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The Lost Arcade

The Lost Arcade is a movie starring Anthony Cali, Henry Cen, and Akuma Hokoru. The story of Chinatown Fair, the legendary arcade located in the heart of New York's Chinatown. This documentary explores how the arcade became a shelter...

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Kurt Vincent
Irene Chin
Henry Cen, Seth Killian, Akuma Hokoru, Anthony Cali
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The story of Chinatown Fair, the legendary arcade located in the heart of New York's Chinatown. This documentary explores how the arcade became a shelter to a community as diverse as the city surrounding it and changed lives in doing so.

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Ryan photo

Forget the "quality" reviews. The stories presented in this documentary are truly disturbing and the people who survive this nightmare are those that dare to stand up and fight for justice. The only person in this documentary that can be "responsible" is the producer of this documentary. He has done nothing wrong and he deserves to be called a hero. We all have a duty to stand up for what we believe in and we must not let fear stop us from doing so. These are not just "infiltrators" this is real survivors who have been persecuted and abused by the U.S. Government and others for too long. It is a shame that the information was not more widely disseminated. This documentary must be shown to every school, public, and private organization that has the right to hear from the victims of the abuses perpetrated by the U.S. Government. We cannot afford to let this nightmare continue and I for one will be watching this documentary on all television screens in the near future.

Marie photo

I've never done an official review before, but I felt it was necessary to let people know what a great documentary this is. The film starts out showing the first games for the Atari 2600. This documentary starts out with the history of the arcade and how the machines were used by people all over the world to play video games. In the first half of the movie we see the machines, some of which have only a few people using them. The second half of the movie focuses on the history of the game machines and their use by different countries and their politics. The third half of the movie shows the arcade's rise to the present day and the people and countries that have been involved in the machines. I really enjoyed the film. The interviews with video game history experts are interesting and give you an idea of what people were talking about. The documentary is really well-made and I highly recommend it.

Michelle J. photo
Michelle J.

This movie is one of the best I've seen, and I've seen a lot. The true story of the Arcade was told with a love and care that I can only hope for from a documentary like this. It is a great story, but it is also a story about how it can be possible to be there, to show the people of the game a place that we may never ever get back. It is a story of a world we wish we could leave behind, of the people who are still in the game, who remember it the way it used to be. It is a story of a passion, and of hope, and of a people who really do care, and of the power of the human spirit. It is a story about how the Arcade changed the world, and how it can still change it.

Karen Wade photo
Karen Wade

This is the best documentary of all time. It is so clear, in my opinion, that no matter how much money is spent on the lottery system, they will never be able to create a lottery that will be fair. This documentary explains the history of the lottery, the good and the bad sides of it. The documentary also shows the other side of the lottery, the people that are involved in the lottery. In the end, it is just sad to see that a lot of people are involved in this lottery system, they are all full of money, and they are so clever and good at what they do. The best part of this documentary is that it shows how hard the lottery system is, how complicated it is and how people have no idea what is going to happen. I wish there was a lottery system that was just fair. I believe that the lottery system should be eliminated, it is a useless system. I think that the lottery system should be eliminated completely.

Marie photo

Lost Arcade is an ambitious film that provides viewers with a glimpse into the life of arcade machine aficionados. It's not the typical film that offers its viewers a glimpse into a life of entertainment. It offers a glimpse into the lives of Arcade Machine enthusiasts. What is amazing is that this film has been produced by a team of very talented film makers and does not come across as a typical documentary. What I loved most about Lost Arcade was the honesty. Most documentaries do not show enough of the arcades that they are discussing, but the arcade in this film is spot on. It is filled with cameras that give us a true sense of the arcade's world, and it shows us the most fun that people can have in an arcade. It really is a fascinating look into the lives of Arcade Machine enthusiasts and one that I will be looking forward to watching again in the future.

Theresa Duncan photo
Theresa Duncan

This is a perfect example of how not to make a documentary. It's so bad, so awkward, so funny, so full of truth, so terribly boring that it makes me want to cry. And it's not even supposed to be funny. It's actually the sort of film that I wish people wouldn't make. This is the type of film that makes me want to burn the entire internet. So here's my advice. Don't watch this film, don't watch it in any form. If you are a friend of someone who works for a video game company and they have told you that they have a story for you, don't watch this film, it's a terrible waste of time and it's bad for the business. But if you're not one of the "friends of a friend", then watch this film. You might be surprised at how bad it is. But that's why I made the mistake of watching it in the first place. But I didn't regret it. This is the only film I've ever walked out of.

