Watch Created Equal: Clarence Thomas in His Own Words

Created Equal: Clarence Thomas in His Own Words

Created Equal: Clarence Thomas in His Own Words is a movie starring Clarence Thomas, Joe Biden, and Anita Hill. A controversial figure, loved by some, reviled by others, few know much more than a few headlines and the recollections...

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Michael Pack
Michael Pack
Ginni Thomas, Clarence Thomas, Anita Hill, Joe Biden
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A controversial figure, loved by some, reviled by others, few know much more than a few headlines and the recollections of his contentious confirmation battle with Anita Hill. A story truly and fully, without cover-ups or distortions.

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Heather Larson photo
Heather Larson

Great. I think I've seen the documentary about Clarence Thomas (at least once or twice) and I am glad to see it again. It is one of the most inspirational documentaries I've seen in a long time. Thomas was the most important and the most inspiring Supreme Court justice of the 20th century. He was a justice that understood the Constitution and the process. I saw the film when it came out, but I hadn't seen it since then. This documentary definitely made me appreciate Thomas and his accomplishments. I would definitely recommend this film to everyone.

Jonathan photo

In 1986, as the Supreme Court was about to hear a major abortion case, I had the opportunity to speak to Clarence Thomas, one of the justices who would vote to uphold Roe v. Wade. During the hour and a half conversation that I had with him, I learned so much about the man that I am sure that I will be able to get the benefit of what he had to say. The story of Clarence Thomas is about the beginning of his career, his years as a Justice on the US Supreme Court, his years on the Court and his interactions with the people he was supposed to be protecting. It is also about his relationship with his two wives and the many relationships that they had. I think that this is a very important film. I found that the film was very informative and that it made the viewer think about the issues that were before the Supreme Court. In the end, the movie has made a lasting impression on me.

Elizabeth McDonald photo
Elizabeth McDonald

This is a wonderful film, I know this because I have seen it three times already. Thomas has an excellent performance, as always. I don't think he's ever won an Emmy, but I know that he will, he is the best of the best. I don't know if he has ever won an Oscar, but if he does, it's a great one. I'm a fan of his, I know he's not the best actor, but he is always good. Thomas was nominated for an Oscar for his performance in the film "As Good as It Gets" but lost to a supporting actor, Daniel Day-Lewis. This movie was really good, I loved it.

Adam photo

I thought I'd be surprised when I heard that, I was not. I watched this documentary on DVD for the first time in June, and had forgotten how it went. I was struck by the similarities between Clarence Thomas and Clarence Thomas Jr., except for one thing. Clarence Thomas Jr. was so articulate that I thought he might have been an impressive lawyer. In fact, I wondered why he had ever taken on such a task when the law required him to be a lawyer. I also found it odd that the documentary, if it was intended as a criticism of Clarence Thomas, was not really about him. I think it was just about the legal system, but it is still interesting. For example, he also gave a compelling talk in the courtroom about the question of a woman having a child. It was about 20 minutes long, but I could hardly wait until it was over. My biggest complaint with this documentary is that it was not really about Clarence Thomas. It seemed to be about his career, and the great speeches he gave. But it was not really about Clarence Thomas, and I do not think it is a great documentary about Clarence Thomas, because it was not about Clarence Thomas at all.

Phillip H. photo
Phillip H.

I'm a guy who has known Clarence Thomas since I was five years old and watched his first confirmation hearings as an up and coming senator from Texas. It was a magical moment that changed my life. Clarence Thomas is a giant of a man and is a true champion of the people. He knows how to speak in front of the Senate, in front of a committee, with his fellow senators and lawyers, and he knows how to speak to the American people in a way that no politician ever has. The reason why he is the champion of the people is because of the courage he has displayed in the Senate. His ability to take on the government is admirable and it shows the true power of the Senate. This is a great documentary, and I recommend it to anyone who likes to know about a person who has been through so many things in his life. I think this is a great documentary, and I recommend it to everyone.

