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To Joey, with Love

To Joey, with Love is a movie starring Heidi Feek, Hopie Feek, and Indiana Feek. This movie tells the story of the incredible Joey Feek and her amazing life. Filmed while battling cancer, Joey along with her family and friends show...

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Z milosci do Joey, La canción de nuestra vida
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Rory Feek
Rory Feek
Heidi Feek, Joey Feek, Hopie Feek, Indiana Feek
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This movie tells the story of the incredible Joey Feek and her amazing life. Filmed while battling cancer, Joey along with her family and friends show you that it's not just physically healthy people who live healthy lives. Take a little time to laugh, smile, and cry with this amazing woman's journey and the goodbyes of her loving family when she decides to let the Lord lead her home.

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Douglas J. photo
Douglas J.

You'll have to excuse my poor English, I can't understand a word of the film but I can understand what they're trying to say and what they're trying to say is that even when you're an idealist you still can't escape your limitations. The film is very low budget and I must admit I was very impressed by the amount of original footage they managed to get. As I said, it's not a documentary but it's a good one, it shows the downside of being a brilliant idea gone wrong, the risks, the pressures, the struggle to be something you're not and to be rejected and what that feels like to people with an extreme illness. It's a shame they were never allowed to talk about the extent to which the healthcare system failed them and how they got there. The film is very well made and I hope it makes it to the cinema. I can't recommend it enough, watch it.

Michael L. photo
Michael L.

In a 2006 interview with Variety, director John Cusack says that the reason he made this film was that he was no longer allowed to make his own films: "I couldn't tell anybody, 'I'm making this.' I was really in a very restricted area. I just had a feeling that if I was going to make a film, I was going to make a film and it had to be good." Cusack is correct. With the exception of one or two notable exceptions, everything in this movie was good. Cusack is hilarious as the gay, adolescent Italian-American who becomes the central character in a story about his best friend, his parents, and his sexuality. He gives the best performance of the movie, but he is far from the only standout. The film is very true to life, and it is very well-done. There are many characters who have real depth and who we understand. The movie is even funny, even tragic, and it never feels forced or contrived. It is a joy to watch. The music is wonderful. It is the sort of soundtrack that is almost a tribute to the musicians who compose it. The music really lifts this movie, and I think that it is the reason why this movie is so highly rated. But that is not to say that it is not worth seeing. The film is very real and it does feel very real. If you are an adult who is gay, and have grown up in the closet, you will be affected by this movie. If you are a child who has lived in the closet, you will be affected by this movie. I think it is a great movie, and I recommend it highly.

Howard Robinson photo
Howard Robinson

A documentary about Joey and Max, the two kids who won the gold medal at the 1976 Olympics in Montreal. It's interesting to see them, as well as the people around them, as they face their own obstacles in the early days of Olympic history. Joey is the younger of the two and, although he doesn't get to compete, his life is full of lessons, dreams and aspirations that he hopes to share with Max. Max is a boy with a complicated background who lives with his father in an apartment that he shares with other homeless people. Max has been kicked out of the foster home because of an accident and he has no way to get back into a normal life. But he has his dreams, and he hopes to follow in Joey's footsteps as a competitive runner. It's a compelling documentary, but I did feel it was somewhat preachy and didn't go into as much depth as it could have. There are too many people in the film talking about how they've helped Joey, and this is a documentary that should have been about how they've helped Max. I know that the documentary doesn't have a lot of footage of Max, but they should have given him more of an opportunity to talk about his life. I wish Joey and Max had more time to speak about their struggles. I think they are really great kids, but their story isn't told. I would also have liked to see a bit more of Joey's childhood and more about Max's early life. This would have added some more dimension to the story.

Tammy Campbell photo
Tammy Campbell

This is a somewhat-underrated documentary about the life of Joey (that one's for the critics). You can expect a lot of info and I found it somewhat impressive that Joey still has the same positive attitude he always had, and even though the younger of the two brothers was killed by his father at a young age, Joey never stops smiling. I would like to see more about his father and his childhood, but for now I can't find anything. But anyway, this is an interesting documentary, and I recommend you check it out.

