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Can You Ever Forgive Me?

Can You Ever Forgive Me? is a movie starring Melissa McCarthy, Richard E. Grant, and Dolly Wells. When Lee Israel falls out of step with current tastes, she turns her art form to deception.

Other Titles
ある女流作家の罪と罰, Voitko ikinä antaa anteeksi?, Megbocsátasz valaha?, ¿Podrás perdonarme?, Poderia Me Perdoar?, Czy mi kiedyś wybaczysz?, Можете ли ми икад опростити, Pourras-tu me pardonner un jour?, 她的偽造遊戲, Copia originale, Les faussaires de Manhattan, Θα μπορούσες ποτέ να με συγχωρέσεις;, Ha'im Ay Pa'am Tislekhi Li?, Memórias de uma Falsificadora Literária, ¿Podrás perdonarme algún día?, Beni Affedebilir misin?
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1 hours 46 minutes
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Crime, Biography, Drama, Comedy
Marielle Heller
Jeff Whitty, Nicole Holofcener
Richard E. Grant, Melissa McCarthy, Ben Falcone, Dolly Wells
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When Lee Israel falls out of step with current tastes, she turns her art form to deception.

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Albert Nichols photo
Albert Nichols

Even the slacker family man Ricky (Gene Hackman) is a mean he's a greedy egotist. But his good looks and good girl look can't keep him from his grifters. Back in the day they were all villains, the Puritans, the Rips. Now in the late 80's in his forties, unemployed Ricky wakes up and is offered a chance at a new life with a chance at a real new start, as long as he doesn't act foolishly. But when a wicked old woman (Linda Fiorentino) with an attractive daughter who can't speak English, decides to take the old man under her wing, it doesn't go well. Ricky in the meantime is in a coda and has been living with a very different sort of girl (Summer Glau) who might be better suited to his last two lovers. Meanwhile, the old man is at it again and he's convinced that he's being followed and they'll all have to go back in time to kill Ricky to stop him from killing them. I didn't like this film. I love Richard Curtis, but his little screen presence can sometimes make an already-strange film more weird and painful to watch. But this movie was hard to watch for me, although it had some fun moments. As a nice surprise this movie was a lot like Hackman's earlier work. However, this wasn't a movie I had any real high expectations for, I was bored and needed a bit of laughs. I did like a good 80's soundtrack though.

Nicholas J. photo
Nicholas J.

Well worth your time, especially if you're a fan of Segel's. The reviews are mixed (I liked it very much, even though I hated some of the characters and the script) but I think it's a definite see for fans of Segel's. My score: 7.5/10. You can rate it in my review. PS I highly recommend seeing the movie with someone you really like, so you don't have to compare. I'll do that in my review. I have great respect for Segel's, as I'm a huge fan. It's a bit of a shame his character was so cliche, but I understand what he had to do to make it a true character study. The scenes I liked the most were the ones when he was listening to all the music and watching the music videos as well. They're some of my favorites. Some scenes were a little underwhelming, but for the most part it's a great movie, both for me and Segel's fans.

Christine photo

Tony Soprano (James Gandolfini) is a mobster, with his head chopped off. He is going to a mental hospital to try and be taken away, but only becomes self-conscious when he arrives. During his stay he starts seeing people with cleft lip, and is told he will die if he keeps the cleft lip. Soprano sees a girl on a psych ward, and decides to hide his cleft lip, only to be arrested by the authorities. The movie is very enjoyable. You can relate to the characters and the relationships. The dialogue is good, and you feel the characters are human. The acting is very good. It has a great soundtrack and is well made. The direction is good. The acting is good. And it doesn't have the ridiculous ending you see in so many movies. This is a good movie. It is not to be missed.

