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Lu bian ye can

Lu bian ye can is a movie starring Yongzhong Chen, Yue Guo, and Linyan Liu. While travelling the countryside to locate his nephew, a small town doctor finds himself interacting with people from his past and future.

Other Titles
Kaili Bluz, 路边野餐, Kaili Blues, 凱里ブルース, 路邊野餐, Kali Blues
Running Time
1 hours 53 minutes
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Mystery, Drama
Bi Gan
Bi Gan
Feiyang Luo, Yue Guo, Linyan Liu, Yongzhong Chen
Audio Languages
English, Deutsch, Français, Italiano, Español, Svenska, Gaeilge, Nederlands
日本語, Čeština, Tiếng Việt, Português, 한국어, Australia, Filipino, हिन्दी

In the mystical,subtropical province of Guizhou, there is a small county clinic surrounded by fog. At the Kaili clinic, there are two doctors who live quiet, lonely lives. One of the doctors, Chen Sheng, embarks on a journey by train to find his nephew, who had been abandoned by his brother. On the way to Zhenyuan ,Chen Sheng came across a place called Dang Mai, where time seemed to flow both forwards and backwards, the lives of the local people a complete mystery. He experiences his own past and future, lending him insight into his own life. Once Chen arrives at Zhen Yuan, rather than approaching his nephew, he watches secretly from a distance, he is surprised to find that his nephew flourished in the absence of his father, and decides not to interfere in his life. Before he had left Kaili, he had promised his colleague that he would stop by the home of her former lover to deliver some items, but upon his arrival, he is told that the man had passed away, and he leaves the box of mementos with the son of his colleague's former lover. Chen once again boards the train to return home. His mind is troubled, he cannot decide whether he believes that the world as he experiences it, is a product of his imagination, or if he is just a part of some large collective dream.

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Hannah A. photo
Hannah A.

I have to say that I did enjoy this film. But as I usually do, I was left with a lot of questions. It had a few moments where it did not make sense, and I felt that some of the acting was a bit off, but it was still very watchable. If you do decide to watch it, do not expect a masterpiece, but you will not regret the time you put into it. It was a bit difficult to explain the storyline, but the final scene made it pretty clear.

William Burton photo
William Burton

One of the best and very memorable Hong Kong films of all time. A very big masterpiece. The acting was superb, the script was well written and well directed. It shows that Hong Kong movies are just as good as Hollywood movies. This film is very good, it is very well written and it is very well directed. I can recommend it to anyone who is not afraid of seeing a Hong Kong movie and who wants to see a good film. A very good film.

Sean photo

Well, I just saw the film and found it excellent. It has a good storyline, good acting and some great cinematography. Some of the cinematography is quite beautiful. The story is quite original, and I found myself in the story at a point or two. If you like films with strong characters, and you can deal with a lot of nudity, then this is a movie for you. I'm a fan of Maureen Stapleton's acting, and I found her performance in this film very impressive. She can play a lot of different roles, but she's especially good at playing this role of a strong woman. She's very sexy, and I'd really like to see her in more films. I give it an 8/10.

Kathleen photo

I know that some of you want to see this movie as a drama, not a horror. But please! Please do not judge it as a drama! If you want to see a good horror, you should see the original Descent, which is much more like a drama. So I would not even bother with this movie. The only thing I liked about it is that the first part is about the child, the second part about the mother, and the third part is about the son. Thats the only reason I gave it a 7. If you want a horror, watch the original Descent, but please do not compare it to this movie. You will just waste your time!

Joshua Payne photo
Joshua Payne

The Chinese "BAM-BAM" is not only a movie of Chinese culture and tradition, it's also a very powerful film on its own. The entire story is about a young girl, Ma (Zhang Jing) and her relationship with the beautiful sister, Guo (Liang Fei). The story starts out slow, but the suspenseful moments do get your attention. The screenplay is very well written, with many witty lines that make you laugh and ask "what did you just say?" The performances are very good, but the character of Ma and Guo were not as strong as other characters. The other main character, Zhang, is a bit weak, and the supporting characters are also quite weak. This is an extremely strong film that will stay with you for a while. I give it a 7/10.

