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2:22 is a movie starring Michiel Huisman, Teresa Palmer, and Sam Reid. A man's life is derailed when an ominous pattern of events repeats itself in exactly the same manner every day, ending at precisely 2:22 p.m.

Other Titles
2:22 - Párhuzamos vonzalmak, 2:22 - Hora Fatídica, 2:22 - Thời Khắc Định Mệnh, 2:22 - Il destino è già scritto, La hora señalada, 2:22 - Encontro Marcado, 2:22 - Zeit für die Liebe, 2:22 - Vzorce, Premonición, 2:22 Premonición, Vzorce
Running Time
1 hours 38 minutes
480p, 720p, 1080p, 2K, 4K
Mystery, Drama, Thriller, Sci-Fi
Paul Currie
Todd Stein, Nathan Parker, Todd Stein
Teresa Palmer, John Waters, Sam Reid, Michiel Huisman
USA, Australia
Audio Languages
English, Deutsch, Français, Italiano, Español, Svenska, Gaeilge, Nederlands
日本語, Čeština, Tiếng Việt, Português, 한국어, Australia, Filipino, हिन्दी

A man's life is derailed when an ominous pattern of events repeats itself in exactly the same manner every day, ending at precisely 2:22 p.m.

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Kimberly Hicks photo
Kimberly Hicks

A good movie, good story. But I was in tears at the end. It was a scene with Marta, as it was portrayed in the film. It was the most touching scene of the movie. I would recommend this movie to people of all ages, because of the special effects and acting. It makes you feel good when you leave the theater. 10/10

Joseph Warren photo
Joseph Warren

This movie is brilliant. It's also one of the most creative movies I've ever seen. The plot may seem like something that can be done with just two characters, but somehow it works perfectly. The overall theme is the humanity, and how most of the population try to be completely fair. It also shows how mankind is always trying to judge things by the same standard, even though some human beings are much more equal than others. The scenery is stunning, as are the effects. It's easy to just picture this film on the big screen, and it'll hold your attention for the whole time. It was also nice to see more mature characters, the kind who aren't so easily influenced by people who look like they were working at McDonalds. If you are into sci-fi films, or just enjoy something that is different, this is the film for you. If you're looking for the typical story that takes place in many different locations, watch another film or some other book. If you just want something to entertain you, watch this one, because you'll definitely love it. :)

Jose photo

This is a very good movie. Good acting and the photography and story-telling were top-notch. That means a great script and a good screen play. Those who say that the plot is predictable because it is told so blatantly but they haven't seen the movie. Well, there are too many twists. The only thing you might miss is one that really gets you thinking. If you don't have the patience to see it multiple times, then get it on DVD and watch it several times. I give it a solid 8.5/10.

Gerald T. photo
Gerald T.

Oh boy. What a farce. As one might expect, the concept has been covered in several TV series and movies. This is certainly not a problem. I'd be surprised if there's a single series where this isn't used as the basis for a film. The lead actors are all excellent. The fact that the main female character is raped is just about enough for me. The villain is also memorable. His voice is a lotta fun to listen to and is quite gruesome. It's a shame that he gets just a single scene in this movie. This might have been a better film had the villain been a bit more different, if they'd have brought in a second part. This film also would've been the perfect vehicle for Travis Bickle, if only for a bit of shock value.

Alan B. photo
Alan B.

This movie was better than I was expecting. It had the story of a man who does not get what he deserves in life, but finds redemption when he gets what he wants. The movie focuses on the man who has a compulsion to touch and love these dead bodies. This would be fine for the story if it had not been turned into an action thriller. However, the action is not needed to fill in the time. There are good elements to the plot. The special effects are as good as the ones used in the other movies in the series. The acting is not as good as that of the other movies, but it is more than made up for by the incredible special effects. However, there is an error in the script. It was not as bad as it could have been, but it was the same sort of errors that I saw in other movies that were supposed to be comedy. The ending was the same as the one in the other movies in the series. The movie ends at the same time that the other movies did. This is not a good choice. It is as if they thought that having the ending at the same time as the other movies would be a bit of a spoiler. The movie is very entertaining and can be enjoyed on a 2-hour long movie, however, if you want to see the rest of the movie, just see it later in the month on netflix.

