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Walking Out

Walking Out is a movie starring Matt Bomer, Josh Wiggins, and Bill Pullman. An urban teenager journeys to Montana to hunt big game with his estranged father. Father and son struggle to connect, until a brutal encounter in the heart...

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Em Retirada, Tehdit Altında
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1 hours 35 minutes
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Drama, Thriller
Alex Smith, Andrew J. Smith
Andrew J. Smith, Alex Smith, David Quammen
Josh Wiggins, Bill Pullman, Matt Bomer, Alex Neustaedter
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An urban teenager journeys to Montana to hunt big game with his estranged father. Father and son struggle to connect, until a brutal encounter in the heart of the wilderness changes everything.

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Anthony Griffin photo
Anthony Griffin

As much as I am a fan of Philip Seymour Hoffman, I am not a fan of his work. It's a shame because I think he's a really great actor, but he is not in this film. I don't want to say much more about it because I really don't want to give anything away. It's not a bad movie, but I think it could have been better. It's not that it's bad, it's just that it could have been better. There are some good scenes, but the ending was really stupid. I don't know if it's because I don't like Philip Seymour Hoffman, or if it's because I don't like the ending. Maybe it's both. I don't think the movie could have ended any better. It just seemed like it was a waste of time. I would recommend this movie to people who like movies that are about relationships, because it's a good movie. I don't know if it's better than that, but it's definitely not bad.

Keith photo

While watching this movie I couldn't help but think, 'if only there were more movies like this'. It was the kind of movie that makes you feel like you want to watch it again and again. It's well made, but I was a little disappointed by the lack of humor. It would have been nice to see more of the characters. If only they could have had more sex scenes, and more of the animal scenes. But that's just my opinion. If you're looking for a movie that will make you laugh and make you feel good, then you should check this movie out. I highly recommend it. 8/10

Alan photo

I'll admit that I was expecting a lot more from this film than what I got. After all, it was directed by Steven Soderbergh, so that shouldn't be a surprise. But for the most part this is a solid, very entertaining film. The acting is very good all around, and there's no question that it was a big gamble to cast Matthew McConaughey in the lead role, but he certainly pulls it off. It's not a perfect film, and there's some very dull moments, but it's a solid thriller. In a way, the film reminded me of the work of John Cusack in "The Cider House Rules" (which is one of my favorites of all time). While that film had a lot of potential, the script wasn't always believable, and the ending felt like a cheap rip-off of "The Usual Suspects". But in this film, it's not a rip-off, but a very effective, well-executed twist. And that's what makes this film so good. It's a very good thriller with a very good twist. I definitely recommend it to anyone who enjoys a good thriller. I give it a B+.

Jacob photo

In a manner of speaking, the film "Walk Out" is a crime thriller. I have seen it several times and it keeps me interested. The story of a married couple who have to get out of the country to hide from a violent gang. When the gang members get the couple, they force them to stay in the house while they move into the country. When they are finally out of the house, they are attacked by the gang members. The film keeps you guessing who the gang is, who is really going to win the race, who will be the innocent victim and who will be the guilty party. I would say that the film is a good drama but it has been done before. The film has a good plot, a good script, good actors and good directing. The film is a good thriller but I would say that it is not a great thriller. I would recommend it to people who like crime thrillers and drama.

Douglas photo

I'm not a huge fan of Frank Langella but I do love him in this film. He plays a man who has lost everything he has ever known and then he finds a way to rise from the dead to get back what he lost. I think it is the perfect ending for this film because it shows that the dead are not the only ones that can be resurrected. I'm glad they didn't go for a happy ending, I'd have liked that too. The ending also made me think that it wasn't that the dead can't be resurrected. If you're a fan of Frank Langella you'll love this film.

Lauren B. photo
Lauren B.

A young man is brutally murdered, and the police are not prepared to give up their investigation. As a result, the case becomes a matter of life and death. This is a great movie that is very well acted. It is very hard to tell if the acting is good or not, but it is certainly better than average. The characters are believable and have a very human quality. It is not as good as many other movies of this genre, but it is definitely worth seeing. It is a very well made movie and it is definitely worth watching.

Craig Woods photo
Craig Woods

The other day I was scrolling through the video store and I stumbled upon a DVD called "Walking Out." I had heard about it, but never bothered to rent it. The film itself was very well-done. It was very suspenseful and kept me on the edge of my seat. The acting was superb and the plot was very well-thought out. The ending was very emotional and had me crying. It was very well-made and the plot was very good. I would definitely recommend this film to anyone who enjoys a suspenseful thriller. It is very well-done and should be viewed by everyone.

Ralph Payne photo
Ralph Payne

I like this film for several reasons. First, it is a very good film. The acting, direction, and cinematography are all very good. The story is intriguing, and the acting is very good. I also like that it is not the typical film about a serial killer. This film is more about the psychological effects of being a serial killer. In a way, it is more realistic than most horror films. There are many more elements in this film that make it a good film. The music is great, and the cinematography is great. Overall, I think this film is a very good film. I recommend it to anyone who likes horror films.

