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Gift is a movie starring Marcus Alfred, Wayne Alfred, and Giorgio De Finis. Creative essay doc inspired by Lewis Hyde's classic bestseller The Gift. Chronicling gift-based cultures around the world and challenging the logic of...

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Le don
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Robin McKenna
Robin McKenna
Wayne Alfred, Marcus Alfred, Giorgio De Finis, Mingwei Lee
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Creative essay doc inspired by Lewis Hyde's classic bestseller The Gift. Chronicling gift-based cultures around the world and challenging the logic of global capitalism, the film inspires the question: is life about getting or giving?

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Jerry Reed photo
Jerry Reed

This is a great movie. In the way that all movies are great, this is one of the best I have ever seen. It's hard to imagine a movie this great and this entertaining and yet this is one of those movies that will become a cult classic. It's not easy to write about this movie, and I can't do it justice in a short summary. There is so much that can be said about this movie that would be more than I could express in a short review. The best way to describe this movie is to say that it's a mix of a lot of different movies. It has some elements of Psycho, Reservoir Dogs, Reservoir Dogs, Scorsese's Raging Bull, Taxi Driver, and other movies in the gangster genre. It's really hard to know where to start with all the different elements that are mixed together to make this movie great. And it's hard to tell what parts of the movie worked and what parts didn't. There are so many elements that worked that I can't even list them all, and the parts that didn't work didn't do so well for me. But I will say that the acting was pretty good. One of the things that I found to be really great about this movie was the way that it integrated the cast of the other movies in the gangster genre. When I saw it at a local movie theatre, there was a whole audience of people that were clearly into this movie and that they were into all of the elements of the movie. It seems that this movie was meant for them. I can't think of a better way to put it. The story itself is a mix of the ideas from all the movies that are in the gangster genre. It also doesn't try to do anything else, and I don't think it does anything else at all. It just works. I really think that this is the best movie of the year and I hope that it will become one of the great movies of the year. In the same way that I think that this movie will become one of the greatest movies of all time. This is an excellent movie and I can't wait for it to be released in theatres and DVD. I know that I will be seeing it soon.

Brian P. photo
Brian P.

This is a short but powerful film. It does a great job of explaining why the government does not give people the help they need. They do not want to help people because they don't want to get caught and they don't want to have to be accountable. They want to keep the secret of how they are doing it. I also like how they give you a choice of what to believe. I would recommend this to anyone. Watch it.

Bobby Wheeler photo
Bobby Wheeler

The gift of life. The gift of the gift of knowledge. These words are so relevant and true that they could not have been more timely. When I first saw this documentary, I didn't know what to think about it. I watched it and watched it and I got so involved in it that I couldn't stop. I didn't get up until three in the morning to change my plans. I cried. I felt like a part of the action. When I was in a hotel and someone offered me a free night with them, I didn't say no, but I was a little hesitant. But after a few weeks I said yes, and we stayed together for the entire night. This documentary is so powerful, it touched me. I can't recommend this documentary highly enough. The cinematography is breathtaking, the soundtrack is fitting and really draws you in. You feel so connected to these people. The director has given us such a powerful vision of this amazing story and I can't wait to see it again. I would also like to say that I am so grateful that the movie is in English and not in Spanish. I believe that the people who have watched the movie would understand what I am talking about. If you have not watched it, I highly recommend it. I think that this movie will change your life.

Sara May photo
Sara May

I have been using the program "Friend" for a couple of years and I really like this program, I am a little skeptical but after watching the film I have to say that this is a great movie and I like it a lot. I've been using the program and reading the books and they all seem to tie together. I haven't had a clue what to expect and it's been very fun to watch. I am a bit skeptical about the people who don't like the program. The people who are like "I don't like the program" are people who don't want to be challenged or are in the wrong place. They don't know how to be challenged. You have to get them to open up and say "I want to challenge myself." You have to do something they can't do. When they get out of the program they get a new life. They have to learn to go in the field and be a scientist and build things. It's really amazing. I can't wait to see the sequel to the movie.

George Rogers photo
George Rogers

I really enjoyed this film. It did a good job at showing the true-life stories of the people who were abused in the foster system. The documentary was informative and really helped me to understand why the stories are not common. I hope it gets a wider release and that more people are informed about the true stories.

Amber Schultz photo
Amber Schultz

Every one should see this movie and make a change in their own life. As I watched this movie I was thinking about the various things I could do with this amazing gift, like giving the gift to someone who has a hard time with what they are giving, or just taking the gift to someone who will appreciate it more. The movie was a great representation of how life can be without money and how hard it is to make a change in someone's life. It is a very inspirational movie, that is not to be missed.

Brandon E. photo
Brandon E.

I was not expecting to enjoy this film, but I did. It was a wonderful experience. This is a film about faith, courage and about one's love of family. The film was beautifully done and gave me a great sense of belonging to the community. It was very moving. The students were also very well done. I am very proud of them. They were the best actors in this film. They did a fantastic job. I am glad that they won the award. I do think that the directors did a great job as well. I am very happy that this film was so well done. This was a beautiful film that shows how the whole family can help each other in times of need. I do feel that there is something for everyone in this film. I think that everyone who watched this film will be inspired by the film and will want to see it again and again. Thank you.

