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Kaptaan is a movie starring Gippy Grewal, Monica Gill, and Karishma Kotak. A lawyer rethinks his life after he works with an NGO.

Running Time
2 hours 22 minutes
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Comedy, Music, Drama, Family
Mandeep Kumar
Surmeet Maavi, Dheeraj Rattan, Balraj Syal
Pankaj Dheer, Monica Gill, Gippy Grewal, Karishma Kotak
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A lawyer rethinks his life after he works with an NGO.

Comments about comedy «Kaptaan» (23)

Christian Schultz photo
Christian Schultz

This film is definitely not what I expected at all. I was rather confused at first. but then I realized that it is a really good movie and a much better way to spend a Saturday afternoon than watching Star Wars. The movie is very well made, and the main actors are wonderful. It's very well directed. and the acting is superb. But the most important thing about this movie is that it is so true to the American childhood - and of course that is what makes it so wonderful. This film is a great introduction to the American movie industry and the American movie audience. I strongly recommend it to anyone who is interested in American films.

Austin Guerrero photo
Austin Guerrero

I am very impressed with this film. It is a very funny and touching movie that deserves a lot of credit. I think the cast did a great job. The production of the film was very well done, and I think that the film should be very well appreciated. I think this movie should be seen by everyone because it really is a beautiful story, full of love and jokes and many things that make you laugh.

Debra photo

This movie is a very nice story of life in south India. Not only it is very realistic but it is really romantic. I think this movie is one of the best movies of all time.

Brenda photo

Let's be honest, how many times do you watch a movie, and you find yourself bored and confused. I often felt that way with "The Beach" - I found myself watching the movie for three hours, and yet found myself bored the entire time. That is what made me give this movie a "10". I felt the same way when I saw the movie with my family, and I also felt the same way with this film. "The Beach" is about a family trying to cope with the death of their baby. They travel across the country to live the last few days of their child's life in Hawaii. At the end of the movie, their only hope is that their daughter (played by Jasmine Guy) survives. This film is definitely worth a watch. I highly recommend it. A good movie to watch with your kids. Adults will find this movie very entertaining as well.

Betty Welch photo
Betty Welch

It is a rare film for a good director to create a film that could entertain millions. For me this film was one of those. It is really good and very good film. I think if I am not a Gaurav person than I can understand this movie in its simplicity. It is not a film where you can watch it once and forget about it. But it is a film that can help you to appreciate Gauravs' talents and the path he was traveling.

Joe Chavez photo
Joe Chavez

I loved this movie and have watched it several times. It has been a good few months for me with new movies being released, and a fresh breeze of the month in our house. I am sure I will watch it again and love it again. Prakash Jha is just amazing in this movie and he is a great actor. I wish his career would go down hill after this movie. All the characters are memorable and really nice. Overall a movie that will make you laugh and smile and become a true movie lover. I think everyone should watch this movie. Do not listen to the reviews because you will be disappointed and most likely want to watch something else. My family had to watch this movie before the end of the month and we enjoyed it very much. We even cried a little bit! I recommend everyone to watch this movie as it is really funny and special.

Timothy L. photo
Timothy L.

As the story unfolds, you feel an emotion, a sinking feeling in your stomach, and a sense of peace that just happens to come from watching the film. A film like this has a magic to it, and it's not a movie you just sit down and watch and get to know it. I find myself growing attached to the characters and feeling for them and they're just part of my daily life. The movie is about a beautiful friendship between two brothers, and the impact that it can have on the lives of both their families. The father, who had himself survived a very traumatic event, came to be closer to his sons and not just a caring friend. The story that unfolds is full of wonderful expressions of emotion and humor, and the stories of the boys are pure magic. The films is a perfect way to grow in a healthy way. As a parent, I can tell you that your children will grow from watching this movie.

Jonathan photo

As a Brit, I found this movie to be the most American of all the American movies I have seen. Even though I know this movie is based on an Indian book, it still is an amazing film. I know Indian movies are for the most part a popular cultural phenomenon, but this movie definitely is not. There are scenes in this movie that I think would be banned from most Indian films. But of course, what do I know about what is allowed and what is not. So anyway, the acting was great, the screenplay was great and the songs were great. The acting is just what you would expect from an American movie. The music and lyrics were also great. The plot was good, and the ending was a bit silly but I don't mind that. I was surprised to see that the British seem to be so politically correct when it comes to their movies. Even though I am a huge fan of the Indian movies, this movie is just the best I have ever seen. It is definitely one of the best movies I have ever seen. The acting and the music, along with the movie are what makes this movie so good.

