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Gabo, la creación de Gabriel García Márquez

Gabo, la creación de Gabriel García Márquez is a movie starring Juan Gabriel Vásquez, Isidro Alvarez, and Jon Lee Anderson. 'Gabo, The Magic of Reality' is a story about the incredible power of human imagination, which follows the...

Other Titles
Gabo - Il mondo di García Márquez, Gabo: The Creation of Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Gabriel García Márquez - I krig og kærlighed, Gabo, la creació de Gabriel García Márquez, Gabo, the Magic of Reality
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1 hours 30 minutes
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Documentary, Biography, History
Justin Webster
Kate Horne, Justin Webster
Jon Lee Anderson, Xavi Ayén, Juan Gabriel Vásquez, Isidro Alvarez
France, Colombia, Spain, USA, UK
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'Gabo, The Magic of Reality' is a story about the incredible power of human imagination, which follows the interwoven threads of Gabriel García Márquez's life and work - "Gabo" to all of Latin America - with the narrative tension of an investigation.

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Johnny B. photo
Johnny B.

This is a wonderful documentary about a great writer who is perhaps most well known for his books of fiction. It's a very interesting, entertaining film and certainly worth seeing. I also really enjoyed the first half hour or so when we first meet the narrator, Gabriel García Márquez. It's a very interesting story of how the narrator became a writer. In the book he is a lawyer, but in the film he is a reporter. It's interesting to see that it's the reporter who gets all the attention and it's the lawyer who gets all the attention. The narrator doesn't really fit into the story at all. I think that's a good thing because it makes the film very interesting. I also liked the editing. It's very well done and I think it helps the film. It really helps the film and it makes it more interesting. I think it helps the film because you get more of a sense of the time that the narrator is living in. The editing really helps you understand what is going on. Overall, it's a very interesting film and I highly recommend it.

Billy Phillips photo
Billy Phillips

I saw this movie for the first time when it was released in Mexico. The movie was called "A Carne asada" or "The Carne asada" which translates to "The Soft Meat" in English. It was made in Mexico and published by the Mexican publisher, "Sirenaut" and it was a total flop in Mexico. The movie is about the author's life, writing, and how he became a great writer. The movie has great special effects and is filmed in the lush landscapes of Mexico. The movie is good to watch on a rainy day. It was also a great movie to see with my parents because it was not so dark and depressing. There was one scene in which he was in bed and he was sleeping. The whole scene was like he was watching a movie, or something to that effect. The first thing that came to my mind was that this was the movie that the "Guillermo del Toro" that was making movies in Spain was watching. If you like Mexican movies, then you will enjoy this movie. If you like Spanish movies, then you will enjoy this movie. The actors that were in the movie were good and the story was good. I liked the fact that it was not so depressing and was in fact a good movie. Overall, it was a good movie to watch with my parents.

Phillip photo

Gabo is a documentary on the work of the great Mexican novelist Gabriel García Márquez. It is a detailed account of the man's life and works, and how he became a master of the genre of fiction. It's also a look at the major events that shaped his work, and how his stories are always intertwined. The film was made by a group of people who worked with him and around him, but it also includes interviews with people who knew him personally, and also with other writers and critics. It is a bit slow-paced, and there are some scenes that seem to drag on. But the film is interesting and well-made, and I found it very interesting, and I would recommend it to anyone interested in the great work of the great writer Gabriel García Márquez.

Brittany photo

I have seen this movie a few times and I have to say that I really enjoy it. I am a fan of Carlos Fuentes, I have seen most of his books, and I have been following his career since he began his first novel, the story of a young man who leaves his hometown and moves to an unknown place to escape the violence of the city and to find his own identity. I also enjoy the director's style of telling his story and the narration of the narrator, Gabriel García Márquez, is wonderful. Carlos Fuentes also knows how to bring the audience into the story. The movie is told from the perspective of the narrator, Gabriel García Márquez, and the story is told in a way that it makes the audience feel like they are right there with the narrator. He keeps telling his story in a way that makes the viewer feel that they are a part of the story, a part of the experience of Gabriel García Márquez. In this movie he shows us the story of a young man named Quetzalcoatl, who leaves his home to escape from the violence of the city and to find his own identity. The movie shows us how Quetzalcoatl's father, the king of the Aztecs, falls in love with Quetzalcoatl, and how Quetzalcoatl becomes a man. This movie is a must see. I recommend it to all who enjoy great movies, good narration, or a great story told with great art. I give this movie an 8 out of 10.