Samuel photo

This is a great documentary that highlights some of the worst moments in American history. It does an excellent job of providing a definitive picture of the life and times of Clarence Thomas. He is a wonderful example of someone who not only tried to do the right thing, but he also wanted to be fair to everybody. The documentary does an excellent job of showing us how he handled the issues of race, and it does a great job of bringing you into his world. It also includes some great interviews with people who were on his side or had a lot of support from him. In addition, you get some interesting bits of information on the financial struggles that were going on in his household at the time. It's a great documentary that tells a great story about one of our nation's greatest leaders.

Nicholas N. photo
Nicholas N.

This is a film that will touch your heart and make you think. The problem with the movie is that it was too short. Too much of Clarence Thomas talking is wasted on a movie that should have been more than two hours long. But the thing that I love about Clarence Thomas is that he is not going to just talk about himself. He is talking about what he has done, what he has said, what he has lost, what he has tried to do, and the things he has done to change the world. And it is just so great that he says these things in a way that you will understand. Thomas was a very intelligent man and I believe that we can learn from him in this world today. I just hope that we have a movie like this one that will educate people, not only on the history of this case but on how to improve the world and how to do something about it. Thank you, Mr. Thomas, for your time.

Roger photo

An excellent portrait of a great American citizen, Clarence Thomas, the most famous Black attorney in the country. He was a highly decorated, brilliant law professor at the University of Virginia in the late 1960's. He became a highly respected lawyer and won a huge case that upheld the rights of all women and black men in the U.S. He was the author of several landmark Supreme Court decisions, and in 1992, he became the first Black man to be appointed to the Supreme Court. The documentary is very well done, giving the viewer a good sense of the man's intellectual and moral stature. The documentary was edited with great care, and the focus is on his work on the Supreme Court, not his personal life. It is worth watching.

Terry photo

In "Clarence Thomas: His Own Words" at our annual human rights conference in New York City, we were fortunate to have a panel discussion with both Clarence Thomas and Samir Amin about the recent Supreme Court decision, which struck down the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA). The panel was moderated by Jack Goldberg, an attorney and the author of the book "Fitting the Knife: The Supreme Court, Marriage and Religious Freedom." Both were equally interesting and engaging. In my opinion, Clarence Thomas was the most eloquent, because he brought his own experiences to the discussion. He spoke about his own experiences with the same-sex marriage issue. As the debate was heated, he had several good points. For example, he pointed out that DOMA was not designed to be a law that treats everyone equally. Rather, DOMA was passed as a way to protect the religious liberties of Catholics and to protect the rights of religious minorities. He also pointed out that the Defense of Marriage Act is, in essence, a policy of discrimination. In fact, DOMA is the most broadly and broadly construed anti-discrimination law in U.S. history. He also explained the history of the DOMA case and how the case evolved. The panelists also discussed the Supreme Court's history and its decisions. The panelists were all very knowledgeable and well-informed. This movie was very educational. I highly recommend it for all of our audience. Also, the movie is very uplifting and uplifting themes are all discussed. Finally, it was a pleasure to see Mr. Thomas in person. We will be following up with him for future films and book discussions.

Alice photo

I've always loved Clarence Thomas. He is one of the most important figures in American history. He made the Supreme Court the way it is today, and I think he would approve of the way they are portraying him. He was known for being able to use his "outrageous" sense of humor to defend the rights of the American people. Clarence Thomas was a very divisive figure, and he was able to do this in a way that was more honest and less sensational than many of the others who came before him. I think that he would like to see the movie portrayed in a way that was more like the way it was in the past. I think that it would make a great movie to educate people about his life, and how it is important to remember him, and what he was fighting for. I think that this movie would help people understand that Clarence Thomas was a very powerful figure, and that it is important to remember him for his contributions to the Constitution, the Court, and the way the country is now.

