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Marinoni: The Fire in the Frame

Marinoni: The Fire in the Frame is a movie starring Giuseppe Marinoni. Giuseppe Marinoni found his calling when he transitioned from champion cyclist to master bike craftsman. After years hunched over toxic fumes, his passion almost...

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Marinoni - Le feu de la passion
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1 hours 30 minutes
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Tony Girardin
Tony Girardin
Giuseppe Marinoni
Canada, Italy
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English, Deutsch, Français, Italiano, Español, Svenska, Gaeilge, Nederlands
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Giuseppe Marinoni found his calling when he transitioned from champion cyclist to master bike craftsman. After years hunched over toxic fumes, his passion almost kills him. Now age 75, Marinoni is riding again and attempts a world record.

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Albert H. photo
Albert H.

This documentary is about the aftermath of the Columbine shootings, a tragedy which changed the lives of over 100 people. This documentary is an interesting look at the fallout and the events leading up to the tragedy. It shows the first day of school, the days following the shootings, the days after the shootings, and the aftermath. The film does a great job of showing the fear, the panic, the chaos, and the confusion that ensued. It also shows the reaction of the school system and the parents of the students affected by the tragedy. The film is well worth watching. It is not as informative as it could have been, but it does a good job of showing the chaos and the fear that were caused by the Columbine shooting.

Patricia Sullivan photo
Patricia Sullivan

A film-maker whose career has spanned many decades makes an informative and thoughtful film about the difficulties of surviving and working in the Italian film industry. The acting is first rate, the music is great and the atmosphere is of an oppressive and searingly quiet and oppressive world. A must see for anyone who has ever lived in the Italian film industry or is currently in the industry.

Anthony C. photo
Anthony C.

The world, in my opinion, needs to see and hear these accounts of some of the most horrific stories that have ever been told. The stories have been well-researched and are kept in the back of my mind as I study the human condition. The social attitudes that these stories hold have been documented, and these attitudes are clearly still with us today. As a former firefighter I know first-hand that the best stories are those that tell the truth. As a filmmaker, I've been to countless fires and I'm proud to say that I've had the privilege of filming over a dozen, and I have a very close personal connection to the personalities of these men and women. I had the opportunity to talk to a few of these people in person, and I can tell you that these were true heroes. The film was well-done. I was pleasantly surprised by the amount of information and information that was included, and I was very impressed with the way that the filmmakers and the writers pulled it all together. I hope that this film can be a part of an effort to educate the public about the very real dangers and negative effects that the fire service faces every day, and it's a film that I can recommend to anyone, regardless of whether they are a firefighter or not.

Marie Welch photo
Marie Welch

I was interested in seeing this documentary, but I was disappointed to find that it was only 90 minutes long. The movie was great, but I didn't want to waste my time on it. I'm not saying that it was a waste of time, but I didn't want to watch another documentary about the same subject. There was a lot of information that I could have learned from this documentary. It was just a little too long. I was happy that I was able to see this documentary, because I wanted to see a lot more. I would recommend this documentary to anyone who wants to know more about the history of the movie industry. It's not a documentary about the movie industry, but it is about the history of Hollywood and the movies that were made in the 50's and 60's.

Jennifer G. photo
Jennifer G.

The film is really moving. But in the end you realize that the situation is not as tragic as it seems. The person who is starting a new life for himself will be the person who suffers most in the end. That is true for us as well. However, it's the first film from a real documentary artist. One of the best movies I've seen in a while. I hope to see more of his work in the future.

Arthur Chen photo
Arthur Chen

As I watched this film I was struck by the similarity to a documentary I had seen on how the corporate interests were using the media in order to maintain the status quo. This film had a similar narrative, it is a very personal account from the movie maker. But in this case the filmmakers give us a far more intimate and personal view of the subject. The documentary shows the pro-industry view that corporations are good and people are bad. But the main points of the film are the social and environmental consequences of the way our society is run. It goes without saying that this is the case. The film shows the devastating consequences of the oil industry in North America, but it is also about the damage that is being done by the Canadian tar sands and the Chinese steel mills that are now the main employers of Canadians. This documentary is a powerful and informative account of how we have been deceived and manipulated for many decades.

