Watch Moonlight Sonata: Deafness in Three Movements

Moonlight Sonata: Deafness in Three Movements

Moonlight Sonata is a deeply personal memoir about a deaf boy growing up, his deaf grandfather growing old, and Beethoven the year he was blindsided by deafness and wrote his iconic sonata. Their lives weave a story about what we discover when we push beyond loss.

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1 hours 30 minutes
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Irene Taylor Brodsky
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Susan photo

I have always loved this film. I have watched it many times, and it is always a very emotional experience. It has everything you would expect from a documentary: the entire film is shot in one location in the Bronx, one of the poorest areas in the city. The people in the Bronx are all incredibly poor, and the people in the community are not much better. But this film captures the spirit of the people of the Bronx, and shows them in a very real way. The people of the Bronx are very rich in their music and dance, and the film captures this with the use of various cameras and a very strong soundtrack. The most moving scene is the dance by the members of the Harlem Symphony Orchestra. This is a wonderful example of how music and dance can unite people in a very special way. This film is a very powerful and moving film. I highly recommend this film to anyone who loves music and dance.

Denise Montgomery photo
Denise Montgomery

As a musician, I am so glad that this documentary exists. As a person who is deaf, I was so surprised to learn about the challenges of being a deaf artist. I feel like this movie will help more deaf artists to get the recognition they deserve. I would love to see more films like this, especially with more representation of deaf artists. I also wanted to point out that the director of the film is deaf, and I'm glad to see this. I felt that the film was very accurate and very interesting. The director was very passionate about the topic of deaf artists, and I was really impressed by the fact that she had the courage to get this documentary made. I felt that the documentary was very inspiring and inspiring for deaf people. I think it was a very interesting and interesting documentary that will help more deaf people to get the recognition they deserve. I would definitely recommend this film to anyone who is a musician, or has a disability. It will make you want to go out and support the deaf artists.

Lori Ray photo
Lori Ray

I first saw this film at the 2004 Tribeca Film Festival. It was a big hit and was nominated for a best documentary award. A year later, the film was released on DVD. While the film is certainly great, it suffers from some of the same problems as most documentary films. The film is not particularly compelling and it does not have much in the way of gripping drama. It's basically just a collection of clips from various artists, including Margo Jefferson, who is very good. The film is great for those who appreciate great music, but I would not recommend this film to people who have a great appreciation for the film itself. 8/10

Michael Garza photo
Michael Garza

It's a rare occasion when I go to the movies and actually enjoy the film, and this is one of those rare occasions. I've seen a few of these documentaries that focus on just one aspect of a film's production, and this one, although it's not technically a documentary, focuses on all the aspects of making the film. There's a lot of information about the film's production, and how it was done. But this film is a lot more than just a movie, and it does a great job of making you think about how a film is made. The movie itself is not really a movie. It's not a movie that you would be able to sit through all the way through, but you would have a pretty good idea of what it is. It's a documentary about how a deaf person is able to create a film, and how much of an impact that film had on the world. It's an interesting documentary that you should watch, because it will make you think about how a film is made, and it will also make you want to go out and buy the DVD of the film. 8/10

Ethan W. photo
Ethan W.

This documentary, directed by the American born filmmaker and composer Jack Kornfield, tells the story of a deaf musician named Christopher Brightman (played by Ashton Sanders) who has been living in a very "quiet" place for over ten years. When he decides to move to the city, his wife, Nina (played by Anne Hathaway), tells him that she has a daughter who is very young, and is deaf. It is not until his son asks him if he is deaf, that he realizes what a big problem he has. At first, the family tries to ignore the problem, but soon they realize that there is something wrong with their son and he is going deaf. When they finally decide to get him help, it is not long before he has to learn how to talk. It is also not long before he realizes that he can't live in this quiet place any longer. This is a very moving story, and one that will touch the viewer's heart. The film is a very interesting look at what can happen to a family when they have to deal with a family member with a disability. It is a very personal story that will touch the viewer's heart. It is a very important film to watch, because it shows that not all deaf people are born with a disability. They can learn how to live in a quiet environment and learn how to be accepted. I recommend this film to everyone.

Madison photo

This is a great documentary that shows how much this movie matters to the deaf community. It's not just a movie, but a movie that shows the deaf community's struggle with the lack of education that they had to go through to achieve their dreams. It's a great movie to show your family and friends about. The way it was filmed was really great. You can really feel the fear and confusion that the deaf community was going through. You can see the frustration that the deaf community had to deal with, and how they didn't have the same opportunities that everyone else had. This movie is a great movie to show to your family and friends to show how important this movie is to the deaf community.