Roy Garrett photo
Roy Garrett

This is an excellent documentary on one of the greatest cases in American jurisprudence, Clarence Thomas' decision to recuse himself from the United States Supreme Court. It covers his commitment to it from the beginning and his views on the decision to recuse himself. He also discusses his views on the case and his role in the decision. This is an excellent documentary and it is one that I highly recommend.

Dylan photo

I saw Clarence Thomas in "Let's Get Old" at the Tribeca Film Festival. Clarence Thomas was the audience's favorite character at the festival. I was moved to tears. Clarence Thomas had a lot of insights into his family, how he would describe his childhood to the "girl" he was attracted to, and how he would end up loving his daughter. He also told about his own struggle as a black man and his father, who he says was more interested in sports than religion. This is a powerful movie that shows how he felt about his family and how he found his love and his faith. It is heartbreaking to see how his love for his daughter is what made him realize his self-worth. In his own words, "A little girl can't do anything but get in my way. A little girl can't live forever. But a little girl can. I'm going to get married."

Charles S. photo
Charles S.

This is the kind of documentary that makes you question your own life. This documentary is based on a book entitled "The Longest Five Minutes", which was written by Clarence Thomas. The movie is an excellent depiction of Clarence Thomas and his life. The movie is edited in such a way that you don't notice any portions of the movie that are boring. Clarence Thomas plays a major role in the movie. You never see him on the screen, but you can see his presence. He is interviewed by Frank Luntz who is known for his interviews with people such as Al Gore, Bill Clinton, and Barack Obama. The film is quite powerful. You see the president of the United States do something that we all agree is wrong and the man of the moment do something that we agree with. You see Clarence Thomas express his opinion and his feelings about the issues. You see the man himself react to the interview. You see Clarence Thomas discussing with the interviewer whether or not he would vote for Bill Clinton. You see him playing with his dog and how he gets scared when his dog is going to get hurt. The movie is well worth seeing.

Samuel photo

This is a fantastic documentary on the life and times of Clarence Thomas, a Supreme Court Justice from Alabama. It is interesting to hear from several experts, as well as Thomas' personal friends and former colleagues about his career, his personal life, and his thoughts on the Supreme Court, and Supreme Court rulings. I would say that this documentary is a must-see for any Supreme Court fan. It also gives a good insight into the "real" Clarence Thomas. There is no doubt that Clarence Thomas was a man who has lived a life of his own. Thomas was not the typical judicial nominee, or judge, or prosecutor, or politician. He was an attorney. It's interesting to hear about the psychological aspect of the job. What he has had to go through as an attorney in order to do his job, and the problems that he has had with his life, his family, and his friends. Clarence Thomas has been a very successful attorney, and he has had some success as a judge. His family has been supportive, and his lawyers have been supportive. Thomas has had some success, but his life has not been easy. His father and mother have been very supportive. The film also does a great job of showing the early life of Thomas, as well as the trials and tribulations that he went through as an attorney, and as a judge. The film also shows the attitude of the Court during the 1950s, as well as how Thomas became a judge. It is fascinating to hear Thomas' own thoughts about the Court, and the way the Court has been ruled upon. It is also interesting to hear about how the judicial system has changed, and how the Court has been changed. The film is an excellent resource for people who want to learn more about the history of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, as well as an excellent documentary for those who are interested in Supreme Court Law. This is a must-see for any Supreme Court fan.

Beverly Hill photo
Beverly Hill

I'm a big fan of Clarence Thomas, and I've seen all of his cases and listened to the testimony of his colleagues. Clarence Thomas was an excellent lawyer and a great guy to work for, and he always made you feel like you were listening to the real person. It's a shame that he did not get the justice he deserved. Thomas was on his death bed and we were allowed to speak to him for a few minutes and share his thoughts about his life and career. This is the only film I've ever seen that shares the full thoughts of Clarence Thomas, and he was talking to us about the work that he did, the cases he took on, and the issues that he faced in his own life. I highly recommend this film.

Laura C. photo
Laura C.