Ethan Walker photo
Ethan Walker

First off, let me say that I've been a big fan of Don Marchi's for a long time. I'm a huge fan of his filmography and his solo work. I just watched the documentary (which I have to say was a major surprise, as I hadn't seen much of him) and I was truly impressed. It's been quite a long time since I've seen anything with him that wasn't good. I've always been drawn to his work for two reasons. First of all, I love how raw and truthful he's always been with his story and it's true to life. Second, and more importantly, is that I find that he's a damn good storyteller. In fact, I think he's got a very unique style that's very unique to any genre. However, the reason I think he's been so successful is because of the fact that he's always been able to show his characters through their actions. It's something I really like about his films and it's something that is very rare in mainstream films. So, to sum up, I'd say that this is a really good documentary that's a must-see for any Don Marchi fan. It's definitely worth seeing, but be prepared to be on the edge of your seat.

Carl Harper photo
Carl Harper

I'll be honest, I was a little put off by the fact that the film was only 84 minutes long and the last two minutes or so were a bit hard to watch. I'm not sure how long it was actually, but I think it was nearly a full hour, and I couldn't take it anymore. I wanted to know how it was, what happened, and what it was about. I still haven't figured out what it was about, but I'm glad it's over. It was so hard to watch the last two minutes, and I want to know more about what happened, but I'm still wondering. The film is great, it's sad, but it's also funny and exciting. It's a great film, and I can't wait to see it again.

Theresa Bowman photo
Theresa Bowman

This is the story of a great film maker who had the good sense to tell the truth. He did not go for a commercial profit, or become a celebrity. He went for the truth. The characters in the film are real people, in the same way that the stories that were told were real. In the case of the stock market crash in 1929, there were many bad movies that were made. No one was trying to profit, and no one cared. But this film is an example of the truth. There are many other films about the same subject, that have been produced over the years. No one can tell you that the truth is always better than the lie. This is a documentary film, and it is also a fine film.

Arthur M. photo
Arthur M.

I had the opportunity to attend a screening of this documentary at the Austin Film Festival. While there I learned that this was a unique film experience. To have two years of research and dedication go into a film, and to have it completely cut and re-shot, is a testament to the true power of independent filmmaking. The film was completely cut and re-shot, and I was surprised to find out that the film was shot in just one day. The film was also shot entirely in Berlin. There is a total of 20-30 minutes of footage, but it was edited together to give the viewer an inside look at the psychology of the growing of a movement, and the power of social media. I learned that the film was produced entirely by a group of women. Many people may be surprised to learn that this was a documentary, and not just an advertisement for Facebook. I found myself nodding my head in agreement when the film was finished. The power of Facebook was explained to me, and the power of social media was also given as an example of how social media has affected people's lives. The film concludes with a few words of advice to the audience, in which I found myself nodding in agreement. This film is a must see, because it is a true insight into the world of social media, and the social media phenomenon that has grown in the last two years. I highly recommend this film, but it is only worth seeing if you are already a fan of social media.

Roger G. photo
Roger G.

For the first time, a documentary film is coming out about the high rise public housing projects of New York City's Lower East Side and is as good as it gets. The documentary begins with the entry of two groups into the area, the Frenchmen (there were hundreds of them) and the Italian-Americans (there were thousands). As they settle in, the development of each group's life becomes increasingly complex. While this film is based on interviews with the residents and their families, the documentary is largely composed of some fascinating film clips. For example, one of the residents, Luciano Piazzola, recounts his life as a doctor at Bellevue Hospital in New York City. The interviews are very moving and the editing is superb. Each interviewee, including the children of the Frenchmen, provides an interesting insight into their lives. The documentary is an excellent resource for anyone interested in the subject.