Willie Miller photo
Willie Miller

I don't know what people are saying about this movie. It is not really the best movie of the year, not the best Tamil movie in terms of quality. I am a big fan of Kudos for bringing a great movie. The story is very simple. The story is a Tamil one. It is about a young boy who was trained to become a soldier for the army. But his mother doesn't accept him and he falls in love with an Indian girl. He is a warrior and he knows how to fight. He meets an Indian girl and she is really beautiful. He is very happy with her and he wants to marry her. So he goes to meet the girl. When he arrives to the village, the Indian girl recognizes him as the man she is waiting for. But the girl says she doesn't know him. The girl invites him to her house to share a meal with her. He doesn't go. After he leaves, the Indian girl reveals to him that she is really very beautiful and wants him. He is really happy with her. They are married and live happily. The story is simple but good. The movie is very good. I think the film is suitable for everyone.

Austin James photo
Austin James

I recently watched this movie with my 7 year old nephew and he loved it, it was so real and so funny. This movie should be given more credit than it has been. I liked that it was not just a plot driven movie, but a movie that made you think about the importance of friendship and family. It is a good movie to watch with your child. Great acting, great music, great story, great message. Go see it and watch it with your kids, you will not be disappointed. I hope you enjoy this movie as much as I did.

Angela L. photo
Angela L.

A comedy drama movie by Abhay Deol who was the recipient of the Premi-Madhuri Deol Award in 2004 and the film 'Aaliya', was a huge hit in India and worldwide. This was a musical drama of inter-family, love-love and revenge-revenge. The story takes place in 1952 when a Hindu family moves to England, they soon learn that the family is made up of Muslims and Hindus. The only thing they don't know is that there is a war going on between the Muslims and the Hindus. The children of the family are fascinated with the arts of the Muslim side, but they are not too sure about their own heritage. So, they try to settle their differences by getting together for a musical concert. However, the big night goes awry when a fierce battle erupts between the two families. The police are trying to arrest the Muslims as they have committed a massacre in their home village. While the Hindu family of the village goes ahead with the crime trial, the Muslim family continues to enjoy a peaceful life. The movie was a movie of happy family, great music and good acting by all actors, not one actor is recognized for anything. I have watched this movie on DVD and it is worth every penny. I would recommend this movie to everyone, it is a must watch.

Doris T. photo
Doris T.

Dil kaam is a wonderful film, especially if one enjoys an Indian folk tale. Kajol is superb as usual and the rest of the cast are good as well. The songs are well arranged and sing well. You just want to reach out to a loved one who has passed away and come back to the village. Also, the story is heartwarming. I think the director did a brilliant job.

Sarah photo

Kaptaan is a wonderful film. It is a perfect example of a love story. They are shown as individuals, but never as a couple. Even the relationship between Nargis (Lalita Shetty) and Omar (Pritam) is portrayed as a friendship between two lovers who like to fight together. This makes the film even more realistic. The way they try to win the battles against their enemies is absolutely excellent. It is a perfect story of how a friendship is created, between two lovers. The way they try to come out of their shell is extremely good. Even though the film is set in 1984, the scenes have been beautifully shot. The costumes are absolutely fabulous. The music is great. The film is very enjoyable to watch.

Ann Richards photo
Ann Richards

I got this movie at my local movie store with my friend. He loved it so much he wanted to buy it. I said what about it and he said I want it. So I rented it and thought "Oh my god, this is sooo good" and after a few minutes he was up and taking me to see the next one. I was taken back by the quality of the film and I thought to myself it was a really good movie. I have not seen a movie that has affected me like this one. I can not wait to buy the DVD. It has to do with my other best friend who is a writer and the concept that it has. I'm thinking of buying the DVD and getting it in a store. It has to be on the top 10 list for me. It is a "10" for sure.

Alice photo

Happiness is somewhere that is always out of reach and easy to reach. HAPPINESS IS MEANINGLESS and WITHOUT DOUBT. A burden that is impossible to lift, but only if you let go of it. In such situations, only THINK to yourself, what are you waiting for? THINK about things that are important for your life, like health, family, friendship, love, justice and self respect. And finally THINK about things that are more important than any of them, like you, your own personal happiness and the happiness of others. In this sense, this movie is absolutely worth watching. The characters in this movie were so realistic and so authentic, that I actually liked and could relate with them. In fact, I really like HAPPINESS! And I loved the message it gives. Its about the enjoyment of living and having a great time, and how the hard times you have been through can actually help you to live and experience your life more joyfully. It really makes you realise that nothing is impossible in the world. And it also makes you realise that there is nothing that is impossible for the world. Life is made up of all kinds of challenges. And in this world, there is nothing that is impossible for you, if you make the right choices, and use your brain in the right way. And the perfect example of this is this movie. HAPPINESS. Well, the message of this movie is definitely worth watching.

