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I'm Not Ashamed

I'm Not Ashamed is a movie starring Masey McLain, Ben Davies, and Cameron McKendry. The true story of Rachel Joy Scott - the first student killed in the Columbine High School shooting on April 20, 1999.

Other Titles
Uma Vida com Propósito, Ja, ich glaube, I'm Not Ashamed: The Rachel Joy Scott Story, Je N'ai Pas Honte, I'm Not Ashamed: The Rachel Joy Scott Columbine Story, Moja miłość
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1 hours 52 minutes
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Biography, Drama
Brian Baugh
Kari Redmond, Robin Hanley, Robin Hanley, Bodie Thoene, Bodie Thoene, Philipa A. Booyens, Bodie Thoene
Masey McLain, Cameron McKendry, Ben Davies, Terri Minton
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The Columbine Massacre of April 20, 1999 completely redefined America's view of the lives of high school students. Drawn straight from Columbine victim Rachel Joy Scott's words and journal entries, through the insight of her mother, Beth Nimmo, it is the true story of a high school student whose compassionate, caring faith caused her to reach out to fellow students including her killers who made her a target of their murderous plan.

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Debra Payne photo
Debra Payne

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James C.

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Nathan T. photo
Nathan T.

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Mildred photo

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Randy Pena photo
Randy Pena

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Brittany Brewer photo
Brittany Brewer

This movie shows a glimpse into the life of a teenager who's being raised by his mother. She is a teacher and his father is a janitor. His mother is a lesbian and he is raised by his mother. The film was interesting and has a nice documentary feel to it. It's a very believable and well made movie about the life of a teenager. It's very touching and easy to watch. I really enjoyed this movie.

Marie photo

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Juan photo

I had a great time watching this movie. I thought the cast was great. I loved the chemistry between Caine and Ray and the two of them in particular. It was a great story and it kept me hooked. I thought the direction was really good. I didn't think it was too dark or too gory. I don't think it was really supposed to be a horror movie. I think the whole point of it was to show how people can be selfish and sometimes it's good to take the easy way out. I thought it was well done and I highly recommend it.

Jacqueline Arnold photo
Jacqueline Arnold

This is a pretty good movie with an interesting plot. It's definitely a movie that is a little bit different from the norm, but it is still a good movie. I think the movie is worth a watch. The actors are well chosen and the story is very original. It's hard to find a flaw in the movie. There are some really good lines in the movie and the movie is very well shot. I think this movie is worth a watch. I give this movie a 7 out of 10.

Joyce N. photo
Joyce N.

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Peter Guzman photo
Peter Guzman

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Albert Wheeler photo
Albert Wheeler

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Karen H. photo
Karen H.

I've watched this movie twice, and once in a theater and once on television. I was struck by how great this movie was, and the connection it made with me. It's not that it's historically inaccurate, but it's so much more than that. It's about the lives of the people involved in the school shooting, the families who survived it, and how they each deal with the tragedy. It is very insightful in its portrayal of the racial politics in America at the time. The performances in this film were brilliant, especially by Michael Shannon, who was excellent. I especially enjoyed the role of Michael Corbin, who was not only the principal of the school, but also the principal of the school's basketball team. He became the face of the community after the shooting, and he also helped bring in more awareness about gun control laws. The most important role of all, though, was played by Annabella Sciorra, who was an important part of the community in the aftermath of the shooting. She was the mother of the three children that were killed in the shooting, and she was an inspiration to many of the people who lived in the surrounding area. It was a very moving story, and I highly recommend it to anyone who is interested in the subject.

Cynthia photo

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Andrew Chen photo
Andrew Chen

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Charles Griffin

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Lisa photo

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Vincent photo

I'm Not Ashamed is a beautiful, touching movie about a man and his family, a "family" of sorts. The movie follows the life of a single father (played by the always amazing Tommy Lee Jones) who has a strong sense of family and pride in his son, a boy who is gay. I'm Not Ashamed is a deeply touching, but at the same time very real story about family. The way Tommy Lee Jones' character, Jack, is drawn to the life of his son is truly inspiring. You really feel the love and the connection between the two. I also loved the way that the father and son become friends. I also really liked the way that the father gets his son to understand the importance of family. The father, played by Ben Mendelsohn, is so compassionate and supportive of his son. This movie is not for everyone. It is very uplifting and I truly felt for the characters in this movie. The story is touching and heart-warming, but at the same time the movie is also very realistic. I know that the father in this movie did not live in a perfect world. But I can tell that the way that he treats his son is realistic and is what most parents would do. It is a movie that is worth seeing. Tommy Lee Jones and Ben Mendelsohn are the heart and soul of this movie. They are truly incredible in this movie and deserve all the praise that they get. I recommend this movie to everyone.