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Red Christmas

Red Christmas is a movie starring Dee Wallace, Geoff Morrell, and Janis McGavin. A mother must protect her family on Christmas Day from a demented stranger who is hell-bent on tearing them apart.

Running Time
1 hours 22 minutes
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Thriller, Horror
Craig Anderson
Craig Anderson
Janis McGavin, Geoff Morrell, Gerard O'Dwyer, Dee Wallace
Audio Languages
English, Deutsch, Français, Italiano, Español, Svenska, Gaeilge, Nederlands
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It's Christmas in Australia as Diane, played by the Dee Wallace, brings together her estranged family for a chaotic holiday gathering. A 20 year old decision literally comes back to haunt her when the ghost of Christmas past comes knocking at her door and is invited inside the family estate. Festivities quickly turn blood red, when the stranger is revealed to be Cletus, Diane's aborted fetus, all grown up, very much alive and ready to terrorize his long lost mother. Diane must face her past and explain the hideous truth that is trying to kill them all, especially to Jerry, her Down Syndrome son, before it's too late.

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Ethan photo

I don't know what the hell the people who rated this movie so low are smoking. I saw it for free, and I'm glad I did. I can't believe some people couldn't tell the difference between this movie and the remake of "The Shining". This movie is a masterpiece, and it's a shame the movie wasn't given a better rating. I saw it with my friend who is a huge horror fan, and we both enjoyed it a lot. I'm not going to tell you what the movie is about, but if you're looking for a good scare, then you're in the right place. I would give this movie a 10 out of 10, but if you don't like scary movies, then I suggest you skip this movie, but if you're a fan of this genre, then I'm sure you'll enjoy it.

Jennifer photo

I'm not a huge fan of this genre. I think it's overused and the premise is weak. However, I really liked this movie. The beginning is quite interesting and the acting is good. The acting is very good for this type of movie. The twist is good and the ending is brilliant. I like the movie a lot. It's a good thriller, not a scary movie. I recommend it. I give it a 9 out of 10.

Tammy photo

It's been a while since I've seen this movie. I've seen the original Halloween, but this one was really good. It's not a very scary movie, but it is very gory. I like the fact that it's not a typical slasher movie. The movie is very original and you'll find yourself not knowing what is going to happen next. The story is very good and the characters are very interesting. There are a lot of twists and turns and it's not really predictable. The only thing I didn't like is the ending. It's not very good and it's not very scary either. But it's not bad, it's just not very good either. The only thing I would recommend is the movie is very good. But don't expect a good horror movie.

Patrick J. photo
Patrick J.

I had heard about this movie for some time, but never got around to seeing it. So I was very excited to see it at the theater. I was not disappointed. The film is very well acted, very well directed, and the story is very good. I think it is a very good film to watch with a group of friends. It is not a perfect movie, but it is definitely worth the time to see it. I would give this movie a 10/10.

Justin M. photo
Justin M.

I found this movie to be so much better than I expected. It was scary, thrilling and a great thriller. The only thing that I didn't like was that the movie took a little too long to get to the point. The ending was not as good as the rest of the movie. This movie is rated R for violence, and I don't think that it should have been rated R. It should have been rated R for its potential for gore, and I don't think it was going to be a PG-13. The movie had a lot of great special effects and the acting was excellent. I would recommend this movie to anyone who likes a good thriller.

Larry T. photo
Larry T.

This is a great movie. The plot is interesting and the suspense is great. I love the way the movie goes. I love the way the movie ends. It was great. I'm giving this a 10/10 because it's the best horror movie ever. It was a great movie.

Sandra photo

I have to say that I've never seen a film quite like this before. I have seen many horror films, but this is by far the best I've ever seen. The film is based on a novel of the same name, but I haven't read it. This film is very creepy, it's a classic film and I can't wait to see it again. I also have to say that it's one of the best films of all time. I really don't know why people are saying that this is bad. I think it's one of the best films ever made. I give this film 10 out of 10. This film is amazing, I really recommend it.

Sharon S. photo
Sharon S.

this is a great movie. its a true classic. i can watch it over and over again. and i love it. the story is very good, the actors are good, the music is awesome, the plot is very good, the ending is very good. it is a must see. it is very good movie. i have watched it a hundred times and i will never get bored of it. it is very good. watch it and you will love it.

Patrick P. photo
Patrick P.

This is a movie that I thought was going to be boring and stupid. But after about 20 minutes, I was completely hooked. I couldn't stop watching and it was not boring at all. I never thought I would like this movie so much. It's definitely one of the best horror movies I have ever seen. The movie is very creepy and you'll have a hard time not being scared. It's not just the horror aspect, but the story and the characters are also very interesting. The characters are very well developed, and they are all very likable. I will not give away any of the story, but I will say that the movie is definitely worth watching. The movie was a bit slow at first, but once the first 30 minutes are over, it really picks up and you will be really hooked. I'm glad I saw this movie because I definitely recommend it to anyone who likes horror movies. It's definitely one of the best movies I have ever seen. I highly recommend this movie to anyone who likes horror movies.

Ralph P. photo
Ralph P.

This is a horror classic. It is a true classic. Not for children, but definitely for all ages. It is not for all tastes, and I know that a lot of people who have seen this film have complained about it. If you're a fan of horror, you're in for a treat. It is a truly brilliant film. It is truly scary, and the acting is amazing. The characters are real, the scares are real, and the story is just fantastic. This is a classic film that has been rightfully praised by many. It is truly a masterpiece. I recommend this film to anyone who is a fan of horror. It is an excellent film, and I would recommend this film to anyone.