Zachary photo

First I'll say that this is the best documentary I've ever seen on a topic that could really be covered in a couple of hours. I think it really makes the point that any human being who's ever looked at a video game can feel that they can do whatever they want to in their own life. I've watched this documentary so many times that I now know that no matter what age you are, your future can be limitless. I'm 19 and have played videogames since I was 12 and I'm still constantly amazed by the "game"like qualities that videogames can bring to the game-player. I really loved the message that this documentary was trying to make, and I think that it really gave a lot of people a whole new outlook on life. There are a lot of misconceptions about video games and how they can change a person's life. I'm not a big gamer, but I still watch a lot of games. I've got tons of friends that play games like Super Mario Brothers, Super Mario Brothers 2, Final Fantasy, etc. And I'm not one of them, but I've played a lot of games and I love it. I've got tons of friends that play the game for a good hour and a half. This documentary really shows that there are many different ways that a person can take life, and that it can be quite simple and you can do pretty much whatever you want to do. It shows that it doesn't matter what age you are, or what job you have, what you want to do. If you have the drive to do it, you can do it. If you don't, you can't.

Diana photo

This is a short film that is meant to explain why a game like Donkey Kong is so popular. While it's a good idea, the movie just takes too long and doesn't go anywhere. Also, some of the things in the film don't make sense. It seems like it's really just a bunch of clips, and that doesn't seem to be explained, so why don't they just explain it. Also, some of the clips are from the original game, which is different from the game it's based off of. I would suggest watching the movie in the original game. That way, you'll know the difference between the movie and the original. The movie is supposed to be short, but it's a little boring. I was hoping that it would go deeper into Donkey Kong, but it didn't go that far.

Sandra G. photo
Sandra G.

I had heard that this movie was supposed to be good, and I decided to watch it with my girlfriend. After watching this, I felt that this was the best movie I've ever seen. It was a good idea, a great movie, and a very well made movie. I am impressed with the way they made the movie, how they made it so realistic, and how they had the skill to make the graphics so beautiful. Also, I was so impressed with the way the movie ended, it left me with a smile on my face, and it made me feel so happy. I would recommend this movie to anyone who wants to watch a good movie that will make you think. It is a very good movie, and it is a very good movie, and it will make you think.

Virginia G. photo
Virginia G.

This is a must see documentary. I was in an arcade in Boston, MA in the early 80s and I heard that a guy was playing a really cool game called an Ego. I remember this guy being really popular in the arcade and I guess he was famous because he had a whole other arcade with his name on it. That was a real "fall out" moment for me because I knew that I was going to have to pay my money and see this guy. I finally did pay and it was an amazing experience. That is what I remember. I think it was an awesome arcade. I still have the game, but I never played it. I only know the ending of the game because the guy gave me the video tape. It was really cool. I can't even put it in words how awesome that was. The guy is really cool. This is a great documentary. I give it a 10 out of 10.

Doris Dixon photo
Doris Dixon

I am a history major and I felt the film was very accurate and very moving. I enjoyed how there were no heroes or villains. I didn't think there was much talking and a lot of walking. I think this film is very realistic and what it is is the best way to describe what was going on in the 1970's. My favorite scene was the one with the "Four Leaf Clover" where a group of people drive around and talk about the times of Vietnam and what it was like to go to war. There was no talking about the good times or the bad times. It was more about the times of war and how difficult it was for the people to make a living. They talked about the fear and the isolation. I think this film would be a great film to share with a family or friends. I would recommend this film to anyone who is a history major or a person interested in Vietnam. It was very accurate and I felt that it was very realistic and a lot of the things that were said in the film were true.

Ethan Kelley photo
Ethan Kelley

This is a documentary about the last known arcade in San Francisco, at 4th and Mission Street, as well as the arcade that they used for decades. The arcade is a total museum in itself. The part that really impressed me about this documentary was that they actually did research and kept the arcades current with updates and service issues. The new owner is not only an arcade enthusiast, but a qualified professional who has worked at the arcade for years. This documentary also introduces the members of the arcade community and the many stories they share. This documentary was excellent and very interesting.