Daniel W. photo
Daniel W.

This is one of the most powerful and touching documentary films I have ever seen. It is not only one of the most powerful, but one of the most meaningful. It is hard to find a film that can really reach a group of people. The whole world is in it's own personal problems. I truly believe that if you watch this film, you will change your life. I had to watch it twice, and I have already changed a lot. If you watch it once, you will change a lot. But even if you do not watch it, you will still be changed. This is a film about a group of people who all came to the same place, found that they had a common thing, and then went on to do it. The world needs to hear this story, because this is the message that we need to hear. It is not just about the problems in our country, it is about how a whole group of people came together to make a difference. It is about changing the world for the better, and that is what the world needs. It is not just about our problems, it is about the problems of the entire world. It is a story of hope, and I believe that this film will change the world. I give this film a 10 out of 10.

Bruce photo

This documentary is the first in a series of similar films about global warming. It is the second of two documentaries, the other being Climate Hustle, that were filmed in New York City in 2012. The first one, titled, "On the Brink," was filmed in 1988 and it was published in the fall of 1988. This one is the third documentary, "Not Another Heartbeat," which was filmed in 2006 and it was published in 2009. This one was a bit more raw and honest, but still covered the subjects well. The documentary, "Not Another Heartbeat," covered the topic of global warming from the perspective of the people who are dealing with it, and it was a bit more difficult to watch. This documentary, however, covers it from the perspective of the people who are either going to be affected by it, or already affected. There is a lot of stories in this documentary, but it is not a documentary that is made to show you the footage. It is like having a meal at a restaurant and they have a menu of dishes that you can order, but they don't have a menu of dishes that you can order. It is a different experience that I will never forget. The people interviewed in this documentary are a diverse group of people, but it is interesting to see them talk about what their experiences are, and how they are affected by it. These people are the experts, so they can speak to the science behind climate change. They are also the ones who have the power to influence the direction of the future of this planet. As with all documentaries, it is a pretty raw experience. There is a lot of emotion and it can be hard to watch. The subject matter is very raw and it is not for the faint of heart. This documentary is not just about global warming, but also about the environmental issues that we face today. I think it is important to see this documentary to learn what impact global warming will have on our environment. It is the issue that I am most concerned about as I have never lived in a city that was built on landfill, but I do think that cities are the biggest threat to our environment, and they are the biggest threat to our health. We are being taken care of by them, and they are not doing their part. It is the pollution that is going to affect us the most. These are the issues that the documentary touches on, and they are the issues that we will have to deal with in our lifetimes. The film shows us the first time, and it does not even give you a full view of what is happening. It gives you a general idea, and then it cuts to a specific scene. It shows us a clip of a scientist talking about the impacts of global warming, but it does not show the full story. In the end, it is the science that is the most important part of this documentary. I would highly recommend this documentary to anyone who is interested in global warming, because it is a must-see.

Ronald Schultz photo
Ronald Schultz

In this movie we see the struggle of families in Ethiopia to keep the children safe from harm. The movie is a very moving and heartwarming story of hope and a powerful film.

Harry H. photo
Harry H.

So I can't speak for all Americans, but I can speak for myself and I think the majority of Americans would probably agree with the fact that this movie is absolutely amazing. I also agree with some of the comments I have read, that it is "too depressing". But I feel that the message is getting through to people, and that if you are willing to have an open mind and a chance to think, you will not be disappointed.

Louis M. photo
Louis M.

My friend and I had a wonderful evening at the world premiere of Gifts and we thoroughly enjoyed it. The film has an intelligent script and a beautiful cinematography. The cinematography captures the beautiful scenery of the Australian outback, and the film is so entertaining and emotionally charged, that it really moves you and makes you feel what the characters are feeling. The actors are really good and very natural in their performance. This is an extremely difficult film to make, and they made it look easy. This film is not a romance, and does not have a happy ending. The film is very realistic and very relatable. I would recommend it to everyone.

Melissa Myers photo
Melissa Myers

This is a very good movie and it shows how it is the result of a special bond between the Father and the Son. The Father has the only one Son and the Son has the Father and the Father has the Son. This bond between them is what made him Father and Son. I have had to follow this bond as a single father and have seen the impact it has had on me and my family. This is the type of movie that will make you think and will inspire you. If you want to know more about this story please check out my other movie review. Thank you.