Russell photo

I really enjoyed this documentary. It's a very interesting look at the political and social climate of the 1980s, when the young and educated were turning away from the culture of the "old" and embracing the "new" - a cultural and political movement that was at the time still in its infancy. In the film, you see young people who are now well-educated, well-connected, well-dressed, and well-educated, but are not yet "in the game" and don't yet know how to make a difference. You see people like this in a lot of movies, but this film is unique in that it does not show their lives, but rather their beliefs, which are not "left-wing" at all, but are instead very liberal. It's a fascinating look at what happened, and how it happened. The film is very well-made, with great interviews and an interesting look at the cultural changes that took place. I really liked the interview with Gloria Steinem, and the way that she describes the reason for the left-wingers wanting to change the culture of the country. I also really liked the way that the film explored the relationship between the people of the left and the right. I would recommend this film to anyone who is interested in the political and cultural history of the 1980s.

Rose photo

For those of you who think that music and dancing are the only reason to go to the opera, this documentary will shake you to your core. Sure, there is a lot of talk about the opera and opera singers, but the real reason is that this is a documentary of a very particular era. Back in the early 20th century, opera singers and dancers would be recruited by the military and have to do a service that would be deadly if left untried. What they learn in this service is the same as they would learn in the military. All the major characters are there in this film: Enrico Caruso, Franco Nero, Riccardo Maffia, Barbara Bouchet, Barbara Bouchet, Franco Nero, Marie-Josee Croze, Luciano Bohorquez, and the opera singers. This is the very first documentary I've ever seen on the opera and its history.

Joan photo

A documentary that is not about the actual event, but rather how a Japanese-American family survived a tragedy. In this case, the family's history of the death of their father and brother. The family, of course, was Jewish and had lost many people to the Holocaust. The family was forced to move from New York City to California to escape the bombings in the city. The family left behind their family home, the beautiful house they had built in New York, and moved into a small town in California. The film follows the progress of the family as they are slowly forced out of their home. The film ends with a number of scenes that show the progress the family has made, and how they are coping. The film is not a documentary. It is a work of art, and it is something that I would recommend to anyone who enjoys history or the Holocaust. This is a beautiful film that should be seen by anyone.

Danielle Ramirez photo
Danielle Ramirez

Well, I was quite impressed with this documentary. There were moments when I thought that I was watching a documentary on the life of a legendary drug dealer (not really, but you get the point) but then there were some really gripping scenes that made me feel that I was watching real life. I will say that the story line was slightly unbelievable (i.e. the family of the kid), but you know what you are getting into when you watch a documentary on this subject. I found the length of the documentary to be a little too short, but I was still left wanting more. I can't wait to see the documentary on the original name of this drug dealer.

Jonathan photo

This is a great documentary about the struggle for civil rights and the resistance to that struggle in the 20th century. It is a little depressing and sad at times but there is enough hope in this film to make it worth watching. It is told from the point of view of a man whose family was the target of a large scale lynching and his wife was brutally raped by a white man. The film then moves into the history of the NAACP and how the organization took on the fight for civil rights in the South. It is not really a history lesson as much as it is an emotional history of the civil rights movement. I recommend this film to everyone who cares about the civil rights movement. There is a scene where we are shown images of lynchings that are so painful that it takes a lot of your heart to watch this film. My heart goes out to all those who were involved in the civil rights movement in the South and to those who were involved in the fight for civil rights in general. The documentary gives a brief history of civil rights, the civil rights movement, the NAACP, the black churches, and the rise of Martin Luther King Jr. and the civil rights movement in general. A very important film to watch.

Donald D. photo
Donald D.