Rebecca Schneider photo
Rebecca Schneider

I have just finished watching it and am not a huge fan of Cimino's films but when I saw the short I said to myself "Oh, that's right, this is what I've been waiting for." I liked the movie as a whole, the visuals were very good and the story was a complete counter to the main stream movies that are coming out these days. There are a few things that were a bit weak, like the music but everything else was quite good. It has a good feeling of desperation to it, which I personally liked. I did like it a lot because of the story, and Cimino also does a good job at telling his story with the characters as well. I can say that I'll definitely be watching this one again when it comes out on DVD and I am looking forward to seeing some more Cimino movies. Cimino, what did you do for your fans?

Frank Peterson photo
Frank Peterson

That is really all I have to say about this movie. It's a very artistic movie that will keep you on the edge of your seat. And it was very well done! I would recommend seeing this movie with your girlfriend. It's quite the experience! There are a few details that seem a little corny, but it is still a very well done movie.

Ashley photo

You can't talk about a film with "Alien" and "Predator" without a mention of "Predator 3," the last sequel to a genre masterpiece. Even though it's 10 years since the original movie came out, I still have a particular memory from it, and I can't forget the feeling of shock and a goosebumps sensation when I finally realized how the atmosphere of the previous movie felt suddenly and suddenly changed. "Predator 3" is very close to the previous movie. While "Predator 3" is no doubt also a personal favorite, because it makes so many bold and unique decisions, you will definitely find it a big disappointment if you haven't seen "Predator 3." The movie is divided into 3 parts: prequel, sequel and "last stand." The movie is a return to the setting of the original movie, although it's more of a continuation than a continuation. The idea of "Predator" was to create a creature that didn't look like a monster, but a monster that looked like a creature. In this movie, we are seeing more of the "Predator," a creature that was a predator in this movie. It looks a bit like a giant bat, but still looks more like a beast. The idea of the "Predator" in this movie is to give you the feeling of the predator from the first movie. The creature looks like a gauntness, and it doesn't look like it's real. There are many times in the movie where you feel like you're watching a beast or an animal. You have the feeling that the creatures of the film will show up. Most of the characters in this movie are veterans from the first movie, so they have a sense of continuity in the film. And we will see a lot of familiar faces in this movie. We also have a couple of newcomers. We have Charlie Sommers, one of the former stars of "The Terminator" and an actor in the movie "The Dark Knight Rises," and we have Keith David, the talented actor in "The Terminator." We also have a special guest appearance by the "Terminator" himself, as a guy who is a hunter. The movie is also packed with a lot of action and suspense. The action of the movie is very exciting, especially in the beginning of the movie. The suspense is always present in the movie. As you will see from the scenes where we are introduced to the creatures, it was very well done. Some of the scenes were very emotional and very scary. There is a scene that doesn't belong in the movie, and it's the scene of the monster that just kills the child. The movie is very intense and has a lot of action. Overall, the movie is a fantastic movie, and it has its worth, but unfortunately, it doesn't deserve much praise.

Denise photo

The entire movie is enjoyable. The plot is good, but it wasn't done well. It could have been better. I like to see a lot of technology in my movies, and this was one of those. I like the weather and the color it gave me in the movie. The cinematography was great, and it was gorgeous. The plot, like the movie, had a lot of holes. I was able to look at it and see exactly what I missed the first time, and that was great. The technology was cool, but it was not used well. There were a few times I thought "Well, this is cool, but could have been better." Then there were a few times I thought, "This is cool. It's cool. You can take me to it. What is going on? I can't believe I'm watching this." I would like to have more information. A lot of things in the movie were only hinted at. Sometimes the hints were pretty good, and other times they were not. The lighting was also a little cheesy sometimes, and didn't really make me feel that way. The characters were good, but not great. Some of the characters had no depth to them. I would like to see more detail from these characters. The main characters are good, but not great. Overall, I would definitely watch this movie again.