Roger Hill photo
Roger Hill

This movie is a strange one. It is good to see someone who is not a great actress, but what I find interesting is the message. It says that the more you try to take care of yourself, the less you can do about the way of life. But you can't change anything about the people you love. The movie tells the story of a husband and wife who are trying to figure out what is important in life. They try to understand the other, but find they cannot. They are married to a woman who is filled with jealousy and spite, and she tries to sabotage the relationship. At the end they realize the only way they can survive is to accept each other as they are. And that is the truth. At the beginning of the movie, I felt a strange feeling of dissatisfaction. But it all turns out to be a great movie, and you will see the best acting I have ever seen. The ending is a little bit confusing but it is true that there is no real solution. You can only find it out when you see it. And if you are still not sure, you might want to see it again.

Jeffrey H. photo
Jeffrey H.

The film is definitely a work of art, a reminder of the Chinese films of the 60's. The plot is simple: a professor and his daughter, who are separated by the cultural divide, are forced to go on a road trip. The father has a love-hate relationship with the country and life. He tries to fight against the country but cannot keep the daughter and wants to return home as soon as possible. The daughter tries to hold the father back and help him but, unfortunately, the father falls in love with the daughter. The last scene is very touching. This film has a lot of good scenes, very beautiful scenery, the acting is very good, the photography is good and the film has an excellent soundtrack. So, I think it's worth seeing.

Michael Palmer photo
Michael Palmer

This film, directed by Zhong Chen (Tao Pian), is based on the novel by Huang Haijie (who also wrote the screenplay) and has an interesting story line and a strong central performance by Ye Wang. The film's strong points are the supporting performances by Huang Siqing and Jiang Wen, which are strong enough to overcome the film's weak points. This film is about a man who is confronted by his father's murder, and his relationship with his father's brother. This is not a straightforward story. There is more going on than just one character's story. The performances are strong. Jiang Wen is excellent as the older brother, with an intense and complex performance. His emotions are just as strong as his father's. It is refreshing to see this film again after watching it. It has a strong emotional tone that makes it very watchable. There is also a strong script that does not contain any spoilers or lead into things that will come later. In this sense, it is very interesting. The film is about a very strong character, and his relationship with his father's brother. The character is not the focus, but is a subplot in the story. The film is not a completely linear story. There are multiple characters that are important to the plot. The film's strongest point is its strong performances and the strength of the script. It is a film that has potential to be a classic, yet I have a feeling that it could not live up to its potential.

Albert C. photo
Albert C.

I have to admit I'm a bit shocked at how little I watched of this film before the year I was born. I thought I'd seen it once and was glad to have missed it. But as I did so, I found it to be very refreshing. It's very good. The storyline is set in the 1920s. But it's a modern movie, so it's easy to understand why it may have been a bit confusing for those of us who have grown up in the '80s, when I saw it in the theatre. But since that time I've rewatched it and found it still very interesting. I think the two main characters, Yuen and his girlfriend Mei, are much more interesting than the main characters of the film. The main reason for this is that the couple of them are more realistic and, of course, much more interesting than the main characters in the movie. The film is about two guys who fall in love and, after having sex, one of them disappears. It's also about a young girl who is a kind of sex slave to two guys. The two stories are intertwined in this way. The movie is about "love". And I think this is what makes it so appealing. It's more about real love than the happy-end-of-the-world kind of love, but the real love in this movie is about real love. I think the director and writer did a very good job. The performances are also good. The lead actor, Yuen, is excellent in his role. He's not a very realistic actor but he's very good at playing characters who are like him. He's also very good at making the relationships of the film seem believable. As I said before, he's very good at making the main characters believable. The supporting cast are also good. The movie isn't perfect. It has some parts that are cliched and some that are unrealistic. I can't fault the movie too much because, like I said, I've seen it many times and I'm not sure it's as good as I remember. But I do think that it's very good.