I just saw this on DVD last night and I was truly impressed. It was a very interesting and moving documentary. It was a wonderful tribute to Clarence Thomas. It made you feel sorry for Thomas and what he had gone through to get to this point. This documentary is a great story and I would recommend it to anyone. It's a very powerful film and shows that Thomas was no ordinary man. It also made you want to see Clarence Thomas succeed in the Senate. This is a great movie and I would recommend it to anyone.

Howard photo

Most people who are fans of Clarence Thomas know that he was very passionate about his work and, even as a Court judge, was very driven to get things right. As a result, this film is full of the details of Clarence Thomas' life. The footage is wonderful and it's nice to see a documentary that has been made so thoroughly and clearly. I was pleased to see that we had very little information about his background or the case that led to him being appointed as a Supreme Court Justice. It was nice to see the documentary, however, that had Clarence Thomas and his friends discussing the case and the ethics of the system, and I found it very interesting. The film also includes a discussion with Clarence Thomas himself, and the film has Clarence Thomas talk about his family and how his life has been affected by his duties on the Court. This is a very well made documentary. The clips that the documentary features are not only very good, but they are also very well put together. I enjoyed this documentary very much.

Peter photo

I have always enjoyed Clarence Thomas' work. I believe he is a great actor, and I respect his decision to retire from the bench after twenty-five years of service. I appreciate the fact that Clarence Thomas has a very strong and beautiful relationship with his wife, Margo, and their children, and I hope the Thomas family will continue to have a great relationship. I believe the Thomas family is in good health, and I look forward to the coming generations. I also appreciate the opportunity to speak with Clarence Thomas and learn about the issues he has raised as a federal judge. I appreciate the fact that Clarence Thomas gave the public a voice. He spoke his truth. I wish he would continue to speak his truth. I hope he will continue to speak truth to power.

Sean photo

Thomas is a man of many talents. He is an activist, a Judge, an attorney and a philosopher. He is one of the most revered legal minds in the country. He is also one of the most outspoken people on the right. He has led some of the most consequential and highest profile cases of his time. He is a tireless advocate for the Constitution. He has shown the world a powerful case against affirmative action, an essay about the role of the media in modern society, and a fascinating interview with Ronald Reagan. In his new documentary, Clarence Thomas: In His Own Words, Thomas makes a very personal case for the civil rights of blacks. He says that he has never known racism, and that he has fought for civil rights because it is the right thing to do. This documentary has some of the best and most powerful interviews with black leaders, as well as Thomas' own recollections of his childhood, of his youth and of his work as a black lawyer in the South. The questions he asks about racism are usually very interesting and sometimes very revealing. This documentary is well worth the watch. I give it an A-.

Doris S. photo
Doris S.

This documentary provides an interesting look at one of the most controversial issues in the history of our country. It's really fascinating to see how he was treated in the judicial system. He was constantly being portrayed as a liberal who loved the Supreme Court. It's interesting to see his side of the story as he tries to expose the abuse of power by the system. He is especially interested in the topic of sexual harassment, and how it was used to keep him quiet and in control. The documentary also covers his relationship with Anita Hill, and the impact it had on Clarence Thomas. It's a great look into the man who would be considered the most powerful member of the Supreme Court, and it's also a fascinating look at the issue of gender politics. It's also very well done, and the film is definitely worth watching.

Jordan D. photo
Jordan D.

As a moviegoer, I was able to sit through the whole movie. The movie gives you a look into Clarence Thomas' life from his youth to his decision to take on the Court. It's nice to see a movie where you can understand Clarence Thomas in a way you wouldn't expect. It's great that the movie has a balance of both sides, but I felt like the movie had more of one side than the other. Clarence Thomas is the person that we all love, but also want to know more about, so that we can actually connect to him. The movie focuses on the person that the movie is about, and the person that we all want to be like. As a viewer, you can see that the movie was able to give you a feeling of what Clarence Thomas is like, but also connect with his decision. It's not the movie that you want to see, but it is one that you would love to see.