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Brian Banks

Brian Banks is a movie starring Aldis Hodge, Greg Kinnear, and Sherri Shepherd. A football player's dreams to play in the NFL are halted when he is wrongly convicted and sent to prison. Years later, he fights to clear his name...

Other Titles
Brian Banks: nunca es tarde, ブライアン・バンクス
Running Time
1 hours 39 minutes
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Drama, Biography, Sport
Tom Shadyac
Doug Atchison
Aldis Hodge, Melanie Liburd, Sherri Shepherd, Greg Kinnear
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English, Deutsch, Français, Italiano, Español, Svenska, Gaeilge, Nederlands
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A football player's dreams to play in the NFL are halted when he is wrongly convicted and sent to prison. Years later, he fights to clear his name within an unjust system.

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Melissa Y. photo
Melissa Y.

The movie is not too bad.It does not give the full story and what about the main characters, they are not really well developed. I liked the movie, it was a nice ride.I have not watched the movie so I do not know the details of the story but I did like it. The main characters are not really very well developed, they are more like cardboard cutouts, but it was ok because they did not have to act very much. The story is not very interesting but it was not bad. I liked the music, I like the story and I think this movie is worth watching.

Kathleen Gordon photo
Kathleen Gordon

The way that Martin Luther King Jr. is depicted in this movie is not the way he actually lived his life, and it is not the way he died. I would have liked to have seen more of his personal life. I would also have liked to have seen a little more of the events leading up to the Civil Rights movement. There is a scene of King's funeral which is very important to his life. But the movie only tells half the story. I would have liked to see a little more of the events leading up to the Civil Rights movement, such as King's assassination, as well as the steps leading up to the landmark vote in Selma, Alabama. A more in depth look at King's life would have been better, as it would have added more depth to the movie. I found the movie to be very interesting. The acting was good, and the movie was filmed very well. It was interesting to see how King's personal life was depicted in the movie. There are some scenes in the movie that I felt were rather well done, but overall I thought the movie was very good. I would recommend it.

Michael photo

As a former baseball player, I was at the edge of my seat the whole movie. This movie was about the obstacles that all players have to face during their careers. The problem with most sports movies is that you are expected to see the outcome, and the writers need to make the audience feel something. They never fail. This is one of those movies. The ending was rather abrupt. Not saying it was bad, it was just something I expected, and something I didn't want to see. To me, the ending of this movie was just the wrong way to end a great movie. I guess you could say this is a movie about baseball, but it was about life, and in my opinion, this is just a great movie about life. You have to take a step back and see it through the eyes of the player. As I said, this is not a baseball movie. It's about life, and the journey that the players go through.

Kimberly photo

There's only one reason for watching this film. Joe Jackson. This is a good movie. Although I am not a huge boxing fan, I think that this movie was great for what it was trying to do. Joe Jackson is a great fighter and a great person. But he can't win the fight, he has to overcome his personal demons and he also has to be a better person. So the movie has a good story line and good performances. It does go into detail about boxing. But it is really more about the struggles Joe has to overcome. If you don't know anything about boxing, you probably won't understand it. But I did know a little bit about it before watching the movie. I also think that the acting was pretty good. I think it was really good. It is hard to believe that this movie is only rated 7.5, but I think that's because of the subject matter. But it is really good. I would recommend it to anyone who likes movies that have a good story line. I am not sure if this movie will win an Oscar, but I think it is good enough to keep you entertained.

Joe Parker photo
Joe Parker

A former champion boxer is forced to move out of his home after a great promoter comes along to help. He finds a new girl in his life and a new coach. But, his past comes back to haunt him as his wife and son find out what he has done. Based on the true story of Eddie Futch. Here is a film that was made in 1980. But, in today's world, it would be a lot more appropriate for today's audiences. It's a good movie, but, it is not a classic. It's a good story, but, not a classic. I give it a 7 out of 10.

Matthew photo

I didn't really think the movie was that great, but it was good. I don't know why all these people think it is the greatest movie ever. I think there are a lot of movies that I like and think are great. Just not some of them. I would say this is one of the best films that I have ever seen. I think this movie is very different from most of the others and gives you a different perspective of the world we live in. I think that people that don't like it like this because they don't like movies like this. I am very glad that I saw this movie because I think it changed my life. I am not a pro boxer or anything like that but I have done some things that have been very impressive and made me a lot of money. I really have enjoyed this movie and it is a great movie for people that like to see a different type of movie and to be different.

Julia photo

A few years ago I was introduced to the rugby world of Wallabies, by watching "Wallaby: The Origins" (1977), a biography by John Wedgwood and George MacRae, who were then also responsible for the rugby documentary "Wallaby: The Battle for the Blues" (1984). It was a pretty good, albeit slightly controversial, film. Although it was a relatively short feature length, it was very informative and it featured some pretty good interviews. However, it was very obvious that there were a lot of elements that were altered and added by the original producers. This is very evident in "Wallaby: The Rugby Years", a documentary that is also very informative, but slightly different. This is a full feature length documentary, as it is one of the few documentaries that are about the Australian rugby team of the 1970s, and the characters who were part of it. It is also very informative about the "Black Wallabies", who were a new team that was not part of the national team, but played in the rugby union. The team played in the top division of the rugby union, the Rugby Championship. There is also an interesting take on the time period, in which the "Black Wallabies" had to deal with racial and social unrest in the rugby community. Overall, it was a very good documentary that was very informative, but a bit different. While it was interesting, it was also a bit different. While it was an informative documentary, it also had elements that were altered or added by the producers. Overall, this is a decent documentary that is interesting, but not very different. It's a bit more interesting than most other documentaries that are about the Australian rugby team, but it's not as good as "Wallaby: The Rugby Years". Overall, I would recommend this documentary to people that are interested in rugby. 7/10.