Sarah Carpenter photo
Sarah Carpenter

After reading the reviews I was expecting a lot from this movie. I was pleasantly surprised, as it was a good movie. I was also surprised to see a lot of young actors in it, they were good actors. I have to say I think this movie was more about the fact that many of these people were people that were in trouble, and they needed a way out. They were stuck in a life that they could not live, and they needed a way out. This movie shows that a lot of people have a way of living in a world that they can not live in. This movie shows how people have a way of escaping from their troubles, and that they have a way to live in a world that they can not live in. They have a way of making things better, even if they are not wanted. This movie is a good movie, but it is not a movie that I would recommend to people.

Christopher photo

This movie is a good one to watch if you're looking for a good thriller. The plot is not the most original and it has some stupid parts like the end of the movie. But the movie is not that bad. It has some good parts like the part when the boy and the girl are fighting and when the boy is in the police station and he's being interrogated. The movie is not that bad and it has some good scenes. The actors are really good in this movie and they are really believable. This movie is not that good and it has some stupid parts but it is worth watching. My vote is 7/10.

Melissa photo

I was quite excited about seeing this film and was looking forward to seeing it. I went to see it at the theatre and was very surprised at how it turned out. The film was very slow and boring but at the same time it was quite dark. The film had a bit of a twist in it and I thought that was pretty cool. The film had a good ending but I think it could have been better. The film was okay and it did have its problems but it is worth a watch. I recommend it to anyone who wants to see a slow film with a twist.

Nicholas Adams photo
Nicholas Adams

What a nice surprise. I have been waiting for this movie for a long time and I can say that I was not disappointed. The movie is very fast paced and kept me interested from start to finish. The story of this movie is interesting and not predictable. The plot twists are great and make the movie even better. The acting is good and the dialogs are very good. The only thing that I can say is that the movie is a bit slow at the beginning but after the first hour I could not take my eyes off the screen. I would recommend this movie to everyone. I am giving this movie 7 out of 10.

Evelyn Bryant photo
Evelyn Bryant

I really liked this movie. I enjoyed the suspense, the actors, the story, the music. I think it was a good movie. There were many interesting twists. It is one of those movies that you can watch over and over and still enjoy. The only thing I didn't like was that it was too long. There was so much going on. I think it was about 90 minutes. I think it was worth the money to rent or buy it. It was great. I will probably see it again.

Brian H. photo
Brian H.

I saw this movie yesterday, and I really enjoyed it. It was very well done, and was very believable. It was also a very interesting story. There was a lot of plot holes, but it's a good movie, if you don't think too hard about them. I give it a B+.

Martha photo

I just saw this film for the first time on DVD. I was pleasantly surprised. There are some very fine acting performances in this movie. It's a very smart movie that makes you think and question the world we live in. I really enjoyed it. I have not seen this movie since it came out. I can't wait to buy the DVD. I thought it was an excellent movie. I can't wait to see it again. I would highly recommend it. You will not be disappointed.

Edward Griffin photo
Edward Griffin

It's a real shame that this movie isn't released in the US. The acting is great and the plot is good. If you like movies that are worth watching then you'll like this. There is a lot of action in the movie and it keeps you on the edge of your seat. If you're into the movie that will like this. I give this movie a 7 out of 10.

Michelle photo

A lot of people think this is a great movie, but I thought it was rather mediocre. I thought it was much more of a drama than a thriller. I thought the ending was quite weak. It wasn't exactly great, but it wasn't terrible. It was okay. I just didn't think it was a good movie. I give it a B-.

Samantha photo

After a year of playing the aging leading man, Will Patton was the perfect choice for this role. This film is very much about Will's inner struggles, how he feels, and the lack of confidence he feels he has in his wife and daughter. He is in fact a very determined man, and that's what you get to see in this film. As the story goes on, you can't help but to feel for him. He's not afraid to take on the roles of people who can't handle him, and he takes on those roles with no fear. I think he has a very real side to him, and that's what the audience gets to see. This is one of those films where you can't help but feel for the main character, and you can't help but feel that he is the protagonist of the story. The film is very much about a man who is not afraid to take on the role of a man, but he does not know how to do it. I think that is what the audience gets to see in this film. It's a great film to watch with friends or family, because you can relate to Will and his struggles. I think the film is very well made, and you can't help but to root for him.

Albert photo

This film was so much better than I expected it to be. I knew the ending was going to be good but I never thought I would have seen the end of a film this good. I thought the acting was great. The story was fantastic. I am very surprised that I didn't see this film before it came out on DVD. I recommend this film to anyone who wants to see a movie that has an interesting story and good acting. I give this film a 7/10.

Mildred Willis photo
Mildred Willis

I saw this film about a year ago, and have to say that I thought it was a very good film. The acting was good, the story was great, the locations were great, the music was great, the script was great, the direction was good, and the camera work was excellent. I just really liked it. I have seen it twice and plan to see it again soon. I would definitely recommend it to anyone who is looking for a good film. I think you will enjoy it as much as I did.