Patricia White photo
Patricia White

This is the best movie I've seen in a while, the acting is better than the first two, it's more believable that some of the things shown in the movie are just bullshit like when Dylan was with his friends, when he said he doesn't know anything, when the kids try to get money, and when Dylan confesses. I didn't really like the ending but I don't like the opening and the ending, like the original is much better. *SPOILER* They get married and it's a disaster, I thought that was something that was going to happen, but it wasn't, they have to lie about everything like how they met and everything like that. *END SPOILER* If you watch this movie, I think you will enjoy it but if you don't, I think you might like it a lot better. *SOME SPOILERS* Dylan says when he is with him, he was born to hurt people, when he says that at the bar, he's like that, he was born to hurt people, I don't know. I think that's what is wrong with the movie, if it was all true, the entire film wouldn't be good, but I think the truth is worse than that, the movie is good but that truth is just horrible. Anyways I say see it if you are interested in the movie, but I don't think you should watch it if you are only going to see it to see the actors.

Craig photo

I really liked this movie. I was on my first date with someone, and my date said "there's a movie about a guy who is really insecure, and a guy who is really insecure, and so on". That was the big hit on the date, and we ended up staying up late. So, after a couple of hours of staring at the TV, we sat down to watch this movie. I was impressed by the movie. It was very witty and clever. Even if you're a first time movie watcher, you should really give this one a try. I really hope this gets a release in the US, I feel this should be good enough to make a splash!

Hannah photo

From director Brett Ratner ("Trumbo," "Shane," "The Lovely Bones," "What About Bob?") and writer and writer Billy Bob Thornton ("Flyboys," "Cast Away"), "The Stoning" is a fascinating and engaging coming-of-age story of a young boy whose father is tortured in a Chinese prison for crimes committed while under Chinese dictator Josef Stalin's rule. While sentenced to death, the boy is spared because the boy's father is so passionate about his two sons and travels a lot, making it more difficult to kill him. Eventually the boy will have to make his own choices and answers. While watching this film, it was hard to figure out what "twist" was going on. The fact that the boy has no choice or answers shows a pointlessness of some things. But I can also tell you that this film is very thought-provoking and is, at times, hard to watch. I highly recommend it.

Bobby Castro photo
Bobby Castro

The movie offers a comical look at how a famous actor can become a tragic actor. While this movie doesn't show how the boy died, we find out in the last scene that he didn't die. The only thing that is sad is that the boy's mother (Nina) didn't manage to tell them the truth and kept them locked up in a dark room for the first four years of his life. This is a somewhat painful movie. There are a few scenes that are shown for laughs, but it is hard to find anything wrong. At times, it is even sad to see how he grew up and the strong bond between the mother and father. The movie is funny in a good way and you feel that something good will happen to them. It is hard not to cry when something good happens to a child.

Joe D. photo
Joe D.

If I could rate this movie 7, I would have already done so. Some of the finer moments in the movie may be overshadowed by the grandiose finale, but it is still a very good movie indeed. I agree with many of the reviews here that it is, at times, a little clunky. This is not the kind of film one watches on a rainy afternoon on the subway, but one does enjoy the movie itself for its sheer enjoyment and artistic achievement.

Juan Vargas photo
Juan Vargas

The cast of this film are all really good. The story is very good and interesting. However I can not forget the famous stand-in, Natalie Portman, who almost stole the show. Portman's performance was remarkable but its not just her, the other actors were also very good. The story is told in an interesting way, like I said, you are watching the story unfold. This is a very original story and I think many people will enjoy it. The only problem with this film is the ending. This film is very well made, the camerawork is excellent. Some scenes are quite sad, but I would say they are appropriate, as I am a very sad movie watcher. If you don't like sad stories, then don't watch this movie. Otherwise, I would give this film 7/10.

Diana Simmons photo
Diana Simmons

It was definitely worth the watch, but not the best. I like the characters a lot, but the story didn't flow. It seemed it was on some point in the movie, but then not in the next scene. Too much of a self centered kid.