Carolyn photo

So you want to see a documentary? OK, now for the short and to the point: THIS FILM IS AWESOME! It is a look into the arcade scene from a young girl's point of view and she is willing to go and do her best to get the best of the best. This film is a must see for any gamer and it really does show that a good game should last forever and people like the people of the arcade. Thanks to the two girls who brought this film to life!

Janet Rodriguez photo
Janet Rodriguez

This is a good documentary about the video game arcade in the mall in Canada. The mall had about 6 arcade games and that is why they had such a high turnover. The game store didn't want to sell the games and got the power to just play the games for a night. The video game store had a record number of video game games sold at the time. This video shows the experience and the history of video games in Canada. I highly recommend this documentary.

David photo

I watched the movie with my brother and my father. We have a special place in our hearts for 'Arcade' because it is an arcade that made a huge impact on my life. This movie shows us the arcades in all of their glory and also the people that were involved. It was a good movie but it also showed a lot of people that had a strong influence on the arcade scene. It also showed me the arcade that I grew up in. I am glad I watched it and I am glad that someone is finally making this movie. I hope that this movie can be shown in every high school and college. I also hope that this movie is shown to as many people as possible. I am glad that Arcade got to be a movie. I am glad that the people that made this movie are being recognized for their efforts. It was a good movie but it was made by the people that are on this site and this movie can be made into a movie that can be shown in high schools. I hope that everyone that is reading this will go to the arcade and support it and make it into a movie that everyone can watch.

Kenneth B. photo
Kenneth B.

This is a must see for all who love this beautiful game. The only thing that can be said that it is not for all, is that the people who enjoy this video game the most should enjoy it as much as the people who enjoy the movie "Battlefield Earth".

Marie A. photo
Marie A.

This is a really awesome documentary. It's a one-of-a-kind documentary. It's probably the best of all documentary that I've seen. The subject matter is very tough, and it's done with great honesty and intelligence. The movie really pulls you in. I was blown away by the quality of this movie. The film was beautifully made, and I would recommend it to anyone who would enjoy a movie like this. The film is loaded with interviews with people who have seen the game and how they feel about it. I really liked the way that the filmmakers gave each of the people interviews for a bit of their personal story. This really helped me get a deeper look into these people's perspectives. The people who worked on the game really cared about this project. I really felt like this movie had an evenhanded look at the project. It's clear that it was a labor of love, and I was really impressed with how it was done.

Mary B. photo
Mary B.

I think I'm the only one that really likes this movie. This movie is one of the best documentaries I have ever seen. I can't believe I didn't watch this movie before I had to go to college. This movie is not only great, but it's inspirational. It has a lot of great facts about computers and computers history. I don't want to say anything about the movie because I don't want to ruin it. Just watch this movie! You won't regret it.

Joyce F. photo
Joyce F.

I am a gamer and I am not against this new video game generation. I don't think anyone who likes video games is against video games. They just like video games. This film did a good job of showing the graphics and technical aspects of video games. I didn't have any problems with the acting in the film. There were few times when the acting was bad but other times it was good. I liked the graphics and the story in this film. I did have a problem with some of the backgrounds. I like to see a good background for the people. The backgrounds were not good enough to hold my attention for more than a few seconds. I don't know if this was a computer graphic or a screen play but it was not good enough to keep my attention for more than a few seconds. The other part of the film was a little too much of a waste of time. The music was bad and some of the music was bad. I thought the people talking were really annoying. Overall, this film was good and I recommend it to any gamer who is interested in video games.

Sean Walker photo
Sean Walker

These movies do not try to show us how awesome things are, they do not try to tell us how good it is or how important it is. They tell us how important the artists and their music are. This movie tells the story of David Bowie, the music of Jimi Hendrix, the bands who helped create them, and the people who got the music and the artists who helped them get there. The way that they make the movie is really well done, it really makes you feel like you are in a musical version of the world of Bowie. The movie does not attempt to show us what the artist meant, it just lets you feel what they meant. And it does this for a good reason, they are amazing, they are powerful, they are in fact, truly awesome. And if you have not already heard of Jimi Hendrix or David Bowie, you really should. I think that you will find this movie extremely entertaining, and that it will probably be one of the most entertaining movies of the year.