who has a lot of money. They finally find a way to get to Florida. But they don't know what to do. So, they decide to try to steal a plane. They also try to steal a car. They finally succeed in getting a plane, but they lose the plane. They get back to Jamaica, but they are very angry with the people who they left behind. The film is very funny. I laughed a lot. I recommend this movie to everyone.

Virginia E. photo
Virginia E.

I have seen this movie three times and I find it much more entertaining than the first one. The first one I thought was very funny, but this one has a lot more humor. In this movie you can see the reactions of the characters. Sometimes they are shocked, sometimes they are laughing, sometimes they are sad, and sometimes they are angry. This movie is not just for people who like action movies, but also for people who like drama, or just for people who like a good laugh. This movie is not just for a good movie, but also for a good time. And for a good time, this movie is very good.

Nicole Medina photo
Nicole Medina

The one thing I liked about this movie was how it was able to show the change in the USA from the 60s to the 70s. The cinematography was great and the acting was great. I love how the movie showed the changes from the 60s to the 70s. The acting was just as great. I thought the movie was funny and it had a great plot. I would recommend this movie to anyone that is looking for a good movie. I would give this movie an 8/10.

Stephen Hayes photo
Stephen Hayes

I would like to say this was one of the most entertaining movies I have ever seen. I thought it was a really good movie. I'm a big fan of the new Kiefer Sutherland and knew he would be great in this movie. The plot was good and I was really looking forward to it. The actors were good and the dialogue was good. I thought it was really good and I would definitely recommend it to anyone who is a fan of the new Kiefer Sutherland.

Eugene Gray photo
Eugene Gray

I saw this movie on the big screen with my family, and I have to say it was a great movie! The cast was amazing, the storyline was good, the jokes were great, and the story was very interesting. I think this movie is worth seeing for all the comedy and drama lovers out there. I can't wait to see this movie again, because I think it's going to be a hit!

Jonathan Burke photo
Jonathan Burke

Well, I am not going to be a critic of this movie, and I will not be critical of the film, because I was already impressed with the way the film was made. However, I was disappointed with the content of the film. I was expecting to see the life of a family in turmoil, and this movie was more about the family than the family. There was no drama, and I was left wondering why the family was doing what they were doing. I was not expecting the movie to be a documentary, so I was left feeling very disoriented and confused. I felt like I was watching a "movie" and not a "documentary." My friend, who was also very disappointed, said it was good. I can see why she said it was good, but I was not as impressed. I found the film to be confusing and slow, and I could not help but feel that the film was not trying to be a documentary. I thought it was a good film, but I will not be recommending it to my friends.

Hannah McCoy photo
Hannah McCoy

If you are a fan of British television and of movie making in general then this is a must see. A film that can be enjoyed by anyone. In fact, this film will be a great source of inspiration for anyone wanting to make their own films. Its a great story and its easy to understand. Not to mention the wonderful acting from the main cast. The movie is also very funny and the characters are easy to identify with. The story is about the lives of three people in the UK during the 1980s. The film is divided into three sections. The first two thirds are about the three main characters, Billie Piper, Owen Wilson, and Tony Hinsliff. The last third is about the government in Britain and the relationship between the main characters. The characters are very interesting and very well developed. All three are very funny and the characters all have their own individual personality. There are many laughs and great moments in this movie. The movie is also very entertaining and interesting. The story is interesting and the movie is very entertaining. I liked this movie a lot and I think anyone who likes British movies should like this movie.

Teresa G. photo
Teresa G.

This movie is a great mix of comedy, drama, action, and drama. The main character, Chris Pratt, is just great. He is very likable and a great person. He is not afraid to tell the truth and the only reason he is not in prison is because he is saving his sister from the police. The music in the movie is awesome and the actors and actresses are great. Tom Cruise plays a great character in this movie. It is a very good movie that I will watch again and again.

Olivia photo

In case you're a veteran of this movie, you know exactly what to expect. It's a movie about an ordinary guy who gets picked on by the bad guys and then makes a mess of things. But I have to admit, it's a really good movie. I've always been a fan of Michael Douglas. He's just great as he plays a character who's always been bullied, but with the right amount of attitude, he can make things better. This movie is the epitome of the classic bully who makes things better. I love this movie. It's great.

Elizabeth photo

What a good movie. I was so impressed by it that I went out and bought the movie. I am a big movie buff, and I enjoy all kinds of movies. I love the first two "Pirates" movies, and I was excited to see this movie. I have not seen the first one, so I was not sure how it would compare to the first one. I went to the movies with my sister, and we were both really impressed. The movie was very well done, and the acting was very good. I also liked the whole idea of the movie. It was more about the people than the pirates. The movie was very funny, and I thought the whole movie was very good. The story was good, and I thought the actors did a great job. I would recommend this movie to everyone, and I am very excited about it.

Carolyn photo

With a story about two former South African soldiers who are sent to Los Angeles to help "clean up" the city after the Vietnam War, it's no wonder this film is a big hit in South Africa. However, the film is just that, a big hit, and not for everyone. It's a little hard to watch at times, because you have to get the main characters to become likable and likable only in the last act. However, this is where the film shines, because of the realism in the story, and the relationship between the two soldiers. We really get to see the two main characters' relationship and the pain they have to endure. It's a great story and it's beautifully shot. It's a really great film and I would recommend it to anyone.