Heather Greene photo
Heather Greene

Of all the movies I've seen, this was the best. Of course, I knew in advance that it was a slow, if not slow-paced movie (the first scene is VERY slow) and the dialogue is a bit clunky, but none the less this is a great watch. Not because of the dialogue, but because of the acting. Paul Giamatti and Woody Harrelson are simply great and give all they have to play the characters and their friendship is great. The supporting characters in the film are very good, as well, and are what make the film what it is. Perhaps not too much else could've been done with it, but it was great to watch. The story here is of course about trying to repair a friendship but the writing here is a bit better and more fun. There's so many personal moments that are cute and funny, and this has a good balance of romance and comedy. I'm going to give it a 7/10, and that's very, very good. Not great, but great.

Carl photo

In this film I felt no empathy for any of the characters and thus no reason to care about their outcomes. I did not feel any urgency in getting them out of the predicament they were in, nor did I see any point in worrying about how the characters were meant to get out of it. In short, I did not have any reason to care about the outcome of any of these characters. Maybe this is due to the fact that I am not much of a fan of those films. But even if I was, I do not believe that this makes it a bad film. So I feel that this is a film that does not suffer from this. It is not "broken" as some of the negative reviews state, and even though I did not empathize with any of the characters, this does not mean that they do not have any redeeming qualities. I believe that there are a number of elements of the film that are appropriate and effective. The music is effective in getting the characters to move, and also builds the mood during some sequences. I think that when the music is well done, we can easily relate to the characters. I am not sure, however, that it is as effective in a scene like the one in which John Wick (Vin Diesel) visits a hospital. If he had not played the guitar during the scene, I would not have been able to identify with him. If the music were not appropriate, I would have been unable to relate to him. The "feminine" music certainly helps us relate to the characters. The work that Tarantino and Neveldine do in terms of the script and dialog is amazing. I can say that there was a very low percentage of words spoken that were as corny as they came across in the other films that I have seen this year. The dialog does not feel forced, and the writing is very thoughtful. They have done a lot with a small budget and the actors and crew who were involved in this film are really, really good. I look forward to more films from them.

Marilyn L. photo
Marilyn L.

A very interesting movie in a peculiar way. It's a slow story with no real resolution in a story that is not fully fleshed out. It's a cool way to illustrate the way the lives of three ordinary people spiral out of control in an almost perfect manner. I would recommend it to people who appreciate psychological dramas with a plot that focuses on the human emotions. Overall: 7/10

Bobby photo

I just caught this movie today and I'm quite impressed. If you're someone who loves a good twist, or likes "amusing" or "well done" dramatic storytelling, then you'll enjoy this movie. It does require some suspension of disbelief, but I think that the more you take it, the more you'll appreciate it. I had never heard of this movie before, and had never heard of any of the actors, but the names and the background stories lead me to believe that I may have seen this movie before. It's a good little movie, with a few unexpected surprises in it for you and I can't wait to see it again and buy it. 7/10

Barbara Guzman photo
Barbara Guzman

I was intrigued and was ready to watch this film after seeing the trailer and hearing about its potential. As soon as I finished the film, I wasn't sure I liked it. The film centers on a young mother (Dakota Fanning) who must adjust to the pressures of her new social class and family as she is able to live in the 21st century. I feel the film never hit that perfect feeling of an adult coming into the 21st century and settling into society and finding their place in the world. I understand that Dakota is supposed to be a future "Mad Men" and "Mad Women" and that might have been part of her role, but the whole attitude of the young mother is kind of immature and borderline unintelligent. There are a few points in the film where the theme was touching, but overall I didn't feel the film was quite up to the curve. I don't know how much director-writer Madhur Jaffrey was influenced by Robert Altman, but he's definitely a better director than writer for this story. I don't know if he was trying to "perfect" the story or if he thought he was trying to show us how a "young woman" (also the director) can come to the realization of the world around her and the barriers between the two worlds she might encounter. This movie is not a boring story, it's just a story told in a very cinematic way, and it doesn't have an affect on my self-respect or pride like some other teen comedy movies have done. It's simply a movie about modern life and how the movie changes the adult-child relationship between a child and an adult.