Ruth Fisher photo
Ruth Fisher

In the film Gabriel García Márquez, Alejandro Amenabar provides a superb and well-paced overview of the author's most famous novel, "El Santo" (The Small People). His presentation of the book's many chapters and scenes is impressive, and his comments on the major characters of the story are insightful and entertaining. I thoroughly enjoyed the film and am so glad that I got the chance to see it. I am not familiar with the author's work, but I am sure that "El Santo" will provide me with a great deal of information. The film is a great introduction to the world of literature, and Amenabar provides a very entertaining and informative presentation of a very important work.

Rebecca photo

A wonderful and heart-felt documentary on the life of the writer/director Gabriel García Márquez. García Márquez's fiction and non-fiction work have inspired generations of readers and filmmakers. He is considered one of the greatest writers in the world. This documentary is an interesting and enlightening look at the man and his work. García Márquez writes fiction and non-fiction. This film looks at the fiction portion of his work. It also looks at his non-fiction work, which he does in his novels and short stories. I am a huge fan of his fiction. The short story "On the Road" is one of my all-time favorites. The non-fiction portions of his work are fascinating. It's fascinating to see his prose as he writes it. The non-fiction is also interesting. The majority of the film is non-fiction. It's a little confusing at times. You will want to watch the film several times just to catch everything. This film is a must-see for all of you who love literature and literature in general.

Brandon Gutierrez photo
Brandon Gutierrez

With the recent news that Argento is to be replaced by his son Gianni (who was previously head of production), there has been a lot of speculation that Argento will step aside and let his son take over. Well, I think this documentary is worth watching. The documentary covers some of the history of the film, as well as the people involved in the production. The interviews are interesting, as they are given by people that are friends of the Argento family, and it's a great insight into the studio, the director, and the people who worked on the film. There's a lot of good information that you don't need to know to understand the film, and it gives you a good understanding of the film's history. The documentary is a good read, and is well worth watching. 8/10

Kimberly photo

After viewing this film, I am glad to see a new approach taken by the director. In some ways it reminded me of other films, such as "Mystery Men" (1989) or "Coyote Ugly" (2004), which I also liked. But this film is more about a man's life, and not so much a film about Mexico's drug cartels. It is a man's life. It is not a film about Mexico. I can't help thinking that the director's goal is to show how people are affected by drugs. As he said, it is a very small problem compared to what the drug cartels are doing. The director wanted to show the impact of the drug cartels on people's lives, and how it affects the people who are not affected, but do not know that they are affected. The film is not a documentary. I found it to be very moving, and I do recommend it to anyone who likes to see a film about a person's life and his/her life and how it is affected by drugs.

Steven photo

There are many things to enjoy in this excellent film, and I'm not going to repeat the plot of the film. It's a must see for anyone who has not seen it. I'm a fan of the books and want to see them translated into film. The film is also a great way to introduce people to the novels. The film has a very great style, with some amazing cinematography, and a great soundtrack. It's very well put together, and it doesn't feel like it is going to end. I highly recommend the film. My rating: 8/10

Kevin R. photo
Kevin R.

I first saw this movie as a kid, and I thought it was a great story. The story of the child who will never be born, because of his/her/its/their/their/their/their/their/their/their/their/their/their/their/their/their/their/their/their/their/their/their/their/their/their/their/their/their/their/their/their/their/their/their/their/their/their/their/their/their/their/their/their/their/their/their/their/their/their/their/their/their/their/their/their/their/their/their/their/their/their/their/their/their/their/their/their/their/their/their/their/their/their/their/their/their/their/their/their/their/their/their/their/their/their/their/their/their/their/their/their/their/their/their/their/their/their/their/their/their/their/their/their/their/their/their/their/their/their/their/their/their/their/their/their/their/their/their/their/their/their/their/their/their/their/their/their/their/their/their/their/their/their/their/their/their/their/their/their/their/their/their/their/their/their/their/their/their/their/their/their/their/their/their/their/their/their/their/their/their/their/their/their/their/their/their/their/their/their/their/their/their/their/their/their/their/their/their/their/their/their/their/their/their/their/their/their/their/their/their/their/their/their/their/their/their/their/their/their/their/their/their/their/their/their/their/their/their/their/their/their/their/their/their/their/their/their/their/their/their/their/their/their/their/their/their/their/their/their/their/their/their/their/their/their/their/their/their/their/their/their/their/their/their/their/their/their/their/their/their/their/their/their/their/their/their/their/their/their/their/their/their/their/their/their/their/their/their/their/their/their/their/their/their/their/their/their/their/their/their/their/their/their/their/their/their/their/their/their/their/their/their/their/their/their/their/their/their/their/their/their/their/their/their/their/their/their/their/their/their/their/their/their/their/their/their/their/their/their/their/their/their/their/their/their/their/their/their/their/their/their/their/their/their/their/their/their/their/their/their/their/their/their/their/their/their/their/their/their/their/their/their/their/their/their/their/their/their/their