Scott photo

This movie is about a man who gets put on trial for murder after a long-ago crime. He was sentenced to life without parole, but a jury of his peers sees his crime as a mistake and gives him a second chance. The case is complicated by the fact that he was once a high school athlete and has been trying to clear his name since he was 18. "Joey" is as much a mystery as it is a love story. It's not a romantic comedy, and it's not an anti-hero movie. It's the story of a man who takes one step forward, then another, and then another, until he comes to his own. This is the story of a guy who's been there, done that, and now he's running away from it all. There are a lot of interesting things to learn about Joey and what his life was like before the trial. One thing is for sure: you'll love it.

Adam photo

As a child, I was an avid fan of director Jacques Rivette, a French television star. As a young adult, I learned a lot about Rivette's films. This documentary is a great way to introduce the director to a new generation. It's kind of like having a friend's photo taken with a new car or other fun items. This is a nice format to introduce a filmmaker and bring people into the world of a filmmaker. The images are very interesting and each movie is a bit different, yet there is always the same basic story. It's like the filmmaker's own movie, with all the same characters and the same themes. I think this movie is a bit underrated. There is more than one reason. It's not one of the greatest films of all time. But it's still a great movie to watch. I recommend it.

Tiffany Reed photo
Tiffany Reed

Well, that was a lot of cliches, and a lot of talking, but I like to think that this film actually showed a lot of the real problems that go on with relationships, and how, if you really loved someone, you still cannot help the feelings that you feel. I think this is one of those films that makes you think, and I think that it shows us that it is important to love and be loved, even when we know that we don't want to, or we are angry at someone, but we are still in love. So, this is a very good movie, and I think that it deserves a lot of respect, and I hope that you'll see it. I would say that it is one of those films that you have to see again, and again, and again, so that you can appreciate all the details and things that make it such a beautiful film.

Cheryl photo

This movie is very entertaining. I'm not a great fan of "punk" music, but it's nice to see a film that doesn't have the same high-sounding and flat-out-expletive music that is so pervasive in most movies. It is, however, my opinion that the best music is good music. I was also impressed with the musicians that appear in the film, and of course, the sound quality of the film is great. However, this film is a bit disappointing because it's very slow in the beginning, and you don't really get a sense of what the band is really about. The band members seem to be acting as if they were in a band that doesn't exist. But, that's the only negative that I can think of.

Janice Carr photo
Janice Carr

Joey is an extremely insightful and moving look into the lives of the three female pioneers who created the first women's photo lab in the U.S. In the 90s, the lab has changed forever and women have been able to access the wealth of digital images that they could never have before. With this documentary, we follow the three women through their lives and careers and their reactions to the advancements made by their predecessors. A sense of love and respect for their legacy is apparent. Their faces are inked on the walls of their offices and it is not a happy face. They know the value of what they have accomplished and what they have lost. It is almost as if they are nostalgic for the past. But the most striking part of this documentary is the reverence and pride that these women have for what they have created and are creating. They are not self-indulgent. Their success is not for self-aggrandizement. They want to do what they love and they do what they love. They live for what they love and are not afraid to take risks. At the end of the day, they are women who just want to enjoy what they have and to be loved for it.

Ruth photo

After watching this I decided to buy Joey, With Love on DVD, which is a shame, because this is a well made documentary about a very famous musician. Despite his increasingly declining health, he still has a certain magic, a charisma, which he could have brought to the screen. The film focuses on Joey's love life, which he clearly is struggling with, and how it affects his relationship with his family. It's a pretty funny and raw look at a very interesting man. However, it's not really worth watching, because it's not really a documentary. The subjects are not well presented, and the interviews are not really important. It's a shame, because if the film was more focused on the subject matter it could have been a good documentary.

Marie W. photo
Marie W.