William Keller photo
William Keller

This is a very clever movie. The actors are excellent and the story is interesting. I think that the movie is worth watching. I saw it in the cinema and it was so much fun to watch. I highly recommend this movie. I can't believe how good it is.

Betty photo

Not too many films come close to the brilliance of this film. It is a bit of a mess, but the basic story is simple enough to follow. But, the story and the direction of the film are both excellent. There are many scenes of tremendous tension and the film does not let up for a minute. There are a few scenes that are just not believable. But, as a whole, this is a very good film.

Eugene Garza photo
Eugene Garza

I really enjoyed this film. It was entertaining, I think I laughed a few times and it was definitely a film that I would watch again. I think it is a very good film and I would recommend it to anyone who likes a good thriller. It was quite violent and I think that might have been a bit too much but I thought that it was worth watching. I would say it was good and I would definitely recommend it.

Carl Burke photo
Carl Burke

I did not expect much from this film. The title itself is a little misleading. The film is about a young woman, Jennifer, who discovers her brother is a serial killer. She begins a search for him, with the help of her friend, Robin. The film has a lot of interesting and intelligent ideas, but I was a little disappointed in the end. The ending was a little too cliche. The only thing that I can say about this film is that it is a good film. The acting is great, and the script is original and interesting. There are a few weak points in the film, but it is still a good film to watch.

Samuel photo

I was shocked at how much I enjoyed this film. I watched the original version with my mom on TV and I found it quite interesting. I don't remember much of the original version except for the ending. I was expecting a more serious film with more depth. The story is a bit slow in places but the characters are well developed. I thought that the acting was good and the cinematography was excellent. I thought the story was interesting and kept my attention. The original ending was a bit disappointing. Overall, I found this movie to be entertaining and worth watching. I recommend it to fans of the original.

Jane Henderson photo
Jane Henderson

This is a great movie, and is one of my favorites. It's a great crime movie that has a great plot, and it is very well acted. The plot is about a guy who is being framed for a murder he did not commit, and he is going to prove his innocence, and also get revenge. This movie is very good and very well acted. I recommend this movie to anyone who is a fan of crime movies. It is a great movie.

Crystal J. photo
Crystal J.

I thought the movie was good, but I have a few gripes. 1. I didn't like the fact that the cop didn't seem to realize that he had a gun in his pocket the whole movie. I didn't think that the police should have known about that. 2. The movie is not realistic. The cop is not the typical 'bad cop' that you see in the movies. 3. The movie is too long. There is a lot of stuff going on. It would have been better to cut out the last 15 minutes of the movie. Overall, it was a good movie. I give it a 7 out of 10.

Cheryl photo

The main issue I have with this movie is that it's too much like a typical action thriller. The only thing that could make this movie better is if they put more of an emphasis on the character and story development. But I think the movie is still worth watching, as it's a solid action thriller, but I think the movie would have been better if they had focused more on the story and characters instead of the action.

Kathryn Wood photo
Kathryn Wood

This is a good movie with a great cast. The story is about a young man named Steven, who has a bad childhood and his life is miserable. He's unemployed, he's a drug addict, he has a bad attitude and has a bad attitude. He is living in a house that is run by his uncle. He is told by his uncle to stay in the house and he is scared to leave. He stays, and he starts to see things. Things that are not in his imagination. Things that are not in his reality. The movie is a little slow and it's hard to get into, but the story is well told and is a good movie. The cast is great, with the usual supporting cast. The music is great, and the ending is good. This is a good movie, I recommend it to anyone who likes a good movie.

Amanda Ruiz photo
Amanda Ruiz

The movie is an interesting look at the lives of three characters. The first is a Vietnam veteran who's military service has led him to believe that he has a lot to learn about the war. He's been living a lie for a long time, and it is only now that he's starting to wake up and realize that he has a lot to learn. The second is a college student who is coming to terms with the horrors of war. He's lost a lot of friends and is coming to terms with the fact that he may have to leave the country. The third is a Vietnam veteran who's now struggling to make sense of his life. He's a lot more introspective than the other two characters, and I think he's a lot more interesting than they are. The movie is very well done. The acting is really good, and the story is very well written. It's a movie that keeps you thinking about it for a while after you leave the theater.

Sandra Wheeler photo
Sandra Wheeler

I'm glad I went to see this movie, not because I liked the movie, but because I was able to see a movie that was not all about violence and drugs. I think the acting was good and the story was good. I liked the movie because I liked the idea of a girl who wants to leave her life, but she knows that her family won't let her do it. I thought the ending was a little predictable, but that's not what this movie is about. The movie was good, but I thought the movie would have been better if they would have made the movie longer.

Nathan W. photo
Nathan W.

I'm not sure what the point of this movie is supposed to be. The main character, a female, is a prostitute and does it for the money. She's got problems, and she tries to change them, but there's no real motivation for her to do that. There's no real reason for her to have been born that way. She's not a prostitute, she's a human being. The movie is too long. It's a long time before the main character's family starts talking about her and how she's being treated. The movie is boring and uninteresting. I never found it interesting, but it was still pretty good.