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Tickled is a movie starring David Farrier, Dylan Reeve, and David Starr. Journalist David Farrier stumbles upon a mysterious tickling competition online. As he delves deeper he comes up against fierce resistance, but that doesn't...

Other Titles
Tickle King, くすぐり, L'impero del solletico, Kittlad, Csiklandozás életre-halálra, Połaskotany, Totul despre gâdilat, Tickled: Kutituspornon Jäljillä
Running Time
1 hours 32 minutes
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Documentary, Mystery
Dylan Reeve, David Farrier
Kevin Clarke, David Farrier, David Starr, Dylan Reeve
New Zealand
Audio Languages
English, Deutsch, Français, Italiano, Español, Svenska, Gaeilge, Nederlands
日本語, Čeština, Tiếng Việt, Português, 한국어, Australia, Filipino, हिन्दी

David Farrier, a New Zealand pop cultural reporter whose story subjects often verge into the bizarre, believes he's found his next story when he stumbles across an online video on the world of competitive endurance tickling, a sport where the participants, with hands and feet tied down, are tickled for as long as they can endure. Participants are flown to Los Angeles first class, paid $1,500, and put up for four nights in a luxury hotel. Suitable participants are deemed to be younger, muscular males. The event is held on a monthly basis. In contacting the organizers, US-based Jane O'Brien Media, via their popular Facebook page to arrange for an interview, David receives a return message from one of their representatives, Debbie J. Kuhn, declining the offer, the message a homophobic rant largely against David. In that message, Debbie asserts that the competition is wholly a heterosexual athletic activity, she who does not appreciate what will be David's assumed gay bent on the story as a homosexual himself (which David does not state he is or isn't in his request). David finds the message all the more odd as the activity as it appears in the videos has an undeniable gay vibe. What is even more odd is that Debbie on behalf of Jane O'Brien, continually emails David over the following weeks expounding on the themes in the original message. At this time, David's friend, Dylan Reeve, enters the fray, acting initially as a researcher for David, and then eventually as co-filmmaker for a documentary on the subject. However, the documentary eventually morphs from the sport of competitive endurance tickling into the mysterious world of Jane O'Brien and Debbie Kuhn, especially: as they seem to have unlimited resources both to hold the events and to conduct their online harassment they learn not only of David, but of former associates who now seem to want to distance themselves from the "sport" and Jane O'Brien Media; as Jane and Debbie initiate legal action and threaten even more legal action, and issue general threats time and time against David and Dylan not only for this unauthorized documentary but for their activities toward Jane O'Brien Media as a whole; and as no one seems to know who Debbie or Jane are, even the people that work for them, or what their end goal is, namely what will be done with the resulting videos of the competitions, which populate the Internet. The story takes a further twist when David and Dylan learn there truly is a tickling sexual fetish subculture, one within that community, Richard Ivey, who willingly talks to David and who remembers someone else online decades ago within the community with a similar M.O. to Debbie and Jane.

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Kathy Tran photo
Kathy Tran

The biggest problem with movies like "The Tickled" is that they are really just a rehash of a popular old story, which is what we've all seen. If you're looking for a movie that takes a different approach, and will leave you with a whole new outlook on things, I recommend "The Tickled".

Alexander J. photo
Alexander J.

I saw the film at the Cannes Film Festival and was very impressed. This is a very well made film that really entertains and makes you think about the things you would do in the same situation. The fact that it is based on a true story, that is what makes it so powerful. This film is very well made and the acting is top notch. The only thing I did not like was the fact that it was in Spanish and I had to read the subtitles. But other than that, it was an excellent film.

Jonathan E. photo
Jonathan E.

This is a documentary that should be shown in every high school in the nation. If the world were a "free zone", where no one could be bullied or humiliated, this would be the place to show it. It's a powerful, moving story about the powerful and the powerless, and about the human spirit and the power of the human spirit. It's a story about the power of love, about the power of compassion, and about the power of faith. It's a story about how we all have a destiny, and a responsibility, and a responsibility to change the world. It's a story about how to love and to care for each other, and about how to fight for our common humanity.

Kelly Murphy photo
Kelly Murphy

This is an excellent documentary about the psychological effects of being tickled. The film is very well done, with a good balance of both scientific and personal research. The film does a great job of giving an account of how tickling affects the brain and body. The interviews with the children involved are very good and it's great to hear the perspective of a researcher who has been studying tickling for many years. The film is very interesting, informative and entertaining. I think it is a good film to watch with your children or even with a non-parent to share your perspective on the subject.