In my opinion, a documentary is best when it's well done. This one isn't. It's boring, and you can tell it's written by a college professor with no real film experience. I don't blame him, but he should have stayed away from this. I don't understand how this film got so much attention. I think they would have received the same criticism if it were an actual documentary on the issues of marijuana. I think the filmmakers were trying to make a point, but it was lost in the production. The only person who I think did an outstanding job was Jonah Heston. It's not his fault the film was bad, but he was the only one who did an excellent job. I would recommend you avoid this one unless you are a college student and don't want to waste money on something that doesn't really do anything. 7/10

Susan photo

Joey, by Adam Rapp and James Nachtwey. This is an interview with Joey from 1989. He talks about his war experiences, his family and what he'd like to talk about more. He talks about his personal life, how he got the money for the plane and what he has done since he got back to the States. There's a lot of clips from the movie, and the interviews are very enjoyable. I really enjoyed this, and I think it's a pretty interesting documentary. I would recommend it to anyone interested in Joey and his experiences. My only complaint is that some of the interviews are a little long. I recommend this to anyone interested in Joey, and I think that it's a pretty good documentary. 7/10

Grace photo

I am not a college student, nor do I have any particular interest in this subject. I am an engineer and have done work for NASA. I would like to find out what a high school student has learned from the film. I do not want to say anything about the subjects of the film. I was surprised to see that it was made by a woman. I would not have been if the film was not made by a woman. I was also surprised to see that a woman who is married was making this film. I know she did a very good job and was a very good teacher. She was a great listener, an excellent reporter, and a great story teller. I am a woman and I have seen very good quality documentary films made by men. This film was a great learning experience for me. I would recommend it to any woman who has any interest in this subject. The film itself is very well made. I did not feel that the actors were all in the right places at the right time. I do not know if the director has any previous film experience. However, I am not surprised that it was made by a woman. The director was very good at listening and giving us the story without commentary or talking. I would recommend this film to anyone who has any interest in this subject.

Donald Reynolds photo
Donald Reynolds

I got the chance to see this film at the recent Sundance Film Festival and was a bit apprehensive. I had never heard of the film until I was brought up on the stars, and the concept. I wasn't sure how much of the film was meant to be from the actual story of the film and how much was about the actors. I went in with an open mind, and in my opinion, the film was excellent. The story is quite simple, but it was told in a way that was very effective. The filmmakers did a great job in keeping the audience interested in the film and not letting the story turn into a series of songs and story telling. It was very powerful to watch the young men give their love and loyalty to one another, and I hope to see more films like this one. I think the film was very informative, especially for someone who doesn't know much about the history of the AIDS crisis and its effect on the community. I think the film showed how much the community has to be thankful for, especially as it is facing a very serious threat of new infections and new threats to the community. I really enjoyed this film, and will definitely be watching it again. I would highly recommend this film to anyone who has ever heard of the history of the AIDS crisis. It is a great film that will give you an understanding of what AIDS really means to the community.

Bobby photo

If you have a soft spot for the late great Ms. T.V. Pepper, then I strongly recommend this. This is an important documentary. Ms. T.V. Pepper, who passed away last year, was an immensely popular and successful singer who inspired many millions of people with her music. She has a huge following in the US and Europe. In her younger years she was known as the "Queen of Pop" but after her death she became known as "The Queen of Phonies". She made a name for herself with her hugely popular song "Always". She is also known for her dance routines and fashion style. This documentary is an important look into her life and her music. It gives an interesting glimpse into the world of a pop star. This is the type of documentary you want to see. Not just for Ms. T.V. Pepper fans, but for anyone interested in pop music, or anyone who likes to know the behind-the-scenes of a rock star. This documentary will be an important and touching film for years to come.

Nicole photo

This is a truly incredible documentary about the once rock-star Joey Ramone. It features interviews with the likes of Joey Ramone and his wife Cynthia, who is the subject of this film. It's also an eye-opening look at how Ramone grew up in the 1950s, where he was obsessed with the Beatles and his rock band The Ramones, which would become an American phenomenon. His father was a devout Catholic, but he also had a strong support network from his wife and his sister, and he was very loving towards his mother, who he was still very close to. I had heard of this documentary before, but never had any interest in seeing it. I'm glad I decided to see it. This is a very good, moving and inspirational film. If you're looking for a documentary that will leave you speechless, this is definitely it.

Betty photo

I'm so glad I saw this movie. I don't even know where to start. I love this movie! It's so different from all the other movies. It's not just an uplifting movie. It's very serious and it's an inspirational movie. It really makes you think about what you're doing and what you should be doing. It's great. It really is. I have to say that it's not the best movie I've ever seen, but it's definitely one of the best.