Hannah Payne photo
Hannah Payne

Sometimes when I watch a Chinese film, I feel that I'm really watching a Chinese film and not a foreign film. There are a few scenes where the plot is different but it feels so natural that I don't feel the difference. This is the case with "The Chinese Boxer". While I feel that this film is not perfect, it is a very good film. I believe that it has a lot of depth and is much more than just a simple revenge film. There are a few plot twists that will make you think and some scenes are completely out of the ordinary. I have not read any other reviews about this film but I would strongly recommend that you do watch this film.

Sara photo

This is a strange movie with a well crafted script, yet it's often surprisingly bland and underdeveloped. The characters are all fine, the plot is well crafted, but the script is always a bit dull. It's a shame, because the script and character development could have been handled better. The camera work is often distracting, and the movie is more of a drama than a thriller, which is unfortunate. The cinematography is superb, and the editing is well done, but again, the script is so slow and the characters are so uninteresting that it's hard to care. I wouldn't recommend this movie for anyone. But for fans of English and the dark nature of the world, this is a movie you may enjoy. It's not a bad movie, just one that you won't want to see again.

Samuel photo

Perhaps this is a good film for a rainy afternoon, but it is more than just that. Yes, it has its own story, and yes, I must admit that it does have its faults, but it's something else all together. It's like a Chinese movie that's just a little more polished. It's not a children's film, but I think it's one of those films that you watch once in a while, and then you think about it and you think about it and then you see it again. You might like it, or you might not. It's certainly worth a watch.

Deborah photo

A more emotional drama than the previous three movies of the year, "The Liability" is the story of an unnamed worker's wife (Naoto Fukuda) who discovers her husband is being attacked by a mysterious man who possesses the power to change the victim's personality in the blink of an eye. The film is an experiment of the director's new-age experimental style that is set to compare with 2001's "Paprika." When she realizes what's going on, the movie becomes less of a drama and more of an action-packed, fast-paced thriller that gives you a lot of chills and feels real and credible. The story is told from the point of view of the wife's two teenage children (Yasushi Sakakibara and Tsutomu Sato) who are having difficulties adjusting to their mother's new-found anxiety. This makes them more understandable as the movie develops. The main character of the movie is surprisingly very appealing and fascinating. We feel for the woman and her condition and its effect on her children. We feel the drama and panic that must be felt by the wife in order to take responsibility of the situation. We are also touched by the innocent and fair-minded acting of the children. The child actors are just great, especially Tatsuya Nakadai, who was nominated for an Oscar. However, there are some issues in the story that have not been resolved. It is as if the director could not finish the story properly, so some things are left incomplete. This is not an issue of the story itself but the film's editing. The story is filled with many plot elements that don't come together well. Sometimes, it feels like it is trying to be too different than the other films in the series. As I said before, the story is made up of a lot of plot elements that have not been resolved. It's as if the director was trying to achieve a level of difficulty that is beyond the boundaries of ordinary movie making. However, I believe it would have been better if the director would have allowed the plot to be more polished, since it's still a very good movie. This is the weakest link in the movie, but there are a couple of other ones, so this is not really a major problem. Another problem is that the ending is a bit confusing and hard to understand. However, even though there are some problems, this movie still has great qualities. The action sequences are fast-paced and a lot of action is shown. The cast is excellent. Even though the movie has many problems, I can easily say that this is a very good movie. I recommend this movie to anybody who likes action-driven movies. 8/10.

Beverly B. photo
Beverly B.

Dong Lai xiong (The Wolf of Wall Street) - Wolf of Wall Street. It is true that Wolf of Wall Street has been in the news for a while now, but it really doesn't matter since it is still a very good movie. It is the story of a cheating cheating cheater and the help he gets from a dying guy. Sure, it is a little predictable, but there is enough twists and turns to keep you guessing. The acting is pretty good, although in my opinion, not the best I have seen. I feel that it is about the same quality as Boyhood, which I also like. I give this movie a 7 out of 10. See it!