I first heard about this film by a friend who knew of the events in the Philippines and had no idea about it's subject matter. I was intrigued. I watched it and thought it was an interesting documentary. The film has a strong narrative and the subject matter is somewhat controversial. The film has a very well constructed structure and uses a lot of long takes, which makes the film more interesting. It is also very well shot, with very good camera work, and the editing is quite good. The actors are very well chosen for their roles and do a great job. I also liked the film for its use of the film industry, the interviews, and the history of the film industry in the Philippines. I also liked the music, which was very well chosen. Overall, this is a very good film, and I would recommend it to anyone who enjoys documentaries.

Douglas E. photo
Douglas E.

I thought it was a really good documentary. It is too bad the people who made this film did not do more research into this subject. I think it would be great if there was more interviews about this subject. I believe it was very hard to get hold of people who were involved in this project, but after the movie was made, they contacted me. I would love to meet them, but they would not be able to do it due to their work commitments. I think if they could get people to do more interviews about this subject, they would not have to worry about their work commitments.

Carol photo

It is my feeling that the filmmaker is very sincere about the political problems of his country, the problems with the judiciary and the way of living in it. However, the documentary is not so much about the government, but it is about the society and the way the people live. The way of living that can lead to the death of a human being because of the changes in the world and also the freedom we have in our own country. If there are these moments in the documentary that are sad or even hard, it is because there is nothing more to say or to show. These moments are not one-sided. We can find the ugly side of this regime and I think there is one thing that I have to say in this film is that one of the most important issues is the freedom of speech in this country. If you think that it is a nice thing that people in this country have freedom to speak their mind, then you have to understand that it is not a good thing. I don't think this regime is able to show its face because it is so threatening to the society. We can see in the movie that they know that they have to change the system but they don't know what they are going to change. They are afraid to do so because they think they are losing the power that they have. If there is one thing that I have to say, it is that when you see that the government is afraid to change the system, you know that this system is not strong enough to defend itself. However, I think that they did a good job of showing their fears, and also that the system is not strong enough to do that.

James Allen photo
James Allen

A beautiful movie from a first-time filmmaker about how a family's tragedy and loss in an earthquake impacted their lives, and how their church helped them through their emotional journey. I thoroughly enjoyed this movie and found it very interesting and the actors did a great job. The film also includes a lot of different scenes of people's reactions to the events in the city, and how people reacted to their loss and how their lives were affected by their loss. I highly recommend this movie.

Harry Holmes photo
Harry Holmes

This documentary is for those who think that the media in the UK (especially the UK press) is corrupt and does not give the public a fair or accurate picture of life in the UK. The documentary shows the terrible consequences of the media being corrupt, and how a system that is built on the idea of 'bigger is better' can lead to major disasters, like the sinking of the RMS Titanic, which ended up killing 9 people. The documentary also shows the UK media, its rise and fall, and the ways in which its workers and editors are being replaced by more qualified people, like the young editors of the Guardian. The film does not criticise the Guardian's bias, but how it can turn people off the news, and how it can influence the news agenda. The film shows how the UK media has become like a Big Brother state, where every comment is scrutinised and everyone is on the same side. It also shows how the media can ruin people's lives, and how it can be used to further the interests of powerful people. The film is very informative and can make you think about your own views on what is being reported in the media. The documentary is very informative, and if you have a chance to see it, you will find it very interesting.

Daniel photo

I'm a huge fan of the work of Federico Fellini. I've seen his films before, and, personally, I'd say that I prefer his style of filmmaking over that of the great Kurosawa. He has a way of communicating with his audience that I find fascinating. This film is a wonderful example of the same. It is a story about the life of a film maker who is shot by a journalist, and the way that the journalist tries to get to the bottom of it. This film has many elements that I find fascinating. I find it very intriguing. The story, the photography, the editing, and the performances are all very fascinating. It's very difficult to find an artist's work that is as good as this. It's not for everyone, but it is a film that I find very enjoyable. I hope that you will give this film a chance. I can't recommend it enough.