Jeffrey photo

While this documentary is ostensibly about "my friend Joey", I don't think Joey is in it that much. Sure, he was part of the group, but that was hardly the focus. There was not much information about him beyond that. There is a lot of information about the gay community and about the Gay Alliance. Joey's life has not been shown, but what information is shown is quite interesting. There are many opinions about what happened between Joey and David, but what was shown was an extremely interesting story. There are many people in the community who wish Joey had died and a lot of people who wish Joey had lived. The sad part is that Joey is now a household name in the community. It's difficult to tell if it's a good thing or a bad thing. Joey has a long way to go, but I believe he's been on the right path.

Catherine E. photo
Catherine E.

I found the documentary to be very well done. I especially liked the way it showed the struggles of the people of San Jose, and the way it was very much about the people of the city, and the people who lived there. The only problem was that it was a little bit too long. I think the only part that could be shortened was the part about the red light camera. It was a little bit too long and I think it would have been better to cut that out. It is a very good documentary, and it is well worth seeing.

Susan Richardson photo
Susan Richardson

I must admit that I've never liked Nilo of Sweden. I find his rap videos boring and not worth the time, and the kind of music he makes is more about appearance than about art. If you are a Nilo fan, however, you will love this documentary. Nilo has found a new audience, and he is now very famous. In this documentary he talks about his career, his mother, his life and his music. There are two interviews with rappers, but I must admit that the conversation is mostly about Nilo's mother, and not the other way around. This is probably one of the best documentaries I have ever seen, it is informative, well done, and entertaining. Nilo will be able to grow in a very big way from this one. I give this 7 out of 10.

George photo

What a shame that a great documentary film like this should not get the recognition that it deserves. I cannot believe that in 2014 such a film would be overlooked by the Academy Awards. This is the first time that I've ever seen this movie nominated for an Academy Award, and I can't believe that this film did not get the recognition it deserved. It is truly an amazing film. I was moved by it in so many ways. From the beginning to the end, I was deeply moved by this documentary. The point of this film is not to debate the morality of homosexuality, or the guilt of someone who chooses to be gay, but rather to show the struggles that many people face and the love that is passed on to the next generation. This is an amazing documentary that deserves the Oscar it received. I recommend this film to anyone who is interested in gay history, the struggle for acceptance, or just the love that many people have for one another.

Bobby M. photo
Bobby M.

Although Joey is not the most notable film of all time, it's still very enjoyable. One can't help but be sucked into this love story. It's easy to fall in love with Joey. It's easy to feel his pain. It's easy to feel his happiness. The movie follows Joey as he tries to get his beloved mother's house back. Joey wants his mother to move in with him and they live in an abandoned house. Although the movie's a bit slow, it is the perfect blend of humor and drama. The characters are very likable and you feel for them. There is a lot of time spent with Joey's mother, which is a good thing because she's a real person and she's not just some stereotype. The movie isn't bad and is definitely worth watching. There's no doubt that it's a very underrated film.

Jack photo

This is a very moving and touching film about a young man who was betrayed by his best friend, and is still struggling with it. You can see that the guy is suffering a lot. He is trying to find closure, and to find his place in life. It's really hard to watch him in these interviews, and you can see the pain that he is feeling. It is a very sad story, and this is one of those documentaries that you will remember for a long time. Overall, this is a very moving and touching documentary. You will be touched, and you will cry at the same time. Go watch it.

Ann O. photo
Ann O.

I just watched this on TV and thought it was so much more than that. I'm a real film fan, so I really wanted to like this film, but it was just boring. It was just too long and boring. I would have liked to see some more of the families and some of the town. I really wanted to see some of the important historical events of the town. The film was very boring. I wanted to cry when I first saw this film, but I just couldn't. The movie is very long and it's boring.

Joan S. photo
Joan S.

A great documentary about the sexual revolution and the rise of AIDS in the late 80's. I loved this film. I have seen it twice and I will see it again. It's not a film that will change your life, but it will leave you with a lot of questions. For example, did the public really know about the epidemic of AIDS? Was it really a huge public health crisis? Was the medical community and the government really in denial? Was the epidemic really caused by the "lifestyle" of the gay community? Did the public really know that HIV was not a sexually transmitted disease? It's a great film. I recommend it.