Robert West photo
Robert West

I thought this was a very interesting film. It has it's moments of action and adventure, but I found it quite slow paced. I didn't see the point of the characters not telling anyone what was going on. The storyline is so complex that it is hard to keep up with it. It is definitely worth seeing, but I thought it would be better if it were made into a movie with more action and less dullness.

Jessica photo

This film is somewhat of a departure from your average Chinese melodrama. It's a revenge story that focuses on the protagonists' efforts to rid themselves of the "buddhist evil" that has plagued them for many years. The film is actually a rather subtle and well-done drama, and I have to admit that I was pretty surprised at how well it actually held up over time. The central drama is the search for the secret to life. The story concerns the young couple of Ai and Zou, who have been together for 15 years, and are now fighting for the chance to escape their isolated, provincial Chinese village. As the film progresses, the two begin to question their past and the people they have known. How do you explain the character of Zou to your mother? What are the secrets of life? How do you deal with them? What is real and what is not? In the end, the themes of the film go far beyond your average Chinese melodrama. Although the characters are quite similar, they each have their own unique personalities and they each bring their own uniqueness to the story. The film explores these themes in a very nuanced and subtle way. The music is also pretty good, and the direction is excellent. Although the film is slightly disjointed, and doesn't follow the usual structure of traditional Chinese melodramas, it's still very well-done and very well-acted. The cinematography is also very beautiful, and the performances are very good. There's also a little bit of violence in the film, but it's not too over-the-top or excessive. Overall, this film is a good watch, even if it is not a perfect film. It's well-done, but it has some very different themes that I haven't seen many other Chinese films touch upon.

Michael Delgado photo
Michael Delgado

I found the movie to be very moving and a little bit disturbing at times. I know this was the director's first film and it did not have much of an advertising campaign, but I think that it is because this is not a film that should be put out to the public and it needs to be more widely known. If this was to be screened more widely it would be best to make it so that it is not just a small movie but a documentary. I think that people will go to this movie with their own opinions and just because it is "different" it does not mean that it is bad. It is just a movie, it does not matter what you say about it. The movie was shot in the same style as "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon" and "Three Musketeers" which is to make it look like an art movie. I think that people should see the movie as a good movie for those who love to see the art and culture of the Chinese culture. I think that people should try and see the movie as a movie that people can actually relate to and will not just take it for a film. The movie was not only about the relationship between the two men but the relationship between China and the West. I would suggest that people do not just sit down and watch the movie but go out and see it. If you are an Asian or Westerner, you will enjoy this movie. If you are not, then I suggest that you see it before you think that it is all about the two men. It is not the men in the movie that are the main characters but the love, friendship, and relationship between the two men.

Diana photo

I can't believe some people gave this film a 10. When I saw it for the first time, I was disappointed with its realism. But after watching it again, I realized that it is in a sense realistic. The main character is a ghost, who is only shown briefly, and I didn't feel any sympathy for the ghost. But later, I saw that the ghost of a man who committed suicide at the beginning of the film, has the same problem of loneliness and despair as the ghost of the main character. In my opinion, if you want to watch a film about ghosts, don't watch this one. But if you like Chinese films, then this one is definitely worth seeing.

Cynthia photo

The film "Long Haul" is a work of art. The cinematography is the best I've ever seen. The plot is well written and very interesting. The acting is very strong, especially by the two main characters. The music is also very good, but at times I felt that it was a bit overdone, and I can't say why. The movie is not for everyone. It is an art film and some people just won't like it. You have to be patient and allow yourself to watch it. This is a movie you have to see if you are a fan of Chinese cinema. It is not for everyone but if you like films that are not your usual Hollywood movies, then this is the film for you. I think this film deserves a better rating and more people should see it.

Melissa photo

The world has already become a very boring place and there is no way that it can get any worse than this. This movie shows the humanity of a young girl that is faced with the terrifying reality of her surroundings. It is a tough film and if you have no patience, then you should stay away from it. If you have patience, then you should definitely watch this movie. It is a shame that this movie was not even given a theatrical release. This is one of those films that I would recommend to all people.