Pamela Marshall photo
Pamela Marshall

I found this documentary to be well worth watching. The interviews with the participants are especially helpful. The narrative flow is deliberate and provides a smooth flow from one event to the next. I was surprised that, although it was a few years after the event, there was no reference to the event in the media. While the incident was a bit over the top, it was not the only incident that occurred in that time frame. The very short summary of what happened at the restaurant is actually accurate and gives some insight to what took place in that moment.

Kenneth photo

The film is really not a documentary. It's an idea driven piece that takes you into the world of the international trade in endangered species. It's about what motivates and impedes the process. We see the many layers that make up this complex issue and the many ways in which those in power have responded to it. The film delves into the ways in which organized crime groups are working to get their own hands on the animals that are supposed to be protected. The men who are leading the charge are their own worst enemies. One man is a huge, bloated serial killer. The other is a pathological liar who has mastered the art of deception. It's a fascinating portrayal of the depraved world of organized crime. Many of the men in the film are also the people who are trying to bring these animals back. The movie is a must-see. If you want to know what's going on in this issue, watch the film. If you want to know what motivates these men, watch the film. If you want to understand why they do what they do, watch the film.

Kathy S. photo
Kathy S.

The film is excellent and is very well researched and done. It is also very entertaining. This is not the typical docudrama that is advertised. It is a "factual" film and should be viewed by anyone who has ever visited or lived in Haiti. The film focuses on the medical and financial toll that Haiti has taken on the country and how it has effected many Haitian families. It also shows the local food system in Haiti. It also gives a good look at the outside world, from the Canadian Embassy in Haiti to the U.S. Embassy in Port au Prince. It shows the impact the U.S. has had on the country and shows that American aid can help more than it can hurt. Overall this film is very well done and should be seen by anyone who loves history and has an interest in the Haiti's condition.

Sharon R. photo
Sharon R.

This documentary is a classic, a must-see for all those who appreciate cinema. It's a hard slog to sit through, and you will want to throw yourself off a bridge if you are lucky, but it is a documentary worth the slog, and worth watching, again and again. The life and work of Sarchi, who took a lifetime of extreme poverty in northern Italy, and transformed it into a cinema of film. His life, and the work of his community, are all beautifully filmed, and portrayed in such a way that the viewer can appreciate their lived reality, and their shared suffering. And there are so many unforgettable images. I also really liked the non-sensical dialogue. We are presented with an uncomfortable, yet fascinating and human dialog, between Sarchi, and the people of the community. It is a true work of art, with so much to say, and to remember, and for many of us, one of our last great films. I can't recommend this documentary enough.

Sara Clark photo
Sara Clark

Went to see this film in Stuttgart and I was pleasantly surprised by the great film. I was scared of the movie the first time I saw it, but after the first 25 minutes I got my mind to relax. The plot of the movie is very interesting, it tells the story of the film, but it doesn't bore you. The actors did a very good job. Some of the movie is very interesting, like the scene in which a song played on the radio. It is a great moment of the movie. The music in the film is very nice, it brings a lot of emotions. The film has a very interesting story, so I recommend this film to all the people that like documentaries and movie.

Ronald D. photo
Ronald D.

This is a documentary that explores the world of women who have gone into the medical field. It has some good interviews and some interesting details about some of the women. It also has some funny moments, and it's interesting to see how many women have been in the medical field. It is a bit overlong, but it's still interesting.

Carol photo

The film is based on a book by the same name. I'm a fan of the book, so I wasn't sure how I would react to the movie. It's a good movie, but it could have been better. The film is very slow, with very little action, and the characters aren't very well developed. The film is also very boring, and the ending is very abrupt. It is a good movie, but it could have been better. I give it a 7 out of 10.

Timothy photo

This film is one of the most beautiful things I have seen in a long time. It is based on a true story of the last three days of the life of the famous Italian filmmaker Dario Argento. The film is a fascinating look at the events surrounding the death of Argento. The film is also extremely informative and well-edited. It is a great film to see on a rainy afternoon. I highly recommend it.