Kevin Garcia photo
Kevin Garcia

I thought the movie was excellent. I was especially impressed with the interviews of the protagonists. I especially enjoyed the interview of Juan Castillo. I thought it was important that he was able to talk about his experiences of the guerillas and about his own situation with the guerillas. He showed that he was a man of integrity, not a monster. I also thought the story was very interesting, the descriptions of the guerilla life and the way they lived in the jungle. The interviews with the other informants were also very good, and I enjoyed the way the movie was filmed. The music was also very good. The first song was by a very talented musician, and the music was very evocative. The film also had a great cinematography. The shots of the mountains, the jungle, and the jungle itself were really beautiful. The way the director captured the jungle was also very realistic. I think the director could have chosen to use more music and not so much of the cinematography, but this was the only major criticism I have of the film. I also liked the music in the movie, which I thought was very evocative. It was very evocative of the jungle, and the way it was captured on film was also very realistic. It was also very evocative of the way the director captured the music. Overall, the movie was very good, and I would recommend it to anyone interested in the history of the guerilla movement in Latin America. It was very evocative, and I enjoyed it very much.

Gerald King photo
Gerald King

It is clear that this film is one of the best documentary I've seen since Martin Scorsese's "Hairspray" (which is also the most important documentary I've ever seen, because it is a great film). I would like to say that the director of this film is not only a great film maker but also a great film-maker of the 21st century. It is a perfect documentary that gives a great insight into the life of a great writer, the author of the great novel "El Universal". In my opinion, "La Creación de Gabriel García Márquez" is a film that can be recommended to everyone. It is a very interesting documentary that shows us the life of a great writer and the other works of his. It is a documentary that can be recommended to all who are interested in the life of Gabriel García Márquez. I think that this film is one of the best documentaries ever made, in my opinion.

Kathleen C. photo
Kathleen C.

One of the most important Spanish novel ever translated into film. This is an interesting film, full of fascinating details. The story of a young man from the south who becomes a citizen and the obstacles he faces as he tries to prove his case to the Spanish authorities. I was particularly interested in the relationship between the author and the director, because the director is the first person to adapt the novel to the screen, while the novel was originally written for the stage. The author is a famous Spanish writer, who is also an accomplished poet and poetess. The film is very well-edited, and the director's comments are very interesting, as the director himself was also a very talented poet, and he has made his point very well. The film shows a lot of different aspects of the book, such as the politics of the time, the battles of the poor in the south, and of course the great love between the author and his muse. All in all, this is a very good film, with lots of interesting details. It's a pity that the film doesn't have much of an ending, because the novel is a very long book. But I think that they should have made the film a bit shorter, because there are some parts of the novel that are a bit too long. I recommend this film to people who are interested in the novel, or people who want to see a movie about a very interesting story. 9/10

Jonathan Ramos photo
Jonathan Ramos

This is the most complete documentary of the brilliant Spanish author's life, made in English. It's an almost three-hour epic, but that's where the similarity ends. I was pleasantly surprised by the documentary's beauty, by the deep, philosophical exploration of the novel's themes, and by the way the film comes across. It's a visual work that takes you on an interesting journey and really brings out the richness of this fascinating man. However, what I loved most about it is that it doesn't make you feel like you're watching a documentary, but that you're watching the story of a great author. It's almost like an autobiography of sorts, but it also is about the life of one man, with a great story to tell. So many people think that the novel is the most important thing in his life, but I would argue that it's the story of a man, who is also a great storyteller. It's a wonderful movie, and it's great to see a movie about a great author that is so rich and interesting, but also about a great man. I'm looking forward to seeing the sequel, "Gabriel García Márquez: Life in the Age of the Novel".

Anthony photo

It's a beautiful and eye-opening documentary. As I was watching, I was in awe of the beauty of the scenery, the diversity of the Mexican people, the rich variety of languages spoken, and the magnificent art of the people of Mexico. The film tells us a great deal about the people, their customs, and the people themselves. The film is a beautiful document, a story of Mexican history, culture, and art. I strongly recommend it.