Donald photo

The first I read the synopsis for The Sixth Sense (the movie version of The Sixth Sense) and immediately I thought the movie should be better than the book. I was correct, I was shocked by this movie. The movie is still the best movie I have ever seen. It is not only entertaining but it teaches a lot about your mind and how you think. Even if you have read the book, you will still find it hard to believe that a movie like this could happen. I would recommend anyone to watch this movie, this is a must see.

Samantha photo

I've seen a few many spy thrillers, this is one of the best, the story and the twists and the cliff hanger. You always think of the end of the movie you had so many questions about the plot. This movie keeps you guessing till the end.

Jason J. photo
Jason J.

I am not going to go into too much detail. I'll just say the special effects and cinematography are excellent. There is very little dialogue, which is why you can't say the book is "predictable" (i.e. the guy who gets his girlfriend pregnant). But the plot is solid, the characters are fleshed out and the whole thing is made more engrossing by the fact that there is really no exposition and it makes you wonder about everything. If you're in the mood for a nice action movie, this is it. It's not the most original idea in the world, but the execution is really well done. I have watched it three times in one week, and every time I'm getting more and more into it. Watch it, buy it, do whatever you want to do with it, but don't expect anything new.

Amanda photo

OK.I'll admit it. This film, was slightly confusing for me. In the beginning, it seemed like the whole time the main character(the one played by Adam Brody) was running from something. The whole story was pretty confusing but then, once the movie ended, I realized.yes, it's something that I do not remember. When you watch a film for the first time, you usually do not remember the whole story or what happened. This was one of the movies I did not remember anything about and I still remember the main character. If you see it as a film with lots of action, well, you might want to see it. But if you just want to watch a good film, this is the film for you. The acting by the main actor, Brody, was pretty good. I'm still not entirely sure what I just saw. 9/10

Juan photo

Reality, plus out right, is weird. I think this movie is supposed to be taken as a metaphor for people. People are treated like objects, maybe they can be cared about. In reality, they don't. People are being messed with, if you will, and have to deal with it. All the characters in this movie are a little messed up in their own way. They could be misunderstood or scared by others. Maybe, some people would want them to do something they really don't want to do. Maybe, some people would like to be punished for being misunderstood. To say that I am the key character is a little far-fetched, but it is how I imagine it. We start off talking about how much the movie sucked and I am like, "Oh, yeah.I am supposed to be in this." You might feel this way. This movie is not only to be taken seriously, but also to be taken really seriously. Reality has a lot of weird stuff going on in it. As a person who gets scared easily, you might not understand how things work. If you are just an average viewer who does not understand science, you might not understand the scientific aspect of this movie. That is not why you watch a movie, you watch a movie to be entertained. It is so much fun to try and figure out what the hell is going on. I found this movie to be fun and I enjoyed it. I like how the characters were trying to be people that are different. There were really good actors in the movie, like I said. They played off each other. There were some funny lines. If you are not paying attention, I might not have heard them. Just as far as that, this movie is supposed to be funny. It does not take itself seriously. When you are not taking it seriously, you might laugh. The end is not really what I expected, but I did not mind. I thought it was good. It was a fun movie to watch. I am not sure if I liked it. I enjoyed it. If you do not take this movie seriously, I think you will like it. It was not a good movie, but I did not hate it. I am not sure if I like it, but I did not hate it. I can definitely see what it was trying to be. I am not going to go into details, but it did not feel so stupid as to make you laugh and so realistic that you would understand what was going on. I think it was a good movie.

Pamela M. photo
Pamela M.

This was one of my most anticipated movies for 2014. I like those old time science fiction movies and this one seemed to be another one of those movies. "The Fifth Element" is a remake of a French movie and I am not really a fan of French movies. However this movie had a different flavor. The first half of the movie was intense but the movie got really intense in the second half. The plot and characters were very well developed and the movie also had a lot of twists and a great end. This movie is very well done and the acting was very good. I would definitely recommend "The Fifth Element" to anyone who loves science fiction movies. It was not a perfect movie but it was still a great movie and I highly recommend it to everyone. Go see it now!