Justin Little photo
Justin Little

It's wonderful to see that the Chinese have also benefited from this film. The movie is divided into different sections. The first part focuses on the life of the migrant workers in the garment industry. The second part is about the labor relations between the workers and the bosses. The third part focuses on the rights and requirements of the migrant workers. The fourth part is about the children who are left to fend for themselves, and the fifth and last part is about the need to take care of the elderly. The movie was produced by the BBC, and it was produced with the support of Chinese leaders. The Chinese government has supported the production of this film, because it is a documentary, and the people have seen that documentary many times, and they know what happens in factories. They have also seen that the BBC is very progressive. The BBC has been very helpful in providing interviews with workers and their families, and in this film they have produced interviews with the children who have been left to fend for themselves. This is a very powerful film, which I believe is one of the best documentaries I have ever seen.

Lauren West photo
Lauren West

This documentary is filled with factual information about the case and the case itself. It is the story of Mary Schneider. It is the story of the son who didn't know what happened, and the son who found out the truth. The two stories are intertwined and it is fascinating to see how the story was started and how the story was told. It is also interesting to see how the case came to be. The documentary is very well put together and gives an interesting look at the case. There is a lot of information about the trial and the case itself. There is also information on the fact that the case was closed with a miscarriage. It is a very well put together documentary. It is well researched and does a good job of telling the story of this case. I highly recommend this documentary. The best part about this documentary is that it is filled with factual information about the case. If you have any interest in the case then this documentary is definitely for you.

Maria Oliver photo
Maria Oliver

I was a guest of a T.V. Show in which one of the presenters did a series of interviews with people in the movie industry. I found out that the film "Gift" was based on the story of an old woman who was left for dead in a small town, and now she has three kids, three grandchildren, and still has problems to live her life. This story is told by her grandson, and his two children. The film shows the end of the story, when the old lady's three children decide to give her a gift that has changed her life forever. It is a beautiful film. The actors in this film do an amazing job. All the children do a very good job at presenting the story and their characters. The movie was very touching. I can't wait for the DVD release of this film. I recommend this film to anyone who loves movies, or just someone who wants to learn more about life. If you have seen it, please rate it. You'll get a very good feeling.

Alice W. photo
Alice W.

I am shocked by the reviews of this film. I have watched it 2 times and will continue to watch it. The message is one that is at the heart of all religious faiths, but is rarely mentioned in the media. My best friend has been searching for this message and is now a pastor. There is a real, palpable feeling of power and truth that he can feel, not just on a personal level, but also as a pastor who is not afraid to let his congregation know the truth about what is happening in our world. I know that this film is a work of art. I am thankful for the many gifts that were given to me, and for the gift that I now feel to know the truth about the earth and the truth about the nature of man. Thank you for this film.

Sandra Gutierrez photo
Sandra Gutierrez

With a huge budget and a great production quality, the cast and crew of "The Gift" manage to deliver a powerful and revealing documentary that is completely engaging. The film consists of two stories: a direct portrait of the conditions faced by the people of Puerto Rico in 2006, and a story of the film and its makers, including interviews with the filmmakers, a montage of "best of" footage, and a retrospective of the film's premiere at SXSW. The two stories are interlinked, so that one story only reveals the impact the film has on the viewer. The movie is highly recommended for anyone interested in climate change and its impact on the global climate. "The Gift" is a must-see for anyone interested in the political and social issues raised in the film. There is a large amount of useful information in the film, which is presented with great professionalism. The filmmakers provide much, much more information on their website. Their website is well organized, well written, and with lots of relevant material for everyone interested in the film. In the end, the most effective way to view "The Gift" is to watch it yourself. Watch it in a well-lit cinema, in a quiet environment. This will help you absorb the immense amount of information that is offered. If you do not care about what is shown in the film, it will not have the impact it has on you. "The Gift" is a must-see.

Nicholas R. photo
Nicholas R.

I'm not a religious person. I just don't like to be told what to believe or not. But this documentary is an outstanding example of why people should seek out their own information about anything and everything that matters to them. In my opinion, if this film could be used to teach people the basics of science, history, philosophy, etc. then I'd say it's a great success. But the documentary also shows how important it is to be open minded and to embrace new ideas. I thoroughly recommend this film. I have seen the film twice and plan on seeing it again.

Albert M. photo
Albert M.

A perfect example of how the Internet, and technology, have made it possible to make a film out of the real story of the Franklin trial and the 'Gift' phenomenon. As I watched this film I was in awe of the camera work, the visual effects and how the people were able to speak with the character of Jim, while the footage of the trial and the trial itself was filmed at the same time. The actors were so believable in their roles, and how they spoke so much to each other, as to give us the feeling that this was real, real and true. The film was a good balance of emotion, drama and humor. It was a film that brought tears to my eyes when I watched it. I'm so glad I watched it. I have recommended it to my friends, and I would recommend it to everyone. I would love to see it again and I will buy it when it's released on DVD. I think everyone should see this film, it was a must see.

Barbara V. photo
Barbara V.

What a movie. I could watch it a million times. I recommend it to anyone. From my view point, the cinematography was the best. What a contrast to the Hollywood movies I've seen lately. From the very first scene, you could feel the desperation, the energy, and the feelings. That's what makes this movie so great. Everything that went on before was something you would never see in a movie. I wish that this movie would be more widely known.