Andrew C. photo
Andrew C.

Winchester's life is one of great highs and lows, from the first chance that he was given, to the time that he lost it all, to his return to his father's home, with his father's help, to his recovery and finding the true love of his life. This is a true story of how a man turned his life around, but was there really anything that could have made him so different? The movie follows him from a young age, through his childhood, to his professional career as a poker player. The characters he meets are also wonderfully portrayed by the entire cast. In particular the father and son bond between the two men is very well done. I also enjoyed the acting of Michael Gambon as the father, because he was able to show his character's intelligence and charisma. I also enjoyed the chemistry that he and Ronan O'Gorman had on the screen. I will also be looking forward to seeing more of Gambon and O'Gorman together. The movie is very well done and shows the trials and tribulations that every professional poker player goes through. I believe that this movie should be watched by everyone who has ever played poker, or has even heard of it.

Paul D. photo
Paul D.

Though its a big studio film that has it's share of flaws, this movie is still worth seeing for it's emotional and cinematic strengths. It's a great movie for any who wants to learn about sports. The acting is amazing from all involved and the movie is very moving. But the film is not perfect. I think the script could have been tighter and the drama could have been stronger. But the overall feel is great and the characters are well developed. The direction is strong and the cinematography is well done. I recommend this film to anyone who wants to learn about the world of sports and to anyone who likes the drama. If you don't like the dramatic scenes and want to see a film that has it's fair share of flaws, this movie is not for you.

Brian photo

I had no idea of the importance of boxing until the film came out. I loved the way it was shown, as it didn't show the whole story and was all about the fighters. The film is good, and the fighters are great, but I think the movie could have been better. It is very raw, and the portrayal of the sport and the life of the fighters is very real. I think that the film could have been better, because I didn't really get into the characters as much as I wanted to. I think that if the film was more about the life of the fighters and less about the life of the sport, it would have been much better. I was expecting a lot more out of the film, and it didn't deliver. I think that the film could have been much better, but it did very well.

Beverly D. photo
Beverly D.

This movie is based on a true story about an old professional boxer who decided to give up boxing and ended up in prison for the rest of his life. The story is centered around that man, George Lucas. It was a very good movie, although not the greatest of all time, but it's good.

Denise photo

It's always a pleasure to watch the great Dan Rather in a film. It's not as though he is given to endless pontifications on trivial matters. His interviews are always excellent and I remember fondly the days when he was allowed to mix his dry remarks with his more intellectual questioning. Even when he is interviewed, his job is to try to get the facts out. He's never allowed to go off on tangents like Martin Bashir, and he is never allowed to make a point that he knows the answer to. The movie is based on a play which was later turned into a film, and while the film is a well-made piece of work, the play is less a movie and more a little television drama. The movie is too long and unfocused, and the actors are all better in the play than they are in the film. Still, it's a good movie. The bottom line is that it's a good movie.

Carolyn Burns photo
Carolyn Burns

Well, this movie is by far one of the best sports movies I've seen in the past 10 years.I think it's a great movie for sports fans, as well as movie fans who are just looking for something to watch.I think that people who like football will love it, because there are a lot of action and drama in the movie, which is more then the average sports movie.I think it's a great movie for anyone who likes sports or loves to watch sports.I think that this movie is so good that it will win all kinds of awards and it's sure going to be one of the best sports movies of the year.I give this movie a high rating because it's a great movie, and if you're a sports fan, I think you should see it.I think that this movie is a great movie, and I think you should watch it.It's a great movie and I think that you should watch it.

Denise Washington photo
Denise Washington

I know it's a cheesy movie, but this is the real deal. The movie is great, and even the soundtrack is great. The only thing I didn't like was the acting of some of the characters. They did a great job, but it felt like some of the actors were a little out of place. I like how the movie just goes from there. The acting was great. I would recommend this movie. It's a good movie that anyone can enjoy.

Janet photo

This film was absolutely wonderful. The cinematography was stunning, the costumes were beautiful, the music was excellent, and the acting was superb. All the actors did a fantastic job of bringing the film to life, and that was a joy to behold. Although it was difficult to take one's eyes off the screen, I can not recall a single scene that was not beautifully crafted. The action scenes were also highly impressive, and each one was directed with the utmost perfection. What I found most compelling about the film was the incredible love the characters showed for each other. They had each other's backs when no one else would, and I found myself immersed in the emotional journey the characters went through. This film was absolutely brilliant, and I was pleasantly surprised by the result.