Ethan Lawson photo
Ethan Lawson

At first I wasn't sure what to make of this movie. But after I saw the end I was hooked. From the first few moments it keeps you thinking "this has to be worth watching" and the end is so shocking you will be wondering how you got from where you are to the end. Amazing and brilliant movie. You will be shocked and leave the theater with a feeling that you watched a movie that should not be missed.

Ethan Douglas photo
Ethan Douglas

I enjoyed this movie very much. It is a gritty, scary, realistic film about a serial killer. The storyline is very scary and makes you think. It is believable, and it is a great movie. The directing is quite good, and the acting is top notch. The cinematography is also good. Overall, it is an excellent movie, and I would definitely recommend it to anyone, especially in the Horror genre.

Madison Arnold photo
Madison Arnold

My initial reaction to the films was that they weren't as good as I had hoped but then I thought it was all a matter of taste, which to me means that I can not possibly dislike a film in which I dislike. Not for this reason I'm rating this film a 9, but I do feel that some of the technical aspects were of sufficient quality to make this film in my opinion one of the better B-movies. The technical aspects: Lighting, Effects, Sound (which I thought were done well), and cinematography. Lighting: The lighting was fantastic, especially for a movie which was basically shot from one location. Effects: Not really much to say here, except that the effects were quite realistic and are a definite strength to the movie. Sound: The sound was awesome. The story is quite original, and the music is fitting for the movie. Other than that, I felt that the effects were excellent and helped to make the movie look more realistic, with the atmosphere of the movie. I felt that the actors did an excellent job, not to mention the part where Sharon Stone is shown. Overall, if you like movies with a dark theme or are intrigued by the idea of an alien invasion, this movie will surely be a masterpiece for you. If not, maybe this movie will seem a bit of a disappointment to you. The rating: 4.8/5.

Jose photo

I did not know the beginning of this film and watched this with my friends. We found it quite fascinating, especially the film score. We also found the film quite surreal and quite out of place. I think that all the film is a metaphor for the paranoia of the main character, Charlie. The opening scene of the film is very dark and spooky and all the film makers should be praised for this. That's the reason we watch the film. We don't think that the film is nonsense, the cinema is filled with interpretations of art. I have watched the film again and find the film quite beautiful. The film does not leave us empty. It gives us a philosophical and psychological journey.

Stephen Silva photo
Stephen Silva

I have seen this film four times now and each time I find something new to learn about it. At the very least, I am aware of many of the "irritating" aspects of our society and the interactions between its citizens. However, the most interesting and most enthralling aspect is the story. The viewer is immersed in the complex, yet simple, "messages" being passed in the airwaves and I find myself being absorbed in the time-line that the story is set in. The viewer is able to watch this movie with a complete mind of where it is going. I'm not surprised that this film has a high rating on this site (except for the trailer which was badly-done). The story is complex yet simple, an action-packed thriller that is very believable. There are no slow moments in the film. I do, however, enjoy the interaction between the characters. I recommend this film to any viewer, because it is a must see for science fiction/horror fans!

Emily K. photo
Emily K.

This is a beautifully-filmed, inventive thriller. The cast is terrific, though the story, perhaps a little too overlong, keeps you on your toes. It is beautifully acted, especially by the two actors of Oscar caliber: Berenice Bejo and Christopher Plummer. Of course, the film is so visually engaging that you can't help but be drawn into the scene. I especially liked the music. Now, I'm not a big fan of the Beatles, so maybe I didn't get everything, but I really liked the music. In the way it was used. I'm not really sure it is really necessary to use the Beatles because they all do a good job, but I'm still enjoying the music. As I said, the story is fine. I would've liked more characterization of the characters. Some of the characters are interesting (the black woman and the cop) and some aren't. But it is still a beautiful film. 9/10.