Ronald photo

We have a tradition of great and epic movies in India, but Kaptaan is a new style of the legendary movies, it is not that common. The movie is so brilliant that it deserves an accolade. The movie is great in every way. The acting is superb and the story is really very good. It is so different from the traditional Bollywood movie. The movie is totally different. I have seen this movie 5 times already and i still cannot get bored. I can't understand why this movie has received a lot of bad reviews and so much bad reviews. For the movie is simply wonderful. The movie was directed so well that it is difficult to differentiate between good and bad direction. Even the 3D scene are so brilliant that it is very hard to ignore it. This is a must watch for the history and the history lovers. It is a movie that you will have to be there and be engaged by it. My Rating - 10/10. God bless the movie makers and so to all the actors and actresses.

Christina King photo
Christina King

this movie is for people who like to be creative. since its an Indian movie its a movie to watch with people who like to be creative and talk about different parts of life.

Juan D. photo
Juan D.

To me this film is very inspirational and very well done. The story of this film is about a girl named Sabrina who is a successful pop star. After the death of her mother, she decides to start singing again. When her friend's boyfriend goes out of the country, she decides to try to make her own music. Sabrina is a very talented singer, but she's not that good at singing, it's just the lyrics that doesn't make sense. The director is very good, he shows the emotions that she feels. He shows her going to the party, she does a concert, and she shows her mother crying. He also shows how she's getting close with a boy who she was afraid of. I really recommend this film, it's one of my all time favorite movies. The director and writer have done an amazing job, I hope this film will be able to reach the audience and will make a big impact.

Megan P. photo
Megan P.

Kaptaan has been described as a beautiful movie. Yes it is. A romantic and sophisticated comedy. And if you are not of the typical teen movie, you will like it. This movie is about a boy who makes his dream come true in the shortest time possible. The story starts when Gopi has only 4 years of his life ahead of him. While playing golf one day, he hears about a cricket match that will decide which team will represent India in the world cup. And the name that Gopi chooses is "Kaptaan" which means "Royal Fire" and the match is at a stadium in Delhi. After winning his first match, Gopi will be given a prize. And Gopi decides to leave his college to go to Delhi. Along the way he meets a young lady and he falls in love with her. And his life changes once he meets Gopi's friend Sohan. And Sohan is an actor who is also a singer. So when Gopi returns to college, his life has changed too. And when he meets his cousin Sam, he realizes that he has been in love with his cousin for a long time. Then he meets this student Suman who plays cricket, and he becomes a fan of her. This movie is one of the best movies of the year and is well worth seeing.

Debra W. photo
Debra W.

My son and I watched this movie without any expectations. I really think it is an amazing movie. It is one of those movies that I really wanted to see at the cinema, so we rented it. I like all the characters so much and I really want to know how they became this way. This movie has such a strong message about freedom and it is inspiring to know that you don't have to be born in a certain place to be free. So, I really recommend to see this movie, especially to you and your kids. I really recommend it to you, and you will love it.

Cheryl S. photo
Cheryl S.

Very funny, very touching, very lovely! A must watch. The ending is a tad weird but it's OK. Funny that they wanted the whole dance to be in Russian. Its like they added the alien to the end, just to make it more confusing. I cant say enough how much i like this movie. This is one of the best movies i have seen in a long time. Kudos to the team for making such a great movie. All the actors are just superb. The female dancer is so pretty, its unreal. and of course the boy. I love him so much, he is the best. The plot is awesome, the music is great and the direction is brilliant. I could not be happier to see such a great film made. I would definitely recommend this film to everyone, if they watch it, they will be very happy. I would give it 10/10.

Melissa Howell photo
Melissa Howell

I'm not a big fan of Mr. NTR, but I still respect him as a person and what he's done in the entertainment business. He's a director, but he's also a journalist. There was a time when he was my favorite filmmaker, before he went on to do Big B. It's just as much about him as it is about the movie. And he has done this movie in the way I would expect, as a mentor to Bollywood. The music is almost perfect, the cinematography and all. But the best part of this movie is the performance by the lead character. It's a movie that any Bollywood fan will enjoy, but it will also satisfy anyone looking for something different. I really liked the way that the movie ended, I wasn't disappointed.

Jessica photo

I'm not sure how I feel about this movie. It's not so much about the filmmakers' talent or talent of the actors or even the story itself. It's just about the experience. I don't think I have ever watched a movie so emotionally evocative, so alluring and inspiring. The film is very smart, sometimes even quite daring in its ambitions. The editing is wonderful, the cinematography is brilliant and some of the scenes have been over-photographed I've never seen before. There are moments in the film where you want to cry, but don't. I think the message of the film is often over-exaggerated, and the last hour is too long and too much for what the story is trying to tell you. But I'm not sure I'd want to tell my children that it's a happy movie. In a sense, it is, but I don't think it's the kind of movie that will become an American classic, and it is a sad and heartbreaking story that we, as a society, should know. I just don't think it's an exact one, and I think it's pretty much average. But for a film like this, it's really a very good one. As you might expect, the acting is very good, but the supporting cast is also wonderful and the cinematography is beautiful. I'm not sure whether this is the first Indian film I've watched, but I definitely plan to watch more. It's a very good movie, and a great experience. A must-see!