Austin C. photo
Austin C.

I'm a huge fan of the former man in the middle guy, the "Bond Villains" and I was looking forward to seeing this movie. I had heard a lot of bad reviews, but I thought it was going to be bad. I'm glad I listened to the critics, because this movie is terrific. The story is pretty much the same as all of the previous Bonds, but this one has a much better story line. This movie is about a private detective who gets tangled up in a corporate scandal. The action is great, and there is lots of humor. The action is not only fast paced, but the camera is actually out of focus. I highly recommend this movie to anyone who is looking for a great action movie.

Dorothy photo

After the success of "Million Dollar Baby", director and writer Ron Howard returns with his most ambitious film to date, "American Made". In the midst of a nuclear war, Dwight Eisenhower (Brad Pitt) is thrust into the public eye and the government puts him in charge of nuclear weapons. In order to protect the American people, Eisenhower decides to put his own life in danger. As the world around him starts to go to pieces, Eisenhower must keep the peace and rebuild his shattered nation. "American Made" is an enjoyable movie that is a celebration of American values and patriotism. The movie has a great cast and some of the best performances I have seen in a long time. The movie has an incredible story, great cinematography, great acting and a great script. The story is great and I really enjoyed this movie. The plot is great and the story is very well-written. The movie is about the American revolution and the history of the United States. The movie also has a great cast. I really enjoyed the performances of Brad Pitt, Anthony Mackie, John Goodman and Robert Duvall. The movie is filled with great performances and they all did a great job. I really liked the performances of John Goodman and Robert Duvall. I really liked the performances of Anthony Mackie and Robert Duvall. "American Made" is an excellent movie and it is a great movie. It is a movie that is definitely worth seeing. I recommend this movie to everyone.

Carolyn C. photo
Carolyn C.

I'm a huge fan of Woody Allen, and I had high expectations for this film, because it is his best movie to date. I was pleasantly surprised, because the film was hilarious. I had a couple of laughs, but most of the laughs were from the director and the actors. The film also had some strong political and social messages, which I think were quite refreshing to see in a Woody Allen movie. The film has a lot of great jokes, and it also has some very funny scenes. It also has a few good dramatic moments, and some great performances from the cast. The film is full of laughs and it is great for people of all ages. It has some very funny scenes, and it also has some very dramatic scenes, which are both very enjoyable. This is a movie that you will enjoy and it is also a movie that is great for families. There are some very good political and social messages in the film, and it is definitely a movie that will make you laugh and be entertained. This is definitely a movie that you will love and you will also want to see again and again. It is definitely a great film that I would recommend to anyone. I rate it 9/10.

Gary photo

I have watched many films from the 70's and 80's and I've always been a fan of John Travolta. He's been a role model for me for as long as I can remember. I was also a fan of Clint Eastwood, and for the past few years, John Travolta has been my favorite actor. I'm sure there are many people that have said that John Travolta is a great actor, but I don't agree with that. I thought John Travolta was one of the best actors in the world. I was surprised that he was able to play such a serious role. I think that the script was great. I think that the movie was great. I think that the actors were great, especially John Travolta. I think that the movie was great, and I give it an 9/10. I would give it a 10/10 if I could.

Susan photo

This is a movie that is about a lot more than just the return of an FBI agent who was presumed dead in the midst of a presidential election, and the events that occurred after. As the movie begins, we learn that the FBI agent, named Agent Cooper, has been living in a retirement home, and has not been able to enjoy the same freedoms he once had. A former friend of Cooper, Agent Scott, wants to retire as well, but Agent Cooper has no intentions of letting him go. Cooper has taken to drinking, and is constantly taking out his frustrations on the people around him. It's obvious that he has a problem with the loss of his wife, and has had a hard time getting over it. At the same time, Agent Cooper is suffering from memory loss, which has caused him to forget what has happened to his wife and son. The movie focuses on the events that transpired after Cooper's wife was killed in a car crash. Cooper's son is still alive, and is living with his mother, and his father is also suffering from memory loss. The movie ends with Cooper and his son living in the retirement home, but Cooper has no intention of letting him go. The film is written by John Landis, and he had a lot of experience working with the likes of Clint Eastwood. This is a very interesting movie, and I highly recommend it.

Sharon F. photo
Sharon F.

I think it's safe to say that most people have never heard of the movie "The Godfather". I'm not saying that it is bad or anything, but it is kind of hard to find. I mean, it is not really a movie you can watch over and over. You have to really like movies and love movies to really enjoy this movie. It's a little more serious than you might expect, but you'll still enjoy it. It's definitely not a comedy. If you love movies with great characters and great acting, you will love this movie. The acting is great, especially that of Robert DeNiro. It is definitely a movie you will enjoy. I would definitely recommend this movie to anyone who is looking for a good movie.

Scott Jones photo
Scott Jones

The movie is set in the 70's and is based on a true story. I am a huge fan of Steven Soderbergh. He has directed some of my favorite movies including The Social Network and The Gran Torino. I have to say that he does not disappoint in this movie. I have to say that the movie is a lot more than just a movie. It is a story of one man's life. I would say that he is a very talented director and writer. He has created a great story with some real drama. I would recommend this movie to anyone who has never seen a Steven Soderbergh movie before.