Teresa photo

This film was not very popular when it was first released. But after seeing it, I have to admit that it's a very well made film. The acting was excellent, and the director was able to show us the inner workings of the deaf community. He showed us that the people who were deaf were the same people who were not deaf. And that people who were not good with their hearing, were the same people who were not good with their hearing. In other words, it was a very interesting film. And one that will stay with me for a very long time.

Elizabeth photo

A lot of people were expecting something like this after watching the trailer and the trailer alone, and this is the first movie I've seen that actually looked like it was going to be something different, and it's great. I'd love to see a feature length film from this director. If you have a family member or friend with a hearing impairment, or you are deaf or hard of hearing, then I'd say you should definitely check it out.

Diana photo

This documentary is based on a true story about a deaf woman and her son who was born deaf. The documentary covers the first few years of their life and then delves into their early childhood. As a result, the documentary is very insightful. The documentary also looks at how deaf children are treated in the school system and how the school system is trying to force the deaf to get in a good school. This documentary is well worth seeing.

Henry G. photo
Henry G.

I didn't know that it was made in the United States. I was expecting it to be in Latin America but it was made in the U.S. It's an amazing documentary. The director was really well chosen for this film. He made a very detailed and entertaining documentary. He also interviewed some of the main players of the film. The director did a great job of explaining the film. The one thing that I really liked was the music. It was really good. The music is very good. The one thing that I really didn't like was the fact that the film was made in Spanish. The film is very difficult to understand and I really don't understand the subtitles. It would have been better if it was made in English. The subtitles could have been better. I think that this film could have been made in Spanish but they did a good job in making the film in English. I recommend this film to everyone.

Janice W. photo
Janice W.

I was never a fan of the Academy Awards, but I'm a fan of the Oscars. So when I heard that the Best Picture Oscar was going to be decided by a blind vote, I was pretty excited. I'm so glad that the Academy didn't play favorites and it was decided that Moonlight Sonata should win the Best Picture award. It's a very moving story that will touch you in different ways. It's about a blind man named Moonee (a very good performance by Chiwetel Ejiofor), who has a problem with his hearing. He can't hear his own voice or talk. He can't even tell his girlfriend (a very good performance by Cate Blanchett) apart from a guy with his own hearing aid. But he doesn't give up. He makes a promise to his girlfriend that he'll get a hearing aid for her someday. One day, he has a breakthrough and is able to hear his girlfriend's voice and talk. This is the best story I've ever seen in a film. The whole film is very emotional and touching. You feel for Moonee, his girlfriend and his deafness. It's a beautiful film that I'd recommend to anyone. It's very hard to see a story like this and not be moved. I'd also recommend that everyone go to the website for the award and watch the entire movie. It gives you a lot more insight into the story and gives you a sense of the impact the movie had on everyone who watched it. This film is definitely worth watching.

Mark E. photo
Mark E.

I've been on a search for a documentary to watch since I saw "Raise Your Voice" in my second year of college. I've watched the same ones, and this is the first one I've seen. I don't really want to talk about it because it's really about music and the music industry. I did find it a bit depressing, but I can't deny that it was well-done. The director, Matthew Wegner, did a great job at making it look like it was real. I think there's a point where you have to stop watching it and realize that you're watching a documentary, not a documentary about music. It's just as good as the music videos that I saw. It's about a deaf man who doesn't want to be a singer and how he gets his voice to come back. He also talks about his parents, and it's also about how the music industry is a bad place. It's a good documentary that's really well-made. I would recommend it to anyone.

Cynthia Palmer photo
Cynthia Palmer

I've been a fan of Eliza's work for a while now. I love her voice and her music. The film was great, but I did have some issues with it. For example, in the beginning the film seemed to be very self-consciously "hip" and "cool" for a low budget film. It also seemed like the director was trying to get the most out of Eliza's voice, but it seemed to be too hard. The music was great, but I didn't feel that it was "perfect." It seemed a little too clean and straight-forward. Also, I didn't think it was a "soulful" film. It seemed like the director tried too hard to be soulful. It was a great film, but I think it would have been great if it had been a little more soulful.

Barbara Hoffman photo
Barbara Hoffman

I watched the movie in an audition with my deaf friend, and I was very surprised that she enjoyed it so much. It is very touching and real. The acting is superb and the story is also very interesting. The director has done a very good job, he is definitely a director who deserves to be recognized in the industry. I would recommend it to anyone who has any kind of hearing loss.