Sarah T. photo
Sarah T.

I was pleasantly surprised to see this movie at the Cinema and I'm glad that I went to see it. The plot is great, the acting is great and the horror is excellent. The scares are great and the overall tone is great. I was a bit confused when I first saw this movie, but I am glad I watched it. This is a movie that you can watch over and over and it will never get old. This is a movie that I would definitely recommend to anyone who likes a good horror movie. I give this movie an 8 out of 10.

Judy L. photo
Judy L.

This movie was a great way to get away from the holiday season. It was a great movie to watch with family. I also thought it was a great movie to watch on a cold day. The acting was very good. The cast was great. I would definitely recommend this movie to anyone who is looking for a good movie to watch.

Jennifer photo

I watched this movie when it came out on video and I'm glad I did. I have watched it several times and I can't get enough of it. This movie is a must for any horror fan. If you like the Halloween series you'll like this movie. It has that same eerie feeling that you get when you watch any Halloween movie. I also really like the sound effect that the young girl has to say when she's running out of the house. It was a great sound effect that you hear in any horror movie. The acting is good for a horror movie. I liked the way that the director of this movie did a good job at keeping the suspense up and at the same time making you scared of the characters. I think that people who aren't into horror movies should definitely watch this movie.

Hannah R. photo
Hannah R.

I have seen this film many times and it is still one of my favorites. I am not a big fan of the holiday season but I love the film. It is a great story about a mother and son who must deal with the death of their father. It is very funny and has some great performances. I like how it is set in the late 80s and early 90s. This is a great film. The actors do a good job and the special effects are very good. It is not a classic but it is a great film. It is a must see.

Ann photo

This movie is so scary. I have watched it a couple of times and i still can't sleep. This is the best movie i have seen in my life. I love the acting of all the actors. They really did a great job. I don't understand why people think this movie is bad. This is a great movie and i would like to see it again. I really hope that there will be a sequel. This movie is very scary and it's also really funny. I recommend everyone to see this movie. I give this movie 10/10

Kenneth L. photo
Kenneth L.

If you have a friend that likes horror movies, you should check out this one. I know I'm a bit biased because I am a big fan of the original movie. This movie is a good "horror movie" and I thought that the actors did an amazing job. I really enjoyed the atmosphere and the "cold" feeling that they created. I also liked the part when the mother was in the bathroom, looking down and trying to calm herself down. I thought that the part where the mother was looking at the cameras was very effective. The acting was great, the story was good and the ending was very unexpected. I definitely recommend this movie, it's definitely worth watching.

Ryan B. photo
Ryan B.

There is no doubt in my mind that this is the best horror movie ever made. If you haven't seen this movie, you haven't seen anything. The acting is excellent, the script is excellent, and the direction is excellent. There are so many different things in this movie that make it an excellent horror movie. The characters are very well developed, and the movie is so unique. This is a must see for any horror fan. I give it a 9 out of 10. This movie is one of my favorites.

Ruth Nelson photo
Ruth Nelson

This is a very good remake of a classic horror movie. The movie is extremely scary and the ending is awesome. This is a must see movie. I give this movie a 10 out of 10. It is my favorite horror movie.

Madison Gray photo
Madison Gray

I have seen this movie many times. I love the story and the acting. I love the theme of the movie. I think it's a great movie. It's very scary. It's also very funny. The movie is very intense and the ending is very good. It's not a bad movie, it's just not a good movie. It's a good movie that you can watch over and over again.

Victoria Wagner photo
Victoria Wagner

This is a great film, definitely worth watching. I've never seen this movie in my life, but I'm glad I did. It is scary, intense, and the acting is great. The story is great, the acting is great, and it is a great movie. This movie is also very suspenseful. I recommend this movie to everyone. I give it a 10 out of 10.

Lisa S. photo
Lisa S.

This is the movie that started it all for me. I've always been a sucker for all things horror and this is one of the best. A classic. I saw it in the theater when it came out and watched it again recently. It's just great. It's not a perfect film but I don't see why it's not considered a classic. It's so good. I'm not one of those people that will watch every film. I just like a good film. If you like horror films or like a good film you should watch this. It's a classic.

Jean B. photo
Jean B.

This movie is the best movie I have seen in a long time. I would give this movie an 8.5 out of 10. I love the way they made this movie. It is so much better then the original. I am not a horror fan, but this movie scared the hell out of me. I am not a big fan of horror, but I was scared to death, I loved it. I hope that this movie gets a good release, and I hope that they make a sequel. I hope that this movie gets released soon, so that we can see this movie on the big screen. I am so happy that I watched this movie, and I hope that it gets a good release.

Tyler photo

I didn't really know what to expect from this film, but I must say I was very impressed. The story is simple, the setting is simple, the characters are simple, the tone is simple, the setting is simple, but it's done well. The main characters are well developed, the background is well developed, and the setting is well developed. The story has some twists and turns, and the ending is something I could never have imagined. It's a great film, and I'd recommend it to anyone who likes a good, dark, thriller, and I think it would be a good introduction to the horror genre.

Philip Davis photo
Philip Davis

I have just returned from seeing "The Shining" and the anticipation is palpable. The night before the movie was released, I had been talking to a friend about it and I said "The Shining is a good movie". I am now in a position to say that I was 100% correct. If you want to see a great horror movie, then this is the one for you. It is the type of movie that makes you laugh and scream and freak out. This movie is definitely not for everyone, but it is definitely one of the better movies I have seen in a while. If you are a fan of the book or just a person who likes to be scared, then this movie is definitely for you. It is definitely a must see for any horror fan.