Rebecca Reed photo
Rebecca Reed

Can You Ever Forgive Me (2001) is a truly delightful, and genuinely enjoyable film. I haven't seen it in over a year, and thought it would be a good excuse to check it out again. I think it was pretty special that it got a PG-13 rating at all. It was just kind of dumb that it received an R rating in the first place. I'm still not quite sure why exactly that was, though I've never been a fan of the R rating. With all that said, this movie is much more enjoyable than you'd expect. I loved the acting and the script, but most of all I loved the way it is shot. I loved how everything was done in a way that made it look like a documentary film, and really felt like it. The dialog is very realistic, and there are no overacting or flat out flippant dialogue in this film. I also really liked the different kinds of music that the characters used. It really added a lot to the movie, and I liked the mix of new and old songs in there, as well as the different kinds of film cuts in this movie. If you're a fan of stylish, yet action-packed films, this is for you! I really hope that somebody will do a sequel!

Austin B. photo
Austin B.

This isn't your typical Irish movie. Or even a contemporary movie in the traditional sense of the word. It's a fantastic movie that touches on the significance of the murders of the three key figures in Irish history - Jimmy Redmond (John Leguizamo), the young boy Danny (Dominic Cooper) and the older Charlie (Billy Connolly). While the protagonists are living the Irish Dream, crime, love and suicide are on the rise. While not particularly violent, this movie contains many mild dark moments which help depict the emotional and psychological fallout of the events of the 1970's. While it's not a masterpiece, it's still very much worth seeing. It was nominated the Golden Globes and it won for Best Motion Picture - Drama. It also won for Best Picture and Best Director. This is an excellent film that should be seen by anyone who wants to gain insight into the Irish characters and Ireland in general.

Gregory H. photo
Gregory H.

I watched this movie on HBO and honestly I thought it was pretty good. It was unique, well written and the actors were all great. This movie was like a musical. I loved the characters and it was hard to not feel bad for them. So if you are looking for a good movie, this one is it. I did not expect much and ended up laughing and crying at the same time. It was very sweet, so if you like something like that, you might enjoy this movie.

Justin Hanson photo
Justin Hanson

I would probably give this a "7". It's still pretty good. The performance of the main characters was good. I think the main reason why this film didn't turn out so well is that it was made in the 90's, in my opinion, and we have learned, somehow, that this film actually has an underlying message, a message that the world is a better place, that America should be the strongest and the best. This isn't the case. I mean, yes, in general, the world is a great place, but when it comes to the US, the message is ridiculous. The film shows that the United States is always the friend and the savior of the world. But then, in the end, it's about a man who still doesn't feel complete about his life, and so he decides to do something about it. He's been in a wheelchair for 15 years. But the problem is, he doesn't want to die, he wants to live. He has a sort of life-long wish. "All men want me to live". Well, there's something wrong here, really. It's a very bad idea, because, to be honest, life is nothing without love. You just can't live your whole life without having a love and a hope. You can't have love if you're in a wheelchair, or if you're in a wheelchair and a wheeled suit. We just have to start somewhere. That's the basic reason why I don't understand why this film was made in the 90's. The film makers should've known better. We're really in a good era, I'm not so sure what's going to happen, but I think we should really learn from this. This film is really good, but I think the message was just too political, in the wrong way, and it doesn't have a good message. This message is something that's written in a book, but that's no reason why we shouldn't tell it in a movie, the idea should be fine.

Jonathan photo

I just recently watched the movie "I Love You, Benny & Bill" and I just can't help it. All the performances are so fantastic. First of all, the look of the film is just perfect and one can't help but to give some praise. Their visual style is breathtaking. Second, the music is amazing. I'm a big Kenny-Smith fan and I'm really looking forward to this movie. But, above all, the character of Benny can give us some of the most beautiful and perfect acting. He's so full of life. He's so strong and determined. The most interesting aspect of the character is that he can't get a penny. Even though it's a beautiful tale of love, money and love, it just comes out weak and fake. In this movie we see that Benny should never give up on love. Because in the end, love does win, and it's real. The emotional experience of the film is perfect and it should be one of the most praised films of the year. And that's why I give it 7/10.