Rose B. photo
Rose B.

I was completely shocked to see the ratings of this film. I was expecting a lot, and I was not disappointed. The cinematography is amazing. The soundtrack is perfect. The movie is very well made, and I can't wait to see it again. This film was made by a group of filmmakers who work on a very low budget, and they succeeded in making an amazing film. I hope to see more films like this one in the future.

Benjamin C. photo
Benjamin C.

I thought this documentary was really interesting. It gave me a good insight into the mental health issues in the gay community, and the problems of the homeless population. I really enjoyed watching the documentary, and I would definitely recommend it to anyone.

Kelly photo

This is an excellent film that shows how people can be manipulated by corporations and that corporations are the worst villains in our society. I think it's a good film and I recommend it to anyone who wants to see the real story of the corporate takeover of America. It's not perfect but it's a great film.

Pamela photo

I have been following the Zika virus for the past year, and I was fascinated to see how the virus was spreading and how it affected the people of South America. The film is very well done, and has some very real moments. This film is very important, and should be seen by everyone. I hope that it gets the exposure that it deserves.

Richard photo

I think the reason this movie has not been made into a series is because there is no way to tell a story about a Tickled child without making it a cartoon. The movie is a real documentary and as such is very well done. The tickling is very realistic and the way it was filmed was excellent. The fact that the movie was made without any special effects is a big plus as well. I highly recommend this movie to anyone who has ever had a child who was tickled by their mother.

Adam photo

I like this movie because I am a fan of many artists and I like to see what they are doing. I am very impressed with the way that this movie is made and I wish more movies like this were made. It is a great way to start your movie watching experience. This movie is not for the faint of heart. It is very serious and may not be appropriate for children. If you are a fan of any of the artists mentioned, you will be entertained and will learn a little bit about their work. This movie is not for the faint of heart, but if you are a fan of the artists mentioned, you will love it. You will be entertained and it will make you think.

Carol R. photo
Carol R.

It's so hard to come up with a movie that will not be taken by some Hollywood hack as a major motion picture. So, when a group of young filmmakers decided to make a movie about the tickling phenomenon, I was excited. Unfortunately, I was disappointed. This movie is just a collection of clips from popular television shows. The idea is that the filmmakers will show clips from the shows in order to get a point across. It's all so cliche. I kept waiting for a new angle to be revealed, but it never came. I found myself asking, "What was the point?" It's too bad, because if this movie had been done right, it could have been a great film. But, it's just a collection of clips. I'm not sure what kind of film it was intended to be. The director could have been more creative. Instead, I got a collection of clips that I would never have seen in a movie theater. I was also disappointed with the ending. It was a bit of a cop-out. I would have liked to have seen more of a connection to the original show, but it was still disappointing. This movie would have been much more effective if it had been done right. In conclusion, I would not recommend this movie to anyone.

Arthur photo

A very entertaining and thought provoking documentary on the topic of drug addiction. If you are interested in understanding the science behind addiction, this is a must see.

Richard photo

The movie is very interesting. I am a sci-fi movie fanatic and this is a must see. This movie is about a little girl who was kidnapped by aliens and sent to a human planet. The movie is very well made and the characters are well acted. The director has done a wonderful job in creating this movie. It is a must see. I can not wait for the next movie. I would give this movie a 10 out of 10.

Kathy photo

I saw this film at the Portland International Film Festival. The film was very well done, and was very moving. It was very moving in that the film makers made it very clear that they were not making a political statement, but rather showing the horrors of what can happen to a child when a parent takes a drug that can cause a child to be permanently damaged. I think this is very important information for people to understand about the dangers of taking drugs.

Victoria Brooks photo
Victoria Brooks

I saw this film in a packed theater last night. I was nervous about seeing it. I knew it was going to be a controversial film and I thought it would be at least entertaining. I was not disappointed. This film does a great job of showing the absurdity of how some people would act in the name of science. It is a great film that I would highly recommend. I also think that it is important to show the true story behind this film. I think that it was interesting to see how some people reacted to this film. I also think that it is important to show that science is not a religion. Science is a way of knowing, and people should not be afraid of it. I think that the film was well done and I highly recommend it. I think that this film is well worth seeing.